T7S Seto Ferb - White Dress
  • T7S Seto Ferb - White Dress

You know… actually I pretty much like having my name being called by you, Manager. I’m always looking forward for that all the time… I wonder if that’s strange?The instance you call my name, your voice echoes until deep inside me, spreading out… that calms my heart. You see, that’s why… from now on, I’d like to have my name called more often. A lot… no matter how many times. It makes me happy.”

 It’s so sad and pathetic that ASSes are using this translation

Sasuke: I don’t know what she likes about me and honestly I’m not interested in her all all.

Firstly this is the wrong translation, most likely done by over zealous NS fans, which has been proven by many translators. 

Secondly even if Sasuke did say these words which he did not, it still doesn’t prove anything since at the time Sasuke was doing every thing he could to remove the bonds from his life and this includes Sakura. Also Kishi has once stated everything that comes out of Sasuke’s mouth is a lie especially the hurtful stuff he says about T7.

Thirdly Sakura was included when Sasuke thought back on not only his family but when he was thinking of T7 becoming like a family to him. 

Fourth if he didn’t like her he wouldn’t have had sex with her, he wouldn’t have shared his most treasured memory he had with his brother, he wouldn’t have had a child with her.

So yes this doesn’t prove at all that Sasuke wasn’t interested in Sakura because he clearly was .

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anonymous asked:

I love Team 7. I love Sasuke. I LOVE Sakura. But one thing, that I don't love? People saying that Hinata "ruined" Team 7. People saying that Hinata made Naruto forget his bond with Team 7. Saying that the NH bond means nothing because T7 matters more

Yeah. Those people are just angry at stupid shit. Ignore them. 

Leo’s Diary Entry: #2

Hey, man, I found this thing. I think it’s a pen, man, but it writes in, like, four colors. It’s cool. Like, if I want, I can write in red. Look, man, my words are red. Now watch this: with just a click I can write in … BLUE. I’m writing in blue, man. Okay, now I’m gonna close my eyes and press one of these clicky thingies, and then I’m gonna write again. Okay. Damn! Red again. Okay, I’m gonna try again … okay … damn! Blue again. Okay, this is bringin’ me down, man. Oh! This time I’ll keep one eye open and do it. Okay … cool, man: green. I like green. The one-eye-open thing works. Okay, now I’m gonna close ‘em again and … black! Cool. Black is cool. Now instead of closing my eyes, I’ll put the pen behind my back and click it and guess the color. Okay, I’m gonna guess black ‘cause you should always bet on black. Or is it red? I don’t remember. I’ll bet on blue ‘cause I never heard anything about betting or not betting on blue. Blue it is! Wow, man — I should call Vegas and tell them that they should put blue on their wheel ‘cause when you bet on blue, it comes up blue. I’ll do that after I write my name a bunch of times in different colors. Leo … Leo … Leo … Leo … Leo … Leo … Leo … I could do this all day, man. Leo … Leo … Leo … Leo … Kevin … Kevin … Kevin … Kevin … wait, that’s not my name. Wait, what is my name?


Tekken 7 boss stage.