“I’m an SQ, but I have a huge respect for the SF ship and fandom…their scenes from when Emma was young are some of the CUTEST, and I always cry when Neal dies….I’d totally support a SF endgame. There are beautiful things about this ship, and even more beautiful about the fandom. SFs (and Rumbelle) have been so supportive to Swen, even when no one else was, and we really, truly appreciate that. Hang in there, SF! Don’t listen to the haters, you guys rock!”


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"Emma HESITATED when Hook said she was his happy ending and looked worried, and didn’t know what to say so she kissed him. When someone tells you something like that and you love them, you don’t hesitate. She’s not in love with Hook.”

To be fair, the last time someone said they wanted to be with her, made plans for the future, and said they loved her, she ended up in prison.

I’d hesitate too.


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"What’s it like?" "It’s the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world… Love is hope, it fuels our dreams; and if you’re in it you need to enjoy it, because love doesn’t always last forever

Why Neal shouldn’t have died part 394

Because I can’t stop imagining the Swanfire version of “Snow drifts” and “There’s no place like home”, in which Neal ends up in the past with Emma and is faced with the Dark One version of Rumplestiltskin and this reminds him of how long his father has come in his redemption path. He also gets to see Rumplestiltskin and Belle when they were still falling in love and this gives him incredible floof family feels. When Rumplestiltskin locks him and Emma in the vault and Emma goes through the portal, Rumplestiltskin grabs Neal’s arm because he knows he is not telling him the truth about his son. Neal is then forced to tell him he is Baelfire but pleads him to let him go, because in the future they’ll have so much more happiness than what they could possibly have now, and also tells him he has a grandson and Rumple is all like “OMG, Bae is gonna forgive me and I’m gonna be a grandfather” so he tells Bae how much he loves him and lets his son go though the portal, this time for a good reason, thus creating a wonderful, emotional parallel with what happened in their past. Neal lands in the present and goes with Emma to Granny’s, where he hugs his father and tells him how much he loves him too and that he is proud that he could make a good choice even in his darkest period and is proud of the man he is now. Then Neal goes to the Rumbelle wedding and ends the episode making out with Emma and Henry is so happy because his parents are back together. 

Neal's death anniversary is coming up and I thought about doing a trend.

You may remember last year I put together #HopeForNeal and it trended World Wide!

Well, that was for hoping that Neal to live and have second chances which didn’t happened and ended up breaking a part of the fandom.

We all miss Neal. Even the ones that don’t watch the show anymore (including me). So, this coming Monday (March 30th) I thought about using the tag #NealsTallahassee, representing that Neal isn’t dead and that his Tallahassee is with MRJ and his journey as an actor. So I guess you can say it’s a thank you to MRJ for bringing Neal to our screens and giving us hope. :]

I’m going to put the time, 6pmEST to try and trend it. You can look up online to find your timezone.