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Nee Nee PAPA WAIN wo choudai Nee Nee MAMA Nee Nee MAMA Mukashi ni tabeta BORONEEZE no Ano aji ga wasurerarenain da Marukaite chikyuu Marukaite chikyuu Marukaite chikyuu Boku HETALIA Marukaite chikyuu JITTO mite chikyuu Hyotto shite chikyuu Boku HETALIAAa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai Nagagutsu de kanpai da HETALIAAh onakasuita ore PASUTA ga tabetainaaMarukaite chikyuu Marukaite chikyuu Marukaite chikyuu Boku HETALIAMarukaite chikyuu Hatto shite chikyuu Funzori kaette chikyuu


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someone else’s shoes. chapter one.

pairing: ladynoir / adri(e)nette

chapter: 1/?

rating: t

summary: hawkmoth, as per usual, creates a new villain – one that may cost ladybug and chat noir their biggest secrets. 

notes: i got this idea kind of from the trend going around where ladybug and chat swap kwamis – although i toyed with it a bit and this is the result. i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i did writing it! :)

also this is dedikated to katie my love @chatnoirrs

Through the halls of Collège Françoise Dupont walked a lanky boy, books held tightly to his chest as he tried to make himself as small as possible. It was not difficult, no, since he – his name was Lyle – was already short for his age, but somehow through the crowd he was still spotted by his least amicable peer.

“Hey, shorty!” Eugene grinned, striding over to Lyle and looming over him with his impressive height. Two of his friends flanked him, following him like betas to an alpha. “Did you do my physics homework like I told you to?”

Lyle stood up straight, evenly meeting Eugene’s stare. “No, I told you I wasn’t doing it.” His words broke off when a bout of anxiety ached within his chest and he cursed himself; had his voice not shaken, Eugene might have been more inclined to leave him alone for the time.

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When We Were Young

Thank you: It’s taken me some time to turn the tables, but I finally arrived.

Don’t you remember that night? We met after seven years estranged. You said it was water under the bridge, fire in the rain. You said you were no longer angry, as you took long phone calls at the table and crossed your arms tight over your chest through my apology.  

You still looked like a movie, a song. You don’t sing anymore, though. Rumour has it you work for a bank. It pays you enough to buy fancy suits and watches. You looked good though. You looked like a long forgotten home, as you passed the blame with the salt. Leaving it up to me to take it all. 

I sent my love to your family and you asked about mine. You deliberately left my mother out. It was a million years ago, but I guess you never forgave her. You gave me the cold shoulder when I asked you the question that’s always haunted me, hiding in my heart. 

At least I can say that I tried. I waited, I looked for someone like you. I found sweetest devotion in something far different, though, someone beautiful. And he won’t go.

Thank you: I used to think you were what Adele’s songs were all about.

These days, I don’t think of you at all.