Hey guys, look who’s alive!! I promised eir-sims I’d convert some of Wondymoon sets, so make this part one. I’ll get to the other as soon as I can. It’s her lovely Bismuth livingroom!

So, antkasdefaults already converted the sofa and the chair, but I got some weird wallshadows once the seating was close to a wall, so I just updated her files. When installing, you can just replace her originals.

The cushions for the sofa are a bit weird, so please use snapobjectstogrid when using them. Bigger cushion for the livingchair is master, and smaller one is slave. 

3t2 Wondymoon’s Bismuth:

• coffeetable • endtable • pouf endtable (+15 recolors) • deco candle • bowl • painting (+12 recolors) • console • rug (+20 recolors) • sofa cushion (2 recolorable subsets) • livingchair cushion (Master and Slave) 

Included meshes by Antka: Sofa and Livingchair with corrected shadows

All the credits go to Wondymoon

There are some previews and swatches included, not all - sorry. Yup, that’s it. Now go download - MEDIAFIRE | BOX

GT2. by Mathieu Bonnevie
Via Flickr:
Album complet / Full set: www.mathieubonnevie.com Mieux qu'une simple 993. Plus radicale qu'une Turbo. Une vraie pièce de collection, parmi les 57 exemplaires “Street Edition” produits. .#* Better than a 993. More radical than a Turbo. A true collector’s Item, among the 57 Street Edition GT2 produced.