Because I’m hopeless shipper trash who’s in love with abutterflyobsession‘s art school AU.
It has 2 of my favourite things, strange magic and art! I was already weak! D’:

Anyway, yeah. Bog & Marianne being an adorable Not A Couple Definitely Not No Way from art school AU. In a scene that’s never been in the actual fic. Because I wanted to avoid doing this properly by hiding most things in the dark.
Crappy drabble thing under the cut~

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ok … i really need to vent ok i just cannot keep this im its destroying me

my grandma and aunt are literally trying to break my family apart , starting with my parents marriage … they also verbally abuse me and my siblings and as a result literally everyone in my family is depressed or has some sort of anxiety including my dad and mom … i have never felt any love from my grandma or aunt and it seriously pains me to see her treating her son and my aunt treating her brother (my dad) like this … my father has done nothing but support my grandma and aunt he bought my grandma what ever she wanted , computers tablets multiple ipods whatever , and was a good fucking son in my opinion … he’s taking care of his shitty mom despite knowing how she’s like … and he lets my aunt keep some of her stuff at put house despite our home being unsuited to hold the things she leaves us with …

he is so stressed out he works at a shitty job and has the additional job of caring for eleven other people … i understand why my dad is so stressed out and i know exactly why he lashes out and is mad all the time … i honestly understand it

my grandmother is so fucking abusive and shitty it’s effecting our entire family its made tensions rise between everyone and ruined my siblings childhood its ruined everyone’s lives and all of our mental health

screw over-priced alistair dolls and t-shirts no-one will ever wear, does bioware know how much money they’re missing out on by not releasing a full set of tarot card art posters? or even just the companion ones?because fuck paying £40+ for a giclee print or ugly lithographs but i would definitely shell out for a few regular a3/a4 posters, and i know lots of other fans would too. seriously, imagine how well the romance cards would sell! as it stands at the moment, i have little to no qualms buying bootleg products and fan-art posters/prints that actually give us what we want.

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Ya know I've always been of the opinion that Varric would give Cassandra other nicknames, once they're together. "Legs", for one, since hers are so long. He slips and calls her that in front of their friends once. He never quite lives it down.


I know, vehlr has used that a couple times. My favorite is a quote from the giveaway letters I received from her ages ago. In which Varric addresses one letter to… 

Princess Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Disgusted-Noise Bullshit Legs-That-Won’t-Quit Pentaghast, Seeker of my heart and temptress of my loins.

Alternately, it’s become a bit of a headcanon that Varric rarely calls her “Cassandra.” So that’s always kind of special when he does that, usually in private, and very gently. 

From an upcoming fic of my own:


She turned her face toward him, a blush staining her cheeks. “I like it when you call me that. You say my name like it’s a precious thing, something to be cherished… something beautiful.”

“That’s because it is, Cassandra,” he said, voice soft as he slide his hand from her cheek to the back of her neck, tugging her forward slightly. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

I’m crying at the end of that video Harry says like “watch my nips watch my mayonnaise” and Liam’s like “that’s the remix” lmfaooooo

And my mood is shot. Just like that. Sorry guys, I swear I had the Muse.. my fucking head just.. hates me. Awesome. Also bigotry is taught. If you’re one of those ignorant motherfuckers that make me feel scared to walk out of my house please
don’t reproduce or if you do don’t taint innocent lives with your narrow-minded hatred. K thanks. ✌

oh my god my cat was supposed to have two teeth repaired at the vet today but it turned out that his teeth were so bad they had to remove six of them and now hes home lying unconscious and looking pretty dead and my dog is whining/crying over him