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One time this guy wronged my sister so bad so I hooked him up with this girl who had a std I feel so bad but fuck around fuck around soon you won't be around 💅

OMG what a bitch.

Falsettos (Act 1)
  • Four Jews In A Room Bitching: This WILL Get Stuck In Your Head But You'll Never Be Able To Sing It Out Loud
  • A Tight Knit Family: ~ l i n g u i n i ~
  • Love Is Blind: Her Husband Gave Her Multiple STDs I Think I'm In Love
  • Thrill of First Love: We're Old AND Horny
  • Marvin At The Psychiatrist (A Three Part Mini-Opera): 1) Just Because I Left My Wife For Him Doesn't Mean I LOVE Him Right?? 2) Please Keep It In Your Pants Mendel 3) My Son Hates Me (I Wonder Why)
  • My Father's A Homo: I Hate My Dad (Being Gay Isn't Genetic Jason)
  • Everyone Tells Jason To Go To A Psychiatrist: This Family's A Mess But We Already Knew That
  • This Had Better Come To A Stop: Marvin's A Dick But We Already Knew That
  • I'm Breaking Down: I Just Want To Have Sex Is That Too Much To Ask For
  • Please Come To Our House: What A Lovely Table (Such A Romantic Table)
  • Jason's Therapy: In Which A 10 Year Old Is More Mature Than His Psychiatrist
  • A Marriage Proposal: I Know We Barely Know Each Other But At Least I'm Not Gay?
  • A Tight Knit Family (Reprise): Is It Wrong To Marry A Patient? The Answer Is I Don't Care
  • Trina's Song: Fuck Men But Also /Fuck/ Men
  • March Of The Falsettos: You Finally Understand The Title Of The Musical (Also What The Fuck)
  • Trina's Song (Reprise): Is It Wrong To Marry My Psychiatrist? The Answer Is I Don't Care
  • The Chess Game: Toxic Masculinity: The Song
  • Making A Home: We Are A Normal And Happy Family Please Don't Look Too Closely
  • The Games I Play: Shit I Might Actually Love Him
  • Marvin Hits Trina: Actually Never Mind (Marvin Ruins Everything) (Again)
  • I Never Wanted To Love You: Love? I Don't Know Her
  • Father To Son: Thank God I'm Not Gay (It's Too Late For Marvin To Fix His Mistakes But Damn If He Doesn't Try)
Project Lo (O’so)

Brewery : O’so
Beer : Project Lo
Style : American Wild Ale / Wild Ale / Sour
Variance : None

9 / 10

Wow, Lindsay Lohan or “Lo” would be so proud that a brewery made a beer in her honor. I do have to commend them though for realizing that to fix her would be one hell of a project that I don’t think an army could accomplish. I mean, first you’d have to fix those used condom looking lips, then get her an entire body blood transfusion because hers is filled with drugs and booze and god knows what else, then you’d have to cure every STD known to man including AIDS, and finally you’d have to teach her to be talented again which is damn near impossible. You honestly have a better chance at making Mike Pence believe that gay people were born that way than you do to fix all that but at least she’s hot (was) so she has one thing going for her. Clearly O’so would never stoop so low as to name a beer after that has-been and with this being as good as it is, one can only assume that it was named after Lo Bosworth because she was the only good part of Laguna Beach… not that I ever watched it. Moving on, this beer has an almost fruity and sweet start to it before loads and loads of sour pucker mixes in kneeing you in the fucking face like Tony Ja before some almost oaky flavors mix in to slightly tone down the sour to close. This is one serious brew and if you are new to the style I’d stay away from this just like, well, Lindsay Lohan but if you are a professional, get ready for the punch and pick this up because it rules. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.

I'm back with my sd

Not to sound like one of those girls who’s back with an ex after a breakup. But we are not going to actually have sex. I’m aware that there is definitely an expiration date sometime soon given this. But he has a STD and I’m not so sure I want to take any risks. Granted, a lot of people in the bowl probably have the same shit. But I feel weird after actually knowing and also have been fearful of being with new people now as well. But if anything, I much rather be at risk just for what he has vs. all of the shit that other people could also have without my knowledge, if push comes to shove. However, he has been understanding about no sex because he likes me a lot. Seriously I have him convinced that I’m head over heels, which might be too much but it’s worked so far. I mean he’s okay looking, funny and nice so being with him is comfortable. But could I really *like* a 53 year old man? Absolutely not. So I flew out to meet him and stayed at a 5 star hotel, ate at great restaurants etc. he also invested a lot in making sure I had a great time spa etc. After the two nights, he gave me 1k in cash and said he’d paypal the rest. We don’t have a set amount but usually he’d give me ~1k for day. Hence why I’m reluctant to completely let him go if I can go without having sex with him. Hoping that he’ll keep his word and send more.


give me therapy, i’m a walking travesty, but i’m smiling at everything
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York (2009) // Wembley Arena, London (2015)

Can herpes affect my ability to have a child?

Someone asked us:

Can herpes affect my ability to have a child?

Genital herpes shouldn’t affect your ability to get pregnant, and people with herpes who get pregnant have healthy pregnancies, births, and babies all the time. But there are extra precautions you can take to make sure you don’t pass herpes on to your baby.

If you already have herpes at the time you get pregnant, the risk to your baby is low. You and your doctor or nurse will keep an eye out for herpes outbreaks during pregnancy, and your doctor may recommend taking some medicine to reduce and prevent outbreaks.

If you have herpes sores on your genitals when you go into labor, it’s possible to spread it to your baby in childbirth. So your doctor may recommend a C-section to avoid that. When a newborn baby gets herpes it can cause certain eye problems or brain damage. So it’s important to tell your doctor or nurse if you have genital herpes or notice any herpes symptoms during pregnancy. Many people have no idea that they have herpes, so talk with your doctor about getting tested for herpes when you’re pregnant.

If you’re pregnant and you don’t have herpes but your partner does (or they think they might), it’s really important to use condoms and dental dams anytime you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex during your pregnancy. It’s also really important to talk with a doctor or nurse about it. They may recommend that you avoid sex during your third trimester. They may also have your partner take medicine to lower the chances of them spreading herpes to you throughout your pregnancy.

Taking serious precautions is important because getting herpes when you’re already pregnant can lead to premature birth or even miscarriage — and the risk of problems increases the later you are in your pregnancy. If you’re planning a pregnancy, it’s a good idea to talk with a doctor or nurse about STD testing and other pre-pregnancy health steps you can take. You can get testing and treatment for STDs, and other family planning help, at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

Can anyone get HPV?

Someone asked us:

My teacher told me only women get HPV and not men; I don’t think that’s right or true. Could I get some clarification?

You’re right on this one. Anyone can get HPV— which is why it’s so important for everyone to get the HPV vaccine. There are a lot of different types of HPV, and most of them go away on their own and don’t cause cancer — but sometimes HPV can lead to cancer of the cervix, vagina, vulva, anus, penis, mouth or throat. The type of cancer that’s most often caused by HPV is cervical cancer, which is why some people associate HPV with people who have a cervix.

Unfortunately there’s no HPV test for people who are packing a penis. Those of us with a cervix can go to a doctor for an HPV or Pap test to look for HPV or any HPV-caused abnormal cells. HPV is super common, but the problems it can cause are easily treated when caught early.

Hope this helps!

-Kellie at Planned Parenthood


To those who chose to reject someone simply because they disclosed their herpes status

You are entitled to leave if you want. But keep this in mind:

80-90% of the population has herpes. Of those, 85% of people who have herpes have no idea. Of those who are aware they have herpes only half will actually tell you.

So, when you reject someone who is honest enough to tell you they have herpes because you don’t want to take that risk, just remember you are, in fact, taking a much larger risk with all the other people out there who may not know their status or be honest. Statistically speaking you are safer with someone who knows their status and is honest with you than with anyone else. And even those who claim they get tested regularly, herpes is not included in most STD panels unless you specifically ask.

So just keep that in mind when making your decision.