Trapqueen presents: 003 - Character PSD “Welcome to New York”

The inspiration behind this psd came from this artist original work on redesigning the 1989 album. I will be doing a psd based on everything section of his art. You can find them all here. Okay, so this requires a png of the character and three gifs, the font is Orator Std Medium. The psd was #10 by galleryps, it is already included in the download though but I do recommend you go and grab it from its original source. Anyway! Any questions or concerns please send them my way, also please like if using I love to see my work in action! 

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“HOWEVER, think of the movie ‘I am Legend’ … BEFORE the shitty explosion retcon ending, there was an ending of the zombie/vampire/monsters actually showing emotion and living normal lives (for them, anyway)… just as the ‘other.’ Apply that to super-STD-gone-wrong. BOOM. AIDs crisis. And an interesting way of telling it too. Nothing wrong with being the ‘other,’ it just changes people’s perception of you, for better or worse.”

is this person under the impression that during the aids crisis people just ~~lived normal lives and were othered for better or for worse~~ like

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Okay, if the clone diseases are the same, why don't aren't the leda clones also spreading it like an STD? Should we be worried about Donnie, Delphine and Shay? Could the women infected by Castors be spreading it too?! Could someone I know have the Clone disease?!?! Am I gonna die?!?!!!??

I was wondering that too. Maybe it’s something specific to sperm that allows it to be transmitted sexually. But yeah I was immediately worried for Delphine and Donnie, but it appears they are fine, because Donnie has been with Alison for years and Paul seemed to be fine, so I don’t know.

But I think you’re probably fine ;)

how is saying “your idea where people with a sexually transmitted infection literally become monsters is shitty considering the history of how people with STDs have been treated” oppressing someone

just…holy shit…i cannot believe people are genuinely putting ~creative effort~ into making an std zombie apocalypse concept…and literally just rehashing points of the aids crisis but in a way that’s apparently supposed to be “"progressive”“ and cool and also fails to acknowledge the aids crisis at all?? no way in hell am i gonna reblog the version with all that vile ~worldbuilding~ but. holy shit. hoooooly. shit.

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Do you think paul's death will impact the rest of the season and, how do you think sarah is going to take it? I always knew paul loved sarah, but do you believe she felt the same towards him?

John Fawcett has said that Paul’s death is not only a turning point in the series, but also a “driving factor” for Sarah, so I do think that it’s going to have an impact on the rest of the season.  Especially because, for as much as we got answers, there’s still a lot left to be explored with the truth behind the STD being brought out into the open, and the fact that we don’t know for sure whether Coady and Rudy are dead is pretty glaring, IMO.

I don’t really know if I can say how I think Sarah might take it?  I feel like, because they spent so much time (after S1) putting Paul and Sarah almost at opposite ends of the spectrum, and keeping Paul as a really ambiguous character (though I personally always believed in him), she might not even know how to feel about it herself?  In a perfect world, I’d like to see her dealing with the fact that he admitted, in a roundabout way or not, that he loved her, but in a perfect world, Paul wouldn’t be dead right now.  But she also has other, more pressing matters to deal with, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t dwell too heavily on it.

It’s hard for me to say whether Sarah loved Paul, definitively.  I loved them together, and wanted to see them end up together, so there’s always going to be a part of me that says yes.  Logically, though, I feel like, because of what they went through together–not just him always helping her, but her having to try and figure out for herself whose side he was on, and him doing the things he had to do that didn’t paint him in the best of lights–and because of who Sarah is as a person, she wasn’t there quite yet.  I truly believe that she could have been, though, given time, and it breaks my heart that they’ll never get that time to really be with each other.  

For me, I do definitely feel like she cared about him, though.  When she told him to open the gate because she wasn’t leaving without him… Coming from her, especially given the way she’d treated him lately, that said a whole hell of a lot, I feel.

so now that people are reacting in disgust and horror about the concept of a horror story where people with STDs are monsters, people are beginning to defend the OP and it is (Dan Mccoy voice) terrible

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hi meg, im on birth control and my boyfriend wants to have sex without a condom, i don't see anything wrong but i just wanted a second opinion. thanks for the help, love you.

birth control is effective in preventing pregnancy but you can still contract stds. so maybe both of you get tested first and then go awf

Friendly Reminder

Orientation does not determine whether one has sex or not, so please stop spreading around those apocalypse std posts with “that’ll teach the allos.” Because there are a lot of people within the ace spectrum that DO have sex and there are a lot of allosexuals that DO NOT have sex.

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Wrt zombie std bullshit, how the fuck have these people lived for this long without realising that punishing and killing off characters who have sex - particularly women, sex workers, gay folks etc - is a super common shitty prejudiced trope? Like

tbh part of me is mad in the normal-people YOU ARE SO TERRIBLE way and part of me is mad in the GODDAMN FAKE GEEKS way, like, how do you not know that punishing people for sex is at least 50% of horror? from kids parked out on lover’s lane to camp counselors fooling around to, yes, sex workers and gay people having the temerity to exist

(like if I had a nickel for every time I decided not to watch a movie because the synopsis started out like “A vicious string of sex worker killings…” I’d be rich enough to make my own horror movie. with A-list actors.)

there have been multiple self-aware movies that explicitly pointed out how having sex in a horror movie is certain death for a woman (usually for the man, too, but definitely for the woman)

and I haven’t even seen that many horror movies with LGBT characters because everybody’s straight in Hollywood outside of, like, tragic coming-of-age dramas, but the few exceptions have always been ugly stereotypes who die in ugly ways

so anyway I feel like the rest of us have been having this discussion on sexual mores in horror for quite some time, and we are trying to conduct ourselves like reasonable adults who are aware of the weird strain of social hyperconservatism in much of the genre and would really like it to go away because it’s all about punishing people outside these incredibly rigid standards of Proper Behavior

and then these assholes are like HEY SO WHAT IF SEX WAS SO DIRTY IT MADE PEOPLE DIE and I’m just… do you even go here? you basically sound like Jason Voorhees’s internal monologue, please stop

the bronx has the highest rate of stds in the entire country aint no way im takin a chance. cant b another statistic