Pinocchio Pencil Sharpener

Stay on point and sharpen your way to honesty with the Pinocchio pencil sharpener. The more you sharpen your pencils, the more honest the little wooden boy becomes with a shorter nose. This functional piece of childhood nostalgia is a great addition to any home office or work desk.


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piano/vocal cover of Hurt please consider rose lalonde’s arc from grimdark to god tier as the song progresses bc im too lazy to draw the lyricstuck for it

anonymous asked:

Can we see what happens in the mythology AU? I'm really in love with it. G's decided Sid's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and is so in love, and Sid's all: I woke up sore in a king's bed? I thought I was dead? What's going on?

here’s a snippet:

Sidney never thought he was goingto see the sun again.

He’d made his peace with it.  He hadn’t wanted to die, but death was placed before him and—and at least it was supposed to have been painless.  There were worse fates than a quick death you never feel, especially when it insured Taylor’s safety, at least for one more year.

Waking up, becoming aware again after the priests poured their draught down his throat, is a surprise.  Finding the King in bed with him, serving him water and watching him with dark, curious eyes, is so far beyond surprising that Sidney cannot even process it. Sidney’s body aches, muscles sore in strange places, and the King’s hands are gentle and proprietary on his skin.

Sidney wants to shy away from his body, this man who took him from his home, who he was sacrificed to.  He can’t stop himself from shivering under the hot press of his fingertips.  “I would keep you,” the King says, leaning in and kissing Sidney’s mouth and Sidney trembles, and takes the only option set before him which seems sensible.

He tilts his head and gives in to the kiss, his heart racing in his chest and burning in his veins.  The King makes a deep, pleased sound, curls his hand around the back of Sidney’s head and Sidney—Sidney thinks maybe he will live to see another sunrise.

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Slight change of plan.  I was adding this to the bottom of my First Tumblr Poem which is coming shortly, but wanted to share the neat things a couple of friends are doing separately so you wouldn’t miss them.  First of all, thank you to Nathen for your wonderful http://twc-virgin-writes.tumblr.com/ concept (I believe writers can submit their first poems or prose there as well), and speaking of excellent ideas, Wolfie I’m working on my breaking down the twc wall bio and I encourage everyone to participate, or play if you will.  For details check out this link  http://desayunogratis.tumblr.com/post/111955420447      

stuff i do when im feeling anxious, panic or dull


  • close my eyes and feel the textures of the objects around me be it paper, wood, clothes, plants whatever
  • play with play doh
  • grab a piece of paper and tear it to shreds
  • grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw all over it until i feel a bit lighter and calmed
  • take deep breaths(in 1,2,3,4,5 out 1,2,3,4)
  • close my eyes and imagine the numbers from 1 to 100 in different colors which can not repeat themselves and have to be specific (e.g. 1 is the red from my fav dress 2 is the blue of my sheets)
  • go for a run until i am tired
  • dance
  • dip my hands in bags full of seeds (like beans, corn, pasta whatever feels cool)


these are harder for me to tame on my own so some techniques require a second person

  • go to an open place and take deep breaths
  • put a person’s hand over your chest and hold it there, then put yours on their chest and let them hold it there, breathe until you breaths are coordinated
  • if it is really bad, my mom puts me under a cold shower
  • put your hand on your chest and watch it move so your brain realizes you are breathing
  • look around and say your name, where you are, 4 things you see 4 things you hear 4 things you feel 4 things you smell, this is really grounding
  • being held and comforted is always nice


I call this feeling being gray, bc it feels like it, i usually feel like this when my depression is kicking in

  • Take a warm bath and put your fav lotion afterwards
  • Shave/wax/ pluck your eyebrows or whatever if you like to do it (if you feel like doing this for the pain you should skip this)
  • paint your nails a nice color
  • brush your hair
  • do your make up (my boyfriend used to trim his beard instead of doing this)
  • put on a nice cheerful dumb movie that doesnt cause you stress or worries
  • search for nice acoustic music and play it with rainy mood on the background
  • make a super hype, upbeat playlist to cheer you up
  • cook a nice meal for you and everyone else
  • eat some fresh fruit
  • make some tea (twinings indian chai is really nice and twinings strawberry mango with ice cubes is delicious)
  • grab a new book and read it
  • paint your walls!
  • change your room
  • excercise
  • go for a walk with your dog and your camera 
  • go to a cafe with someone and order something new
  • write it all down
  • take your meds if you have meds to take
  • buy every flavor beans and eat them without looking at the flavors
  • take a sunbath
  • change your sheets

I think I should pick something else than white for the socks and shoes. But it could be my monitor. i originally wanted a navy/dark color but at the time i bought the dress they were out of stock. also im not keen on the shoes at all lol

shoes: x

lace socks: ebay

everything else: x