Rest of Wondymoon’s conversions for eir-sims. Hope you like them!

Tungsten Teen Bedroom

Decorative Atom • Deco Basketball • Single Bed • End Table • Bed Blanket • Wall Lamp (original and mirrored) 

Shelf and Calender I already converted, so I included the meshes, and paisleyavenueredux converted the Desk and Dining Chair, included those too (and added shadows to them).

Zinc Bedroom

Bed • Bed Blanket • Pillows • 2 Paintings • Pouffe • End Table • Desk

Included the Wall lamp from this set I previously converted).

Note: There are two versions of the Bed Blankets - standalone meshes, and slaved versions to Jonesi’s Bed Blanket (so we can have bunch of recolors). I included both, and you can have them both in game.

Also, multipliers included. Collection Maker was being and ass today so no collection file, sorry. 

All the credit go to Wondymoon.

Download: COPY | Mediafire

CiJ Gifts on GoS

I participated in GoS’ Christmas in July and there are loads of goodies being shared by everyone, so go check that out!

The lovely riekus13​, who was my Santee, was kind enough to share my gifts to her, which include some 3t2 conversions from various creators and some 4t2 conversions from both the game and the awesome kiwisims4​.

Download on GoS

All items are basegame compatible, except the bookcase, which requires FT

[S] Wake

There’s that damn countdown again.  I don’t know what this “critical moment” thing is, but I’m still waiting for it.

Starting things off with a bang, I guess.  Though I’m pretty sure we already knew that her dreamself was dead.  You know, like all the other trolls.

I’m guessing she’s not long for this comic.

And there goes dream!Nepeta.

Now he’s just being a jerk. They’re all already dead anyway.

So there’s a big empty void in the center of Derse?  I guess that-

Okay, now where the hell did she come from?  She was dead before she ever entered the game, so how does she have a dreamself and why is it here?

So Aaradiabot exploded because her dreamself died?  That’s… odd, considering the dreamself didn’t have any connection to-


Why is she alive and also God Tier now?  She couldn’t have pulled the “die on your quest bed” thing because she was already dead, so I have no idea how this is happening.  I mean, I’ll take it since it means Vriska won’t be the only God Tier troll, but just… what the hell?


Oh right, this was happening. I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to accomplish shit, given that we just established that a God Tier player can be as powerful as the invincible boss, so obviously Tavros is going to get his ass kicked.

Yeah, real threatening.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that this picture exists, or the fact that there’s actually a context in which it makes sense.  Also, why the fuck would Vriska hang onto his legs? What could she possible want to use them for? On second thought, forget I asked that.

She’s probably just going to sidestep him and let him fall the fuck off the cliff.

Wait, what?


Seriously is this another one of her bullshit plans where he’s going to spontaneously get superpowers or some shit or did she legitimately just impale him and chuck him off a cliff intending to kill him with no other motive? I mean, the latter really shouldn’t surprise me given that she’s killed numerous trolls and also crippled him, but what the fuck there are literally only 12 members of your species left in existence one of whom you already killed in the fucking backstory.

Seriously though, he was durable enough to get chopped in half and made a damn fast recovery, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how he handles this. If he bites it, I’m pretty sure that it would be the first main character death that didn’t happen in the backstory.

What the fuck are you smiling about? Did you give even a second’s thought to how the other 11 trolls on the meteor are going to react to you trying to kill Tavros?  I can’t imagine that they’ll be happy. Also, Aradia is back and she probably won’t be happy about this.

Man, so much ridiculous shit happening in this flash. I still have no idea where the hell Aradia’s resurrection came from.