H. Swanson

H. - The Histories, Herodotus

S - The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie

W - Watership Down, Richard Adams

A - The Arabian Nights

N - Nefer the Silent (Stone of Light), Christian Jacq

S - Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison

O - The Once and Future King, T. H. White

N - New Spring (Wheel of Time), Robert Jordan

I wanted to spell out my name with some of my favorite books

Glad you decided to participate!

About Ron Swanson

Yes Ron Swanson is a loved character from a vastly popular show for a variety of reasons
But I never have seen a post about how important he is
Ron Swanson is shown as a very independent and strong (yet caring) character
Basically he’s the ideal “Mans Man”
But here’s the thing
Ron Swanson this guy who seems able to handle anything
Needs help getting out of a toxic relationship
He realizes this allows it letting his friends help him till he’s able to handle it on his own
He even relapses multiple times
But he does get through it with help
I for one wish I could have seen that sooner