The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time. 

  • Snow:We're honouring Neal by naming our son after him.
  • Emma:I honour Neal by keeping reminders, like the keychain and the yellow bug and this photo.
  • Killian:I honour Neal by telling his son about him and teaching him to sail just like I once taught Neal, long ago.
  • Rumple:I'll honour Neal by becoming a better man and here's how. I'm going to try to kill the mother of his child and make his friend my puppet for a while before killing him. Then I'll free myself from the dagger, gather all the power in the world and rule supreme as overlord of all the realm, using magic. That's what Bae would have wanted.
  • Everyone:
  • Neal:I am going to turn in my grave so hard you can use me as a turbine in the next power outage.
I went to Steveston and all I got was this lousy necklace

I picked this up in anticipation of a reaching a nice number in my follower count when in Steveston last month as a thank you to all you patient people who voluntarily put up with me on your dash. *tosses confetti*

Yes, this is the lamest giveaway you’ll ever see. Also, forgive the crappy, low light camera phone pics. 

Straight from It’s Posh, AKA Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop, is this lovely silver-tone swan charm. Pretty much the ultimate Swanfire symbol there is. You know, other than Henry.

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For you lovely Rumbelle fans, I have a thing for you, too! No cheating, the same person is not going to get both.

  • Neal:*dies*
  • Emma:oh no!
  • Emma:but please stay dead though
  • Emma:you've caused me enough pain
  • Hook:*dies*
  • Emma:oh no!
  • Emma:oh HELL no!
  • Emma:bring him back or so help me
  • Emma:he is NOT staying dead


Are the writers purposely making C$ extra revolting so every ship loathes this one relationship above all else? Because I don’t understand it other way. 

• They killed Neal to make way for this toxic ship.
• They have fucked over Rumple’s character to prop up Hook.
• They’ve screwed over Regina’s development to prop up Hook too.
• They blatantly parallel SQ and C$ but suddenly #nohomo applies.
• They continue to steal from RumBelle for C$ and give them NO screen time.
• Snowing is forgotten and their relationship with Emma is sidelined to continue giving more screen time to her abusive relationship with Killy. 
• What even is Swan Believer anymore, if Emma’s happiness is her boyfriend?
• Now they’re also killing OQ while C$ can continue to suck face? 

And I’m here like “Wasn’t Hook a corpse rotting away?” 

How many times before he dies for good? They can’t continue sacrificing other characters and stories - much better ones - just to glorify this bastard.

This is either Once Upon a Hook or the writers are jerks who are having a laugh at the fandom’s expense. Is it too much projecting of their high school bad boy fantasies, or are they actually aiming for everyone to turn against C$? 

I don’t know… I just don’t see how the majority of the audience would stick around for only C$. I know *I* can’t endure another Hook season.