Wow! I can’t believe Robot Chicken just spoofed off of Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and the Hunger Games, all in one skit! The same episode also gave a name shout out to Sonic the Hedgehog, but in a separate skit.

Mario Odyssey has 41 hats and 42 outfits to find

and none of it is DLC

Any outfit unlocked with Amiibo you can unlock naturally in-game, Amiibo just gets you them faster.

Props to Nintendo on not slicing up parts of the game when they could have easily done so and made a killing on DLC. 

Breath of the Wild’s DLC meanwhile actually FEELS like something additional, not something that was left out of the game on purpose.

Honestly Nintendo for the most part seems to have handled DLC fairly well. All of Splatoons DLC is free, and it was obvious that Smash’s new fighters were actually being worked on post-game and not just hiding out