So Two Princesses of Bamarre au that occurred to me while half asleep? Two Princesses of Bamarre au that occurred to me while half asleep.

Rumplestiltskin and his son Baelfire are nobleman, distantly in line for the throne. While Baelfire dreams of adventure and bravery (he has a great love for the tales of the Savior Emma), Rumplestiltskin longs for nothing more than safety inside the castle walls with Bae. Fearful that Bae will one day leave him to seek adventure, Rumplestiltskin extracts a promise that Bae will not leave home until Rumplestiltskin is wed, certain that such a thing will never happen after what happened with Milah. (Bae, thinking otherwise, pushes him toward the castle’s sorcerer, Belle, with whom Rumple has long been infatuated.) 

Then Bae falls ills with the Grey Death for which there is no known cure, and Rumple has to set off on a quest to find it. To aid him, he has gifts from Belle and a talent at spinning, but other than that, he is quite alone.

Vollys is Maleficent maybe? 

The story ends with Belle and Rumple married and Bae and Emma off on adventures. I need to reread this book. 

(Basically, Rumple is Addie, Bae is Meryl, Belle is Rhys, and Emma is Drualt. And instead of being good at embroidery, Rumple is good at spinning. Or  maybe he’s good at both. I don’t know.) 

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Someone tried to put swanfire as a fan-preferred couple on Once/YMMV tvtropes, but it got deleted with this reasoning, "Actually the writers said they always planned Captain Swan as endgame and I'm not sure were you're getting the information from because Neal's fanbase is pretty small". I don't know. I just found it hilarious.

OMG!!! That’s almost as awesome as when they won “Most Boring Couple” in 2013—-right when CS was named “Best Hook Up” for their first kiss

The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!
  • Captain Swan: *are given development that keeps their fans happy*
  • Snowing:
  • Captain Swan: *have several scenes over multiple episodes showing them in love*
  • Rumbelle:
  • Captain Swan: *are canon*
  • Swan Queen:
  • Captain Swan: *are both alive*
  • Outlaw Queen:
  • Swanfire:
  • Gremma:
  • Stable Queen:
  • Captain Swan: Why do the writers hate Captain Swan so much??

HOLD UP A FUCKING MINUTE are CSers actually mad that they’re not getting enough scènes this season? Outlaw queen is DEAD, Swan Queen has to contend with ONE episode that barely allows them to TOUCH, RUMBELLE has become such a destructive clusterfuck that I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it, SNOWING is kinda lame tbh and finally SWANFIRE is probably still crying in a corner somewhere like lol STFU you are the luckiest ship in this fandom

The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time.