How to dick
get yo self a fuckin good man not no bad man i stg
u wanna look all sexy o yeah get it giiirl
then this is very complicated so listen up
whip that mothafuckin dick out
so look at that dick and think to yourself “is that a fine ass dick or is that a shit dick”
make that decision real quick girl
if you think that’s a stank ass dick whip that dick right back where it came from
but if that’s a fine ass dick ooooo girl you good
so then u wanna look at that dick and again, if its all sloppy and droopy that’s a stank ass dick
but if its straight dick with no crooks or dents damn girl u did good
then look at yo man and look at his face and u gotta think “does he deserve this nice ass pussy?”
if the answer is no u better break that dick and make sure none of yo nice ass girls and boys get that stank ass dick
but if its good, girl u did good again
if u got any of those crazy toys bring those freaky things out and make sure yo man gets a lil scared
but not too scared u don’t want that fine ass dick to run away now
u gotta tell him what to do so u in charge bc u the boss ass bitch and he better know
make sure he layin down so u can hop on that fine ass dick
and girl if u made it this far damn girl u got that fine ass dick

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Do you ever get uncomfortable when Louis sisters flaunt all their rich products online purposely to brag like a 12 year old with a $2000 purse???? I stg Jay needs to watch out for those twins because they're already so material obsessed at 12 so imagine them at 16.

i don’t really care……. all kids are materialistic and like to show off their stuff

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i'm just rambling but a super cute girl at my school (she won homecoming queen!!!) who always compliments my lipstick (even though we're barely acquaintances) said hi to me and waved today and i almost fainted i stg. I feel creepy for having such a huge crush on her because like i said we really don't know each other well and i always feel like that Creepy Stalker Lesbian Who Falls For Every Girl She Sees™️ punchline.

Ahh this is so cute tho omg!!

And I promise you that you aren’t a Creepy Stalker Lesbian!!!!! You aren’t bad or creepy for having a crush on a cute girl, not at all!! Girls are cute and it’s totally normal to get crushes on them, even if you don’t know them very well!! Especially if she’s nice I promise you it’s not creepy its 100% normal and good lesbian behavior :)

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I just went through Jacksons follows on Instagram and bruh, he follows fucking DJ Khaled LMAO, I stg if he shows BamBam Dj Khaled videos it's over for us 😂😂😂

😂😂😂 NOOOO💀 You know they don’t know how to catch trends on time lol so this means they bout to start saying “Another One” soon😂😂💀

I feel like Bambam and or Jackson are going to be the future Dj Khaled like the extra runs through their veins😂😂 like could you imagine 10 years from now Jackson and bambam still stuntin for the snapchat and instagram😂😂 I love these fools😂😂

somebody ask Joe if he has chest tattoos or if he likes temporary tattoos cause I stg I’m seeing tattoos there and it’s gonna bug me like does anyone know please enlighten me

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so i met this girl a month ago and i have a crush on her now and we went to the gay club with some friends and held hands in the car on the way back. she said she just wants to be friends cause she's questioning but its ok and im still so excited to be her friend!!!

ahhhh omg this is so cute n good n pure!!!!! i stg this is so pure all of u are so good omg