It’s Officially the Summer Lull...

… so what’s a fun thing to have on in the background as you work? 

Nothing good seems to be happening right now where there’s nothing but depressing news, sports and repeats on TV (all the good stuff comes on in the autumn), and there’s zero anime to watch (Big noises and shiny things, franchises, and heterosexual fanservice don’t do it for me; I’m sorry!)

So, what would you recommend? (no Netflix exclusives as I don’t have, nor want that, and something that doesn’t require speed-reading subtitles - I’m not anti-foriegn media; it’s just hard to work and read at the same time, y’know?)

anonymous asked:

Do you know how did Yuna do on the first episode? I feel like in her entrance the contestants looked down to her. But since I can't understand I don't know. What did she said that made everybody shock? lol. But yeah, still thinking Yuna will be like Kisum in the first season and everybody know Kisum and Jessi are the ones who are doing the best after UR season one, so. I wish her the best, I will wait for the subtitles so I can rewards the complete episode.^^

I haven’t had the time to look at the full episode, but when she made her entrance, she asked if everyone there was an under (rapper), and they all laughed and ignored her since it was much like an obvious question? But Yuna was just being polite, asking a simple question. She then asked if the last one coming could be Miryo, but Miryo was already there before Yuna, it’s just that didn’t see her, and personally I don’t know how can they blame Yuna, there are a lot of rappers already before her and she’s nervous, I’ve had the same experience a lot of times, that I don’t notice someone since I’m nervous and there are a lot of people to look at.

Also, Yuna was about to come out as the worst rapper for the first mission, she forgot her lyrics for the one take music video :( - admin m