yo but can you imagine spending the night at Steve’s place and still being asleep in his bed and waking up to the blasting of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and you stumble into the bathroom to see Steve styling his hair and dancing. and at first you stare at hime blankly and then he pulls you in, hair half styled, and you guys dance around his tiny bathroom screaming the lyrics and then he looks you dead in the eye and sings, “the eye of the tiger” and then kisses you and wow i am so mcfucking in love w him.

Steve Harrington x reader: “ Hi! I don’t know if you do Stranger Things but could you maybe do an aesthetic for Steve Harrington and a wavey/curly haired girl? Thank you 😅 “ 

Fuck me,” Steve whined, “do you have to pull so hard?” 

“It’s not my fault you got your hair so tangled,” you countered, running your comb through it again, “Or that you refuse to brush it yourself.” 

“I never do it as well as you,” he admitted, “it always looks weird when I do it myself.” 

“Is that another way of saying that you love me?” you teased, leaning forward and kissing his cheek softly. 

Steve smiled and you could feel his muscles relax beneath you. You hummed happily and kept combing, relishing in the feeling of his soft locks beneath your fingers. It was a mercifully quiet night, the first you’d had in a while, and you were taking the opportunity to catch up on some much needed time with your boyfriend. 

“You know I love you,” he answered eventually, “surely by now, you know I love you.” 

“I do,” you assured him, running your fingers through his now knot free hair one last time, “there, all done.” 

Steve turned around and hooked your legs over his, so that your bodies were pressed together and his forehead was resting against his. 

“I love you Y/N, more than anything in the whole world and, when all of this is over, I want to dedicate every moment of my life to showing you that,” he promised, “okay?” 

You smiled and nodded, threading your fingers into his hair again, “Okay.” 

Some HCs for y’all

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested by: @partylikeits1899

“Okay so I just saw your post and maybe you could write some headcanons about Steve dating a choir girl/girl who loves to sing :))))”

A/N: I’m alive woah wtf (seriously tho, im feeling quite better from the break I had :)) everything is still a lil bit stressful but I’m doing okay :))

Let’s just get started!!


- Okay

- Steve fucking loved your voice

- That was like, the main thing that brought you two together actually

- He loved it tho

- He had first heard it when he was staying late after school for detention

- He heard this singing coming out of an empty classroom and decided to check it out

- What were you doing after school? You were finishing up a little project

- Irrelevant

- Anyways

- You LOVED singing

- Only problem was, you had terrible stage fright and hated singing in front of others

- But DAMN you could sing

- So when curious Stevo boi here heard you sing,

- His heart, his mind, his soul had just poof! Ascended to heaven

- It was like hearing a literal angel sing in front of him

- He was just standing by the doorframe, watching you sing until you noticed

- “Bab- ah! What- Wh- what are you doing here?! How- how long were you here?! I-“

- And he’d just stand there, completely awestruck bc !!!! Angel!!!

- “You’re a great singer you know.”

- Cue the blushing

- “Thanks”

- That was the first time he heard your singing voice

- Now, months later, the boi got the balls and asked you out

- He heard your singing voice much more often now

- It was usually when you were at his place, the two of you alone

- And all of a sudden you’d just start singing quietly to yourself while the two of you would be doing something

- And he’d love it

- Sure, it was soft, and practically not even audible but STILL

- He especially loved it whenever you’d bring your Walkman over

- The two of you would listen to songs on repeat and Steve just couldn’t express how much he loved it

- When you had the headphones on, you’d sing to yourself per usual

- But the headphones that were in your ears made you sound louder out loud bc headphones do that freaky shit or something

- You know how you talk louder an shit right

- Right, okay

- Anyways, you’d sing like full on when you thought Steve was in another room

- When really, he was admiring you from the seat next to you, fucking awestruck bc THAT’S HIS GIRLFRIEND

- He learned to play guitar and sometimes when you feel like it, you’d sing together

- Steve’s constant support and praise made you more confident about your voice

- You sang in public much more often

- And he even convinced you to sing for the talent show

- (Which everyone loved btw)

- You were the STAR

- Most importantly, you were his star

- He’d 1000% brag about you to random people


- “Steve- Babe- they’ll hear- shut up.”


- Steve just can’t emphasize enough about how much he loves your voice and you

Sorry I just want to rant about this

@nothingabouteverylittlething I want to hear your opinion on this.

guys, y'all know about that kid Billy Hargrove? From Stranger Things? Yeah that dude. So I’ve heard and seen many many many things about Billy and his racism and blah blah blah, you guys know what I’m talking about. This has been sitting on my mind for awhile and since this is Tumblr, I feel obligated to spill this out into the nocturnal void that is the internet. Ready? Let’s do this shit.

So I can’t stop thinking about that scene where Billy’s father yells and screams at Billy for saying that Max wasn’t his sister and makes him cry, and I keep wondering how long has his dad been doing this? How far has he gone (he being the dad)? Im thinking about this because I believe that the whole reason Billy treats everyone like shit and that sort of thing is because after awhile he started to believe that everyone treats eachother like this and you can’t trust anyone because in the end they won’t accept you and they will beat and scream at you for being this way.

I’ve been asked many times privately, “ Why don’t you hate Billy as much as everyone else does?” And I’ve always responded with the same answer so I thought “hey, why not post this so everyone can see it!”. I see something in Billy’s character that seems extremely broken and cracked that is so saddening yet alluring at the same time (alluring in an interesting and caring way not sexual). Let’s all for a second imagine Billy went to our school. He was like the king of everything, sitting at the top of public school hierarchy. Now let’s say you were his best friend and knew the real Billy. What happened to him that made him such a dick that makes fun of and mocks, beats up and hate everything and everyone. His dad had verbally abused him (maybe done even worse) ever since his mum died and he remarried Max’s mother (I think her name’s Susan). Imagine how much burden and pain he has to bear emotionally and physically.

Now, as some of you may know, I ship Harringrove (don’t come at me, I ship it for a reason), and don’t get me wrong! The way current Billy acts is disgusting and makes me want to punch him, but his character is the living incarnation of strong character arc foundation! He has SO MUCH potential to become a huge part of the story! Do you guys even realise this? Sorry- I’m off track again.

It’s so painful so see these users and just people in general generalising a characters personality by what they do in the present and not what caused him to make the choices he does in the past! Honestly if I was in his shoes, hell! If I was just him in general I must say I’d probably act the same way.

Bitter, cold, a total dick, it all leads back to really serious reasons! Please hear me out and just give Billy Hargrove, as a character, a chance? Don’t just say I think this because I think it’s a cute ship or whatever the fuck- fuck the whole ship in general! This ship at this moment can go to hell because first I want you to think about what Billy has gone through!

How and why he acts the way he does. For one god damn second stop acting like close minded pricks and think about it.

I’m tired and I have a headache. Yes, I know I’m problematic but just shh for a moment and enjoy this peaceful bliss of me not screaming in your ear about how much potential Billy has.

unpopular opinion: steve rogers is not lawful good aligned because COME ON when has that man EVER respected rules or laws he jumped out of a plane without a parachute, went in alone to a nazi base to save bucky, and rebelled against the entirety of shield because he knew they were corrupt my boy is chaotic good and no one can convince me otherwise