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alright, so ya gotta choose: mark with either short hair/floofy hair and dan with either short hair/floofy hair

Alright so first of all I hate you for making me do this

So Mark is amazing with both

But I think the floof wins on this one, just look at him.

As for Danny, I’m gonna go on a limb and say I like the short hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love the giant mop of hair tangling on his face:

But just look at this

C’mon man, that’s adorable.

During a scene where Hiro is reporting the crimes of Yokai to the San Fransokyo Police Department, in Big Hero 6, just behind the officer is a bulletin board; attached to the board are famed Tangled and Bolt filmmakers Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.

Epic Cosplay Wig Review

Hello~ Today I’m going to review epic cosplay wigs, of which I have 2 (that are the same color).
The first I will review is my Raven wig: (Pic by https://www.facebook.com/Bentpic5)

its a little frizzy from me taking my hood on and off for pics. This is a Helen in Royal Purple. Its one of their lace front alternative wigs. It has a weft that comes out from the under of the front of the wig to hide where the wig meets your forehead (in this pic I have drawn a widows peak on my forehead, its obviously not part of the wig, haha).  It does not look /as/ natural as lace fronts, but its definitely a cost effective alternative!
It hasn’t tangled at all at anypoint of me wearing it or storing it in its bag. It can be heat-styled and the skin top band (you can see it at the part of my wig in the front) goes pretty far around the front of the wig so you can part the bangs in lots of different ways. At first I felt this wig was too ‘fluffy’ for Raven, but I have decided I really like this wig while wearing it. XD

this was worn outside in natural lighting.

Next I’m reviewing Zone-Tan’s wig: (Pic by https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyLePhotography)

This is a Chronos and a 20″ clip in Royal Purple. You can buy this as a set with two clips if you want (tho I only needed one, so I got them separately).

My only complaint is that I really needed a longer clip for Zone-Tan, and this was the longest in this color they have. Even though the clip is curly, it also doesnt tangle. and can be worked back into its single giant curl with just your hands. The only styling I did was to thin out the bangs a little (since Zone-Tan has long bangs in her eyes). The Chronos has edges that flip out right out of the bag, so it would be perfect for Rin Vocaloid cosplays.

This was worn inside with a flash/strobe.

So final part, so far none of the wigs I have have tangled. They are very silky (and therefore a little shiney). I have since purchased a long wig from them that I will also review after its been worn to a con. They look very nice, they don’t tangle, and they are very thick (at least the short ones are).

If nothing else I will continue to buy wigs from them. I really like them and they have pretty fast shipping and fair prices! The downside is that they don’t have a /whole/ lot of options. Not all colors come in all styles, much to my disappointment.

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Rex makes me giggle he's that attractive. OK but question for/about him about his horn adornments. Is there any reason he has the tangle of gems or is it just personal preference?

(at least that’s what he’ll say. it’s also because he’s too impatient to make any sort of proper pattern with the thread, so he passes the tangle off as intentional.)

I really love the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel and Flynn get to town and there are festivities and people dancing and having a good time..

I really hope it’s as magical in kh3! I want NPCs all around, I want minigames scattered, I want fun music and I want Sora to have the time of his life dancing through the streets with Rapunzel and everyone!!❤️