Hello, and welcome, to Slenderwork.

What are we?

We are a network dedicated to the Slenderverse! This includes channels such as Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, Everymanhyrbid, MLAnderson and many more. 
This network is for anyone in the Slenderverse fandom, for us to connect, interact and bring the fandom(s) closer together!

What does the network involve?

This network is to connect everyone within this, admittedly small, fandom! This network will be a place to discuss theories, head cannons, fanart or just generally enjoying the Slenderverse. 
A group skype chat will be created for us all to be able to chat and converse.

What’re the benefits of joining?

  • You’ll get to make lots of new friends
  • New followers
  • A place to discuss anything and everything to do with the Slenderverse
  • Reblogs on fanart/theories/selfies
  • Bringing this amazing fandom closer together!
  • You get to follow some awesome cool blogs

How do I join?

Message the admin, mikasa-the-titan-slayer, asking to join, and why you’d like to join. That’s it! We’re a rather small fandom so everyone is welcome! 
We are also currently looking for a co-admin, so if you’d like to apply for that please message the admin!

Are there any rules?

There are a couple of rules to joining. 

  • Follow the admin and everyone else in the network
  • Reblog this post to spread the word
  • Be okay with giving your skype (this can be negotiated if needed though)
  • Track the #slenderwork tag
  • Be nice to eachother! Rudeness will not be tolerated in the network, this network is to connect the fandom and make friends after all
  • Anyone in the fandom can join! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the Slenderverse world for years or weeks, all are welcome.

That’s it! Come one, come all! 

I need advice!

Hey Budoblr! Need advice. I’m going to university in September (yay me!) and I’m applying to receive a bursary to keep competing in Taekwondo (which also means I can compete for the school team) because I’m not going to have the money to compete as much as I do now due to the fact I’m giving up my job.

To do this you fill in some weird ass application form and I’ve never been very good at things like that. One of the questions is:

“Future Ambitions. (please give details about your goals for the future and how you think the University can play a part)”

Now most of my ambitions revolve around the Home Nations, the Worlds, and maybe starting to compete internationally with the TAGB, so I can muddle through that…but what the heck do I say about the whole “how can the university play a part” bit?! Cause I reckon they might object to “Bank roll my TAGB leader board take-over!”

Any advice?


A friend of mine runs a Taekwondo club in Lutterworth, UK.  He wanted to put together a video to show to his students and to hopefully promote the club to potential new students.

He knew that I was learning how to edit videos and asked if would like to try creating a video for him.

This was filmed back in February 2013.  There are no tricks here.  Everything that he breaks is solid wood or slabs.

Forgot how exerting Taekwondo can be.

My mind retains the motions, but, after so many years, my body can no longer deliver to quite the extent I expect. As a result I tend to over-exert during the inital exercises. I suppose I’ll have to stop being a lazy arse head and get fit again

Not to say I’m floundering around like a mentally deficient fish. Quite the contrary. When it came to the pad exercises the higher grades were confused as to why what they saw as a relative beginner was managing to hit the “sweet spot”. It makes this strange sound, it’s amusing after awhile.

Yes, I’m bragging, so what, at least I have the honesty to admit it. Nothing wrong with a little pride in your effort. You hypothetical unwarrantedly condescending quite possibly (probably) hypocritical detractor you. Hang your hypothetical head in hypothetical shame.

People have a bad habit of assuming I’m arrogant when I’m merely stating facts. Entirely coincidential that those facts happen to boost my ego a little. Entirely.