Dear Tumblr, thanks for existing...

Because without you I would have met the wonderful people:

@sorrowsfall @haethel @taffing-garden-salsa @unicorninthemosh @anthracite-camelies @butterscotcheye @colonelkillabee @mizspiffysims

and many many more (that i may have no tagged because I couldn’t get their tumblr right).

thank you all for taking the time to put up with me :)

And to all you of you…

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Dragons rock!

My Little Pony bag by Iron Fist! I had this beauty on my wish list for a few Christmases, and finally got it! Yum Yum is one of my favorite ponies, and I adore the iridescent material. I had NO idea it was going to be this big! I was expecting it to be half this size, but it’s like a laptop bag! Also wasn’t expecting the longer handle that came with it :) New favorite bag <3 GO HERE to buy!

Eχω εναν σκυλο που με ξυπναει καθε χαραμα μου υπενθυμιζει να ξυπναω νωρις για μενα μια βολτα ενας καφες ψηλα στον Υμμητο περπατημα να κανω δικο μου οτι μου χωραει μεσα στα χερια…

-ταφ λαθος,εχω