Getting excited about Sonic things right now! Watching the new game trailer, the tagline immediately made me think of a graffiti mural.

Of course I just had to make it STC based as that seemed to suit the theme. I’m picturing Sonic coming across this in a Robotnik-controlled city somewhere…

(This one’s available as prints, stickers, clothing etc in the usual places!)

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For #throwbackthursday how’s about a couplea gangstahs? ^^ Vic and Todd had a great time recreating scenes from “A Piece of the Action” for our second Kirkstarter campaign. If you are new to us, you can still see those old videos on our youtube channel on the ‘Kirkstarter 2.0’ playlist! Howsaboutit, eh? #fanfilm #stc #startrekcontinues #tos #webseries #enterprise #kirk #spock #toddhaberkorn #vicmignogna #vintage #pieceoftheaction

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you’re still unblocked on this blog, you know, you can reply directly.

“ You could talk to me but you preferred the attack on an old post. This time I’ve blocked by usual attitude. ” yeah your usual attitude is block people and rant against them. 

“I said I warn your family of your negative behavior online if you continue.” No, you said something else. You accused me of things I didn’t do and you threatened to slander me in front of my family. 

Do I have to translate the threats you sent me this morning? Not the older ones because there’s so many. Only today’s.

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