Disney Songs For Each MBTI Type:

ISFJ: “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella

INTP: “Son of Man” from Tarzan

ISFP: “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas

INFJ: “Reflection” from Mulan

ISTP: “The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book

INFP: “In A World Of My Own” from Alice In Wonderland

ISTJ: “A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down” from Mary Poppins

INTJ: “Let It Go” from Frozen

ENFP: “Just Around The Riverbed” from Pocahontas

ESTP: “Why Should I Worry?” from Oliver & Company

ENFJ: “God Help The Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

ESFP: “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King

ENTJ: “Almost There” from The Princess And The Frog

ESTJ: “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan

ENTP: “One Jump Ahead” from Aladdin

ESFJ: “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan

Heading to Tamarind Restaurant | New York City, NY | May 29, 2015

Michael Kors ‘Circle Eyelet Tie Front Blouse’ - $125.00

While this would be a great beach look, I think my preference for city styling would be to see Taylor take on the stripes + floral trend here with a white striped top or even a simple burgundy or cream sweater.

Worn with: Bulgari bag, Haute Hippie skirt and Prada sandals

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Law & Order: SVU: Olivia Benson [ISTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Olivia needs to process information before coming to conclusions and making sense of evidence. She’s determined and quick to tell victims that they will catch the assailant and they will be brought to justice, as this is part of her job as an SVU detective. She will stop at almost nothing to solve a case and will exhaust all of her available options to make sure her goal is accomplished. As sergeant, Olivia is good on paper with her duties but her fellow detectives get aggravated at first with how she runs the precinct. She eventually adapts to her role as sergeant.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Being a detective means Olivia has to think fast on her feet whether it’s in the interrogation room or in pursuit of a suspect. She assesses her environment and uses it to her advantage and is quite skilled at using what’s in front of her to get herself out of a sticky situation or getting information out of someone that she is interrogation. Olivia is particularly skilled at going undercover for a case more often than not and can quickly adapt - whether it’s to how a case changes direction or a shake up in her personal life.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Using the evidence that she’s processed through her Ti, Olivia is able to draw conclusions to help solve a case and put a suspect behind bars. If Olivia thinks there’s something missing or fishy, she’s right more often than not. She’s able to connect with victims as well as use the same methods to get information out of a suspect.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): While Olivia is able to connect with victims, her own personal emotions are hard for her to handle and she has to distance herself from a situation. After a particularly trying case, Olivia makes the decision to take a break from being Elliot’s partner as he has become progressively more volatile. Olivia finds it hard to open up to Fin after a traumatic experience undercover and pulls a gun on a suspect while experiencing the effects of PTSD where Fin has to intervene. Olivia’s emotions often have an explosive outpouring, such as her breakdown when Elliot leaves the department and she breaks down in Cragen’s office.

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The Opinions of an INTJ:

Thoughts of other types, by an INTJ:

ESTP - You’re all over the place please stop flirting with everyone, are you even aware you’re doing that? I can’t tell if you’re genuinely that shallow or if it’s act. I’m going to go with an act because I know you’re not an idiot.

ESTJ - For the love of god please stop micro managing. You are not in control of the fate of the world. Stop inflicting your personal opinions on everybody else. Have some fun in your life and break a rule or four.

ESFP - Feelings feelings everywhere. Stop trying to rationalize your feelings into facts. Life is not a competition to prove you’re the best at everything.

ESFJ - You probably cry too much about things you cannot control. Stop caring about what other people think, and stop letting it effect your personal decisions.

ENTP - You’re terrifying. The conviction you have for the randomest little things is so intense how do you even do that. I think you like seeing how far you can push other people and I can respect that. Are you just passionate or intense, I can’t tell if you genuinely care about anything. You just like arguring, and are scary good at it.

ENTJ - Probably the best public speakers. Maybe because youre speaking to a collective group and not to individuals (which youre a bit worse at). You belittle people unintentionally but it’s like a contest trying to get your respect and that’s fun.

ENFP - Please calm down and stop jumping or flailing for like ten seconds. You’re such great deep thinkers but most people don’t see that side of you because they only see how distracted you get by small animals and random trinkets. You’re probably the best at bringing out feelings in INTJs who like to pretend they have none. Also dark ENFPs are great. Its a tiny bit disconcerning how you can go from the actual personification of bubbles to bitter and snide and mean in like ten seconds.

ENFJ - You’re so nice and thus friends with everyone and while I like ENFJ’s I will probably hate all of your friends and still avoid you. Also, are you aware you’re constantly flirting? You’re too nice not to be.

ISTP - Probably the reason I’ll end up in jail. Stop encouraging me to have fun, because your idea of fun is usually tresspassing or vandalism. Are all ISTPs a bit sociopathic? yes. Probably yes. Is there anything you care about? Probably not. You’ll end up selling your things and being homeless for fun.

ISTJ - So similar and yet so boring. Good minions. Great at filing things mindlessly without questioning anything. I admire the way you can make your enemies lives a living hell.

ISFP - Such hipsters. Your blog is probably not all that original, stop trying to write poetry. You are not “tragically misunderstood”.

ISFJ - So maternal. You could be maternal to a fullgrown liger. (And yes I know that, scientifically, ligers are never full grown as they lack the genes to stop them from growing.) Of all the feeling types you’re amongst the best at compartmentalizing.

INTP - You bother me with your P-ness. Your'e so organised in your mind. Like a cyborg. A friendly cyborg, usually. The actual best liars. You might be so good at lying because you don’t see it as lying, just telling the truth from an incorrect perspective.

INTJ - Actual line of thoughts whilst meeting an INTJ: Another me? Hopefully not. Or hopefully yes? Will we be friends? I wouldn’t be friends with myself. Maybe I can use them, but maybe they’re thinking that of me. I should probably stay on their good side. Damn they probably already thought that. Maybe I should avoid them. I might need them though? Or not. What if they’re more INTJ. We should be frenemies and play chess while schemeing against eachother. Like moriarty and sherlock, or Xavier and Magneto, or L and Light.

INFP - Youre all so cute and sweet and awhh. I will bet like ten dollars you have a random sketchbook/notebook filled with either: song lyrics/music, drawings/designs, poetry/stories etc. Youve proably invented a secret code/language at some point. I bet as a kid you created weird imaginary worlds (you probably still do).

INFJ - YOU’RE SO SIMILAR BUT SO DIFFERENT HOW. Your feelings are too much, please stop for your own sake. NOT EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL AND EVERYBODY IS NOT OUT TO GET YOU. Youre pretty special but youre not alone at all. You emit feelings like a weird radio frequency.

Mistakes in MBTI Typing

INTJ - It’s the villain, they’re always so evil and trying to take things for their own benefit!! 
INTP - Oh look, they love science! Pretty clueless too but in a cute way. Also wears glasses and is nerdy. 
INFJ - Ah a psychic hermit mystic who is idealistically dreamy but also a romantic that speaks in metaphors…
INFP - They always want peace and doesn’t like fighting or arguments. 
ISTJ - Boring. No comment 
ISTP - This one isn’t social and doesn’t speak a lot, but a computer science geek. Good at building things. 
ISFJ - I love this person! She’s so beautifully caring and kind and never says anything mean! Perfect~ ^-^ 
ISFP - The quiet, shy person but with a lot of talents and a way with art and words
ENTJ - A natural leader but also have temper tantrums like ESTJ and really rude. Constantly brags about world domination and how everyone must obey them. 
ENTP - Some classclown that talks so fast and really rebellious 
ENFJ - So genuinely nice and warm!!! Just. Really. Wonderful!! This person always understands you and everything!
ENFP - Lol so random! But they’re really hilarious, even though all they talk about are unicorns 
ESTJ - He always have arguments with ESTP and often has a lot of temper tantrums. What a rude dude 
ESTP - Wow they only jumped off the roof yet survived and they want to do it again?! Unfortunately enjoys sex and is notorious for a lot of crime like robberies 
ESFJ - It’s always the mom! Or people who want to act like moms. 
ESFP - The popular kid, obviously! Always in the spotlight, famous, and flirty. But aren’t all of them popular anyway? Therefore all of them ESFPs. 

MBTI - as villains
  • INTP:The evil genius to whom scheming comes very naturally.
  • ENTP:The one who never stops playing games with the hero and is probably the biggest advocate of anarchy.
  • INFP:The person with one event in their life as the primary motivation for every bad thing they have ever done.
  • ENFP:The one who started off with a cause but is honestly just having fun messing with people at this point.
  • ISTP:The one who takes "Keep your enemies closer" to heart and befriends the squad trying to catch them.
  • ESTP:The one who does cliche villain things for the irony, and no one knows how to catch them? Meanwhile, they're just in their house laughing their ass off.
  • ISFP:The one who gets manipulated into revealing their entire plan because they think they've already won. And sometimes, they win anyway.
  • ESFP:The one who's always giving out motivational speeches to get people to join their cause and fight for them.
  • INTJ:The mastermind behind the chess board, controlling everything.
  • ENTJ:The leader of a questionable organization that probably has many, many pawns.
  • INFJ:The person who honestly thinks they're doing it for a good cause and probably has a redemption arc.
  • ENFJ:The one that will never let their plans slip, and it's always questionable what they're really after.
  • ISTJ:The one with a very detailed, sometimes convoluted, plan to get to where they want to be.
  • ESTJ:The person probably aiming for world domination.
  • ISFJ:The one who does little things to piss the hero off like leaving messages behind and flashing them a smile.
  • ESFJ:The one who maintains a facade of being good to be loved by a lot of people, so they'll have an army to defend them if they're ever accused of anything.