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If this was modern au would Blackwall build a house for Cora and him to live in? Would he build the furniture? Does he do other artisan crafts like weaving or sewing? Does Blackwall sew his own shirts? Basically is Blackwall Ron Swanson but with a touch of lying.

ive actually thought of an extensive modern au where cora cadash is a mobster trying to turn a new leaf who gets put on witness protection for helping to bring down some key carta heads and blackwall is her unassuming ex-con neighbor who volunteers at an animal shelter called “haven”

feat. josephine montilyet as her attorney/lead prosecutor on the case, leliana as a cia agent, cass and cullen as detectives assigned to the case

also imagine blackwall: really good at building things, but really terrible at sewing things because of his big fingers (basically imagine blackwall building doghouses is what im saying) 

You know what I love about Ron Swanson? He’s a straight, white (bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this) traditionalist, government hating, steak eating, pipe smoking red-blooded American and you know what? He’s not racist, sexist or homophobic! His best friends are two women and a gay man for whom he was the best man for at his wedding! He accepts everyone as long as they’re “Never late and speak honestly.” He’s the pinnacle of traditional values and being a self-made man, but he’s also a really good person! We should all strive to be more like Ron Swanson. Except for his hatred of Europe. And vegetables.