Stiltskin Family Bonding - Chapter 7

Fandom: OUAT

Relationships: Papafire, Henry & Rumplestiltskin, Henry & Nealfire, Rumbelle, Swanfire

Rating: N/R

Summary: The Stiltskin boys bond in a variety of ways. Sometimes it goes well, other times…not so much.


Chapter 7 - The Games We Play

@sagesequoia prompted: Stiltskin Family Bonding Prompt: perhaps the Stiltskins play a board game/have a game night together?

“King me!” Henry crowed.

Rumplestiltskin groaned and placed one black checker on top of the other.

“You suck at this,” Neal said mildly from behind him.

“Bloody ridiculous game,” the sorcerer muttered.

“You’re a chess master, how can you be so bad at checkers?”

“Chess requires deep thought, an intimate knowledge of strategies and the movements of the pieces. This - it’s just jumping about.”

“He’s not very good at Scrabble, either,” Belle offered from the couch where she was entertaining Gideon.

Rumplestiltskin turned and gave his wife a wounded look. “Thank you, dear.”

She shrugged and grinned. “You like to build the longest words - that doesn’t always mean they’re the highest-scoring.”

“I thought you were all about the strategy, Pops.”

“Scrabble should be a game of vocabulary, not strategy!”

Neal rubbed a hand over his mouth to hide a smile. When Henry had thoroughly trounced his grandfather, he went to the games shelf and started rifling through the boxes there. All Henry had had to do was mention that the Charmings held weekly game nights, and Rumple had gone to the toy store and purchased one of every game in stock. From Candyland to Cards Against Humanity, the Golds had it all, and Neal thought it was hilarious.

“There’s gotta be something in here Grandpa’s good at,” Henry said. Rumplestiltskin ground his teeth and put the board and checkers in their box with exaggerated care. Henry shifted boxes around in the cabinet. “Chess…boring. Twister…too many old people…”

Excuse me?” Belle gasped.

“Got it!” Henry pulled out a box and showed it to the room, grinning triumphantly.

Neal laughed. “Yeah, that’s perfect for your grandpa.”

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The portable CD player had sat on the shelf for ages, waiting for new batteries.

Neal shuffled through the drawers, finally locating new ones. Once they were in, “Only You” began to play. Emma took his hand and soon they were dancing. Her head fell upon his chest, listening to his heart beat. She always felt at home in his arms.

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i love when there’s a ship fandom that’s like “i ship this female character with this male character cause i love her and want the best for her” and then there’s another ship fandom who is like “oh that’s awesome, i ship that same female character with this other female character cause i love her too, and want her to be happy” and the first ship is like “right on! our ships are so lovely 🤣” but then there’s that third ship fandom that’s like “well i ship that same female character but with this whitebread fuckboi character” and then the first two ship fandoms team up and jump them like

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I’m sorry Emma

CS is not confirmed TL and it’s really hard to see Emma go, without her real TL.

I’m sorry Emma what they did to you and how they treated you

I’m sorry they killed the father of your son, to replace him with a rapey pig.

I’m sorry you’ve never gotten together with your happy ending. 

I’m sorry they made you the arm candy of a misogyny man

I’m sorry you’ve never gotten to kiss or feel the only one you’ve ever wanted from day 1

But know this, you’ll live in our hearts, minds and fanfictions. There you’re loved and cherished - from us & Regina, your family & friends. No one will reduce you!


The proposal 


The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!

Swanfire Appreciation Week:
Day 8: Enchanted Forest AU:

Tangled! Swanfire AU by @zoe19blink

SWANFIRE TANGLED AU: in which Regina is desperate to stay young, so she steals Baby Emma for her magic potential. Neal is a thief, trying to buy his way out of the kingdom, and Emma is just a girl, tired of being trapped behind four walls. Cuteness ensues.

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Thoughts on Swan Thief?

Neal and Emma honestly had the potential to be the ship of OUAT, the big Alpha pairing, the OTP to end OTPs. They were so poetic, the child of the dark one with the product of true love, the one the curse was built for and the one who would break the curse. There is no doubt that they were the original endgame, what with Tallahassee being mentioned as early as the second episode of Season One. There is so much foundation laid for this ship, and it was all for nothing, and I will never not be bitter over that.

Emma and Neal are so natural together. They just fit together so effortlessly, two lost children searching for home and finding it with one another. They are easy and light and free with one another, they smile, they laugh, they give and take and build one another up. Their rhythm is natural and real and so incredibly endearing to watch and there was so much more to explore in their relationship, and so much left to repair and rebuild.

Neal always wanted what was best for Emma and Emma never stopped loving or wanting Neal. Neal made a mistake when he left her, but one can’t really blame him for running from his father (which was essentially what he was doing). And he never forgave himself for hurting her, and when he returned, he never pressured her to forgive him, never pushed her into giving him a second chance, instead he simply let her know how sorry he was and how he would be there for her if she needed him, no strings attached. He wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him. He loved her so much, and always tried to do right by her.

Emma, in turn, connected with Neal on a deeper level than she did with anyone else. She opened herself up to him, planned a future with him, saw him when she thought of the person she wanted to spend her life with. She forgave him for running and genuinely wanted to be with him. By her own admission, she never got over him.

So many of the story lines which have played out would have been so much better with Neal around. Emma losing control of her magic could have been beautifully juxtaposed with Neal’s fear of magic in general, Emma losing her loved one and marching into Hell for him would have been so much more emotional for someone like Neal whom she has so much history with and loved so much, and Emma as the Dark One would have been amazing, what with Neal’s history with his father. Imagine the emotional impact of Neal losing not only his father but the woman he loves to Darkness. Such a wasted opportunity.

Neal and Emma could have been beautiful, amazing, epic. They had so much history and so much love and such a deep connection between them, not to mention that they also have a son together. The fact that this relationship and Neal’s character were thrown under the bus for Rapey McPirate is and will always remain a travesty.

The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time. 

Look i never really shipped WoodenSwan (I was always SwanFire personally) but I would happily see Emma running off into the sunset with a grown-ass Pinocchio rather then this asshole  

Like i know he’s supposed to be the ‘Hot bad boy’ and all that but he’s such a goddamn jerk. He lies to her, he’s attacked/tried to kill her, and the one or two times he’s BEEN decent to her, it’s either been written hugely out of character (IE, suddenly going to a man who he swore to kill to get frigging DATING help) or in a Cannon AU like the storybook world.

Look, Emma was one of my favorite characters when this show started. But this guy has taken this women

who was a female bounty hunter, and was smart, funny, bold, talented, willing to fight for what she thought was right and turned her into this

Basically a 1950′s dream girl from a middle aged man’s wet dream who’s whole world revolves around one man who constantly lies to her.

Sometimes you can really tell this show is written by men.