5 Things that surprised me the most of the new “The Final Ten Episodes” Trailer | Teen Wolf 6B + Colors

1 - Scalia shower scene. /red/

2 - Derek (STEREK) /blue/

3 - Jackson and Ethan. /green/

4 - Sterek again (and Stiles in the FBI) /pink/

5 - Casey Deidrick /orange/


What are you doing here, Derek?

I want this.

I want you, Stiles.

He’s just standing there, near the brick wall of the classroom, brooding his little werewolf brain away, wearing an utterly earnest-to-god heartbroken expression on his smoldering, handsome face. It shouldn’t belong there. Not after all of the times Stiles has seen his smile.

“What are you doing here, Derek?”

It’s not like he has a reason. Falling in love with a girl and moving out of state does not constitute coming back to torment the ‘kid who doesn’t know what he’s feeling’.

“I want this.”

It’s a punch to the gut, breath sucked out of him so quick it’s hard to breathe in anything other than pinederekcinnamonforest. Stiles stares, in total disbelief.

“I want you, Stiles,” Derek says, quietly, ducking his head like he’s sure he’s crazy.

Heart pounding against his chest, Stiles launches forward, one hand clutching the material of Derek’s shirt, the other finding his scratchy stubble, presses his mouth against Derek’s until he kisses back harder, until his lungs are burning.

“I’ve always wanted you.”

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! when you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ♡

Aww, thanks @sterekisperfection! You’re too kind!! Five things that make me happy? Hmmm …

♡black coffee while writing ♡mac & cheese made by Kim ♡leaving pennys heads up (there’s always someone who might appreciate a little good luck) ♡rereading Sherlock ♡annnnnd singing along to my “Good Tunes” playlist 

I’m gonna tag -

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To the anon who sent me the ask about positive sterek blogs! <3

( tumblr won’t let me publish the message for some reason so i’m just making a post instead, hopefully you see it!!! <3 )

Of course i can!!! the list is kinda short, because i think i unfollowed a lot of my sterek blogs, because of all the negativity, so i completely understand where you’re coming from! But i have a few wonderful humans left!

i should put a disclaimer that there is probably some saltyness on some, if not all of these blogs. because…that’s just how it is, we’re a salty people us sterek shippers, but as far as i know there isn’t any outright negativity and like aggressive hate and such (unless maybe they’re having a bad day which happens to all of us) but yeah, they’re wonderful and have great content and i hope this helps nonny!!! Have a lovely day!!!

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Hi :) i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog so much <3 (and sterek! that ship will kill me one day) but im having trouble of finding some other good blogs (tumblrs) as yours is and i wanted to ask you if you dont have some good ones to recommend ? and also do you know about some new sterek/hobrien moments from like...2015 or even from this year ? just started watching teen wolf and im already a big fan :D i hope youre having a lovely day :)

Thank you, anon, that means a lot! <33 And yes, I know of some amazing blogs, can’t get enough of them! :D 

@warengrey, @officerstilinskihale, @allthemstilinskifeels, @thepsychicclam, @mad-madam-m, @hoechlindylan, @felicitysmock, @alecymagnus, @stilesandderek, @soldieronbarnes, @pale-silver-comb, @loserchildhotpants, @halekingsourwolf, @omgsterekplease, @zainclaw, @derekandstiles, @attoliancrown, @hoechlinteeth, @sinyhale, @hoechloin, @sterekgifs, @sterekballs

Ugh you guys are wonderful and amazing and are such a pleasure to follow everyday and anon, I feel like you would love following these guys because of Sterek, but they also bring a lot more to their blogs, not only the content, but who they are as people. I just love them all so much <333 And I know I probably forgot amazing people as well, and for that I’m sorry and I suck and you’re the best!!! 

As for Sterek/Hobrien…for Sterek, all we got were these two moments in 2015:




Because Hoechlin left the show (and like they would had much sterek on the show anyway even if he hadn’t) but they were some awesome moments that of course the Sterek fandom took in our lovely hands and ran with them.

And what’s amazing to me is that despite the lack of canon Sterek, and the fact that we haven’t had ANY sterek in almost a year, there is still SO MUCH sterek, the sterek fandom is still so big, and I still see at least one new post a day about sterek, whether it be a gifset, graphic, fics, drabble, or text post non-fic just talking about them together. Most days I see way more than one new post about sterek, too. 

Yeah, the Sterek fandom isn’t as active as it once was, but considering that we’ve had no Sterek for almost a year, no new source material to work with, and the fact that there’s still a ton of Sterek all over the place? Speaks to the power of the Sterek fandom. We aren’t going anyway anytime soon. Well, at least I’m not ;)

And as for Hobrien, we haven’t gotten much there either, considering the fact that Hoechlin and Dylan were separated or just not put together much in those last months/year before Hoechlin left the show (and MTV was obviously trying to get people to forget Sterek and let it die, and the fact that they’re both very private people and we never really got anything of them hanging out together before anyway except for a picture here and there) but we did get a few lovely gems like,

When they called Hoechlin at SDCC last summer (and Dylan lost his shit ;)):

Dylan about Hoechlin leaving:


Small moment from the Season 4 gag reel


Most recently with Dylan’s injury, a fan asked Hoechlin about it at a con (and why Hoechlin didn’t say anything publicly about it) and this is what they said he said:


and at (what I believe is) the same con, Hoechlin said this:


(and also reiterated how his fave eps are ep 4 of season 1 and 2, the sterek eps;) which led to him saying that

Oh! Hoech also said this last year at a con:


Also this tweet from when The Scorch Trials came out:


And then this story at another con:



Also I think I remember fans like…being outside Dylan’s hotel last year and then SURPRISE, a wild Hoechlin appeared! Suffice to say that everyone freaked out about that, too.

And well, maybe that actually is a good amount of hobrien even though we didn’t even get one pic of them together in 2015 and so far this year, like in the same room haha. 

Stil aweosme moments, all of them :D

Hope all this helped, anon! And enjoy the Sterek fandom ;)