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I'm glad people are talking about how overrated Kakashi is as a character. I'll never get how such a useless and lame character can be so over glorified by the fandom. There're heaps of characters who act like they don't give a fuck about anything in anime, it's nothing special, and they at least have the swag and feats to back it up. I think Kakashi is the most overrated character in the whole series.

Everyone say Sakura is useless and irrelevant, but so is Kakashi. He’s never won a fight since Zabuza, and was effectively stripped of his role as sensei to T7 in part 2.  The only reason he didn’t get as much flak as Sakura is he’s not in some pairing war. And people only like him for the most superficial and nostalgic reason like “First anime crush!”. Or they’re idiots who like him because he’s a spineless Konoha whore, they glorify his victimhood. They’re like “oh but Kakashi is so badass, that shithole that’s Konoha got his father kill himself, sent his teammates to war when they’re still sniveling chuunins, thus sent them to their deaths. Despite all these, he’s still blindly loyal to this shithole like a dog, he’s my hero!”

I think Kakashi’s character was a mistake. Generally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to include a mentor figure in the main cast. It’s easier to write when the kids have to figure out stuff themselves instead of getting told by an adult you should do this but not that all the time. Usually in shonen, the main cast train with various mentors as they grow stronger, e.g. Gon and Killua have trained with Master Wing, Biscuit, knuckle and Shoot. Having a trainer in the team is completely pointless.

Jackie’s Diary Entry: #7

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And they’re not kidding! Christmas starts off a whole new year of presents. See, first I get a Christmas present. Who am I kidding? I get lots of presents! Then I get a New Year’s present because every New Year should start off with a gift. February is just obvious (Valentine’s Day, duh), and March is St. Patrick’s Day (fourteen-karat gold, four-leaf clover necklace for good luck), and April’s Easter (an Easter basket filled with lip gloss and earrings, just like it says in the Bible)! One would think I’d be done getting gifts by April, but I’m not! There’s a reason to get me a present every month! I even made a list:

  • “April showers bring May flowers.” (Obviously, I get flowers in May.)
  • June – a new bathing suit for a new summer.
  • July – sparklers for me to parade around with on the Fourth.
  • August – a new skirt because you can’t wear white pants after Labor Day.
  • September – a rainbow candle for my room and whatever cute outfit is on the cover of Seventeen Magazine’s back-to-school issue.
  • October – a Raggedy Ann costume for me; Raggedy Andy for Steven.
  • November – something black like the Pilgrims wore but not as ugly.
  • December – and everything I didn’t get the last eleven months, I get for Christmas!

And who gets me these gifts? Steven! I know he doesn’t have much money, but that’s no excuse. He just needs to be creative and work more overtime. They say it’s better to give than receive, so Steven should thank me for giving him so many opportunities to give.

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Welcome to part 2 of my interview with Marla’s Lost, an author who’s been posting That ‘70s Show fanfic since 2009. She’s best known for exploring the Jackie/Eric relationship that never was but could have been. She has an expansive imagination and an eye for detail, and her multi-faceted stories have drawn in even the most vehement of non-Jackie/Eric shippers (i.e. me).

You can read part 2 here.

Those ‘70s Comics: Besides Jackie and Eric, which That ‘70s Show characters and ships do you most enjoy writing? 

Marla’s Lost: I like writing Red and Kitty. [I’m] not as good [at writing them] as nannygirl, but I’d like to think I come in close!

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Knee (Josie) vs Onion Ring (Katarina)

Leo’s Diary Entry: #6 

Leo Samples Jackie’s Goods 

So, I was in the mall the other day and ran into that loud girl that the pretty dude, Kelso, dates (not that I have a crush on him or anything, but you gotta admit he’s kinda dreamy). Anyway, the loud girl – Jackie, I think it is – was standing outside my favorite store, the Cheese Palace, and she handed me a free piece of cheese as I walked by. How lucky is that?

Hyde says it’s not luck at all, that it’s her job to give out free cheese to people, but I don’t believe him. I mean, when I go by my second favorite store, McDonald’s, they don’t give me free samples at all (unless you count straws). In fact, they usually call me a burnout and kick me out. You know, now that I think about it, that’s kind of mean of them. So, I’m gonna demote them from my second favorite store to … eighth. Yeah, right behind the Fotohut.

Oh, sure, I know what you’re thinking (that’s one of my top six skills). You’re thinking if I own the Fotohut, why isn’t it my favorite store? I mean, it’s warm, everyone is nice to me, and they never call the cops on me when I fall asleep on the counter, but – and here’s the key – do they sell food? No they don’t, man. And I like food. In fact, I try to eat it three times a day. Pretty wild, don’t you think?

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