I went to Steveston and all I got was this lousy necklace

I picked this up in anticipation of a reaching a nice number in my follower count when in Steveston last month as a thank you to all you patient people who voluntarily put up with me on your dash. *tosses confetti*

Yes, this is the lamest giveaway you’ll ever see. Also, forgive the crappy, low light camera phone pics. 

Straight from It’s Posh, AKA Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop, is this lovely silver-tone swan charm. Pretty much the ultimate Swanfire symbol there is. You know, other than Henry.

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That’s it! On August 23 I’ll randomly pick a… winner.

For you lovely Rumbelle fans, I have a thing for you, too! No cheating, the same person is not going to get both.

Neal: Emma, it’s Friday night. Are you sure you don’t want to go out?

Emma: I can’t, I have to finish a reading assignment for my contemporary lit class by Monday.

Neal: That’s cool. Do you want a ride back to your dorm?

Emma: You know Lily’s visiting her mom this weekend, you can come hang out for awhile. I might even be able to whip up some flat iron grilled cheese sandwiches if you’re up to reading out loud.

Neal: How could I say no to an offer like that?


Once Upon a quote ►

“What’s it like?” “It’s the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world… Love is hope, it fuels our dreams; and if you’re in it you need to enjoy it, because love doesn’t always last forever


Enchanted Forest AU: Knight Bae    

After fleeing Neverland, Baelfire returns to the Enchanted Forest, making a home out of the forest while still on the run from his father. He meets the princess, who fast becomes the one person he trusts. Over the years, they fall in love in hidden, secret places. After several months of sneaking around in the forest and passing secret letters back and forth, Emma’s close friends - the princesses and princes of neighboring kingdoms - become aware of her secret lover in the woods. After meeting Bae they agree to help keep their secret and become some of Bae’s closet companions and strongest allies. 

Several years go by and Emma helps secure Bae a position at the palace as a knight’s page, she convinces him he’ll be safer in the castle and it will be easier for them to see each other this way. When Emma becomes pregnant with his child, they finally have to come clean about their relationship to the king and queen. With Bae still on the run from his father and The Dark One posing a real threat if the truth comes out, they agree to keep Henry’s paternity a secret and a cover story is created to explain the princess’s unexpected pregnancy. Other than a small group of advisers, only Emma’s best friend Princess Alexandra and Bae’s best friend, mentor and fellow knight, Roland, are aware of Bae’s true identity. 

Henry grows up knowing his father as Sir Bae, a knight for the palace and a friend he heard his mom sometimes refer to as “as good as family” when he would join them for special holiday meals. The situation is less than ideal, the lovers find it harder than ever to see each other and Bae’s heart aches as he watches his son grow up without him - something he vowed would never happen after he was abandoned by his own father. As the years pass and the longing to finally be a real family grows tormenting strong, how long can they keep up the charade before the truth comes out and the fragile facade they built comes crashing down? 

still not over Regina referring to Neal as “this… person”

like she’s just at a total loss as to what he even is or why he’s even here

she’s just there like okay, the Charmings are Emma’s parents and good in a fight, Rumple is Rumple ie annoying but useful, Hook is our sword-wielding mode of transportation and GPS, and Neal’s just kind of… there. Why is he there. Why have we picked up another peasant. This one isn’t even doing any pining or swashbuckling, never mind anything useful. He’s just there sulking in the background. What even is the point.

Jealous ex

A/N : “Hi, you don’t know me but my ex is standing over there so could you please act like we’re having a great time and oh my god I think I’m falling for you” Captain Swan AU (you’ll recognize bits from the show). 

“I need your help,” a voice interrupted Killian’s drinking as someone dropped on the stool beside him. He lifted his head, curious to see what the owner of the blonde mane and long legs could possibly need help with. 

“See this guy over there ?” she resumed once he was completely focused on her. Killian turned around and quickly spotted the man, who was glaring at him. “He’s my ex,” she revealed, apparently not caring that she was sharing personal information with a perfect stranger. 

Killian didn’t know what to answer. What did Miss Gorgeous want from him ? “I’m happy to help, love, but what is it you need ?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. 

“Well, I didn’t know he would be here, and he won’t take no for an answer. I was supposed to meet my friend but she’s stuck in traffic and won’t be here for another hour,” she explained, her voice growing more hesitant with her speech. “So… will you pretend you’re here with me ?” she asked, looking him straight in the eye despite the awkwardness. 

He looked away, scratching the spot behind his ear. “It would normally be my pleasure to help you, love, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very good company,” he apologized, taking another sip. 

“I’ll pay for your drinks,” she offered, getting desperate. 

Killian sighed, not knowing what to do. If she were so desperate she was ready to pay for a stranger’s drinks, she wouldn’t mind his mood. “I’ll do it,” he said, shrugging. “But I’m not taking your money,” he told her before gesturing to the bartender. “What’s your poison, love ?” 

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