An awful theory just took shape in my mind… My friend @hedaswarrior analyzed ten times better than I ever could have what I suspected about the Nightbloods and Lexa’s seemingly dark blood. We’ll probably get answers about it next week, but today an horrible thought hit me, when I remembered a particular shot from the first extended trailer, and I started thinking… Does anyone remember this?

Sorry for the quality, I tried to brighten it as best as I could. Well, this is Ontari, supposedly on or next to Lexa’s throne, covered in blood. Dark, black blood. Before you think I’m saying she’s gonna kill Lexa, let me stop you right there, because that’s not what I’m scared of. What I’m thinking instead is… If hedaswarrior is indeed right, and the Nightbloods are possible candidates to the position of Commander, recognized by the darkness of their blood, I think we’re gonna get some sort of coup or uprising against Lexa to forcefully enthrone the Ice Nation. An uprising that will force Lexa to go into hiding, maybe taking refuge into Luna’s Clan (and that would explain Alycia being missing for a few episodes too). What does Ontari and the Nightbloods have to do with all this, you might ask… Well, if all this does turn out true, what I think will happen is that Ontari is going to kill all the young Nightbloods, to ensure that no potential Commander might lay claim to the throne. Hence all the dark blood on her face. And Rhiannon Fish, the actress who plays Ontari, did say multiple times that her character is going to be brutal and fans are going to have a hard time liking her, which makes sense: it would be hard liking her if she really ends up slaughtering all those kids…

My friend came up to me today and dared me to go spend a night in an abandoned, supposedly haunted house, saying that he had done it only just yesterday.

I went to the house, and headed up the creaky stairs like it was nothing, but as I opened the door to one of the rooms and saw my friend’s dead body lying on the floor, I knew I shouldn’t have taken that dare.

Credits to: Josei_Kage

supposedly, over 2000 years ago eratosthenes, a greek mathematician, managed to calculate the circumference of the earth with remarkably accurate results just by making notes about shadows in two different places in egypt. meanwhile it is 2016 and i am overwhelmed when i decide which pants i am going to wear for the day.

That's an actual question

Putting all my hate for this episode aside… is that really how americans see communism? Don’t you learn both bad and good things about communism and capitalism?? Don’t they teach you the differences between Communism Socialism and Anarchism? Don’t you learn abou why it didn’t work on most socialists countrys? And why China and Cuba are actually struggling to keep their sistem? Why Russia became dictatorial instead of the real plan that was communism? Don’t you learn that Communism is actually the last stage of an ideal society based on these ideals, and so have never been achieved? Didn’t people see that equal rights and fair sharing doesn’t mean you don’t believe and value individuals??
I get that the USA is the capitalist country and stuff, kings of this system blahblahblah but still, I thought in a supposedly free country you were all thought about this stuff in a way to make your own believes.
That episode was such a cold war propaganda it made me sick. They obviously always simplify the subjects on the show, but that was just quiet offensive and messed up. That was not communism at all and just didn’t suit a great show like this.
Idk, I am just surprised. Please tell me your educational system is better than that as the country the rest of the world looks up to.

((Not trying to offend, I am genuinely shocked and confused))

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are werewolves apart of Equestria's mythology?

You mean marewolves? Yes, those appear in legends and novels. Generally they’re mares who are cursed to turn into wolf/pony hybrids on nights with a full moon, and are driven mad by what is supposedly wolf-like urges, but are more of a misconception of actual lupine behavior.

It’s interesting that so many mythical creatures generally used as frightening antagonists are carnivorous. Such creatures appeal to a primal fear; after all our ancestors once lived in fear of predators. There are other threats far more sinister, but none quite as basic and understandable on a fundamental level.

In any case, regarding marewolves specifically, their connection to the moon is one of particular note. As I’ve mentioned before, old superstitions at times involved the belief that the phases of the moon had an effect on ponies, hence terms such as moonstruck or lunatic, and the marewolf myth is a direct derivative of such beliefs.

Because a full moon is usually required for transformation, this often becomes a plot point, and the legends may involve pleading to Princess Luna, or Celestia, or the unicorns responsible for the moon (depending on the era of writing) to alter the moon phases, either to prevent transformation or to force it in order to set a trap.

Of course, since marewolves are rather common in fiction, there are many versions of them, and some stories do not involve the moon at all. Transformation may occur at will, or if threatened, for example. Often a voluntary transformation means they retain their senses (or else they would not choose to transform) and as such marewolves can even be heroes of stories at times.

If you’re interested in marewolves there’s an excellent book specifically about them with examples from various myths and more in-depth analysis of their nature and role in fiction, the psychology of struggling against one’s own darker nature and so forth. It’s called Furry Fury – The Marewolf Myth and it is quite fascinating! I have a copy right here since I’ve prepared research material about mythical creatures.

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huge can of worms. not the same but related, i remember watching some comiccon panel. some fans very politely asked jj if they had any plans to cast asian actors in the new trilogy and the responses were so very awkward. i was just thinking well but in the original tril you had white actors centered in some worldbuilding that grabs a bunch of asian (east/central/south u name it) elements i already have to suspend my disbelief on the coat rack on the way in... and we're not even talking nien nunb

oh god yeah i was cringing through that entire answer

you know george lucas originally wanted toshiro mifune for the role of obi-wan kenobi, right? and toshiro supposedly turned it down because he was worried that western cinema would cheapen and commercialize his life’s work? so george ended up keeping the japanese name and the plentiful akira kurosawa inspiration and casting alec guinness. wild.

i guess if it’s any consolation rogue one is apparently going to feature a number of renowned asian martial artists in major roles so lucasfilm may finally actually be making up for all of this but… jesus lol

Ellie Mae is a unique pup for us. She lacks tattoos and supposedly came from a breeder in Indiana. But the whole kennel is divided on whether she’s a full greyhound, or whether she’s greyhound-lab (or something). Her snoot is a little less long and pointy than a typical greyhound snoot, and her ears aren’t entirely greyhoundy.

Regardless, she’s a lovely girl! Really sweet and a little unsure of this whole experience. 

Okay so I have to talk about when bucky goes up to Tony to shoot him. I’m assuming this is early on in the film since he was wearing a red jumper when he reunites with Steve, and it looks like he’s on the run and living rough. Maybe bucky gets phases when he goes back to his winter soldier mindset and starts shooting at certain people that may trigger his past self (Tony triggering it as his father was supposedly assasinated by the winter soldier) that could explain why Tony was keen on having the government have more control on the superheroes after experiencing first-hand what could go wrong. What I want to know is what gets bucky back to himself again. If it follows with catws, the best guess is Steve. Steve is the only person right now that knew bucky before the winter soldier, so he would be the only one that can mentally connect with the old bucky again. If it plays right, this film is going to have a lot of focus of Bucky’s ptsd, and how he combats it through Steve

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im sorry i cant get over bucky and steve protecting each other. whatever happens, at least i know they wont give up on another. still wondering what caused bucky to want to kill tony (if thats who he was aiming at) supposedly some say bucky's gun was not facing tony and he took his arm to deflect who it was meant for (but idk cus it didnt look like anyone was there) ahhh idk. NAT WHY ARE U DOING CAP & CLINT LIKE THIS ;-;

Bucky and Steve will always have each others backs! Also I have no idea if Bucky wants to kill Tony or someone behind him, but it sure looks like he’s aiming behind Tony….but we won’t know till we either get another trailer or see the movie.


Copper digger.

A collaboration between me and the Mrs  @coppermoonflower recycling an old burst section of copper water pipe.

Copper makes for excellent light work gardening tools especially concerning growing food in areas where slugs and snails are an issue .

 Steel and iron tools are thought to create a magnetic field when they break soil  which supposedly slugs / snails are actually attracted too , where as copper is highly conductive and does not leave a magnetic signature .

 Based on a concept by Viktor Schauberger


more info here via http://www.permaculture.co.uk/reviews/preventing-slug-damage-copper-gardening-tools

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Niall supposedly just fucked off to the Philippines, he's not ringing up British newspapers for statements about his fab former management's golfing abilities. lmao

Oh is it Philippines now? They seem fabricated, yea



The other day we were sat in the office talking about where Skepta’s career is going to turn next. Is Konnichiwa on its way? When it arrives, will the collaborations he’s recorded with Earl Sweatshirt, Drake, and Wizkid appear? Has he signed a deal yet or is he going to ride solo? The one thing we agreed on is that it’s been a minute since Skepta dropped a music video ("Topboy”, released officially on the Noisey YouTube channel) and we’re itching for another one to be released soon.

So, obviously, we were stoked when our friends Places + Faces – perhaps the only strangers in London you want taking a photo of your face – told us they’d been hanging out at a shoot for a new video from Skepta. The filming was for an upcoming Skepta single, supposedly called “Ladies Hit Squad”. In the shots below you’ll see the likes of D Double E, A$AP Nast, a trio of gorgeous blue-soled Reeboks, and an aesthetic that doesn’t look too far removed from Hype Williams’ Belly. Peep the photos below.

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Do you have any aokuro fic recommendations? Thank you in advance!! :3:

The interview  Kuroko has to interview rising star Aomine Daiki for a sports magazine. In which Aomine tries to be charming, fails spectacularly, Kuroko gets no usable information whatsoever, and Kagami despairs.

Dirty Paws NSFW. The five times Tetsuya tried to tell Daiki that he’s pregnant, and that one time Daiki finally found out about it. AU. MPREG.

Lion Tamer  Kuroko needs a distraction, which Aomine is happy to provide. Circus AU.

Taboo  It’s supposedly taboo for rivals to be together but who cares. Basically, hand jobs between two basketball kids in love. (Short but cute ^^)

Little bits and pieces  Tetsuya has found out a number of things about Daiki after they started living together.

Fanfics Galore This tumblr blog has a lot of ff recommendations. I linked here the AoKuro tag.

Grow old with me  Tumblr Prompt: Imagine person A of your OTP is immortal, and falls in love with person B who is mortal. After a long and happy life, person B begins to die
I put this here because I love how it’s written but it’s heartbreaking, so if you are looking for something happy, don’t read it XD

Also, I have some of my fan fictions I haven’t posted on AO3 but on the basketball poet society, if you want me to link them feel free to ask :)
I should post them on AO3 but I always forget, sorry XD

Am I the only one who finds it weird that Elena’s supposedly an expert in American and British but she is only a beginner in Australian? So, I’m Australian. Does that mean if I spoke to her, she would be really confused as to what I was saying?

they literally all speak fucking english, just different variations. how stupid is elena -Cas

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Do you think that Abby knows or has a feeling about Clarke and Lexa?

paige said just the other day that abby doesn’t know, and honestly, i don’t see how she could, considering she barely saw clarke after the kiss (which is when clarke supposedly realised her feelings for lexa). she probably knows that lexa is protective and rather fond of clarke, but i don’t know how she’d know the extent of lexa’s feelings at the moment.

considering there isn’t really a ‘clarke and lexa’ at the moment, there isn’t much for her to pick up on. lexa only really shows her true self to clarke when they’re alone.