I love the idea of dancer Grantaire. He never took formal lessons and is self-taught by staring in a mirror for hours and replaying YouTube videos a hundred times over.

He never even tried informal lessons until college where he joined almost every single dance club. He didn’t commit to all of them, of course, but he knows basic salsa, belly dancing, swing, ballroom, and even bhangra among others.

His niche is a mixture of street, hip hop, and break dance, which he performs in the subway’s for money. He met Eponine through his school’s break dance club, and she joins him more often than not, trying to make anything at all to help them scrape by.

Even with all this going on, some members of the Amis (Enjolras, mostly) don’t even know he dances until a video of him and Eponine goes viral.

Dear Charlie,

The thing that hurts the most is that no body actually cares, but why would they because no one truly understands what you’re feeling apart from yourself, so people just pretend to care and you know that they’re just pretending. It makes me feel ten times more lonely.

Love always, R

my friends all tell me to hope for the best but I feel the worst. i try to get sleep but my body won’t stop shaking. i’m blue, i don’t think i’m ready for the consequences of your actions. i feel stupid and weak. was i wrong to trust your words?