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not to be that person but…. hating a movie before it comes out because you THINK your favorite character might be getting a storyline you didn’t “want” is really immature and creates uncessary drama over nothing. if it happens AFTER you see the movie? make a fucking scene! but before? just….chiLL

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Thoughts on Bodhi's backstory, his bond with Galen and his eventual decision to defect? R1 could have done with more Bodhi Rook scenes, less weird tentacle monster imo.

  • Bodhi Rook has loved flying since Cheuske Taintia “borrowed” her older brother’s speeder, and let them all have a try behind the controls. It’d felt like laying both hands on an energy coil, something humming under his fingers, making his back teeth ache.
    • When he shuts his eyes, he can still look through that viewshield, out into the darkness. 
      • They’d dimmed the headlamps—whispering to one another, flush with the illicit thrill of the stolen speeder, the abandoned field, the excitement of being young, and feeling on the verge of something. The grass was spread out before them, undulating like the sea, and Bodhi can remember thinking flying was like stepping into another galaxy, some place apart and suspended in space.
        • (There were no rations, in this bit of space; his father never came home in silence, and went immediately to bed; his mother didn’t cry over the holos of her sons killed in action over Bastatha.
        • This world was dark, and green, and hushed, warm with all their breathing, trembling, and Bodhi was flying, skimming over that sea of grass, and he was free—)
    • His mother does not cry, when he stumbles in from the night, half-drunk on the feeling, wings on his feet. She and his father simply look at him for a long moment, before sending him to bed.
      • He dreams of silver wings, against the dark sky.
  • Reecee is loyal to the Empire; Bodhi only vaguely remembers a time when the Emperor’s holoimage did not flicker on the mantle, when people asked ‘if’ their sons would enlist, and not ‘when’
  • He thinks he spends the next four years of schooling fidgeting in his seat, stalking the perimeter of the airfield like wanting will put him in the pilot’s seat. 
      • Learns everything he can, to the point where when he shuts his eyes, he can picture the controls of a TIE fighter or a command shuttle, perform basic maneuvers on his phantom controls.
        • (I used to be fearless, you know, he told Galen once. His hands were still shaking, and he had to grit his his teeth, hugging himself to stave off the fever-rush of stim come-down. There are—these rock formations, on Reecee. I used to climb them, just with my hands, trying to get that flying feeling back.
          • Did it work? Galen had asked.
            Hah, Bodhi had laughed, a stuttering sound. You know, it didn’t. But once I lost my footing, fell almost seven meters—that felt like flying. Shattered my kneecaps and broke most of the bones below my hips, but for just a minute, it was exactly right.)
  • The first thing they teach at the Imperial Flight Academy is that the Empire must be preserved. At its borders prowl wolves—the Rebels, the Separatists, criminals, scum, thieves—all jealous of the glory and might of the Empire, and the wisdom of the Emperor. Were it not for its brave soldiers, the galaxy would be plunged again into the chaos and disorder of the Republic
  • The second thing they teach at the Imperial Flight Academy is that the designation of of ‘brave soldier’ mostly seems to be earned through dying.
    • To be fair, they do not say this. 
      • But Bodhi once spent all night studying the TIE specs, and went to his instructor the next day. Where’s the shielding? he asked, pulling up the schematic on his datapad, just to make sure he wasn’t missing something. His instructor had looked at him for a moment before saying, that’s none of your concern, pilot, and striding away down the corridor.
      • The instructors occasionally bring in pilots—officers—to speak to the trainee classes, share stories of their glorious battles for the Empire. But Bodhi has seen the other pilots, who wander through the halls looking like living ghosts. Their hands shake, long after any stim should have left their systems, and when spoken to, they stare with bloodshot, unseeing eyes.
        • He’s heard the jokes that TIE fighter pilots are bugfuck, spice-addled; mad as rathtars and twice as vicious. But he thought that was typical military talk, like referring to the troopers as ‘bucketheads’
      • Once, as part of a practice misrep, Bodhi asks for pilot deaths per standard annum. (He just needs to compare attrition rates, make sure his calculations are correct—) “That record does not exist,” the records hall droid replies crisply.
        • He tries his query a hundred ways, but the records don’t exist. Whether the ship was salvageable, yes; stimulant stores and shipments, sure; even orders given. They have records of when pilots were ordered into battle, but not how many pilots returned.
        • Bodhi reports this to his Tactics instructor, who is the highest-ranked officer at the Academy. He listens thoughtfully, nodding and looking increasingly worried. I’ll take this straight to the top, he swears, taking the datachip from Bodhi.
          • (The trash droids don’t come around often enough. Bodhi sees the broken shards in the wastebasket, the next time he has class.)
  • When Bohdi shuts his eyes, he can still see the green world, the invisible controls. He shuts his eyes—
    • He keeps them shut, for a long time. Goes through the rest of the Academy like that, his first five postings, living only for the moments they sit him down in a craft, tell him to leave the stars in his TIE’s rear sensors.
      • He does not care about the rest, when he is flying
      • (I don’t think I’m a good person, he slurred once, when he collapsed in a stim-addled haze at Galen’s door. Galen helped him stand, took him in; Bodhi vaguely remembers being curled up on a bed, crying, and Galen stroking his hair and murmuring in something that wasn’t Basic.
        • I have a daughter about your age, Galen had said the next morning, when Bodhi woke up in sweat-drenched sheets, a headache like a blaster-cannon between his eyes. 
        • Bodhi didn’t know what to say to that, so he made some excuse and left. They never did have much to say to one another, when he wasn’t high or Galen wasn’t tinkering with Bodhi’s fighter.)
  • The stim makes it easier—the TIE pilots are all addicted to it, to some degree, a cocktail of norepinephrine and epinephrine, adrenaline, all rotting their brains. Stim narrows the world, until it’s just you and the stars and the controls, your own blood crackling with lightning. Everything’s fast and easy, liquid, like flying. Nothing matters but you and doing. Doesn’t even matter what you’re doing. 
    • The first time Bodhi tries flying without it, he’s so tired, distracted, he screws up his flight plan, barely makes it to dock. His commander screams at him for five minutes, and all he wants to do is lie down. He hasn’t been actually tired in years, he’s forgotten what it feels like, how heavy it is.
    • They take him off TIE fighters shortly after that. He’s almost grateful. (It’s too hard, too wired into his brain now, climbing into a cockpit with that tab dissolving on his tongue. Freighters and command shuttles don’t twig that bit of his brain.)
    • Going without stim is like—
      • Not like taking blinders off, nothing that drastic. But it doesn’t feel as though the world is on the verge of ending anymore, that something must be done about it now, right now. It’s amazing how much more there is in the world, when it isn’t rushing past at hyperspeed.
      • He finds himself thinking, in the new absence, wondering why the Empire is ordering him there, what cargo he’s bringing here. Why there are so many pilots and soldiers on a research base. What it is that Galen’s building.
        • (At first he asks these questions aloud, but he gets blank, bewildered stares from the other pilots. Then the stares turn suspicious, hostile, and he stops asking.)
    • The record droids don’t keep track of death tolls for every conflict he’s flown in, but the estimates are enough to make him crave a stim tab, or at least some very strong alcohol.
      • He tries it out once, alone in the cockpit of a command shuttle. I’m not a good person, whispered, just to himself. Immediately he feels like being sick, and he has to rest his head against the yoke, breathe deep.
  • It’s the first time he’s ever actually knocked on Galen’s door, standing upright and without even a trace of stim in his system. (He’s still twitchy, doesn’t think that’ll ever go away—and moreso knowing that the deck of cards clutched in his hand is technically contraband, for both of them.)
    • Do you play sabacc? he blurts out, when Galen answers the door. The man looks somewhat surprised—it’s been a good few months since their paths last crossed in the hangar, longer since the last time Bodhi dragged himself to this door. But he smiles all the same, lets him in.
    • (The datachip wasn’t in his shoe, just for the record. Might have damaged the tech, that way. He’d slipped into the worn deck of sabacc cards he kept in his inner breast pocket. And he’d carried it there, right between the Idiot and the Star.)
Not so boring history review; Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I haven’t done a review for a while so I’m going to do one now but instead of a book I’m going to review a video game.


Valiant Hearts is a video game created by Ubisoft  that was inspired by letters from WW1.  Rather it being a typical shooter that you might expect from a game like this it’s a puzzle game. It follows the story of 4 people and a dog who all have different stories about how they got into the war. 

One thing they did in this game that I really liked was that every time you entered a new area the game gave you information and facts about it. 

this game is available on steam for PC, XBox, XBox one and PlayStation. if you’re going to Play this game prepare to get your heart ripped out of your chest. 

Snoke, the Deceiving Snake and the Apple of the Dark Side

In reblogged post(s) I have made earlier in regards to my series of responses to “Kylo Ren and the Holy War” by @a-shipper-despite-herself (click here to read) in regards to Knights Templar (specifically the Hospitaller Knights), my crazy theory people has turned my attention to an uniqe and interesting interpretation on Star Wars Ep. 7, 8, and 9 (in terms of potential plot-line(s) and maybe character development and arc and so on).

Disclaimer: this post is for educational purposes only. This is not advocate an particular opinion or a particular theory that should happen in Star Wars Ep. 8 and 9. It’s just a guess and a thought experiment to think about in terms of looking at the Star Wars story from a different, intellectual angle. Apologies in advance if the content of this post is a bit unbearable to read. Just so you know.

Here it goes:

Snoke, the name looks similar to the word for Snake as in Serpent or the Serpent in the bible who deceived Adam and Eve to eat the apple of knowledge. In the Force Awakens novel, it is revealed that Snoke (Deceiver Snake - Serpent - Lucifer) seduced Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren to the Dark Side. Other words, Snoke gave Ben a taste of the apple of the dark side (or knowledge thereof) and became a Dark Side follower (i.e. Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren a.k.a. Adam, in this case, sinned). As a result, Ben leads the Knights of Ren to fight the Light. (Note: Knights of Ren wear clothing similar to the “ Hospitaller Knights, also known as the Knights of St John” - Source: click here)

Rey is Snoke’s next target to become his additional student. (Note: It is implied or explicitly stated in the novel and/or the TFA final script that Snoke has more than one student. Also, in it stated in the TFA script that Rey can feel the dark side in her as she was this close to kill Kylo at the Starkiller base.) So, what does Snoke (a.k.a Snake - Serpent - Deceiver - Lucifer) is potentially going to do in Ep. 8 and Ep. 9? Snoke will try to seduce Rey (she’s in like Eve in this case) to eat the Apple of Knowledge of the Dark side and she too like Kylo Ren (the Adam) will become a Dark Side follower (i.e. Rey a.k.a. Eve sinned).

Therefore, if Snoke succeeds in this act, Kylo and Rey has turned their back to the light side of the force. Like, how Adam and Eve turned their back away from God after eating the Apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

Now, to make things more “mind blown,” look at the number of letters in Kylo and Rey’s names.

Kylo = Adam (has 4 letters) 

Rey = Eve (has 3 letters)

Yes, you can say, but Ben has three letters too like Eve. Yes, that’s true, but it’s likely you have to think about “Kylo” as Ben who turned to dark side or the Adam who has sinned in order to see this Kylo and Adam has 4 letters in their name to understand this connection. It can also be said that Solo has 4 letters as Adam, so that could count as well as a connection.

If you look at the poster, below:

Why is Kylo and Rey standing side by side? Well, they are the ones to defeat Snoke (i.e. it’s like Adam and Eve taking their retaliation for their predicament against the Snake, the Deceiver, Lucifer, Satan. Well I know that does not happen in the scripture, but think of it as a plot-line in the Star Wars story where Rey and Kylo takes on Snoke). 

Now, look carefully at their posture and stance, they look like they are fighting the Dark Side. The poster’s left side (defined by the Red color light saber) represents the Dark whereas at the poster’s right side Finn’s blue saber represents the Light. Also, Finn’s stance is that of Defense (the Light) whereas Kylo and Rey are in the position of Offense or “about to attack” (the Dark). 

Or, to look at it from the Yin Yang Theory: 

Yang = Offensive (dark side), Red color light saber

Yin = Defense (light side), Blue color light saber.

Also within the Yin Yang Theory:

Left region: Darkness (dark side) has a bit light (the white circle at the top) - that’s Kylo Ren.

Right region: Light (light side) has a bit of dark (the dark circle at the bottom) - That’s Rey.

So, therefore, Ben of Darkness has light in him whereas Rey of Light has a bit of darkness in her. They both have issues and struggles. They both need each other. They’re attracted to each other. They’re bound to be together.

Thus, in Episode 8 and Episode 9, Ben and Rey are going to be hell-bent in descending from the heavens above and reign down hell on Snoke (the Snake, the Serpent, the Deceiver, Lucifer) and his First Order forces.

Note: Again, this is just a Crazy Theory, A Star Wars Theory. It may not actually happen in Star Wars Ep. 8 and 9. So, let’s just wait and see.