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hey sorry i just found ur blog and i know someone already asked u this but what kind of drawing tablet do u use? how much was it and where did you get it? thanks <3

I’m using a Huion h610 Pro, I got it from a coolio person zombiebullshet!! I think you can get it on Amazon, or on their website right here I’m really lovin it so far yo! you should check it out if you’re interested!!

Masquerade trouble Page 15

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First of all thanks for waiting these past weeks were hard i was really busy drawing like crazy for a upcoming convention here in my country is in 2 days hhhh  i’m still busy but i wanted to finish this :3! with mistakes but if i take more time cleaning and adding the correct colors i’ll probably get tired of the comic and i don’t want that of course. After Saturday i think i will be more free, wish me luck!!!!!!

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