got on my laptop with the intention of actually getting work done but my finger slipped and i started rewatching fmab and i’m actually crying im like 30 seconds in oh my god//????? this show is so good?? did you guys know this????

Des fois je suis en train de raconter ma vie et soudainement j’ai une prise de conscience genre “pourquoi tu dis des trucs tu es grave chiante tout le monde te déteste arrête stp” du coup je décide de plus jamais parler mais cinq minutes plus tard je recommence parce que je suis ridicule et pathétique

blogger on tumblr: *is mildly attractive*
everyone else: oh my god you are soooo hot wow have my babies u got kik omg you don’t know me but we’re going to be married such a bae lol ughhh why does everyone hot live so far away ): MY OVARIES #UNF

I heard Stone Temple Pilots playing at my local grocery store earlier and my reaction went something along the lines of

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with a little bit of

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and maybe some

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then I lost control like

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and now I’m like

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so yeah, it’s been a good morning thus far