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~Jackie’s Relationship Stats on That ‘70s Show~

~Out of 200 Episodes of That ‘70s Show, Seasons 1-8~

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Kelso: 79

Jackie and Kelso Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 124

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Hyde: 65

Jackie and Hyde Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 140

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Fez: 2

Jackie and Fez Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 198

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Kelso: 8

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Hyde: 21

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Fez: 9


Jackie and Kelso are romantically/sexually together for sixteen episodes more during the show’s run than Jackie and Hyde are. But when taking Jackie’s romantic interest in Kelso and Hyde into account, her total “in love/in lust” interaction with both characters is virtually tied:

Jackie and Kelso: 87
Jackie and Hyde:

Jackie and Kelso are not romantically involved for all eight seasons of the show. They’re involved during the first four.

Jackie and Hyde are officially romantically involved during seasons 5-7, but she’s romantically interested in him during parts of season 2, 3, and 8.

As for Jackie’s stats with Fez? Negligible.

After the cut, you’ll find a break down of stats per season.

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Red’s Diary Entry: #9 

Time Is Not on Red’s Side.

I was all ready to return this watch Kitty gave me for my birthday. It’s a Seiko, made in Japan! I fought in a war against Japan; it would be unpatriotic for me to wear anything but a Timex. But then I started checking out all the features. It’s digital, and the face lights up. That means the next time Kitty drags me to some maudlin piece of crap movie like Ice Castles, I could see the watch in the dark to figure out how many more minutes of misery I had to endure.

Plus, you push a button, and it shows you the date. I wouldn’t have to look at Kitty’s Views of a Meadow calendar anymore when I needed to know the date. And it’s waterproof to fifty meters, which means I could leave it on when I washed the car. (Eh, what do I care about that? I make Eric wash the cars.)

The damn thing’s so nifty I decided I wanted to keep it. So I held onto it until Kitty had time to lose the receipt. Then I told her I wanted to return it, thinking I could act disappointed when she told me I had to keep it. But she never told me I had to keep it. She said she didn’t have the receipt, and without taking a breath said she would just give it to Eric to wear. So now that kid’s out in my driveway, washing my car in my new waterproof watch. Those folks at Seiko are pretty sneaky.

That ‘70s Show diary entries copyright The Carsey-Werner Company, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC.


I prefer T7 over Kira as my companion. I don’t dislike Kira, I love her and her voice actor is among my favorites, but I find T7 more helpful and a little less annoying. I’m on the path to find Doc, though, whom I’ll be romancing, so I’m trying to spend as much time with T7 before Doc enters the picture and takes over!

Kelso’s Diary Entry: #9 

Fighting Fez

Fez and I got into another fight yesterday. I was telling him about how much I work out at the Police Academy and that I just ran five miles. He said he didnt know I was a jogger. “A jogger!” I run; I don´t jog. Jogging is for civilians. Officers of the law in-training run.

So he starts using his foreign logic on me, like pointing out that I wear a jogging suit, and I bought jogging shoes, and jog rhymes with log, which is what I sleep like after a jog. Blah blah blah. I told him that if a perp tried to escape, and I just jogged after him, he would get away with whatever giant bag of money or stolen jewels or secret government plutonium he had stolen. To which Fez said, “And yet you jog.” So I challenged him to three rounds, gloves off, in the ring.

We headed down to Eric´s basement, tore through the stuff in the back closet, and pulled out the Rock ‘Em Sock ´Em Robots. I was blue ´cause I´m a cop.

Round one, bam! I knocked his block off with the first hit. I know that stung. The second round we were going pretty good when Fez looked over my shoulder and said Jackie and Donna and that foxy short-haired girl who works at the A&P were all standing behind me, rubbing suntan lotion on each other.

I said, “Sorry, Fez, it’s winter – no one uses suntan lotion in winter. I’m not that dumb.” Then he said, “I mean baby oil.” I whipped my head around, and Fez knocked my block off. He´s good.

So round three gets going, and it´s pretty even: a couple blows each to the plastic heads, but nothing gets knocked off. Then I noticed Fez getting a little sweaty and asked him if he wanted a soda. He said he wasn’t falling for that trick

“Oh, come on, wouldn’t you like a Dr. Pepper?”

I kept punching and blocking, and I could see Fez was suddenly interested in every word I had to say. “I’m a Pepper. Hyde’s a Pepper. Donna’s a Pepper. Jackie’s a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?”

I could see Fez’s eyes glazing over as he imagined himself dancing in the street with a Dr. Pepper. That’s when I delivered an uppercut to his robot’s red plastic jaw – and pow! Knocked his block off.

And another victory was mine. But I’m still bummed I missed the girls and the baby oil.

That ‘70s Show diary entries copyright The Carsey-Werner Company, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC.

Kitty’s Diary Entry: #9

Kitty Hatha Buy a Leotard

The YWCA has a whole new roster of classes available this season. Most of them don’t interest me, though. Like, one of them is First Aid, which I already know and then some – what with being a nurse. Another class teaches tie-dye, which I don’t need since Eric and the kids made me some lovely T-shirts last summer. (I’d never tell Eric this, because I would hate to hurt his feelings, but tie-dye really just looks like you spilled Kool-Aid all over yourself.)

Now there is one class that I would like to try, and that’s Yoga. I watch that lady on PBS, and I think I’d just love to twist myself up like a pretzel that way. So I signed up for a class. They gave me a supply list. Who knew you needed supplies to sit Indian-style and chant? But apparently they like you to dress in a leotard and sit on a special mat. So I went down to the dance store where all the little girls get their tutus and leotards for ballet to pick out my new yoga “uniform”.

Well, when I got to the store, there was only one dressing room, with a very flimsy curtain for a door – right in the middle of the store! But I figured, it’s all girls in the store; no big deal. Well, one little girl, who reminded me a lot of a younger Jackie Burkhart, was screaming that she wanted to try on her tutu now! She was throwing a horrible tantrum. And wouldn’t you know it, just as I was getting the leotard up to my knees, she threw open the curtain. And let’s face it, you can’t leave much on when trying on a leotard. And it just so happened that little girl was shopping with her father that day. So the pervert got a free show, and I hope that little brat got the scare of her life. Oh, and I’ve decided to go with the tie-dye class. You get to wear a big smock for that.

That ‘70s Show diary entries copyright The Carsey-Werner Company, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC.


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