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🌼🌷🌼🏵️ 🌸 FAT CORGI AESTHETIC  🌸🏵️🌼🌷🌼

Commission for Naughtybutt of his very thicc corgi fursona chillin’ in a vaporwave dreamland~

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!


So like a nerd I headed straight for the Rito village for advancing the main story of the game…they’re my favorite Zelda race (BIRD PEOPLE! WINGS!!), and I love the outfit you can buy there, it’s neat and viking-esque and cute!! ;v; I couldn’t decide which color cast I liked better though, so here’s both.

I spent all this time goofing off in the wild, I just now finished my first “Divine Beast” dungeon…it was amazing, and I’m glad to see the story side of this game certainly does not disappoint! :’D

Perfect high school student Chrom falls in love with bancho/delinquent Robin, who doesn’t react too enthusiastically about it. But who knows, maybe she’ll fall in love too…

Psst, sorry for being away. I’m still on indefinite hiatus… but I wanted to upload this to let ya’ll know that the high school AU is still alive in my heart. Anyway, I’m off. Been busy with other things lol…;;


sessshomaru’s mother | requested by @bandz-amakeher-scream

Happy Shay Patrick’s Day Y’all!

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You can’t tell me Elliott doesn’t write cute little notes for his spouse.

This is so dorky and fluffy but I don’t even care I love this kinda stuff.

Hey, are you from Prague? ‘Cause I can’t help but Czech you out.
—  Emil Nekola