Continued my work with problematic™ genealogy. What is probably happen to be not really genealogical, because I am a freak when want to squeeze everyone in. 

• Deleted lines between Senya and Valkorion expect the one, that is showing them as parents of Vaylin, Arcann and Thexan. 
• Added Commander and tried to work with his changelings abilitites by giving him a mask. And putting caf in descriptions.
• Also added Dramath as actual father and “spiritual” grandfather both.
• And Tayleen. Not sure about how I must draw her and also about their and Thexan status. 
• Also you can see my favorite Knight being very loyal.

According to masterpost and my memory there are also Heskal, Hylo, Blizz, Koth, T7, Rammas, Lana, Theron, Skadge and Aygo.
And I know how I can add Rammas, Heskal, Hylo, Aygo, Lana and Theron.
And probably Koth. 
But can’t came up with ways for others. 

Probably I should stahp right there? Before it turns into one big mess?


I love NCT’s connecting-through-DREAMS concept
“The lion that has come across the desert sees you as an endless ocean”=The Origin teaser

“The dream that shook my world last night…I’m following the familiar light the maze in the dream…”=Synchronisation of Your Dreams teaser

“The 7th sense I found” “open your eyes”=The 7th Sense

“I finally see that you look like me (I’m you, you’re me)”=Without You

“This heavy world should change”=Firetruck

….NCT Dream….


Tekken 7 Kuma and Panda reveal trailer.


Tekken 7 Rage and Sorrow trailer


make me choose@neoemos​ + anon asked: chewing gum or firetruck or the 7th sense?