oh gosh, you guys are so so sweet and supportive, way more than I deserve. I appreciate all your kind words and support. Its kinda tough for me to talk about this stuff so I don’t know if I can respond to everyone, but I do want to let everyone know I really appreciate everything and I’m just really emotional right now

also, I’m sorry so many people can relate. While its good to know I’m not alone in this feeling and that people understand, its such an awful thing to go through and I’m sorry any of you had to go through that

So my Pokehunting outing tonight was basically the tropiest accidental date fic you could possibly write centred around Pokémon GO. What was usually a team event wound up being just the two of us. We both showed up in fancy dress because we desperately needed to do laundry. We both forgot to eat ahead of time so we decided to stop at a diner after an hour or so of Pokehunting. I offered her my jacket because it was cold inside. (Actually I offered her a pink snuggie because that’s all I had on hand, shhhh.) We ended up eating the food under the starry sky and periodically hitting up the nearby pokestop. I mean could you get more tropey than that?

i didn’t plan on majoring in writing but now that i sort of have to…my inner child is thriving idk like. all of my dreams are coming back to life and i want to write a novel again and characters are building themselves in my head and i keep finding poetry everywhere and it’s like!! oh!!!! maybe i’m supposed to do this

Aventurine, Era 1 Peridot, and Tahitian Ringed Pearl, a.k.a. the green team. 

Explanation: one of the Gemsona July prompts was pearlsonas or quartzsonas, and since i already had those, i decided to make someone who could they could work for. therefore, i introduce the Experiment Timeline!


  • (Left) Aventurine, the war-hardened general and strategist who lowkey wants the embrace of death and highkey wants a nap. The gem equivalent to the middle-aged army vet who mows her lawn too short and always has her American flag hanging on the porch and doesn’t know how to use a microwave but can peg a tin can from 600 feet with a .22. Hates most younger gems.
  • (Right) Tahitian Ringed Pearl aka “Tai”, the pearl made for Aventurine but without her knowledge, so she’s kind of just around for company. Tai is autistic and deformed and beautiful and sensitive and really, really clumsy. Once spent two days watching a bug crawl over her fingers. Has prophetic dreams and was secretly made to warn Aventurine of an approaching danger. Aventurine secretly thinks Tai is the best thing in the galaxy.
  • (Center) Era 1 Peridot, a researcher of gem development. Similar to pre-Catch and Release Peridot in terms of personality, a little more mature due to her age. Those are not limb enhancers; she is actually that tall. We don’t actually know why she’s here. I kind of just made her to round off the prompt.

Summary: An offshoot timeline of the Alpha Timeline found here. Aventurine, on a long-deserved break after the Earth conflict, is called back prematurely from her vacation to “escort” an Era 1 Peridot who actually just ends up doing experiments on her and Tai Pearl, who’s just along because we don’t leave Tai unsupervised. I don’t know what else happens except shenanigans, including but not limited to:

  • Someone getting shot out of an airlock
  • Gem memes
  • Tai finds one of Peridot’s spare visors lying around and is so enthralled with it that Peridot lets her keep it.
  • Aventurine drinks something not intended for any sort of consumption.
  • Aventurine and Tai accidentally fuse and Labradorite takes over. Probably accidentally breaks some things. Peridot is partly scared and partly appalled and partly gay.
  • Peridot: I was thinking more of flat out stealing from them.
    Aventurine: What?! No way!
    Peridot: Why not? You already stole a pearl.
    Aventurine: No, we didn’t. Tai’s her own gem. She can do whatever she wants.
    Tai: I wanna steal.
  • Aventurine and Tai making fun of Peridot’s love of bullet points by speaking entirely in list format.
  • Gem twister.

That’s all for now, kind of long, maybe I’ll do something with it. Probably not.