We’re getting a new Layton game, starring the Professor’s daughter! ⊟ 

Level-5 just announced Lady Layton (”The Millionaire King Ariadne’s Plot”, according to some translations of the subtitle), a new entry for the puzzle series coming next spring to Nintendo 3DS and smartphones.

In the Japanese announcement, the heroine’s name is Catoleil, and she’s accompanied by a talking dog? Or maybe she’s just imagining he’s talking? Perhaps he’s a descendant of the Dog Ace Attorney?


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Hi, I recently started reading in English. Do you have any advice on how to read in English if you're not a native speaker?

im not a native speaker. i tried reading harry potter and the sorcerers stone when i was maybe … 3 years into learning english and it was a trainwreck. i had to look up at least 15 words on every page and gave up after maybe 5 chapters. never read harry potter again, that ruined this series for me :D dont listen to anyone on tumblr who gives you a list of ya books, you won’t be able to read ya or mg if you just started out.

i’d recommend that you go for comics and graphic novels. you can easily guess whats going on when you don’t understand everything so that helps a lot.

a thing that definitely hugely helped me to learn english was watching movies and tv shows in english. i definitely recommend going for american tv shows with subtitles, american accents are way easier to understand than british ones. just pick a show you like and watch it in english with english subtitles. reading is in my opinion an advanced step in learning languages, unless you want to read picture books.


Not subbed yet, subtitles will be added soon.

[Eng Sub] I Can See Your Voice S3
Watch Korean Variety Shows Online with English Subtitles
By I Can See Your Voice S3 Ep.1 || KShowOnline.com

“I Can See Your Voice Season 3″ with Leeteuk as a MC, full episode 1 with English subtitles.

“I Can See Your Voice Season 3″ avec Leeteuk en tant que MC, épisode 1 entier avec sous-titres Anglais.

Joker Game OVA Summary

Hi guys! Even though the DVD containing the short clip “The Adventure of Black Cat Yoru” was released today, it might take a while before we get to see it (let alone w/ subtitles). I tried searching in English, Japanese, and Korean but no luck so we’ll just have to wait patiently ^^

But for those of you who are willing, I did find a blog post of someone who watched it and did a loose summary/translation. Beware! I am not fluent in Japanese and these translations are by no means fully accurate so there may be mistakes (feel free to lmk if you see any and I’ll fix them). This also means spoilers but I figured some people would like even a little something than nothing. Enjoy!


The poor person is a huge Amari fan and only bought the dvd hoping to see more Amari. Apparently the only characters who appear in this short are: Lt. Cl. Yuuki, Miyoshi, Hatano, Fukumoto, Odagiri. The ED though shows cut scenes of the black cat w/ the members who didn’t make an appearance (+Hatano). They were wondering if that one scene was worth it…but Yoru (cat) was cute and Hatano made up for it.

Comment on how the animation wasn’t as good as the main.
The story progressed kinda like Soseki Natsume’s novel “I am a Cat” (like a series of impressions).

Was wondering if Fukumoto would wear his apron when buying the fish but he just wore his normal suit w/ a shopping bag x)

Yoru was lured to D-Agency by the smell of the fish Fukumoto bought. He followed him to D-Agency. Yoru fell from a tree onto the grass and then entered the building…

One of D-Agency’s training includes how to operate a gun while blindfolded…..

Hatano noticed Yoru’s presence and notified Yuuki, “A black cat isn’t a devil’s familiar but a witch’s right?” (He was being his cheeky self w/ this joke). Miyoshi wants to chase it out.

Change scene to Fukumoto in apron now with the fish.He notices the cat and gently holds out a piece for it. Miyoshi walks in, “Oi, don’t feed it. What if it gets comfortable here" Miyoshi is cold-hearted to cats……….

cue Hatano’s tsukkomi: Perhaps the reason Miyoshi hates cats is because he hates his own kind.

Odagiri ends up chasing it out (really nicely).

“The next time you find it it’ll be eaten by the devil,” But the way Yuuki said it so casually made it sound so horrible!!

Afterwards, there’s a suspicious man who slides down from the tree and takes off (maybe a plot against D-Agency?)

Aaand it ended on that note.

ED: Shows Yoru w/ each member

  • Amari’s is smoking leisurely while fishing and the cat is in the back yawning (OP’s favorite lol)
  • Then there’s Yoru curled up next to Kaminaga on a bed
  • We see Hatano w/ glasses. Yoru shows a bit of a surprised face
  • In a studyroom we see Jitsui taking a book out and Yoru nestled in the bookshelves at ease
  • Next we see Tazaki who caught Yoru trying to attack a pigeon(s) [T/N:why am I not suprised lol]
  • Finally we see Yoru at the feet of Yuuki
Dear able bodied people.

When we are frustrated that trailers to movies we’re excited to see don’t have subtitles and it’s impossible to even try to lipread because there’s an object in the way and we make comment on it, don’t say ‘What, are you deaf?’ Yes, I’m HoH, I have to live with this.

On days when I’m sick and I can’t walk if you’ve asked me to do something or we were meant to go do something, don’t use it against me. I am disappointed I can’t stack the dishwasher or shower I walk through the library for a new book for the next time I’m bed bound. I don’t like shaking as I walk or passing out randomly and I don’t want to be made feel shit anymore. Things you consider chores I want to be able to do, I want to know what’s wrong with me and I don’t.

And lastly abled people, don’t pretend to understand my frustration with my disability. Because when it’s not recognised because no one knows why you’re like this, and you’re afraid of needles and now being prodded for tests, it’s scary and heartbreaking and something you won’t understand if you haven’t gone through. Like miscarriage and the death of a partner, both of which I’ve been through, if you haven’t been there, you have no say or judgment in my pain.

Sehun vs. YouTube

This one is for @sebootyyy not my best but I hope you like it!

“Sehun-ah, what are you doing?” Suho asked. “I’m looking for this video on YouTube of this song that Chanyeol-hyung told me to listen to.” He explains to his elder. “Okay but don’t stay up too late!” “Thank you hyung, goodnight.” Sehun yells after as Suho leaves the room.

After finishing the video, Sehun starts messing with his phone. Suddenly he hears the next video start and it’s a girl speaking in English. He notices the subtitles and starts to watch the video, in awe of the girl on the screen. Before he knows it, he’s watched almost all of her videos. The last video he watches is a reaction video to a kpop song. She’s never heard it and it’s her first time.

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Ok here's a fun story. when I was living in Japan I craved Mexican food because it was impossible to get. So when my brother came to visit me he basically grabbed a handful of sauce packets and brought them over. When they had him in customs the Japanese dude spoke perfect English. "what do you have to claim. anything?" And he said "just this taco bell sauce." and the Japanese guy looked up, his perfect English dropping to Samurai Subtitles and he went "tako berru?" in the most confused voice

… There’s no taco bells in Japan?

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For people who still may be confused: what donamoeba and the other lovely translators have provided are basically the subtitles. Go to aitaikimochi's blog and follow the link to the person who has the raw video. Download the movie itself. Download VLC (a video player). Download the translations from Donamoeba. Play the movie through VLC and click on subtitles and add Donamoeba's translations as subtiles. Voila. Or wait for the live stream if this is a little too complicated lol.

what this anon said, thank you for clarifying. :)


Interview with Azucena and Alinder from Carga Máxima

Carga Máxima is a collective that carries the same name used to categorize this popular hand-painted Peruvian font. With the arrival of digital lettering, which dominates the graphic world, the collective Carga Máxima fights to maintain the original hand-painted technique alive.

Creado por Azucena del Carmen y Alinder Espada, Carga Máxima lleva el nombre del estilo peruano de letras a puro pulso y pincel. Con la llegada del rotulado digital que domina el mundo gráfico, el colectivo Carga Máxima lucha para mantener la técnica original de puro pulso y pincel que siguen utilizando ciertos maestros del pincel.

[don’t delete caption \ video includes subtitles in english!]

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So looks like you've seen The Handmaiden already. Did you like it?

Yes!!! Well I’ve seen the original version, without any subtitles. I was going to wait for the subs, but I couldn’t help myself 😜 besides it’s fucking Fingersmith, right? I didn’t understand a word but I’m still processing what I saw…Oh My God this movie is going to be iconic! Can’t wait for my dash to be full of the handmaiden gifs And the ending?? The ending is much happier than the book itself or the BBC adaptation 😊😊😊😊. You just have to see it yourself!