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Happy birthday, Walt Disney! I’ve made a crazy amount of Disney inspired costumes over the past two years. Lol #Disney #WaltDisney #MickeyMouse #Birthdays #cosplay #costume #princess #zootopia #Cinderella #tangled #Frozen #Anna #TheLittleMermaid #SleepingBeauty #Enchanted

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annie990ship  asked:

I was just thinking about the silent Stabbington brother, I wonder if he'll talk at all, or if the bros will make an appearance

I doubt he’ll talk. Because of the scar across his mouth and high collar, I’ve always had the headcanon that he can’t. Perhaps his tongue was cut or his neck in a shallow way that injured his vocal cords. And while I acknowledge this is a headcanon and not canon, I figure they made him silent for a reason.

As to whether or not they’re in the series, they’d be in jail, most likely. That’s where Eugene left them at the end of the movie, and they were in custody at the wedding.

Fic Updates - I'm done with Ao3 forever.

So. With the latest update. I’m currently in a place where Ao3 won’t start up or load (I get a cute little dinosaur telling me “No”) and it seems like my unfinished fics and further endeavours will be either completely annulled towards the idea of updating my Ao3 as it will not allow me to do so for the ill-gotten future. (I don’t know when it’ll be fixed).

Or I’ll be stuck as a non-writer. And that just cannot happen.

Now. I might be biased. And I may have made many mistakes while I was in this annoying case of fucked-upped-ness. But everything was amended. We learned from our mistakes and moved forward.

But still. The Littlest Archangel is gone from my Ao3.

I’m weeping. Because I don’t know why.

Thankfully I had the better idea to save it in multiple places because of previous fucked-upped-ness.

Anywhooo. Onto greener pastures.

I will be posting here for the foreseen future. So by tonorrow. You will see all of my previous updates (the ones with the jazzy gifs and images to go with it) will also have the chapters with them.

I bid you look for me on fanfiction.net under my ao3 (minus The Littlest Archangel which can currently be found here on tumblr)

Note. These fics will be on my fanfiction.net account soon.

For those who have not read or finished The Littlest Archangel. Allow me to direct you to my Google Drive , which will have the entire fic finished.

To Ao3, I will continue to read and enjoy others fics. But as a writer I bid you a hearty:

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