anonymous asked:

since hussie is the waste of space, and nanasprite was talking to someone who attained the gent of piss, its safe to assume that the worst possible class in homestuck is the waste of piss.

Both titles were meant as jokes, neither was ever mentioned in canon, but I think the worst class would be Maid of Piss

sprinklesfreak asked:

Hey, I just wanna say that I've been a fan for a long time and I really appreciate all the work you put into this blog! Reading about all of these amazing women is so inspiring. It's easy to see how much research you put into every entry, and they're always fascinating. Your art is fantastic as well! Thank you so much for this wonderful site :D

Thank you for the nice note! :D This one was especially tough to get done, since I had to drive out to a three-day-long wedding in Utah (plus 10 hours of driving each way) pretty much the moment I got done with last week’s entry. Didn’t have a lot of time to read that entire book, or write it up and do the art, but I got it done. 

It’s actually kind of funny how little time I had - there was a copy of the main book I consulted in the University of Utah, but, being an out-of-towner, I of course couldn’t check it out. And since it was 350 pages long and I only had an hour to spare, I couldn’t read all of it. So I sat there and photographed every single page with my phone, stitching it together into a pdf for reading later.

(not the first time I’ve done that.)

The wedding was at least pretty phenomenal.

That’s Joan, the flamethrowing tank my friend Calli finished up in time for it to provide lighting, heat, and a sound system for the wedding reception. She’s named, appropriately, after Joan of Arc. The groom’s ten-year-old cousin manned the flamethrower all night.