The Song “Freedom” From The Film Panther

I will never forget how utterly incredible this collaboration between some of the greatest Black women vocalists and rappers is, for the song “Freedom” on the soundtrack of the Mario Van Peebles directed 1995 film Panther. I love this song so much. I was in the 10th grade when the film came out but didn’t see it until years later (wasn’t allowed to go the movies until 17), but I heard the song and had the soundtrack on cassette tape. By then I had already got my feet wet in womanist thought via Queen Latifah’s (who is on the song “Freedom” too) 1993 hit “U.N.I.T.Y.” and some of Alice Walker’s writing. 

“We will not bow down to racism. We will not bow down to injustice. We will not bow down to exploitation. I’m gon’ stand. I’m gon’ stand.”

“Freedom for my body. Freedom for my mind. Freedom for my spirit.” 


“Right Here” by Sisters with Voices is one of the all-time greatest R&B songs. This is a remix of the group’s 1992 Billboard hit, featuring samples from Michael Jackson. A young Pharrell Williams also makes an appearance on this version. Can you tell where? This version has become SWV’s signature track.
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*Hyuna had just left the Cube building starting to head back to her dorm. She had been recording all day for new music that she was hoping to release soon. So many things were happening in Hyuna’s life, both good and bad. So she liked to keep herself working to keep her mind off of things. Hyuna was too deep in her thoughts to see the person in front of her. She hits the person’s shoulder and jumps back a bit in surprise. Hyuna bows her head and begins to apologize* I’m so so sorry. I should have been paying more attention. Are you ok? Did I hurt you?  

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The female tried to act completely serious for a few moments, but she couldn’t stop the laughter that erupted from her lips. It wasn’t her fault he tried to act cool, but end up tripping.”Hey, that’s what you get for trying to impress that girl over there.”

Staring at the female with his sternest look, he did his best to daunt the female through his fiery glare after his shameful trip, but clearly, she was not the one to give in and listen well. “I.. Who said I was trying to impress her though? It was the floor who was trying to get my attention, tch.”