Fic: Maison Rouge (17/?)

This fic is not dead! I am determined to have it finished before Silvester, since all the remaining chapters are set around Christmas and New Years. 

Summary:  Scared, alone and pregnant, eighteen-year-old Emma Swan stumbles into Storybrooke, to the steps of the Maison Rouge, an old vaudeville theatre. She is quickly welcomed into the family of eccentric oddballs who make the cabaret their home and she learns their stories: Stoical Granny, the manager and her granddaughter Ruby, bartender extraordinaire; conjuror Jefferson and his glamorous assistant, Alice. But she is most intrigued by Gold and Belle, the gruff MC and the wardrobe mistress who melted his frozen heart…

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Warning for this chapter: discussion of infertility.

Chapter Seventeen

In which the Maison Rouge family celebrates Christmas, and Emma and Bae kiss. Kind of.

The smell of slightly charred toast roused Emma on Christmas morning and she lifted her head up groggily from where it was buried in the cushions on Ruby’s sofa.

“Ruby?” she mumbled, but there was no reply, and Emma peered over the sofa arm to see that Ruby’s bed was empty, the covers all pushed haphazardly to the foot and the pillows on the floor. Considering that she seemed to have got out of it in a hurry, Emma was amazed that she hadn’t heard her friend wake up and leave the room. Christmas Eve must have been more tiring than she thought, considering it had mainly been spent lounging around in the auditorium singing Christmas carols with Jefferson, Alice and Grace.

The persistent smell of toast caused Emma’s stomach to growl and remind her just how hungry she was, so she pulled on her hoodie and some thicker socks and ventured out towards the kitchen. Bae was alone in there, chewing thoughtfully on a piece of toast and flipping through a battered reporter’s notebook.

“Hi,” Emma said as she entered, going over to the kettle. Gold had told her that she was welcome to raid his stash of different teas whenever she wanted, so she grabbed a peppermint teabag hoping that it would provide a calming influence for the day. Christmas had never been Emma’s favourite time of year, and although the build-up to it this year had been much more enjoyable than all her previous Christmases, she knew that today was the day she would feel her otherness the most, when gifts were actually being exchanged and families were spending time together. Still, she only had to manage till lunch time; then everyone would be together again.

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The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time. 

I went to Steveston and all I got was this lousy necklace

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