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OHAIYOUSORO! Have you seen the Shuka and Anchan pic where they are super close and almost kissing? I saw it and my heart wasn't ready for it.

Ahahaha, are you talking about this picture?

Either you’re already aware of the origins of this picture or I’m going to destroy your dreams. Under a cut (:D)| ̄|_

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I put on these socks today and it reminded my of a story I don’t think I ever told on here.

So one time i was dating this girl, and we had gone on a date or two so we weren’t like super close or anything. So anyways we go back to my place. So I go to unzip my boots before getting into my bed and I first reveal the pikachu sock and she gasped and whispered “I love your socks” and as she said that I took off my other boot expecting her to be equally impressed and he face was essentially “😕” while mine was “😬”

I just kinda stood there… not breaking eye contact.. until she said “take the sock off then get into bed” idk why that popped onto my head or why I thought this story is worth sharing.. but honestly it cracks me up that I not only have psyduck socks and someone reacted to them so strongly.

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Do you think hunk other youtubers are jealous of d&p' success/friendship and this following they've created? I mean they ain't exactly super close with the 'gleam team' or the Dodie/Emma group I mean I'm sure they catch up/get on at events but it sometimes seems they ain't best mates with them kinda thing idk I'm not explains properly

i mean dan and phil have, over the years, come off more and more isolationist in the youtube community. of course they are friendly with most youtubers but they arent exactly friends with them. here is a post i made that explains it better i think in case ya wanted more explanation

Update: December 2nd 2016

I’ve been having troubles finding time to be online and actually give advice… But as of right now I’ve got a lot going on..

For starters, I think I’ve met the love of my life… Chevy, he’s 21 and works at the same place I do… we’re already super close and spending as much time together as possible. He’s a real gentleman and a polar opposite of my ex Andrew… he treats me like his queen and it’s very nice to actually have someone give a damn about me.

Since it’s the holidays (that time of year) I’m working extra hours so I can give those around me amazing Christmas gifts… not that it’s severely important just wanna brighten people’s day.

My parents are working things out (so they say) but I know they’re still splitting up and such… my dad will not stop drinking (he’s an alcoholic) and my mom is just done with that… he’s choosing the booze over my mom and that’s really bothering me.

Hana is doing well, she’s giving lots of attention to me and she’s been good. She’s on a new dog food because she’s overweight (she’s part German shepherd and those breeds are prone to hip problems the older they get and Hana is currently 7.)

Work is draining every ounce of energy I have, I’m writing this on my last 15 minute break for today… but at least I’ve got an amazing boyfriend who looks out for me and treats me right.

I guess the only negative I have is that my eating disorder (been in recovery from anorexia for nearly 4 years.) is currently being a negative aspect of my life due to that I’m working and walking a lot more that I used to… I’m loosing weight and it’s causing others to comment on my weight/appearance and it’s getting annoying because I simply do not care about my weight but it’s tough when complete strangers tell me to eat more and that I’m way to skinny… I’m healthy right now and totally okay with that!

I’ll keep y'all posted on Chevy and I… pictures to come. ♥️

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If you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and then send it to 10 of your favorite blogs! ♥ (i understand if you don't want to do it again!lmao)

In an effort to make my boring ass sound less boring, and also because I struggled to come up with anything else, here’s Fun Facts: Ava Is A Walking Fic Trope/Rom-Com Disaster™ Edition.

  1. My first boyfriend started off as my pretend boyfriend after four years of him having an unrequited crush (that included a spur-of-the-moment confession about liking me as he stood on his desk in front of our entire class; cute looking back on it, sink-in-my-seat embarrassing in the moment) and it was only brought about because the ol’ rumor mill churned out “they’re dating!” rumors after we became super close friends in eighth grade. But then the joke was on us because we ended up Actually Dating before I eventually broke up with him at the start of Freshman year in high school.

  2. My boyfriend Junior year of high school was like 6’1” or something, and for all that I pretended to hate it and made such a fuss over being smol next to him, even in my highest heels, you bet my 5’4” ass loved it when he’d lift me up when we hugged. Call me Mitch Marner because that size diff had me feeling some kinda way.

  3. Post-breakup, Senior year, Tol Ex became, like, my enemy/rival—academically, absolutely, because we were assigned to the same English & Lit class, but also in general: I wanted to punch him in the face most days, he’d flirt with girls right in front of me, he’d show off in the weights training class we took together and I’d laugh meanly with all the other girls in the class because they collectively hated him, we’d get into heated debates in English, etc. We ended up making up, eventually, becoming unexpected friends after having a heart-to-heart, and it almost came full circle (friends to lovers to enemies to friends to lovers) when he admitted to still being in love with me, but I told him that he should move on and find someone that made him happy.

  4. You know those messy, heteronormative, overdone love triangles? I’ve been in two. I’ll stick with the first one since the second was Extra Messy and still a bitter pill to swallow to this day. Sophomore year, when I was still in Catholic school, there was a boy I liked and we had a bit of a Thing. We’d share earphones and listen to music together every morning, like clockwork, before classes. He made me handmade things, including this necklace that I probably still have in my jewelry box. He drew a picture of a rose for me, once, with this sweet (romantic, even) note, and it was that particular thing that made me realize, uh-oh, I had Feelings. Anyway. Long story short, there was another “gal pal” he was close with, right, and as it turns out he was stringing us both along. (Not, like, sleeping with both of us behind the other’s back stringing along, but stringing along nevertheless.) She and I ended up being friends and ditching his loser ass.

  5. This is one I talk about to anyone who’ll hear it, and my favorite by far. My girlfriend and I ended up being the friends to lovers trope just under five years into our Tumblr friendship. It isn’t as cut-and-dried as I’m making it sound, because what friends to lovers fic is, but we totally nailed the whole “Person A thinks Person B will never feel the same way” and “Person B doesn’t know Person A isn’t completely straight” shticks. We even called each other wifey before we were even girlfriends, can you believe it? We did the whole spontaneous confessions thing, too.

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May I have a scenario with Suga where his girlfriend's parents totally love him? You can choose how long Suga and her parents have known each other it doesn't need to be their first meeting. I'm sure Suga would charm the hell out of them and become super close with them. Whenever Suga goes to his gf's house, he hangs with her parents too. The gf doesnt even have to be there for them to have a blast!

As your mother opened the door, her smile was widened. “Suga-chan! Welcome, home!”

“I’m home, Auntie!” Sugawara greeted, kissing your mother on the cheek. As he held out the dish, your mother held her hands together excitedly. Sugawara only smiled, proud to make your mother happy with her favorite dish. “Is Uncle home?”

“Is that Koushi I hear?” Soon, your father walked out the living room and gave Sugawara a handshake.

“Hello, Uncle. How are you?” Sugawara asked, toeing his shoes off.

Your parents and Sugawara made their way back to the living room, your father and him sitting on the couch. Your mother informed the two that she would heat up the dish, letting Sugawara and your father to catch up.

“I’m good, work’s been keeping me busy. How’s college?” your father asked.

Sugawara chuckled nervously. “Harder than I thought. I’m glad I changed my mind about college, but all the homework piling on top of each other surprised me. But it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“That’s good to hear. Has ____ talked to you at all today?”

“Like you have to ask. Of course he has. We’re her parents, honey, of course she won’t call us back right away,” your mother answered loudly from the kitchen.

Sugawara chuckled, feeling a bit guilty as your father frowned disappointed. “I know, I know. But it feels like she’s forgotten about me.”

“Oh, no, she always complains she would rather be home fishing with you than doing homework,” Sugawara comforted. Your father’s eyes beamed to hear that. Your mother came back into the living room, tea in hand for both your father and Sugawara. “Ah, thank you Auntie.”

“Your welcome, Suga-chan,” your mother beamed. Sugawara took the cup, drinking it. It had been colder than he expected and his throat was beginning to feel sore. The warm tea trailing down his throat eased the irritation.

“Honey, he’s about to be our son-in-law, why don’t you call him by his given name already?” your father asked casually.

Unexpected to hear that, Sugawara coughed into his tea, having some of it splash onto his face and shirt. Your parents looked to him shocked, your mother immediately handing him a napkin.

“T-Thank you, Auntie,” Sugawara coughed, a nervous smile. As he wiped his mouth and some of the tea off his shirt before it stain, your parents looked to him worried. “Sorry, I just didn’t expect that.” Sugawara became confused to see your parents look to each other suspiciously. “What is it?”

“Oh, nothing, dear,” your mother started.

“We just thought you two would be talking about it by now,” your father added. Sugawara turned a bit pink to the mention. “Seeing as you two had been going out for awhile. And you are at that age, we were hoping it would be soon so a grandchild could come around.”

“A-A child?!” Sugawara stuttered, now his cheeks red. “Uncle, don’t you want us to get married when we’re ready for it?”

“Of course, but if its financially you guys are concerned, we would help of course,” your father brought his tea up to Sugawara with a smile before taking a sip.

“But Uncle, I should do that,” Sugawara suggested. Your parents looked to him, confused. “When I told you both I would take care of ____, I meant that. I should pay for her dream wedding.”

It was silent between the three. Sugawara was beginning to think he shouldn’t have said that. Your parents just stared back at him, their bodies almost petrified. Just as he was about to speak up, your parents shed a few tears simultaneously. 

“A-Auntie?! Uncle?! Are you-”

“Koushi, we’re so glad ____ has you,” your mother cried, covering her mouth lightly. She let the tears fall freely, sniffles and all. As your father rubbed her back with a smile, wiping away his own tears, they both bowed to Sugawara.

“Please continue to take care of our daughter,” your father requested slowly. Sugawara flinched, a bit surprised.

Your parents and him had an amazing relationship. Some would say he was too close to your parents, because what if you two broke up? Seeing your parents would be awkward. But with this step, Sugawara believed in nothing but the way he’s kept up this relationship with your parents.

Sugawaa bowed back, shedding a few tears as well. “Thank you.”

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Hi I saw your top 10 List of favourite shefani moments and I was wondering what moment you mean with "Go closer"(10). I never heard of it before 🙉 (sorry for my english)

I’m still not sure why that one popped into my head, to be honest. Okay, so when Blake did a pop-up ‘surprise’ gig back before his tour, Gwen decided to finally check out Periscope and started commenting on it with other fans. Usually with Periscopes, you get terrible footage from quite the distance. This was SUPER close and good quality in comparison, but Gwen STILL told the person filming to ‘go closer’. For me, that’s just soooo indicative of how she acts in regards to Blake. She’s just so completely invested and wanting EVERYTHING, and she fangirls with the best of us. I think it’s cute. 

Author-Themed Asks

I was tagged by the lovely @fatesofstarlight – thanks, Maggie! 

Jane Austen: Who was your first love? If we can count platonic/familial loves, it was definitely my mom and one of my cousins, who I was super close to when I was little. If we’re only talking romantic loves, I guess whoever it’ll be hasn’t really happened yet 😊 

Ray Bradbury: What is your favorite book? There are so many good ones! I normally say The Day After Tomorrow by Alan Folsom is my favorite, though.

Charles Darwin: What is your favorite animal? Zebras! (Super cliché, I know 😉)

Alice Walker: What is your favorite color? Anything on the scale from teal blue to mint green.

Kurt Vonnegut: What is your favorite breakfast cereal? My mom used to buy this cereal that was like corn flakes but it had little slices of dried strawberries in it, which was super good.

J.D. Salinger: What was your favorite subject in school? Math and physics! 

J.K. Rowling: What is your favorite magical creature? Hm… Maybe fairies?

Neil Gaiman: What religion are you? Unitarian! 

Oscar Wilde: What is your vice? Hm… Maybe sleeping all the time? Can that be a vice? 

Julia Child: What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? I’ve been lucky enough to have some really great meals over the years, so it’s tough to pick a “best” one, but one that comes to mind is this chicken with peach glaze that my dad used to make that was absolutely scrumptious. 

Stephen King: What was your last Halloween costume? Minnie Mouse

Harper Lee: Who was your childhood best friend? My neighbor, who was also in the same grade as me in school. We’re still super close. 

Brothers Grimm: What is your favorite fairytale? Snow White

F. Scott Fitzgerald: What is the best party you ever attended? Probably my prom after party. It wasn’t a wild party (it was dry, so, you know) but it was kind of a last hurrah before everyone went off to college, and most of my graduating class was there (400+ people), as well as a lot of my favorite teachers, so it was just a fun time

George R. R. Martin: Summer or winter? Winter!

Mark Twain: What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? Read books and write stories

Edgar Allan Poe: What scares you the most? Loneliness

Herman Melville: Beach or mountains? Mountains!

Roald Dahl: What is your favorite candy? Gummy bears

Jack Kerouac: Where do you want to travel? So many places! Alaska, Montana, Canada, California, pretty much the entirety of Europe, China, Chile… I could go on 😊

I’ll tag @tobyquinns, @dramatictendency, @tobiasmquinn, and @cupcakeofawesomeness, if you all would like to! 

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Ok So Y/n meets the band on tour (like you're a guitarist from another band or something) and you become super close w them early on and one night Frank and you hook up but it doesn't really change anything like you're still super close friends it's just that sometimes you happen to BOINK but then Gerard asks you out and you start dating him but Frank is like "no wait but me too tho" and G's chill with it so now you have two boyfriends and the rest of the band just expected it to happen honestly


i am here for this. 

Hhh I just realized I gotta turn down something sooner then turning down the invitation later… Some kinda friends invited me to a new years party and like its gonna be two straight couples, a friend who im not super close too, and a guy who is really into vore and that does not sound fun…

Plus the two straight couples are two of the exact couples I was talking about being absentmindedly transphobic/homophobic towards me and so not having my bf there as a safety net I know im gonna get triggered very badly and be surrounded by people who will most definitely make me go into a ptsd episode bc they are very….