one day

doubt: tear..we have to talk.

tear: oh no, what is it??

doubt: i think….we should have an open relationship…

tear: what?

doubt: i really want to experience more than one person.

tear: ???

doubt: it’s just that. sometimes i think about being with other people. i still want to be with you a lot, you’re the only one i want.

tear: what are you saying?

doubt: we should start seeing other people.


doubt: i know, but just incase you’re getting bored of my sex, we should.

tear: are you saying that YOURE GETTING BORED OF ME????

doubt: i’m not bored of you, i just want to experience other people.

tear: ok, dont come back to me if you have an std.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the "deepika and ranveer should make awesome babies" remark was shade about the blind item about impregnating a secretary that everyone assumes is about ranveer? I thought there were lowkey a lot of digs in the episode (i.e. "do you really like ranbir kapoor", "kangana", "go back to my women")

No, because I don’t know why everyone read that and thought that he got his secretary pregnant in the first place? Assuming its true, which is a huge leap to begin with, when someone goes on a trip to the gynecologist, I automatically think STDs, not pregnancy. Maybe it was the way the blind was written, but…there are a lot of things that send you to a gynecologist that aren’t related to babies lol

But I agree with you, there was a really passive aggressive dynamic even though they tried to keep it chill. Which was more enjoyable than if they had pretended to be best friends, tbh. Trying to figure out what they actually think of each other personally (because I do believe they admire each other professionally) was what made the episode interesting. I don’t think that the “make awesome babies” comment was shade, but I do think it was Ranbir starting the episode off by pulling an alpha male move and putting Ranveer on the defensive. Which, you know, is always fun to watch lol the way men take swipes at each other is intriguing, to say the least.

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Do you think its ok to for black women to not date a convicted felons even if he has full time job and going to trade school? Is it being picky ?

Yes. If a black woman does not want to date a convicted felon than she doesn’t have to for the sake of “giving a brotha a chance.” IMO, there a risks to dating a convicted felon: Will he offend again? Does he have an STD? Even if he is going to trade school or has a full-time job, is he really a changed man? See it’s serious questions like this you have to ask and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it either, it’s in no way being picky. With all of the gender violence against women and other dangerous situations women find themselves in regarding relationships, we have to be very careful and vet the men we’re thinking about getting involved with, even it their not a convicted felon. 

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thank u for not getting offended now i can safely request for their nut as their blood type STDs are gone i am the FUTURE. ((ok but can u actually believe nutting in someone so incredibly hard that your cum becomes a requirement for their survival NICE this is quality sin))

i’ve seen plenty of hentai to know that there are stories where the girls need the guy’s cum for survival lmaooo. you go to the doctor and they’re like “it seems as if your blood type is something we’ve never seen before… we decided to call it c… because it holds the same properties of cum” 

Gonorrhea Might Soon Be Untreatable
~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~

OK people, we have a really important thing to say about this. OK. Ready?

If you get antibiotics to treat an STD YOU REALLY GOTTA TAKE ALL OF THEM AS DIRECTED. Even if you feel a bit better, or a sore heals up, or whatever. Seriously. When you do not take all of your meds you may not actually clear up your infection. And what happens then? THIS:

Health officials have been warning us about the threat of “super gonorrhea"—a strain of the sexually transmitted disease that is resistant to all known antibiotics—for over a year. But the superbug is here, much faster than previously anticipated. On Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a cluster of gonorrhea infections that shows both decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone and very high-level resistance to azithromycin. It’s the first time this superbug has been found in the U.S.


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