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I don't believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff. Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it's more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife. In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing. With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?

Let’s break this down, because each sentence is its own brand of asinine, and I can’t just tackle it all in one go.

  • “I don’t believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff.” In 1938, the night before FDR signed the law establishing the federal minimum wage, he said, “Do not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day…tell you…that a wage of $11 a week is going to have a disastrous effect on all American industry.” The cost of living back then was significantly lower, even when adjusting for inflation. When a movie ticket cost twenty-five cents ($4.20 in today’s dollars), I doubt anyone was making a huge deal out of someone going to catch a movie, unlike today, when a movie costs an average of $8.17 (and here in NYC, is at least $12.50). And if someone did complain, and the person decided to go to Harvard and get a degree in the hopes of making more, they’d just have to raise $420 a year ($7,047 a year in 2015 dollars) to go. Back then, the money just went farther. And there were fewer bills to pay–cell phones and the internet didn’t exist, the only things contributing to light bills were literally lights, and so on. If you could pay for your basic needs on a minimum wage and have an extra twenty-five cents a week to see a movie or grab a beer, I doubt anyone would care. Aside from that, the inherent cruelty in seeing low wage workers as labor drones who don’t deserve happiness is p disgusting honestly.
  • “Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it’s more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife.” This is peak heteronormative white capitalist feminism. “If it takes two people to make the income of one person, then we can destroy the patriarchy by all being exploited equally!” I’m actually impressed by how goddamn stupid this concept is.
  • “In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing.” What I was doing (the post made it abundantly clear it was a former job) was spending nine hours a day (we had an hour break which had to interrupt our eight hour shift rather than being factored in) plus three hours daily commute (an hour and a half each way) on a job wherein I was required to run (literally, because if a customer complained about it taking too long for me to get back from the stock room, I could have my hours cut or be suspended or fired) between five stock rooms across three floors making up 36,000 square feet. I had to memorize the locations of items on the floor I worked on and the ones I didn’t, the list of color codes, different folds for many different items, prices for at least the most popular fifty to a hundred items, and so on. I had to keep 15,000 feet of displays and shelves and tables fully stocked and perfectly folded and sized while people were shopping, and if I was standing around while something was unfolded across the store, I could have my hours cut or get suspended or fired. I had to do all of this with a smile on my face, because if a customer complained about my attitude, even if it was just for frowning, I could get my hours cut or get suspended or get fired. If the store did less than $250k a day in business, people’s hours were getting cut. I’ve done much higher-paying jobs since and they’ve been much easier.
  • “With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?” Yes, obviously. Online shopping is for when you’re casually shopping but don’t feel like going to the store, or if there’s something non-vital you want a better price on. If you need something for an event tomorrow, you’re going to the store for it. If you don’t know your size and want to try it on without waiting a week, sending it back, waiting another week for it to get to them and have them ship it back out, and another week before you get the other size, which may or may not be right, you’re going to the store. If you want to touch the garments and see how they feel, or try them on in front of a mirror to make sure the cut and colors look good on you, or get a second opinion from a (more or less) neutral party. If you want to wander around from shop to shop and see what you can find. If you want to go to a thrift store. Plus, if we branch out of retail, fast food isn’t going away because of the internet, nor are servers or bartenders or housekeepers or custodians or grocery store cashiers or deli workers or anyone else who does a service that people use but are underpaid for their labor.

At the end of the day, there will always be workers in positions that are currently underpaid. If every McDonalds worker decided tomorrow to get a STEM degree and were given the means to do so, there would still be only a certain number of STEM jobs and a need for fry cooks. And those fry cooks deserve to be able to meet their basic needs just as much as anyone else.


Feeling anxious? A bit panicky? Fear not — cartoonist and self-proclaimed World Champion Overthinker Gemma Correll is here to help you laugh about it.

In A Worrier’s Guide to Life, Correll dishes out her dubious and droll advice on everything from health and hypochondria to attaboy stickers for grownups. (Sample: “I did the laundry.”)

She should know. Correll, a 30-year-old British illustrator based in Norfolk, England, has dealt with an anxiety disorder and depression throughout her life. Plus: “I’m the type of person who worries about lots of insignificant things,” she says.

Correll often tackles mental illness in her comics, including a detailed explanation of panic attacks and a sardonic take on those ubiquitous “Keep Calm” posters: “I can’t keep calm and carry on because I have an anxiety disorder.”

A Worrier’s Guide makes light of serious mental health issues as well as the everyday angst that affects us all.

Paralyzed By Doubt? Here’s A Guide For The Worrier In Us All

Illustrations by Gemma Correll / Courtesy of Andrews McMeel Publishing


Biracial Miss Universe Japan Beauty Queen: Ariana Miyamoto

With more foreign workers and tourists going to Japan, the homogeneous nature of the country’s society will likely change more than ever in the coming decade. One of the leaders of this transformation is biracial beauty queen Ariana Miyamoto. Crowned Miss Japan 2015 in March, Miyamoto is the first multiracial Miss Universe from the country – and she is trying to tackle its deep-rooted racism. She has become a symbol of the nation’s increasingly diverse society while she pursues racial equality and a country free of discrimination.  

The daughter of a Japanese woman and an African-American man who served in the U.S. Navy, the 20-year-old bartender-turned-model was born and raised in Nagasaki. But many netizens have complained that Miyamoto – who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, has bronze skin and is super slender – doesn’t look enough like ordinary Japanese women to represent the nation.

Miyamoto said that despite an invitation by the event’s promoter in Nagasaki, she initially refused to participate in the Miss Universe contest last year because no woman of mixed race – or what the Japanese call “hafu” – had previously become Miss Universe Japan.

However, a heartbreaking incident changed her mind: A good friend of Miyamoto’s, a 20-year-old fellow hafu, who was half-white, committed suicide. “He could not find his identity,” she said. “He committed suicide a few days after he told me, ‘I don’t have any idea where I should be located.’”

Miyamoto said her friend suffered partly because he couldn’t speak English. Many Japanese people take for granted that white people usually speak English, she said, and become annoyed by those cannot.

“To ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination,“ she said, "I decided to enter the contest.”

“I hope that Japanese society will become more open by accepting not only hafu but also LGBT people and others,” Miyamoto said. “I hope to make Japan and the world a livable place for everyone.”

“I hope I can improve the situation of racial discrimination as much as possible since I have been combating it. I received some criticism in Japan after I was crowned Miss Universe Japan, even though there are many children of mixed race.” She said. “I hope to eliminate it as much as I can. I have had this hope to change the situation since I was a child, because I had my own experience of difficulties living in the nation. “

SM probably thought exo would look less gay with this so called manly concept. Fail. I can already see kai tackling soo to the ground and yeol pushing baek against the lockers while the rest showers together


May 28th 1892: Sierra Club founded

On this day in 1892, John Muir founded the famous environmental organisation - the Sierra Club - in San Francisco, California. Muir was a notable conservationist and preservationist and became the Club’s first president. The Sierra Club worked to establish and protect federal national parks, most famously Yosemite National Park. Their cause received a boost during the Progressive Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency (1901-1909), who was a naturalist like Muir. Some of the Club’s most notable successes since 1892 came during Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programme, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. The Sierra Club continues to be an influential group in the United States as one of the largest pressure groups in the nation. It has a significant influence over environmental issues and dedicates itself to tackling climate change and damage to the environment, most recently protesting against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.


I dont really care like at all but

You all complain about drama and how its harming people and how its stressful

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Putting hateful shit in their tag, making blogs??

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If what Rebs does upset you just leave them, walk away and dont keep going at it

Call me a hypocrite because of what happened months ago, but me and Rebs made a truce and we’re not mauling eachother for it!!

If you know part of their fanbase will tackle you

Dont. Start. Shit.

Its not worth it, you’ll have a bad time

Rebs is a human being and cant possibly control all the followers

Which mean they cant force 50k+ to stop and they cant control 50k+ to attack.

Each fan is a person, with their own mind

Rebs doesnt have the power of mind control

I mean really leave Rebornica alone theres no point in creating more conflict and causing harm to yourself and them

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We all know that salmon swim upstream to spawn, making your failure to go out on Friday night because “your hair looks weird” sound pretty pathetic. Unfortunately, humanity has been sock-blocking salmon for decades, and it’s only getting worse; many of the 80,000 dams across the United States serve as giant, fishy diaphragms. Since salmon sex is very important for the ecosystem, not to mention hot, we’ve tried everything short of loading the fish on pressurized tubes and shooting them upriver to get them home.

Wait, no, we have tried that. And it looks awesome.

6 Hilarious Ways Science Is Tackling Serious Issues

i think this is the concept where kyungsoo will finally get to “accidentally” throw a ball at baekhyun’s face and tackle him to the ground like he’s always wanted to. i can see it happening in the mv already.

Fun Home is so important.

I feel like I need to say this, because I haven’t seen nearly enough love for this show in my feed. This musical has such an incredible cast of women, was developed by women, and is based on a book written by a woman. It tackles the subject of lesbianism in a more intimate and genuine way than any Broadway musical ever has before. Did I mention how important this show is for the women of musical theatre. Please, if you are a fan of Broadway, look into this show. Understand it’s impact and how it will, hopefully, influence a positive change for the future of women in musical theatre.

Please do not gloss over or ignore the importance of Fun Home and it’s impact on the future state of Broadway.

Okay so, I’ve seen a small smatterings about how Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t super feminist because it still buys into a heavily violence-driven plot, and it’s like…yeah, I can respect that opinion and where it comes from

But one of the things I like about Mad Max is that it takes that brand of violent, hyper-masculine plot line and kind of…works around it, if that makes sense. You have a culture with a completely uneven power structure, very aggressive and possessive, and you have a group of women attempting to escape. When they finally manage to, they realize that the direction they would continue to travel is fruitless, an endless void of sand…so they decide to tackle the system from which they came.

The emphasis isn’t really on “standing and fighting.” It’s not really about revenge. In fact, throughout the second part of the movie, they’re not really trying to actively fight so much as they’re just trying break through, stay strong and make it to the other side–fighting is part of that, but it’s certainly not the goal or the emphasis. They’re tackling the established system because as long as it exists, they have to weather it–you can’t build a garden without pulling a few weeds. The true goal is to get to the place with resources and distribute them fairly; it’s to attempt regrowth and to remove the monopoly on water that allowed such an uneven power structure. There’s a lot of emphasis on working together, on the good of the team, on recognition and nurturing of the individual (even despite such brutal conditions), and the end of it is basically about a socialistic revolution 

That seems v feminist to me

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reblogs dont show up in tags and a cishet white man dying his hair pink is not going to help tackle homophobia in any way

But he’s clearly an ally, so why attack him? Yeah, it’s not tackling homophobia, but he probably doesn’t know that, so he’s doing what he think will help raise awareness. Why would you mock someone who is trying to help, how about be constructive and say thank you, then point out that maybe proactively supporting a charity would do more than dying your hair. Just mocking someone because they don’t know how to tackle the issue is immature and won’t help anyone, and is actually more likely to push allies like him away. Maybe he would be willing to be more proactive if someone actually told him how, I mean he’s willing to dye his hair because he thinks that will help.

My son wanted to help me cut the grass.

Most people think he’s 6, 7 or 8 years old….

He’s 4.

My wife is tall as well; I hope he stays slim and plays basketball as she did, as much as I LOVE wrestling and football, at 41, I am weary from 12 summers worth of two-a-days and thousands of hours on the mat; I feel every tackle, every takedown and every neck bridge in my bones….

                           100 Follower Celebration Post!

WHAT THE JUNK, I’m actually a little over that now, and I’m so blown away. I’ve only had a tiny bit of experience roleplaying on tumblr, I’ve done it for years before that, but on here all I’ve had was an OC blog for Wreck It Ralph that was mostly done with friends, and I had a blog for Murray from Hotel Transylvania/Dogen from Psychonauts, neither of which really went anywhere.

I was really nervous to try to tackle a canon character, but you all have been so awesome and supportive as I fumbled to learn what I was doing. I’ve met nothing but kind, wonderful, and TALENTED AS HELL people here. I’m so glad to know all of you. <3

SO, as a thank you, I’m going to list a bunch of you babes. If I miss anyone, it’s not because I don’t love you too, I promise!

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