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I have heard people online complaining about the Smackdown Women’s division because they “just throw all of them into a pointless multi-person match every week”. Well at least we see all the women of Smackdown EVERY SINGLE WEEK. The Raw Women’s division however focuses on the same three women (maybe four if Nia bails out Alexa once again) when the rest of the women sit in the back each and every week doing absolutely nothing. I don’t think it’s a question which brand has the better overall women’s division.

WWE: “Bayley vs Sasha tonight with the winner going on to face Alexa at SummerSlam for the championship!!!!11!1!1″


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I love Bayley and Sasha, but I’m so fucking sick of them ALWAYS getting the title shots. Nia, Emma, Alicia, Mickie, Summer, and Dana deserve so much better. 

Nia is a badass one week then is basically just Alexa’s bodyguard the next.
Emma, Mickie, and Dana are treated like jobbers.
Alicia rarely ever gets to wrestle and when she does she’s just a jobber.
And evidently WWE don’t even remember Summer is an employee. She’s been cleared to return since May and they haven’t done shit with her. They don’t even act like she’s part of the company anymore.

People complain about how the SmackDown women are always in multi person matches, but at least all of them get to actually wrestle and treated so much better.

i find it so hilarious when i see people say “bayley deserves better” & “sasha deserves better” when you have women like emma, alicia fox, summer rae, hell, even dana brooke on the roster who get literally nothing but could potentially kill it if they were given the opportunities, yet most wrestling fans literally don’t care about them cos they weren’t triple h’s nxt favs

This WrestleMania is going to be very special for the ladies. First time two female titles will be defended on the same night. First time both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Titles will be defended at WrestleMania. It’s going to be Mickie and Maryse’s first WrestleMania back in years. This will be Bayley, Nia, Alexa and Carmella’s first WrestleMania. And both women’s matches on the main card not a preshow. The ladies will kill it at Mania. Probably will steal the show again. Especially, my queen, Naomi’s entrance going to be LIT!