Love Songs

Miguel - Sure Thing
Trevor Jackson - Mixtape
Tory Lanez - Summin’ Part II
Ambré Perkins - Someone
Bow Wow - Like You ft. Ciara
Elhae - Needs
Mario - Let Me Love You
Ciara - Promise
Aaliyah - One In a Million
Syd Tha Kid - Flashlight
Beyoncé - Poison
Justin Bieber - The Feeling ft. Halsey
Tory Lanez - LUV
Kehlani - Wanted
Bryson Tiller - Open Interlude
Chris Brown - With You
Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love
John Legend - Asylum
Ne-Yo - Lazy Love
DVSN - The Line
Beyoncé - Mine ft. Drake
Majid Jordan - U
Ariana Grande - Right There ft. Big Sean
Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You
Chance The Rapper - Juke Jam ft. Justin Bieber
Usher - U Got It Bad
SWV - Weak
Drake - Fall For Your Type
Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us
Stateless - Bloodstream
Travis Garland- Blue Electric Roses
Jon B. - They Don’t Know
Drake - Own It
Beyoncé - Flaws and All
Miguel - Adorn
Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland
Alicia Keys & Usher - My Boo
112 - Cupid
Fabolous- So Into You ft. Tamia
Beyoncé - Dangerously In Love 2
Zayn - Fool For You
The Weeknd - Shameless

pksubbban  asked:

i just found out about the samwell women's volleyball team (other than march and farmer) and i instantly fell in love!!! i can't stop imagining the HUDDLES!!! all the girls sitting and tying school coloured bows in each other's ponytails!!! and now i'm thinking about the JERSEYS! long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, so many OPTIONS (to argue about in the hotel) !!! I LOVE THE SAMWELL WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh i’m so glad u love them bc SAME !!!! they’re all my children

they def love doing each other’s hair before games it’s like a pre-game ritual they have to do each other’s hair and they all have to wear the same type of jersey (”it’s bad luck not to!!”) and they have to listen to fifth harmony while getting ready

ok im constantly thinking about them tbh so here’s some more headcanons:

  • sara is that type of person who’s just constantly filming things so her snap story is always full and it’s always just selfies of her + the team or stupid videos of them singing along to disney songs during practice or incoherent videos of them laughing and squealing in hotel room at 3 am on a roadie
  • amanda can draw so she’s constantly drawing doodles of the girls on the team and putting them in their stalls in the locker room with little encouraging notes like “you look great today!” and “i admire your strength!” and “keep your chin up!” everyone loves them and it really helps boost morale when none of them want to be there at 8 am
  • jessie gets compared to bitty a lot bc she’s small and cute and southern and is a really good cook but she can’t fucking bake to save her life it’s a tragedy
    • she makes amazing chicken-fried steak and gravy and mashed potatoes but she burns every pie she makes and every time she tries to bake cupcakes they taste overwhelmingly of salt; she can’t figure out why (”I DIDN’T EVEN ADD SALT THIS TIME,” she screams at her gross cupcakes, “WHY!”)
  • if you’re not an extrovert amanda and sara are really obnoxious to be around bc they’re so LOUD and constantly singing and/or screeching
  • caitlin is probably the most chill of all of them (besides april & bailey but they’re at unattainable levels of cool so) but she’s also the most prone to getting the giggles
  • the rest under a cut omg this is too long

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A Request For Throwback Thursday Weak- SWV 💕 #30seconds 😅

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Yea it’s a bumpy long ride back #uptown lol #mta #275 (made by @ nycradiorema with @musical.ly) ♬ Right Here - SWV. #musicallyapp #SWV #RightHere #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily (at New York, New York)

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The damn thing came out in the middle of me prepping for this song (made by @ nycradiorema with @musical.ly) ♬ Weak - SWV. #musicallyapp #SWV #Weak #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily (at New York, New York)

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