Taylor Swift the album appreciation: Girl was 16 and younger when she wrote those songs. I mean do I need to go track-by-track and say how freaking amazing this is. Like. Every. Damn. Song. Is beautiful in its own way. And I can’t believe it’s a debut album, let alone the debut of a 16-year-old girl. Slaying from the start, Baelor. Bless.

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What did you think of Cam's tweets about that girl's drawing?

lol, what is this new thing where people ask my opinion on literally everything to do with cam, like it actually means something?

i mean i saw that situation brewing earlier and tbqh, i think people were reading more into cam’s tweet than was really warranted. that’s just me. i can acknowledge when someone is being truly ignorant or problematic, but that doesn’t mean i sit around reading the worst possible intentions into everything they say/tweet/do from that point forward. again, that’s just me.

i’m a lot more disturbed by the fact that someone asked cam to date noel, because *chandler bing voice* omg, could this fandom be anymore embarrassing?


said:coffee shop au? Mal is a thieving barista or sth

This is gonna be…… *drumroll*…………. multi-chapter. And it is also on ao3. I made Polly the barista rather than Mal but I hope u like it ^_^


“We’re closed,” Polly said, her back to the door as it swung open. “We close at five and it’s now,” she paused before picking up the last empty coffee cup from the last empty table and glanced at the clock on the far wall, “Five-oh-one. Go away.”

“Well, is that any way to speak to your favourite customer?” said a familiar voice, in such a smug tone that Polly could tell, even before she turned around, exactly the sort of infuriating smirk that would be plastered across Mal’s face.

“You,” she said, turning to see – yep, there it was, that smug little grin plastered across that smug little face - “are not allowed in here.”

“So you admit it?”

“Admit what?”

“That I’m your favourite customer.”

“I- what?”

“I said I was your favourite customer and you didn’t deny it, so by process of elimination, I can only assume that it’s true.”

Polly sighed. “Mal, you’re not even a customer, let alone my favourite. You’re banned.”

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he gave his all, his tears, his sweats, his hard wok, his loyalty, his perseverance, his dedication and this is how you repay him. The photo he used his dp at the last moment is the photo he took with fans on his birthday, he uploaded it after Luhan left to cheer the fans up. ‘There is nothing to be afraid because i’m here’ he said. never once i have doubted him.never once i’ve been afraid. just tell me what did he do to deserve this? Do you want to drive him to the point he doesn’t care anymore and leave? then what? your accusations about him leaving can come true and you can say ‘i told you so’? he probably just needed to get away, i know he’s not the one to let those comments affect his decisions but he has feelings you know? in a way they still affect him and this cant continue like this anymore.