so last night before sufjan played the dress looks nice on you he was talking about how they had discussed what they would wear on stage, and he said “just street clothes. look humble. whatever you were wearing that day” and dawn was wearing a really lovely/fancy dress and he was like “dawn did you wear that today!?” and she was like…maybe…and then suf goes “I WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS” complete with jazz hands 

funniest/cutest ever omg

-Să știi că încă e îndrăgostit de tine.
-De unde știi ?
-Recunosc simptomele. Cred că sufăr de aceeași boală.
—  50 de umbre întunecate

“Sproutling” by Kaitlin Callahan

HEY EVERYONE! After many months of hard work, here’s my thesis film from Cal State Fullerton!

Making this film was a huge learning experience for me, and though I may go back and fully color it over the summer, I’m still proud!

وقد سئل الإمام الشافعي: أيهما أولى للمؤمن: أن يبتلى أو يُمكَّن؟ فقال: وهل يكون تمكين إلا بعد ابتلاء؟ إن الله ابتلى يوسف عليه السلام ثم مكن له.“ ـ

Imam al-Shafi`ee was asked: "What’s better for the believer, to be tested, or to be given power (to do good)?” He said: “And how can one be given power for good without first being tested? Allah tested Yusuf, peace be upon him, then He gave him power.”