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heya commissions at last! i’m rattled! some stuff:

• excluding icons, everything will be drawn on a 6x7 300dpi canvas which means prices don’t change whether you want a portrait, something from the waist-up, or full body u o u
CAN’T do: animals, mecha, nsfw! here’s a link to my art tag so you can see what i will most likely be okay to draw!

if you’re interested in a commission, please email me at trichosrs@gmail.com with the following details:

your name/username:
commission type:
what you want drawn + references:
can i post it publicly?:

if/when i accept your commission i will require payment after you are satisfied with the rough sketch :) it will take around 1-2 days to complete each commission! (paypal only btw!)

i’m accepting 5 commissions at a time and i will update whenever slots are open!

bruce wayne: is a capable businessman who didn’t just inherit all his money but is always working to improve his and the city’s finances as well as give to those in need every turn of the way

also bruce wayne: lost the entirety of wayne enterprises and has been lowkey technically kinda actually broke, homeless and fallen from grace at least three times in the comics all because he couldn’t find where he placed his batbox of fucks

Ok guys, major nerd-out post here regarding Shiro's arm!

As a student in their 4th year of undergrad for a degree in prosthetics, I’m absolutely SMITTEN with Shiro’s bionic arm (and the guy it’s attached to, obviously). But as much as I adore all the art and fics, there are a few things that are driving me nuts that I’d like to share in a few points here, just for reference if anyone wants it. I’ve seen very few fanworks with a proper presentation of artificial limbs, so here goes! 

 #1. Under NO circumstances does anyone sleep with their prosthetic limb on. 

You read that right: under NO circumstances! This also goes for taking a shower. It might look sexy until you get shocked with however many volts he’s got in that thing, But even if it’s waterproof, what is the purpose?? of having it in the shower? when your supposed to be washing the residual limb as well??

“But Wait!” I hear someone say. “Isn’t it implied that Shiro’s arm is permanently attached somehow, and he can’t or doesn’t know how to take it off?”

To answer your question, yes, it is implied. And I’m here to tell you how that is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE.

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daddyzenpie  asked:

For the event Mini-Fic for Zen you're holding, "You know why i love you? It's because you're you, and no one in this world ever love me the way you do. And that, princess, is what make you very precious and beautiful in my eyes, no matter how other people sees you." I hope this is great enough?

gasp!! Lil Masochist~! It’s been a while ^o^ Nyaha~ I got dibs on your request >:3

[ Notice: Event Submissions are now closed. Previous requests will be completed asap. Sorry for the delay. ] 
(Man, I didn’t realize there’d be so many asks… Will be blazing through them tonight!!)


Some Days. [Zen x MC]

Some days… I can’t help but hate myself.

I frequently make mistakes, and I’m not like everyone else. I don’t like what they like, I can’t do what they do. I hate that I’m so different from them.

They tell me all the time.

“You’re so out of the loop, girl! How have you NOT fallen in love with this band?!!”

Is it so wrong to have a different interest from you?

“Why do you like that colour?? It’s sooo ugly. Just like you!! Haha, just kidding…”

Honestly, I know you always insult people and laugh it off as a joke, but you always mean it. Two-sided bitch.

…but at least she fits in. Why am I so different? Is… is something wrong with me?

Curled up into a ball, I bury my head in my knees, hugging myself tightly. I watch as my boyfriend shines onstage—it’s only rehearsal, but he’s so talented and handsome, standing out from everyone else.

Why did Zen even fall in love with me? He has a huge fan-base, acting talent and looks that could kill… And I’m just… me.

He’s worked with models who are more beautiful than me. He’s spoken with women who are funnier than me, more intelligent than me, more exciting than me…

I do love him, I really do. And I feel proud to be able to stand by his side.

But some days… I just feel ashamed.

“Rehearsal’s over for the day, go home and get some rest! Good job, everyone!” the director declared.

I glanced up, noticing Zen walk towards me with a bright smile on his face.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, babe. Did you see me? This was one of my best rehearsals yet! I felt like I could really sync with the character this time,” he beamed, running a hand through his hair.

Nodding quietly, I passed him a water bottle, which he gratefully took and gulped down within a matter of seconds.

We headed home, walking quickly against the cool spring breeze. I stayed silent the entire time, listening to him chatter away about his rehearsal.

But when we finally got home, he stopped talking, instead staring at me, as if analyzing me.

“Babe? I’ve been meaning to ask you since earlier but… what’s wrong?” he asked in a soft tone.

I tensed up, but maintained a steady voice as I answered, “Nothing, really.”

He frowned, reaching a hand out to my shoulder. “MC… I’m an actor, you know. I face actors everyday, I know when someone’s not sincere in their words. Please tell me?”

Reluctantly, I decided to tell him out of pressure. But without meaning to, the first words I blurted out were, “Why are we even together?”

Zen’s frown suddenly deepened, his eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean? Because I love you and you love me… right?”

I sighed, “Well, you’re not wrong… but why? You’re practically perfect and I’m nothing. Even your fans hardly feel threatened by me because I don’t match you. We’re too different, Zen. Anyone can see that.”

“That’s not true, jagi… You know why I love you? It’s because you’re you, and no one in this world could ever love me the way you do. And that, princess, is what makes you so precious and beautiful in my eyes, no matter how other people see you,” he stated firmly, staring straight into my eyes with sincerity.

Heat spreads to my cheeks, an overwhelming affection instantly bursting in my heart for him. “Y-you’re too smooth with your lines, Zen. I-I love you too,” I mumble quietly, pressing my face into his chest so he couldn’t see the way my cheeks were burning.

Some days, I can’t help but hate myself…

… but on days like these, I have Zen right here by my side, loving me for everything I hate about myself.

  • teacher: you have 10 cookies and i take 5, how ma-
  • me: *reveals gun*
  • teacher: uhh... you have 10 cookies and i take 2, how-
  • me: *cocks gun*
  • teacher [sweating profusely]: you have 10 cookies
  • me: yeah thats what i thought
Imagine your otp
  • <p> <b>Person C:</b> *to person A* "Alright now's your chance, go and get 'em. "<p/><b>Person A:</b> *sweating profusely as they sit next to person B* "H-hey uh you wanna get out of here and go get some... sex. "<p/><b>Person B:</b> *Chokes*<p/></p>

our wounds will scar.

  • pappa bakkoush: remember to bring the bottle!
  • elias: *sweating profusely* the bottle?
  • pappa bakkoush: yes the water bottle
  • elias: oh! ahah yeah dad the water bottle hahaha love that pure water gotta stay hydrated right fellas!?