So you’re telling me that even in her deepest curse state, something deep in Emma Swan knows that she has to save Regina Mills , something about this woman is so deep rooted in her that the very thought of her dying can break a curse and make Emma remember who she is. And somehow I’m not supposed to take that as True Love?


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Okay, can we talk about this for a minute? That in the pilot, Henry was the one who brought Emma home? Were she actually belonged? She didn’t know who she was. She was just living a fake reality. Just like ….


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Alright, so in 6x10 we have the EXACT same thing. But this time. It’s Regina who’s gona save Emma from the fake reality she lived in.

Both, Henry and Regina care about Emma. They are willing to make her believe at any cost. Henry actually died to make her believe and Regina traveled through realms WILLING to die in order to make her believe.

We’re not delusional.

Regina: Quick question about Emma, does anyone know if she has any Latina in her?

David: No one respond. No one say anything.

Regina: Why? I’m just curious if Emma has any Latina in her.

David: Silence…

Snow: I… don’t think she does.

Regina: Would she like some?

Snow: *porn*

OUAT rant

I just don’t get what they are trying to do.
If they don’t want people to ship SwanQueen (or at least to think that SQ will be endgame) they could simply give H00k and Emma a TLK… Yet we only got like 3 failed ones…
They could have simply let H00k save Emma and risk his life for her but they keep giving those storylines to Regina…

They could also try a bit more to make h00k be good because it seems like everytime he gets an excuse to be evil (for example when he got his hand back from Rumple or when he became a dark one) he becomes a villain again…
He also lies everytime he has a chance to and then he says he’s sorry and that he won’t do that again and lies again.

We know the writers can write a good True Love storyline because we have Sn0wing yet they don’t seem to be able to give that to Emma and H00k???
We know they can make a bad character good (Regina) yet they can’t make H00k be actually good and honest???

Where are they going with this? because right now it seems like they don’t even know…
It’s all so weird and confusing…
Is this just a very fucked up case of queerbaiting or are they not sure in which direction to go??

regina mills would literally travel through realms just to bring emma swan back. she was willing to go back to the enchanted forrest and she knew she could actually die, but NO, FUCK THIS SHIT, EMMA SWAN IS MORE IMPORTANT THERE’S NO STORYBROOKE WITHOUT THE SAVIOR. THERE’S NO ME WITHOUT EMMA.

Now this level of denial is getting ridiculous.

Let’s say after REGINA (love Henry but not him) broke Emma’s curse, Emma decided to change back into the clothes she is comfortable wearing. We’d all be fine with that. Emma Swan isn’t a “dress” kind of woman and we know that.

Regina changed back into her coat - which I must say I’ve never seen a woman wear unless she was some sort of CAPTAIN. She has chosen to wear this coat. This is not a typical Regina Mills coat and we all know why she has to be wearing it ( *cough* red for Emma *cough*).

Emma decided to continue to wear something that she isn’t necessarily comfortable wearing for long than she had to.

Which all leads to the picture above…

If that picture looks like two completely straight women with no feelings for each other whatsoever who also share a son…don’t know what to tell you. Clearly, that’s not what that is.

But I’m not going to get into the parallel between Ruth B’s song “In My Dream” from 6x08 and the entire fucking finale.

Also won’t get into the fact that there’s also a parallel between Aurora (SLEEPING Beauty) & Phillip and Regina finding Emma humming a very familiar song.

Won’t say anything about the fact that going through a portal to another realm (or out of a dream) does not require hand holding, at all.

Just saying these are all CHOICES.

Me watching OUAT: *watches SQ scenes* How am I not supposed to be shipping this? Writers how are you not seeing this?!!!! Seriously are these people trying to kill me?! For the show runners to basically screaming “no homo!” these scenes are proving them to be failures.

Me watching Supergirl: *watches Sanvers scenes* Aww they’d be so cute. Too bad network tv shows don’t do to while homosexual thing. *Alex comes out* What?! Well that was amazing! Too bad we won’t see more of that storyline for like three more episodes *Next Ep Alex comes out to Kara, gets rejected by Maggie* (awkward silence surrounded by feels) *next ep Alex tells Maggie off for thinking they are friends and Maggie tells her she doesn’t want to imagine her life without Alex in it* Ok this is incredible but we are getting too much screen time. Shit! One of them is going to die aren’t they?! Fuck you CW! *Maggie gets shot and lives. Plus she gets the girl!* WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!!! I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!!!!

Me watching supergirl: *Watches Supercorp scenes* I’m not someone who need everything to be gay but umm…… writers, that gay af. Soooooo gay!

Me thinking to myself afterwards: I hope the OUAT sow runners watch Supergirl and see the rating on the episode Sanvers got together in. Then I hope they think to theirselves “wow we had so much potential and we are blowing it. We must be idiots.” YES YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOTS!

Me to myself: chill the fuck out. Remember they’re fictional characters. They’re fictional characters. They’re fictional characters. They’re fictional characters *I keep repeating as I rock back and forth*


pain, horrible pain

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Okay so I was thinking. What if, eventually, the way that Emma and Regina realized they were in love is that one of them needs to be kissed for a curse to be broken and the one who is awake is so heartbroken and just thinking of all the times with them, and it literally shows a flashback of all our favorite swanqueen moments and that's how that's how the curse breaker knows that they are true love. Tbh I would cry for weeks and then more than likely die if that happens...

That would be really sweet and beautiful. I’ve thought of it happening this way as well. I think the flashbacks would be nice for the GA members.