saizine studies, #1

1. the usual workspace, ft. tulips and a mocha
2. some reading for next year’s histmed module (rose's the politics of life itself)
3. also currently reading/researching: cohen’s monster theory: reading culture and stoker’s dracula
4. went for a thinking walk down to tower bridge and shad thames.
5. calling it a day and reading iain banks’s the crow road and harper’s magazine

comixruleeverythingaroundme asked:

I heard talk of a Big Trouble in Little China remake. Thoughts? Also, Jillian Tamaki is incredible. Agreed?

I did hear about that. I do enjoy a Dwayne Johnson movie & the sceenplay being worked on by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz  who worked on (#1 in our hearts)  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. isss something. 

It’d be hard to out Big trouble in little China what john carpenter and his dudes did with the original movie though. . The Assault on Precinct 13 remake was rough. 

They didn’t even use my favorite line of the movie where they offer Bishop ( played by African-American actor  Austin Stoker ) coffee. 

[Offering coffee] Black?

Bishop: For over thirty years.

But Big trouble. hmmm I didn’t even read the recent comic even though it was drawn by  Brian Churilla whose work I think is great. (although I would love to do something in that world– but maybe King city is my Big trouble/Repo man fan comic already) – I still wish they’d give Snake Pliskin to Prophet homie Giannis to do up– I think a Ghost of Mars comic could be rad too. 

I’m sure I’ll see the new movie eventually but I won’t expect it to touch my love of the original.- I want Kurt Russell &  Dennis Dun. I basically want a Big trouble xmas special with Dwayne Jonson hosting. He could play the Pork chop express.  

Anyway yes.

And yeah, Agreed. Jillian is a seriously amazing cartoonist. Me and my pal Robin did a talk with her here if you haven’t heard it. 


TDIGH (This Day in Goth History): Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published May 26, in 1897. 

Though we don’t have much fiction in our collections, it turns out we have an author-inscribed copy of Dracula in our Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology! This signed copy of the first American edition (1899) was presented to B.B. Comegys (1819-1900) president of the Philadelphia National Bank.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me some good books and movies with the dark teenage girls/ adolescents theme?

i certainly can!



i’ll add more as i discover them.