Romulus (Vinyl)
  • Romulus (Vinyl)
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Michigan

Rare vinyl edition of Romulus featuring a notable absence of the banjo melody during the instrumental portions, which conveys a sense of spareness. This is from the 2008 pressing or repressing (I can’t tell which mine is). (This version could also be on the 2004 original pressing and the 2015 remastering, but I have no way of knowing.) Edit: someone’s confirmed this to be on the 2015 remaster!


drake: sufjan, please. we came here to have a nice date night at my favourite restaurant. could you stop sulking and at least TRY to have fun?

sufjan: What Was That I Could Not Hear You Over The Sound Of Me Blowing Bubbles Into My Cranberry Juice

drake: i was just saying that-

sufjan: Ha Ha Wow That Was So Many Bubbles That Time

drake: suf-

sufjan: Oops It Appears That In My Haste To Generate Bubbles I Have Spilled A Bit Of Cranberry Juice On My Place Mat Just Allow Me A Moment To Mop This Up With My Sleeve

drake: sufjan! honestly! you’re being ridiculous! what’s gotten into you?

sufjan: You Know What You Did You Canadian Fiend

drake: what?! what did i do?

sufjan: This Morning When We Were At The Gymnasium I Asked If I Could Bench Press You And You Refused

drake: seriously? that’s what you’re upset about? sufy, if you tried to benchpress me, you’d hurt yourself! you’d throw your back out!

sufjan: Are You Saying I Am Not Buff

drake: no, no, honey, of course you’re buff - not as buff as me, naturally, but-

sufjan: Oh Please I Am Vastly More Buff Than You

drake: …look, that’s debatable, but-

sufjan: I Challenge You To An Arm Wrestling Competition This Instant

drake: sufjan stevens i am not going to arm-wrestle you in a cheesecake factory

sufjan: I Am Waiting

drake: …fine, god

sufjan: Is That All You Have Got

drake: i haven’t even STARTED yet

sufjan: You Seem To Be Expending A Great Deal Of Effort Aubrey Perhaps You Ought To Just Cede This Battle To Me

drake: not a chance

sufjan: I Swear To You Aubrey I Will Emerge Victorious From This Fray And-

underpaid waiter named todd: uh, guys, i don’t mean to disturb you or anything, but you’re kind of upsetting a few of the other customers, so could you, uh, stop with the, um… arm-wrestling… thing…

sufjan: Right Away Sir Our Apologies

drake: yeah so sorry about that

sufjan: Oh While You Are Here May I Have Another Glass Of Cranberry Juice

drake: sufjan… say please…

sufjan: Please

The physical structure of the piece is this. At the front of the stage is Sufjan, center, with two keyboards, a drum machine, four thousand pedals, and some vocal microphones. To his left is Bryce, with some guitars, five thousand pedals. Then I’m on the other side with a piano, a celeste, two keyboards, and no pedals aside from those attached to the instruments. Then, behind Sufjan, a drummer, James (whom everybody told me was raw vegan just to mess with my head) playing a standard kit augmented with MIDI-controlled pads. To his right, a string quartet, and on the other side, seven trombones. Hovering over the drums is a sixteen-foot inflatable orb covered in a sort of skin onto which various images are projected. There are also what look like prison lights surrounding the musicians. If you want to see videos of this, they’re all over YouTube; the ones I’ve seen are, I think, the handiwork of Sufjan Superfjans and therefore tend to be very close-up footage of his eyeball but you can hear relatively well.
—  Nico Muhly on the structure of the Planetarium stage and of course Sufjan Superfjans

Banlist discourse is probably my favorite MtG related discourse because I only really play EDH and for the most part and then hardly even at all so I’m just like… Haha yes……….. Suf fe r