“never seen it”

“only a select amount of people”

lol ok its not like over 100000 people reblogged this post suggesting that ace people are Pure Uwu and cant get stds unlike us filthy allos who have sex so much that we die out because of it. :)


This is inspired by the Australian Magazine ‘Dolly’. I thought I would do another Magazine Template since the last one got a really positive response! I really enjoyed making this and is super happy how it turned out! I even felt a little sneaky with my sub header hehe!


Please do not claim this template as your own! The pictures of Taylor does not belong to me so credits to respectable photographers. Also Dolly Magazine is a real thing so credits to them as a company and buisness. I wasn’t trying to steal anything.

Font’s Included/Needed are:

  • Sensa Brush
  • Orator STD
  • Bebas
  • Nightamore
  • Silkscreen
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Hilliary wears the pants suits because

1)Chairman Mao is her hero.

2)Body armor.


4)Hides exoskelliton brain implant controller installed by the Reptillians.

5)She is cold all the time. Even in summer because…

5a)She has massive skin deformations caused by Bill’s STDs.

6)She falls down a lot and needs the padding to cushion the falls.

7)She is a self actualized snuggler and a fan of animae.

8)Huma likes it.

9)Bill hates it.

10)It holds in the farts for laters.

11)Gives here an easy place to stash the cash.

12)A guy in Oz painted a mural on the wall of here in a red white and blue string bikini and she is pemenantly triggered.

13)Same guy in Oz put her mural in a burka - still triggered.

14)Fans are triggered by the pants suit and as thus will not try to touch her.

15)Web Hubble seduced her out of a pants suit at one time and she likes to remember.

16)Chelsey like the pants suit.

17)George Soros loves the pants suit. It reminds him of his nazi handlers.

18)The sultan of Brunei is triggered when she doesn’t wear the pants suit. And since he is paying the tab….

* ★ : 。 * — Shannon Has A Secret

Hello, Dyamond here. Many of us have secrets - things about us we don’t share - not necessarily because of how we see it but out of fear for how others will begin to look at us. Well today, Shannon Boody shared that secret with you guys. My close friend decided to put her fear aside in order to hopefully help someone else make a good decision about their own sexual health. This video was made in partnership with Trojan Condoms and MTV.

  • Shannon Boodram is a savior from Chlamydia– not using savior because it isn’t a life threatening sexual transmitted infection ( STI ) but is a savior from the stigma & shame. 
  • “1/2 people under the age 26 contract a STI –– ¼ teens will contact a STI/STD –– There’s over 200,000 Chlamydia cases per year and only 50% of woman show symptoms.”
  • Now, ¼ people that think they are in a monogamous relationship– it’s not always the truth. Which is why using condoms even in a relationship for however years you should be safe & wear a condom to prevent any STI/STD being brought to you.
  • You have a condom..Don’t be afraid to use it !!!

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I scream every time someone follows me after liking or reblogging one of my history posts even though every one of my history posts is a piece of shit garbage but like, all the time my most recent post is like “GUESS WHAT EVERYONE I’M GETTING TESTED FOR STDS JUST THOUGHT YOU”D ALL LIKE TO KNOW” or me wanting to get f*sted by gwash like… believe me every once in a while I wonder what life would be like if I would shut my god Dam mouth but I never try it out

So i went in to planned parenthood to get tested. Which admittedly I should have done much earlier considering the nature of my most recent sexual encounter which was a good year and a half ago.

I personally expected, walking in that the process would be as follows.

Get in, wait, pay a couple bucks, piss in a cup, get a letter later.

Well as it turns out its not like that and theres insurance and shit to which I dont have immediate acess. Shows you how much I retained from Highschool health class.

My other goal for going in was to ask about the current prevalence of gender counseling services at planned parenthoods. This goal was never completed for a number of reasons.
1) the confusion with the whole std testing thing was awkward enough
2) it is very awkward for me to be in a space that is almost entirely for cis women by myself
3) i realized that I really wasn’t interested in outing myself to a total stranger who was also cisgender

This all led to an internal dialouge with myself as to what would have made me more comfortable. I eventually settled on either having one man visibly present in the staff or alternatively had the receptionist been a transgender woman. The former confuses me because of how I’ve typically been more comfortable around women than men. But who cares. You’ve made it this far, enter the code “tittyslap” at squarespace to get a 30 day free trial.