*sweats profusely*

Oil Stains and Sandwiches

Request: 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. 10. I dare you. 26. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. With Opie

Opie Winston was a big man. A very big, but cut man. A man of which you loved. You loved everything about him, from the top of his head down to his toes. And let him know every day. In some way, whether it be verbally or physically, you showed your love for him. And it never failed to make him smile.

One day he was outside in the garage with Kenny, showing him somethings about Opie’s bike. You and Ellie were in the house working on her homework. It was around noon when the boys made their way in the house after being outside for a couple of hours, demanding lunch be made loudly. You laughed as you stood up, staring at your Old Man as you did so. He had his shirt off, sweating profusely.

You looked to Ellie and Kenny, “Go ahead and watch some TV while I make lunch, okay?”

They nodded as they made their way to the living room as you busied around the kitchen, pulling somethings out to make sandwiches. You didn’t look as you heard Opie opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water out.

“How was working on the bike?” You asked as you went on making the sandwiches.

“Good, he likes it. I hope he takes on the legacy.” Opie said.

“That’s good, babe.”

Opie walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and gripped your hips. “Come here, baby. Let me see you.” He whispered into your ear.

“Awww, come one! You’re all sweaty.” You whined playfully to him even though you didn’t really struggle in his grip.

You felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring earlier.”

You turned in his grip as you laughed at him. You placed your hands on his chest as you looked him in the eyes. “Okay, I admit. I love seeing you shirtless. There is a saying I think of whenever I see you without a shirt.”

“Oh, yeah?” You nodded. “And what’s that?”

“No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” He laughed loudly as his eyes crinkled with joy.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one.”

You smiled as you turned and reached for two of the plates with sandwiches and handed it to him. “Here, take this to the kids and I’ll be just behind you with ours.”

Time Skip

Later that day, after the boys worked some more on the bike, they made their way into the house with an added guest. Jax was walked in behind them as they all laughed. You were in the kitchen as they walked in through the sliding doors, making you turn your head to them.

You laughed at the boys as you noticed that they were covered in oil. “And what happened there?”

“Just giving Kenny as lesson in changing the oil on the bike.” Opie said as he leaned his elbows on the bar. Jax made his way to you.

“Hey, Y/N” He leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek as you did the same.

“Hey there, Jax.” You turned to Kenny as he stood next to his father. “Go ahead and get cleaned up, we got awhile before the food is done.”

“Okay,” He said as he came and kissed your cheek before heading out of the kitchen to go clean up.

You then turned to your husband. “You too, mister.”

“What?” He stood up straight before a look of mirth came into his eyes. He slowly made his way around the bar. “What if I wanna show my woman some loving?” He teased.

You watched him with squinted eyes. “I don’t think so. You better go wash up before you even think about touching me.”

Jax laughed. “OOOHHHH. You better not, man.”

Opie smirked at you as he kept making his way towards you. You grabbed the spatula off the counter and pointed it at Opie. “I dare you.” You teased.

He chuckled as he stopped moving and held his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I give.”

Not a second later he jumped at you and trapped you in his arms as you squealed. He rubbed all of you making oil stains appear on your clothes and face. “Really?!? Harry Winston!”

Jax busted out laughing at the scene. “Man, she used your full name! You better run!” He choked out between laughs.

Opie let you go and took off out of the kitchen and into the bedroom to clean up, leaving you yelling at him and him laughing.

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The thing is, if I lived in a country with low air humidity, I wouldn't care as much about the heat (like... I could survive spending an entire summer living in the Tuscany or Barcelona). But the humidity here drives me crazy, it makes you sweat profusely and it always feels like 25°C are at least five degrees higher. Literally the WORST time of the year.

the other thing is it’s no problem just putting on more clothes if ur cold but there’s only so many clothes u can take off until the police arrests u

me watching dnp perform the internet is here at the boncas: d-dan and phil who? haha…..never heard of them……….that’s pretty embarrassing though! haha… ha ..

our wounds will scar.

Post-BatB headcanons

- Adam gets Belle anything she wants. Literally. Anything. One time she offhandedly mentioned she liked art and he bought her the fucking Louvre.

- When Belle tells Adam she’s going to have a baby he acts all calm and collected for about five seconds. He then starts sweating profusely and runs away screaming. 

- Belle and the servants are very quick to convince him that he’ll be a great father, despite his own. In the end it only takes them half an hour to convince him to come out from under the dining table.

- The first time Adam holds his newborn daughter in his arms he cries. He never thought he could love someone more than Belle. They name her after their mothers (no, none of that weird Twilight combo name shit).

- LeFou and Stanley come over to the castle every Sunday for dinner. 

- Anytime Adam sees the Enchantress he hides behind Belle. It’s somewhat ineffective. 

- Mrs. Potts tells Belle horribly embarrassing stories about Adam from when he was younger. Whenever Belle laughs at him he calmly reminds her that she fell in love with a giant, talking buffalo.

- Maurice teaches his granddaughter how to ride a horse, just as he taught Belle. Adam fallows behind, arms out, just in case she falls. She, of course, never does.

- The second time Belle tells Adam she’s going to have a baby it only takes them twenty minutes to get him out from under the table.

What kind of test takers the Haikyuu character are (Part #2)
  • Oikawa: the type who panic crams the night before, somehow still manages to do well on the test despite studying last minute, and then proceeds to brag about how long and hard his non-existent studying plan was.
  • Iwaizumi: the one that is smart and studies too, but has the worst handwriting, especially when he's forced to write really fast, so teachers absolutely hate grading his essays.
  • Kyotani: the problem child who always runs out of time during tests, but refuses to stop writing even when time is up, and the teacher has to come over to his desk and wrestle the pencil and paper out of his hands.
  • Bokuto: the one who would draw little doodles all over his paper to pass the time and has the attention span of a teaspoon, probably getting easily distracted by a butterfly flying outside or a crack in the wood of his desk.
  • Akaashi: the type who is so prepared for the test that he spends the few days before the exam trying (the keyword is "trying") to help other people get their shit together.
  • Kuroo: the type who unconsciously rushes through the test because he wants to get everything down before he forgets what he studied, and as a result makes really dumb, careless slip-up, like simply reading a question wrong or making a simple negative or positive number mistake.
  • Kenma: the one who typically knows what he's doing on tests, but if he should end up forgetting or not having time to study, he is conveniently absent on test day with a cold, so he can have an extra day to prepare.
  • Haiba: the type who studies for the one subject he is good in, gets super confident in it, and casually pretends the other subjects he is shit at don't exist.