keisjunk  asked:

Do you know any Swanqueen Harry Potter AUs. Preferably ones like teacher/student fics or where they are both teachers. So far ive read The Raven's Swan and A Student Unexpected and they were fantastical. Thanks!

hey, yes i do!

The Magic of Theatre  by cautionarytale

A New Kind Of Rivalry by letloveguideyou (they are students in this one)

Opposition  by galsbeingpals (they are students in this one too)

A Student Unexpected by tasha.vick

Once at Hogwarts  by Skye_La

The Raven’s Swan  by inkheart9459

  Professor Mills   by Skye_La

I could honestly read stories about the same cute idiots falling in love in 1000 different universes, 1000 different scenarios, 1000 different times, 1000 different ways and never get tired of it.

I love how passionate femslash fandoms are. Even when our ships are canon, we’ll get only like five or six scenes in a season. And we gif THE SHIT out of them. We put song lyrics on them, we put poetry on them, we put memes on them; just hundreds of gif variations of a single meeting of eyes over a distance. Paragraphs and entire essays written about a simple touch of hands. Fanfiction upon fanfiction trying to fix that one moment in canon where it all went wrong.

We keep doing this in every fandom and 90% of the time something awful happens like one of the characters dying, and we move on and start over. But the passion never dies and I love that.