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So I've been struggling with a drawing style lately. I've heard a lot that you should first learn realism then draw stylized, but I found a Disney-like style that I really like drawing in! Should I learn realism first or draw in this style? (Sorry this is confusing) thank you!

Speaking for myself, (Hi, I’m starline. I run this fan-blog, and I also like to draw things.)  I’m gonna give you the answer you probably don’t wanna hear. But yeah, try to learn to draw realistically first. It’s INCREDIBLY useful to have that down because then you can change up your style whichever way you like. 

I say this from experience since I learned how to draw in a very anime-like style when I was younger, before I tried to learn how to draw realistically. It’s been almost 20 yrs and I STILL struggle with anything realistic or outside of my normal style. If you learn to draw realistically first, you’ll be able to tackle drawing different body types, different facial structures, different sex/genders, etc. 

Of course, also draw in the Disney-style you like, especially if its fun, keeps you motivated, and makes you happy. But I highly recommend you don’t make it the only way you know how to draw. 

Look at how Glen Keane draws. In addition to his Disney work, a ton of his sketches he puts out are life-drawings. This one below is a super loose sketch, probably took him a minute or so, but look at how he was paying attention to how the light was hitting her skin and muscles. 

That knowledge ends up becoming useful when you start designing someone like Rapunzel. She’s has a more cartoonish body, but she doesn’t feel “off” because the base knowledge is there. 

A better example is of Glen’s Tarzan. The character is practically nude, so if you don’t know where the muscles go, and proportionally how the body should look, it would be very hard to make him look “believable” in that style. 

Anyway, I hope this helps. The main thing is practice, practice, practice!  Then you can draw anything!! :D 

buzzfeed being fucking degenerates yet again, what a surprise!

the free the nipple movement really freakin irks me because its mostly run by straight women who want excuses to be tarts in public because they couldnt POSSIBLY understand that boobs are attractive i mean like they are literally just lumps of fat, right?? rightt??? lmao mEN right?? They disregard the existance of lesbians and bisexual girls all as an excuse to demonise men. There is a reason boobs make people horny, they are never going to be ‘desexualised’ because you cant reprogram fucking biology. Its actually laughable that this is where modern feminism has ended up, truely tackling the ~real~ issues

free the nipple is s u c h a j o k e

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Here's the thing, I don't think Kirsch likes Danny like that. This is like a month after the end of season one so SJ only has been dead for two months, if anything he just wants to repay her for helping him mourn over the last month

We’ll have to agree to disagree there, I think it’s overwhelmingly clear that Kirsch is in to Danny. 

“Yeah…there’s kissing!” 

“D-Bear was going to be into it” 

“Maybe if I’m lucky D-Bear will tackle me” 



1. Partnering with Quiet:

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN introduces a unique ‘Buddy’ system, wherein the player can select a recruited ally for use in missions. Quiet is a selectable ‘Buddy’ in the game, who possesses incredible sniping abilities. The first video showcases footage which demonstrates a mission where the player approaches a remote outpost using Quiet to orchestrate coordinated attacks to quickly incapacitate enemies and provide cover for Snake as he completes his mission.

2. Surgical Air Raid:

Missions can also be tackled in a more overt manner, and the second video shows METAL GEAR SOLID V:THE PHANTOMPAIN’s more action-orientated elements. Having equipped series hero Snake with heavy riot gear, the player uses the artillery equipped on their helicopter to take out key installations within a night mission. Using automatic weapons, Snake then storms the outpost in a huge firefight, before locating and retrieving his target.

3. Remote Assassination:

Patience is a virtue in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN and the final video is used to show how missions can be completed from afar and also shows Snake’s Blast Arm in use for the first time. Having entered the area with a heavily-armoured D-Horse as his Buddy, Snake waits until night time before taking out a guard using a blast from his prosthetic arm. The arm’s projectile weapon capabilities are then showed as the player uses ‘Missile Cam’ to take out a central target akin to the Nikita System introduced in past METAL GEAR SOLID titles.

4. Thinking “Outside the Box”:

The METAL GEAR SOLID series is famed for its stealth gameplay, and the third video is used to demonstrate how old favourites and new skills combine to create even more sneaking options for the player. The footage begins with Snake intercepting troops en route to an outpost having used the famed cardboard box in clever new ways. Via careful planting of explosives and an unwitting sentry, the mission is completed without even entering the base.

Source: Konami


In 1776, the American colonies declared independence from Britain. But it wasn’t until 1796 that someone dared to tackle a question that would plague every generation of Americans to come: “What is American food?”

American Cookery, the very first American cookbook, was written by Amelia Simmons. In it, she promised a kind of socioculinary equality and showed off indigenous foods, including the makings of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Even in using more familiar ingredients, American Cookery sometimes reads like a guide to new American idioms: molasses rather than British treacle, and emptins [emptyings] instead of ale yeast. It includes an early sighting of “shortening” and the “Indian slapjack” that became the flapjack of today.

But for all this, the book was still deeply British.

New Nation, New Cuisine: The First Cookbook To Tackle ‘American Food’

Black Game Developers

Black Game Developers is a simple site that is exactly what it sounds like: a large list of black game developers. The site’s tagline:

A list of black game developers, designers, artists, and more. Here they are. Hire them. Buy their stuff.

While representation in games themselves is an important issue to continue tackling, it’s equally important to increase the number of minorities and other marginalized groups making games. This site is a great reminder of that, so check it out and see what you can do to support the people on the list!

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“Aa- PURIM!” He whined, a bit more than shocked at the sudden tackle. (PRETTY GREAT, WHAT ABOUT YOUUU????)


i haven’t quite worked it out in my mind, but i want Inuyasha to have a moment where he has this revelation about how much he loves Kagome. I want Inuyasha overcome

It’s sudden, and she’s doing or saying something offhandedly. She did something thoughtful, much to thoughtful, and she doesn’t even realize that Inuyasha’s still staring at her as she brushes a fallen strand of hair behind her ear, leaning to pick something off the ground as she continues to chatter, ceaselessly. She doesn’t realize that the big tough hanyo’s vision is blurring, eyes watering and throat tight and he realize that if he doesn’t do something, something right now he’s going to lose it.

They’re in a field. There are people near by, not immediately with them but close enough to hear Kagome’s sharp little shriek when he all but tackles her. It was lucky that she had been crouched down to retrieve whatever item she had clumsily fumbled. Inuyasha had already been sitting when she approached him and now they’re on the ground and Inuyasha is as surprised as Kagome is when he pins her arms to her in a crushing hug. 

Kagome was already squirming in his sudden and awkward grip, a stream of words perpetuating the play indistinguishable in combination with her shrill giggles, the sound citrus and tart in his ears.

He’s holding her sideways to him as she struggles, pinning one arm between his chest and her side while her other is bound by his arms wrapped around her. That one she bends at the elbow and weakly pulls at him.

He doesn’t know why he does it, all he know that the playful wrestling had her hair splayed all about her head like a crown, like a halo, mixing in part with the silver of his and the sun on her cheeks at this angle brings out the invisible freckles normally hidden there.

He cranes his neck forward, sticks a pink tongue out from between his parted fangs, and licks at her cheek, testing if the fresh little speckles there taste as sweet as they look.

And Kagome sequels, and Inuyasha understands that she had been going easy on him as her resistance triples. The grass is flattened around them by kicking legs and flailing limbs as Kagome manages to free one arm and promptly uses it to try and push his face further from hers. All the while laughter lifts from her in peals as she reprimands him for the “gross” act.

Inuyasha’s smile couldn’t be any bigger as he exerts a little effort of his own, legs stiffening to brace against the ground and suddenly Kagome is trying to escape a statue. Her arm is captured again, and Inuyasha hears another voice, strange and deep, joining the girl’s in laughter as he strains forward once again. He doesn’t realize it’s his own until it it stops when the hanyo overcomes Kagome’s thrashing head to plant anther long lapping lick against her cheek.

Kagome makes a loud groan of mock disgust and Inuyasha again hears the deep sound of his own laugh spill into the air around him.

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Running Away From Their Relationship

I am so sorry this sat for so long, but I had no motivation to tackle this because I had a feeling it would be a long one. Forgive me Legionnaires. 

I am going to be a little more vague about her reasons. Pretty much none of them are going to know where she went or why. It makes it easier in a way. 

Also, a mild trigger warning for people with abandonment issues. As one of those people, I’d appreciate the warning. I have had people leave me at every turn of my life, so this topic kind of hit me hard. Probably another reason I was avoiding it so much. 


He had began to grow worried when she hadn’t responded to any of his texts in a twelve hour period. It was so unlike her, but he had convinced himself that she had simply been busy or checked and then forgot to answer later. However, the truth became clearer when he got home that day. 

Their apartment was void of her presence. Anything that had belonged to her was gone. All of her pictures taken off the walls and removed from their frames. It was like she had never set foot here, except for the small note elegantly written that had been left on the countertop. It only said one sentence and those four words made his stomach sink. 

He didn’t understand what had gone wrong. They had been so happy. They had just planned to go to the beach that weekend. They had a life together, but she had thrown it away for no reason that was clear to him.  

Move on without me.


He had tried calling her three times that day and she hadn’t answered any of his texts either. It wasn’t that big of a deal, she had probably gotten busy. Chanyeol decided that he would swing by her place later. 

When he got to her door and tried to use the keys she had given him, neither of them worked. He stood there confused, his brow twisted as he wondered why she would have changed the locks. His mind was going through all the ways she could have possibly forgotten to tell him as he knocked on the door, hoping she was home. 

“Are you looking for the young woman who lived there?” someone asked him. He turned and saw an old woman from the apartment across from hers. He nodded, raising his brow at the tense she had used. “She up and left today, moving everything out and taking off. She broke her lease too. The Landlord was not happy.” 

“Where did she go?” Chanyeol asked with widened eyes. 

“Back home was all she said.” 


Yesterday she had been laughing and confessed that she loved him with a blush on her face. Today she was missing. Her apartment was abandoned, but she had left so much behind in her rush. 

Jongdae looked around, his mouth firmly pressed into a line. His eyes spotted a stuffed animal sitting on top of her television and he smiled at it sadly, picking it up into his hands. The eyes of a sad puppy stared back at him; he was surprised she had left it behind, knowing how much she had loved it when he won it for her. 

He set it back down and then walked to her couch, sitting down as he let out a sigh. Jongdae felt like someone had punched a hole into his gut and the air he breathed seemed thin. His hands tightened into fists as he looked around, his mind slowly processing that she was gone and there was nothing he could do to bring her back. 


She had been gone for three days and it still didn’t feel any different. He kept on texting her even though the little red exclamation mark would appear next to his messages. He knew her phone had been disconnected, but he kept trying anyways. It was the only thing he could do. 

He avoided their apartment, knowing she had left so much of her stuff behind. Kai had been staying with Suho, trying not to think about the empty space on the bed beside him. He couldn’t stop himself, no matter how hard he tried. 

Her absence was like being homesick. He felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under his feet and he couldn’t keep his balance anymore. He only began to realise on the morning of the fourth day that it was because he had no idea how to go home anymore. 

She had always been the place where he belonged. 


He looked through the endless pictures on his phone of the both of them together, trying their hardest to look cool. He felt the smile come to his lips, but also the lump in the back of his throat. It hurt so fucking much to know that she had left and he didn’t know where she went to. 

He had tried everything; calling her parents, sister, friends, boss, and even her therapist. They all recommended he submit a missing person’s report, but that felt so god damn permanent. The police never helped; it was like creating an official record that told people she was missing and would never be found. 

He had neglected to mention to them that she had taken almost everything that was hers in their apartment. Her clothes, her electronics, her books, hygiene products, and her sketch books. She had simply just left and never said why. He didn’t even realise she was upset. 

He bit his lip as he began to delete the pictures on his phone, hoping the feelings swirling inside would die with them. 



He could feel it. Kyungsoo could hear it. It smothered him, like a blanket laid over his entire body. 

Why would she leave him like this? He couldn’t find an answer, just tears he resented as he looked around. He knew something wasn’t quite right about the way she had responded to his confession of loving her, but he didn’t expect her to throw away everything they had built. How could someone saying the words ‘I love you’ scare another person enough that they would recklessly run away so fast that they didn’t think or care about how the other would get hurt in the process. 

He felt like someone had punched him in the chest, aiming at where he was weak to knock him down. He wasn’t sure how to get back up again. He was just left with the deafening silence of her absence. 


A year had passed since he had found her apartment empty. He was smiles in public, kind and gentle like he usually was, but he neglected to tell anyone that he dwelled on her absence often. It hadn’t hit him like a truck, but had slowly sunk in and became a near constant dull ache in his chest. 

Yixing had honestly hoped he would have moved on just a little, but even exactly a year later that ache was still there. It was like she had died, no closure or contact and he mourned as if she had. They had been engaged and then she had up and left without a word; he had never heard from her since, he didn’t even know if she was still alive or healthy somewhere. 

It was knowing nothing that hurt the most. He felt powerless and frustrated that his feeling still lingered but he couldn’t even check up on her to see if she was okay. She was simply gone, erased from the face of the earth and he had the feeling that he would never get the pleasure of looking into her eyes again. 

Lay walked further into her apartment, having taken over the care of it since she had been gone and looked at the wall full of post it notes he had created. Every time he missed her, he made an effort to come and put one on the wall incase she ever did come home, so she would know how much he cared. He sighed as he grabbed the pad and wrote something quickly, sticking it to the wall and reading the message a few times. 

Baobei, I love you.


Every little thing reminded him of her. He would see someone drinking something she had liked and then he’d be thinking about her for hours. He would see someone with a similar haircut and his chest would explode with hope, only to crash again when he realised that it was not her. 

He was quick to push his feelings away and act like it didn’t bother him as much as it did. Luhan was all smiles until he was alone, then all he thought about was what he could have done differently. He wished he could just apologise for whatever he did and fix the problem, but he couldn’t get in touch with her. 

So he waited, hoping something would change. He tried to pretend like he wasn’t angry about the way she had left, but he was livid. Instead of sorrow, all he had begun to feel was anger at the situation. He wanted to give her a piece of his mind about the way she had just ditched him, but at the same time he just wanted to hold her again. It was simple really, he just wanted her to be back in his life. 


It had been a month without any word other than a text telling him that he needed to move on. How could he just move on without any kind of closure? She had just packed up her stuff and left while he was at rehearsal one day. He had come home to a half empty apartment and got a text three days later. 

Even he wouldn’t ever do something that shitty to someone. 

But he couldn’t forget about her either. He begrudgingly had to admit that he loved her and it was the reason he always felt so heavy now. Everything was more difficult now that she was gone; getting up, getting dressed, eating, dancing, singing, and rapping. Everything.

He felt like someone had chopped of his leg or some other equally useful limb. Sehun needed a crutch but still was in denial about her absence. So, he went through his days pretending not to give a fuck about her leaving but wishing she’d just get over whatever made her leave in the first place and come back.


He was the leader and he would act like it no matter what happened. Even when he walked into their apartment and saw all of her things missing and realised half of his life had been torn away, he swore he would not slack in his duties. So, he cleaned up the mess she had made leaving and then tried to fill some of the empty space by spreading his things out a little. 

He went to work the next day like nothing had happened and didn’t talk about it. Suho didn’t know how to. He couldn’t lay something this heavy on the others when they had performances coming up. He would always listen to their problems but never burden them with his own. 

He avoided his flat as much as possible. He rehearsed longer than normal, visited his parents, ate out, stayed in the dorm or whatever he could do to get away from the space she had vacated without warning. He thought about moving, but couldn’t bring himself to do it incase she came back so he stayed in this state of ignoring his problems and hoping they’d go away on their own. 


When Tao realised she hadn’t come to pick him up from work he knew something was up. She always picked him up, every day. He asked Kris to drive him to their apartment and he went with him to use his bathroom. Tao had not expected to open his apartment door and realise that something was off immediately. 

It was too clean…like someone had gone through the removed a lot of the clutter. But it hadn’t been placed somewhere else, it was just gone. Slowly he realised her sweater that always hung on the back of the kitchen chair was gone and her shoes weren’t in front of the door. Her jackets were gone from the closet and her computer wasn’t on the island countertop. 

It didn’t take him long to process everything was gone and he just simply stood in the middle of the apartment, hands shaking and tears coming to his eyes. He didn’t care if Kris was right there, eyes widened as he looked around and realised she was gone too. 


It was a lot of waiting. Waiting to hear something from the police or her family, waiting for her to come back. He just had to sit there, waiting, and it made him feel so damn useless. 

She had left everything but her clothes and laptop, which made him think she had run off. Xiumin didn’t understand why she’d do that, though. They loved each other, had been together for five years. He didn’t understand why she would just up and leave him. 

His stomach twisted uncomfortably, but he tried to remain calm. There could be one thousand explanations for her sudden departure. A small part of him dwelled on the worst though, knowing there was a chance she had just been unhappy with their life together and left. He hoped not; he prayed he was wrong. 

So he continued to wait for the answer, sitting by his phone and hoping it would ring already.


150705 Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”

Super Junior-M‘s Henry attempts to tackle a difficult piece on the violin in July 4′s episode of the tvN variety show “Always Cantare.” He works with a teacher to help him with a particularly hard part, but when he struggles with it he begins to look upset. He eventually stops playing and it’s clear that he’s started to cry.

“To be honest, when I was young I had an upsetting experience,” he explains in an interview. He says that when he was a kid, he spent a few months living at his violin teacher’s home. His teacher would sit next to him while he was playing and criticize him. “I know they were doing it all for me,” he says, “but when I was practicing earlier I suddenly thought about that time.”

His teacher sympathizes with him, telling him that she too had a scary teacher when she was a kid that used to make her really nervous. He eventually gets a handle on the difficult part, and takes a big sigh of relief and exhaustion.

In his interview, he talks a bit about his reputation as a musical genius. “Lately, some people around me call me a genius,” he says. “But I’m definitely not. When I was young, I practiced really, really hard. I don’t really think there’s such thing as a genius.”

Lastly, he adds with a smile, “And I’m still not that great, anyway.”

You can see Henry practicing with celebrity and non-celebrity musicians as an orchestra under maestro Geum Nan Sae every Saturday on “Always Cantare.”


Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will be directing Star Wars: Anthology - Han Solo!?

Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will be directing Star Wars: Anthology - Han Solo!? #StarWars #StarWarsAnthology

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will be directing Star Wars: Anthology – Han Solo! Miller and his partner Phil Lord, the duo behind The Lego Movie and the hit 21 Jump Street movies, are tackling one of Star Wars anthology movies as their next directing project, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The filmmaker team, who write, direct and produce, are…

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Sometimes the very personality traits that drew you to witchcraft are the same ones that will become the toughest personal obstacles to clear on your path to improving your craft:

A willingness to get dirty/a messy house that offends spirits

A love of collecting witch-able objects/becoming a hoarder

Wanting more control over your life/becoming a control freak

Seeking personal power/becoming consumed by power

An active imagination/escapism

The list goes on and on. I write this post thinking of myself and my propensity to be too messy and hoard. But I thought I would share with others the journey to tackle that paradox so I can be a better witch.

Vancouver mayor only Canadian in municipal climate-change group meeting Pope

The mayor of Vancouver says he plans on encouraging the Pope to ramp up pressure on national governments across the globe to take action on climate change when he meets with the Catholic leader later this month.

Gregor Robertson will join about 30 other representatives of big cities from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas for a two-day visit with Pope Francis in Vatican City on July 21. He will be the only Canadian representative in the delegation of global municipal leaders.

“It’s telling that the Pope is reaching out to mayors as part of his direct-action agenda to tackle climate action and poverty because we’re on the front lines of it and we’re committed to dealing with these challenges,” Robertson said in an interview.

“The Pope recognizes that mayors play a key role in leading communities to a better future — we’re where the rubber hits the road in taking care of cities and we’ve largely been left out of the conversation.”

Robertson levelled harsh words for the current Canadian government, saying it has “been in the bad books globally” because of inaction on the environmental front. National governments in general have failed to deliver solutions on climate change, he said.

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