Dating Kai Parker would include:

• lots of sex

• him being really confused by his feelings for you

• “why does my stomach feel weird each time i see y/n”

• make up sex would be indescribable

• sex in general with him would be amazing

• a lot of teasing

• “you look beautiful, y/n”

• him always wanting to cook for you

• random presents all the time

• “kai, be nice”

• cuddles from behind

• “tell me again why i can’t kill them, babe?”

• him always wanting to cook for you

• puppy dog eyed kai when you’re angry at him

• him complaining about delena 24/7

• him somehow using his magic to please you in more ways than one

• flirting all the goddamn time

• him tweeting about you and then damon making fun of him

• him calling you babe ashdkdjdnx

• “goodmorning, beautiful” with a sleepy voice 

• you having to teach him about technology and stuff

• hickies everywhere

• Kai making sure the gang knows how good he pleased you the night before

• his cologne would be that cologne that every single hot guy wears. yoU KNOW WHICH ONE IM TALKING ABOUT

• stealing his t-shirts

• you buying him plaid shirts bC WHO WOULDNT WANT TO SEE KAI GODDAMN PARKER IN ONE

• did i already say great sex?

• hand holding whenever he can

• long tight hugs

• cuddling up on the couch watching tv

• “let’s go out and do something”

• jealous kai would be asjxjdjsnxkc

• the gang questioning why you’re dating him and you getting angry at them bc they can’t see that he’s a precious little buttercup that can turn into a sex god in 0.3 seconds

• “they’re just so gross, i want to puke.”

• “if he looks at you like that again, i will literally lit him on fire”

• him making you listen to the 90′s music

• kai asking damon for dating advice

Switch- Chapter 1

Prompt by wescolasclife: set during/after 2x13 where Stefan stays and starts developing feelings for Caroline.

A/N:  I LOVE this prompt.  I’m not sure how long it will be yet, but I hope you all at least like the first chapter!!  Feel free to send feedback :) next chapter will be up tomorrow!

After a night of pure horror, Stefan and Caroline arrived at Caroline’s doorstep. That night, Caroline had been captured by Jules and Brady, who were Tyler’s “friends.”  The night was full of Vervain bullets to the head, legs and chest, not to mention the Vervain that Brady sprayed into the wounds before they had time to heal.  Caroline was acting tough, but Stefan could tell she was barely able to stand.  Her neck was still covered in blood, her face drained of energy.

“Is your mom home?”

“No, she’s at work.”

“I can come in if you want me to.”

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Prompt by anonymous: Steroline playing 7 minutes in heaven 

a/n this has already been done so I tried my best to put my own style on it to make it different! 

7 minutes, that’s all they had. Just 7 minutes to be with each other, feel each other and just enjoy each other, putting all of the chaos from their perfectly messed up lives behind them. It started off slow and hesitant; he laced their fingers together loosely as he led her towards the designated closest. Being the gentlemen he kept his movement soft, allowing her to pull away or turn around if she pleased. Of course she didn’t and he knew she wouldn’t, but it was always good just to make sure. It was important that he led the way, being in front meant that his smile would go unnoticed. That goofy smile that just screamed I am an idiot in love and that had firmly been in place since that bottle she spun had landed on him. He didn’t want to show her it though, he was still waiting. 

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The Must-See Audition Tapes from the Cast of The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley — Stefan Salvatore is such an awesome character, so it’s not that surprising that he was cast last. In fact, Paul’s audition and screen test with Nina is what sealed the deal. We couldn’t imagine anyone else making us swoon every week with his gorgeous eyes and flawless face.

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“You know what? You can go to fucking hell! You’re not a father, you’re not a good person, you’re a fucking monster and I hope to God that one day you rot!” His voice broke at the end and it was ironic cause he’d just gotten his new phone but he wanted to smash it all over again. “Yeah, yeah. Threaten to hit me all you want, you’ve never had the balls to before so what’s gonna change now?” He sneered into the phone before hanging up and shoving it into his pocket, the taller male stalked away, snarling at your character when they bumped into him. “Watch where you’re fucking going!”

Highland Myth by Xavi Garcia
Via Flickr:
“Highland Myth” - Scotland Back to Scotland: Many legends and stories are born in the Scottish Highlands. While hiking in the wilderness this myth was omnipresent. Here I was again fascinated by the ever-changing play of light on the green hills. For me this was a perfect moment to pause and wait for the best mood. CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK Prints and licensing available. Facebook Fan Site www.stefan-hefele.de via 500px bit.ly/1KLYWcH