are you an emo who (literally) looks up to your role models? if yes, then you could qualify for the smol emo net!


  1. must follow the admins (djspookyjimm & spoopyresponsabilities)
  2. reblog this post
  3. fill out this form
  4. track the #smolemonet tag
  5. be smol

applications close on October 31 (hence the spooky font) and winners will be announced soon after

Me, Thais and Kasia have been a bit too deep in Hartwin these last couple weeks and we’re looking to meet some cool new people who ship it as well, so i decided to create a Hartwin network :D 

(Also, it looks like Harry is taking his boy on a walk and they’re holding hands ❤️‍)

(I’ve never done this before, so bear with me, pls)


  • I can’t make you follow me, or Thais or Kasia, but we’re in too deep and we want people to drag us down deeper
  • reblog this 
  • fill out this little survey so we can get to know you
  • ship hartwin, I guess?

if you get in:

  • you get to share your creations with the other members, headcanons/edits or anything
  • help with anything you want, like, really, just shoot me a message
  • chats on kik at every hour of the day
  • you get to be dirty and kinky and nobody will look at you weird, I promise

what you’ll have to do:

  • track the hartwin net tag
  • be active
  • you don’t have to follow the other members, but that’s a cool way to make friends, so
  • send me your email so I can invite you to the network page
  • send me an icon and a description or talk to me and I’ll make you one :D