Be afraid... Be very afraid...

First of all, I really want to tell you guys that I am always willing to think the best of a person or a group. I was always prompt in defending other members from different fandoms when some were disrespectful (although a few were part of my fandom). Even with the recent events regarding some really, horrible, shitty suicide threats blamed on one of our fellow Swen, I wanted to believe that the CaptainSwan fandom wasn’t all rotten and ugly… And it isn’t, probably. Still, it’s sometimes hard, for me at least, not to think of them as a crappy, homophobic bunch of individuals.

Recently, I decided to conduct an experiment. As a programer, I was testing a new technology and decided to use it to do some measurements. I created a very small website for 3 hours, something simple. Just a site to vote for either SwanQueen or CaptainSwan. I was keeping track of the voters Twitter username and their IPs (everything was encrypted and secure. The database has been deleted after I generated my reports). I posted 2 links on an anonymous account, one for #captainswan and one for #swanqueen. I’m not telling the date of the experiment, because I don’t want people to trace anyone.

The results were interesting and today I am sharing those with you.

So, we lost… But did we ? Let’s analyze the results.

In SwanQueen, we aren’t all innocent. We have 1 person who voted with 5 accounts, 19 users with 2 accounts (it’s kind of a lot, right ?). That leaves us with 86 persons who voted with a single account. If we remove all the false accounts, we end up with 106 votes instead of 128. On a good note though, no one in our fandom came to the poll from the link posted in the #captainswan hashtag.

Let’s analyze the CaptainSwan side. 79 single accounts, 13 users with 2 accounts, 2 with 3 accounts. But what is interesting is we have 4 hardcore cheaters, let’s call them @rare_country_chick1, @rare_country_chick2, @simple_cheater and @dangerous_whacko (those aren’t their real usernames, and they’re not cues either).

@rare_country_chick1 and @rare_country_chick2 both come from the same country. It is not a very populated one, and it is quite small as well. I have a feeling that this is the same person, since @rare_country_chick1 voted 7 times from 10:08PM EST to 11:03PM EST and @rare_country_chick1 voted 8 times from 11:12PM EST to 11:44PM EST. I have no real way to prove they are one and the same, so let’s still count them as 2 individuals.

@simple_cheater voted on 10 different accounts. Nothing exceptional, except she did it in 5 minutes. Let’s congratulate her for the speed typing.

Then we finally have @dangerous_whacko. First notable fact is she’s one of the 13 persons who came to the website using the #swanqueen hashtag ( what the Hell are they doing on our hashtag if they hate us so much? ). The second thing about her is she voted on my poll from 9:07PM EST to 00AM (until I got the website down, so we can conclude she would have kept going). She voted on 29 different accounts!!!! It’s approximately once each 5 minutes, which means she’s not a bot. She was on our hashtag trolling us (I verified, she really was), she spotted a poll, went to the website and voted for 3 hours on 29 different accounts! She’s seriously worrying me! I shiver to think what more she could be doing… Has she infiltrated our forums, our chats? Is she responsible for some events that happened recently? I don’t want to reveal anything about her because it’s a hypothetical analysis, and it’s far from being science worthy, but let me tell you I keep an eye on her.

So, what are the final results ?


I still don’t think that every member of the CaptainSwan fandom is rotten. But sometimes, a few very deranged individuals are enough to drag others in their wake. Moreover, when you realize that 10% of them are actually scrolling the #swanqueen hashtag, it’s really hard for me not to create some kind of generalized, bad and maybe unfair picture of their lot. I don’t want to hate them, so I won’t. But I’ll be more cautious though. A lot more…


from “hello sir, nice to meet you” to “your daughter calls me daddy too”

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the 5th episode of each ouat season is know to be sq af. sundays episode is the 5th episode of season 6. jasmine and aladdin story is going to be revealed a little more this week. regina and emma are confirmed to parallel jasmine and aladdin. so i know i probably shouldnt, but im feeling hopeful about this weeks episode.

a&e will probably fuck shit up but here’s to dumb positivity :)


Pink Rabbit Productions: Once Upon a Time Art Video — Since I’ve mostly exited the OUAT fandom, I put together a video of my art as a sort of swan song. Nothing too complicated, just a collection of some of my favorite work. viewable above (Youtube direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRqfAfsBAYk)

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Yeah, idk what that anon is talking about but those two definitely haven't shared a lot of screentime at all. Which is good for me lol .

It’s so funny how different perceptions can be depending on which side of the fandom you are on.

I admit I would prefer their shared screen time to be minimal, mostly just because I dislike the “friendship” so much and I already feel like I’m seeing far too much of Lana’s face on my screen, but they haven’t had unnecessary or excessive amounts of scenes together so far.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not slightly discouraged by the lack of CS information, or that I don’t still worry that this Split Queen plot is going to completely take over like it appears to be from the very little information we have, but things have been okay so far and I’m going to continue to hope they’ll remain so and that they’ll keep a balance.

I’ve said it all along, if the show stops focusing on things I care about this season in favor of Regina I’ll just stop watching *shrug* but in the four episodes we have it hasn’t, they are still giving them time.

I dunno. It’s probably a bad time to ask me about this or discuss it.

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Lol. Captain Swan is hideous. I yearn for the old days when ships weren't the big focus.. Or when ships did come into play, it was Swanfire vs SwanQueen (not that they were the only Emma ships. there have been and still are other nice ones). You know if one of those two ships had become canon, everyone from both ships would have gone out to enjoy hot chocolate with cinnamon and trade baking recipes for dreamcatchers. This hatefest certainly wouldn't be happening.

Was Swanfire vs. SwanQueen ever really a thing? I don’t recall that ‘rivalry’ ever existing…. Because from what I remember…. Swanfirequeen family was a thing that people actually liked/supported. 

But CS is a manifestation of the mass hate in the fandom, yes. 

Another Due Date Reminder and Shout Out to ARTISTS

Hey guys all my WRITERS!!

NOTE**** Your COMPLETED fics aren’t due until NOVEMBER 25th. ;)

I could still use a few more of you guys so Message ME if you are at all interested…. we welcome multiple forms of Fan Art: Drawings, Paintings, Edits, Manips, Digital Drawings, Sketches, etc… :)

What f/m ships get: 

  •  Season long romance in every episode
  • Canon uncensored romance
  •  Story lines that don’t revolve around their sexual orientation
  • Ships on literally every show

What f/f ships get :

  • Subtext
  • Death by stray bullets
  • Queerbaiting
  • Disapointment