The post @auro-cyanide made about ONE pretty much doing all the previous arcs again (Dimple arc, Teru arc) made me suddenly think… This isn’t the first time Dimple vanishes. Teru had exorcised him during their fight and he had supposedly disappeared. But he came back.
What i’m saying is, if ONE really is doing all these callbacks and redoing the past arcs, there’s a chance that Dimple might pull a Big Cleanup arc and come back again.
It’s not the first time he disappears without a trace, and he managed to come back the first time when no one expected him to.


{ nazdeekiyaaan }
   o  saathiyaaaa

@caretaker-au is a very wonderful AU that manages to end with a cliffhanger every single page. Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

PS: By the way, this is the filename for this fanart.

this kid in my class said today that all languages stem from latin… and that latin was the first language of humans… i just said hmmm u sure honey??? chinese then??? korean??? russian??? thai??? urdu??? hindi?? arabic?? all stem from latin??? mhm ok mr. i only speak english and failed spanish