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Sorry if this is an out of the blue question. But don't you watch korean dramas? And if so which ones are your favorites? O:

Oh no worries, I love out of the blue questions honestly!!

I DO WATCH THEM. UHHH a few months ago Zoe and I got into a few??

A few years ago I watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop, I never finished it but my friend Joanna told me how it ended and I WAS DEVASTATED.

Zoe and I watched a bit of Shut Up Flower Boy Band because some AU jokes we made, but a few episodes in some shit went down and the WHOLE tone of the show changed to be too heavy for us at times so we kinda… phased out.

Lee Min Ki from SUFBB lead me to find Dal Ja’s Spring which she and I fucking LOVED and got SUPER into and it’s really light hearted and sweet and drama filled and really simple and SAD AND GOOD AND I JUST LOVE IT A LOT AND I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH HONESTLY?? IT’s on hulu and there’s a few drama sites out there with it on them too :0 WORTH THE HUNT. Lee Min Ki is still one of my favs, I’ve liked a lot of his movies too.

UH…. I’ve never watched Boys Over Flowers but I’ve heard it’s good? I’m going to eventually find time to watch more, I’m just lethargic and my brain can’t focus well. SHARE ANY YOU LIKE OR FIND THOUGH I LOVE TRYING NEW SHOWS :0

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Honestly with Sung Joon, as much as I've loved a few of his characters, I have to hear good things about any drama he's doing before I watch it. His skill (or his company's skill) in drama-choosing seems to be horrendous and I've just been burned too many times. Maybe one day he'll be in something I like but until then I'll only remember him in SUFBB, White Christmas, and Pluto.

Those are what I think of as his best roles, too! Although I also really liked him in Lie to Me. But what is important to note is that these are all from 2012 or earlier. He’s had his moments in later dramas, but nothing that compares to his earlier works by any stretch of the imagination.

He should fire his agency (or hire someone to be extra picky about what roles and dramas he chooses). I think he has the potential to be a decent actor, but as drama after drama goes by and I’m once again disappointed, well… sigh… I just can’t quit him like I can quit his dramas. *cries*


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