it’s time to play SUPER SMASH BROS 4 on Press Buttons n Talk, it’s a pretty obscure hidden gem of a game that flew under the radar, I just hope we can introduce new fans to this series because I don’t think anyone really played it


In conceptualizing the systems and setting for Major Miners, I pulled inspiration from a great many things. I already mentioned Spiral Knights; other major influences are Shantae, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Super Smash Bros, and a great many other games in the action platforming genre (and I have a few Metroidvanias wishlisted on Steam for research purposes). Physical comedy and cheesecake would be my mainstays, continuing to place me in that uncomfortable zone between cute and sexy.


The dummied out “stages” from Melee:

10-2/IceTop: A duplicate of Icicle Mountain, sans music. Meant as a placeholder for a second Ice Climber stage, which never made the cut.

TEST: An enormous stage, possibly created to test Adventure Mode mechanics (I can’t imagine why else it’s so huge). It’s background is a grainy photograph of a Cafe in California. Why this photograph was used as a backdrop is beyond all human comprehension.

Consisting of an invisible platform, over a black background, with no music, DUMMY is the nightmarish, existential hellscape where Sakurai hides his contempt for his fans.. and Ridley. He’s there too.

AKANEIA: Swedish for “reclining chair”, Akaneia is a non-functional stage - in the sense that it’s currently impossible to access by any known means of hacking. Sakurai confirmed that it was intended to act as home for Marth/Roy

Both 10-2 and AKANEIA laid the groundwork for the Ice Climber and Fire Emblem stages in Brawl