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Mental Health: The Data

Hey, Tumblr! We hope the week two prompts for Mental Health Month are treating you well. In the spirit of the theme, posting it for each other, we wanted to celebrate one of the most helpful communities out there: yours. You’ve helped shape Tumblr into an incredible community for support. To take a look into exactly how it’s flourished over the years, we teamed up with Fandometrics (@thefandometrics) to bring you some sweet, sweet data.

How you talk about mental health

Discussion around #mental health has steadily grown year over year since 2013, with a 248% uptick of original posts and reblogs made between 2013 and 2016. In that same time span, original posts and reblogs about #therapy increased 29%. Much of that conversation was rooted in real people sharing real stories. Emotional and honest stories, like how therapy can help you better understand your life, how to say good-bye to the wrong therapist, or the difficulty of making the sometimes daunting decision to begin therapy for the first time.

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There has also been a significant rise in people seeking ways to take care of themselves. The self-care movement has seen huge increases in searches (733%) and original posts (567%) between 2013 and 2016. Over the past six months, we’ve seen total engagement (searches, original posts, reblogs, and likes) around the #self-care tag spike with correlations to holidays and events in the news:

  • 240% increase the day after the US Presidential Election
  • 321% in the days following Christmas and Hanukkah
  • 561% in the days leading up to the Inauguration, and
  • 342% in the days following Valentine’s Day.

Anatomy of a post

To get a better understanding of what the public-facing conversations consist of, we looked at the top posts for the #mental health, #positivity, and #self-care tags from the past few years. We noticed a few trends that continued to appear over and over again:

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Make your dash more positive

Because this is all about posting it for each other, here are a few great blogs to make your Tumblr experience more positive and healthy:

  • Positive Vibes (@posiviibes) provides positive and friendly text art in soothing colors.
  • LGBT+ Positivity (@goodpositivitylgbt) focuses on messages of positivity and validation for the LGBT+/MOGAI community.
  • Why Did You Feel Proud Today? (@todayifeltproud), a space to submit your accomplishments, big and small.

For more follow inspiration, check out our roundup from last week. We’ll be posting more each Friday this month. Keep sharing your stories, Tumblr, this month and every month.


The Doctor + The Master - last and first looks.

i kinda really fell in love with that outfit 💐❣

So who remembers this? 

Several weeks ago as a thank-you to my followers I announced a poll: I would write a continuation to any one of my AUs as a thank-you to my followers. In the busy weeks that have passed since the closing of the poll I’ve completely slammed past the original milestone we were celebrating been hard at work figuring out the plot expansion and the direction of the winning fic. At long last I’m confident enough in the draft that I can announce the winner.

Poll results were CLOSE. With 130 participants, the first place fic won with nearly double the votes of its runner-up. We almost had a tie for runner-up, actually: two fics were neck and neck in votes for days, and only flipped at the last minute. Your votes were ruthless and your votes counted!

And now! At long last! The announcement! 

  • It’s probably not a surprise to anyone else. (it was to me)
  • It won with a clear 33.33% of the votes.
  • Even though it’s the direct continuation of Part One, this fic will post as a Part Four,
  • and this fic is the reason on the posting of Parts Two and Three in the last few weeks I’ve very clearly said “NOT THE AU MILESTONE WINNER”,
  • because that is racing down the pipeline towards you as we speak.

Friends and followers, I’m pleased to announce the winner of the AU series poll #1:

This fic will post as part four of the Star Wars/Voltron AU series, but it will continue the plot established in First Steps. 

There’s a chance it might, uh, be too long for tumblr. .___. I have every intention of posting it here on tumblr first, but with the broken readmores it makes it difficult for our mobile friends to have to scroll through more than a few thousand words. I’ll keep you posted. Either way, check back soon!

Thank you for all your votes, enthusiasm, and interest for these fics over the last few weeks! 

anonymous asked:

Hello! May I request some tips and tutorials on how to draw clothing?

Hi anon! I tips for you as well as further reading resources. 

  • Mainly, try to focus on the underlying forms of the fabric, since clothes are draped over the body. Try not to have the wrinkles look too symmetrical, since that can look unnatural and stiff. A controlled random that’s based in the knowledge of how fabric drapes over other objects looks pretty good.
  • Try looking at some references. Since you’re probably wearing clothes right now, you can just use yourself as a reference for basic folding patterns!
  • There are different types of fabric that behave a bit differently. However, I’d focus on the type of clothes your character wears more often to give yourself a solid knowledge base.

Other, amazing tutorials: 


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Look after them, they are now the only important thing on the dash, make sure your horse stays alive as if your own life depends on it

too late its dead

anonymous asked:

Hi Sasha! I was wondering your thoughts on Harry staying with Columbia. My dash seems to be under the impression that he "got everything he wanted" in choosing to stay with them, but idk, I smell foul play. Niall and Liam were able to break ties, even Zayn in some capacity, so the one who got put in an iron closet with their partner when 1D signed to Columbia chooses to stay? Seems illogical.

Hi nonnie. In my somewhat educated opinion (none of us has all the facts but when you pay attention you can piece together part of the puzzle), none of them have broken ties. It’s an illusion. It may be a corrective action taken to deal with the fandom’s general disdain for 1D’s original team (including Simon Cowell/Syco). You know, from a PR perspective they needed to stop the bleeding as there’s a ton of criticism of Syco online via 1D fans and that’s bad for future business. And it may also have been a concession made to 1D in their ongoing power struggle as Simon tries to hang on for as long as he can while 1D really really wants to get away from him.

I believe the guys have been farmed out to different labels in a licensing deal with Syco. The licensing thing was confirmed when Pillowtalk was released.

This was later removed which I think is further proof of the shadiness. Sony was not going to let all 5 get away from them. Even though via Syco they’d still get paid (that licensing thing again), they have to consider the optics. It wouldn’t be a good look. So they probs negotiated to keep breakout star Harry, pretty Zayn with the big voice and Louis with the rabidly loyal fanbase. Smart. Archrivals Universal got beefcake with a voice Liam and lovable popular Niall. Everybody won here, except maybe 1D. They may have the more of the artistic freedom they’ve been wanting, but they’re still getting passed around with shady people calling too many of the shots.

So in a nutshell, I believe there’s a licensing deal in place with all the guys which entitles Simon Cowell to a cut of their solo profits even though it looks like he’s out of the picture. Depending on what’s in their contract, the same type of deal may be in place in terms of management and PR. It’s very odd that although there’s been some combo of changes (label/management/PR) for all 5 guys, the same shitty narratives, terrible promo and comatose PR continue. Are we to believe that’s normal? We can take a look at how other artists are handled and compare and contrast. So no, it’s not normal. Fuckery’s afoot. 1DHQ is still making money off 1D and also still has a huge say in their image management and PR narratives.

Hello lovelies, I’ve reached another follower goal (I can’t express how much I’m thankful, I love each and every one of you) and I’ve been wanting to change my URL for a while but I’m a wishy-washy junk. Therefore I’m calling out for everyone’s help as well as celebrating with some blog rates. Rules:

  • must be following this Draco’s ultimate trash;
  • reblog this post, likes are for bookmarks;
  • send me an ask with choice 1 or 2:
    • 1. change your URL to dracos.tumblr.com!
    • 2. stay kingscross.tumblr.com!

If you don’t want to see these rates on your dash blacklist #rbr. Format under the cut:

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I used to think that the Levi + Eren shippers were some of the meanest people in the fandom but you are making me change my mind a little. Your art is so pretty!

I’m glad to hear that! :D I understand it’s pretty easy to develop a negative opinion about any group of shippers if you only know them from what’s in the tag or from the drama that pops up on your dash. The peaceful folks tend to stay away from all of that so chances are you won’t know them unless you’re actively in the fandom (especially those who aren’t popular content creators).

I’ve personally had mostly positive experiences with fellow ereri shippers because my mutuals are all wonderful people and I love them lots. <3 I’m happy just staying in that bubble.

Redemption -- Draco Malfoy x Reader

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: Sequel to ‘Traitors.’

Originally posted by harley-quinn

Author’s Note: This can be read as a stand-alone fic, but there is a preceding oneshot called Traitors. Check it out if you want, but it’s not entirely necessary. 

It had finally come to this. You were trapped against a wall, a Death Eater’s wand aimed straight at your heart. Evil eyes leered through the eyeholes of his mask, and a crooked yellow smile was widely spread across his face. He was tauntingly twirling your fallen wand in his hand. “Shame you have to die so young,” he drawled, though a flash of hungry excitement flashed in his eyes.

You swallowed hard, but refused to appear weak to this man. You expected an end like this. After all, you were fighting in a war. Death is a 40/60 chance in this fight, and in your current situation, the chances of survival were dwindling into single digits.

But you had fought a good fight up until this point, right? You Stupefied quite a number of Death Eaters on the way here, even put a good Bat-Bogey Hex on an unfortunate one. You did your part, which was to back up Harry. And now you were going to die for it. All in a day’s work, right?

If only you could get your mind to think that way.

You watched him raise his wand high, lips poised to form the dreaded words. You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for the last spell you’ll ever hear in this life. But it didn’t come just yet. Instead, you heard rushed footsteps stop abruptly, followed by the Death Eater calling out, “Well, well, if it isn’t Lucius’s boy.”

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3rd ARMY Interview ~ [TRANS/J-Hope]

Q1: Your position in BTS?
A1: I am the bridge between the hyung line and the maknae line.

Q2: If you were going to change/reset your stage name?
A2: J Young.

Q3: What I think are BTS’ strengths and weaknesses?
A3: Strength = The members are all very passionate about music. We cherish           each other and are all very lucky.
      Weakness = “Right now, we still don’t know what is our weakness” - that           itself is our weakness, right? I’m not boasting but we are always changing           and growing while finding our weaknesses. 

Q4: A side of me that fans don’t know?
A4: I’m very serious…haha

Q5: Are there any habits that you have or things you say often?
A5: Eeeyaa ~~~ Waaaa ~~~~~ these have become my reaction habits. High five, thumbs up, and so on. 

Q6: A weakness that completely destroys me?
A6: If my family members are unhealthy, I’ll be defeated. If I’m without ARMYs, I’ll be defeated. If BTS disappears, I’ll be defeated. If any of these happen, I won’t be able to go on.

Q7: The word that you searched recently on portal sites and why?
A7: I read quite a lot of social or economic news lately since I want to know “ah, so this is the current situation in society.”

Q8: Your phone wallpaper right now is?
A8: A full-body shot of J-Hope fashion. 

Q9: A product that you’ve recently purchased and why?
A9: I’ve recently become interested in organizing and arranging things so I bought a display shelf.

Q10: Are there any new resolutions now that you’ve become 23 years old?
A10: For Me - I want to think more thoroughly about everything. Rather than               making a decision right away, I want to think more before making that                 decision. 
        For BTS - To carefully think and act since we need to be professional and           mature with more and more people watching us. 

Q11: Is there a promise you want to make sure that you keep for ARMYs?
A11: We will always continually convey our heartfelt emotions through our music.

Q12: Is there something you’re curious about and want to ask ARMYs?
A12: What is BTS to you guys?


Rap Monster / Jin / Suga / Jimin / V / Jungkook

about ‘life isn’t fair’

…I’ve seen some Discourse on my dash about the phrase ‘life isn’t fair’. And my mind keeps circling back to Wesley and Jareth. Both fictional characters because that’s how my brain works. 

Wesley doesn’t quite say 'life isn’t fair’, the exact quote is 'Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.’  But the sentiment’s the same. 

Wesley needs to believe- at this point, anyway- that life isn’t fair. The love of his life has dumped him and run off with the most terrible handsome prince in history. It’s not fair that that happened, it’s not fair that he was captured by pirates and forced to work for unreasonable masters for years, and telling him that it is would probably give him the right to smack you across the face. 

And… he’s not entirely wrong. Life is painful. Going ‘everything happens for a reason ^_^’ can make that pain worse. And a lot of the people who want to sell you something use ‘life can be fair!’ as a way to control you and get your money. The Secret and associated ick have made their authors a kajillion dollars, after all. 

 But at the same time…  I keep coming back to Jareth.

Jareth, for reference*, is the King of the Goblins from Labyrinth, he’s played by David Bowie in tight leather pants. He’s basically a folklore fae, but in a sexy, not-eldritch way. 

Originally posted by veritasduchess

In the movie, he’s taken away a teenage girl’s baby brother, because in a moment of frustration she asked the goblins to. The girl- her name’s Sarah- wants her brother back, for the obvious reasons. So Jareth makes her go through his Labyrinth- a nasty maze full of deathtraps and puzzles- to get her brother back. (With every intention of not only keeping the baby, but also making Sarah his Goblin Queen.) 

The thing about Jareth is- he cheats. He cheats like mad. He keeps changing the rules on her, messing with her head, misdirecting her, lying to her, setting up deliberately broken challenges she can’t win. Early on in the movie, Sarah calls him on this. She tells him this isn’t fair.

Jareth more or less tells her 'life isn’t fair; now you’re wasting even more time. :^)‘ …and the thing is, that scene’s supposed to show that Sarah is a petulant teenager. (’Cos she really is, at the beginning of the movie.) But… whenever the Life Is/Isn’t/Should Be fair discourse comes up, a part of my mind goes back to Jareth. 

…Sometimes people tell you life isn’t fair because they want to sell you something. They don’t just mean 'sometimes bad things happen that you can’t do anything about.’ They mean 'I have power over you, you can’t do anything about this, and that’s the way it should be. Now let me set the rules. Love me, fear me, do everything I say, and I will be your slave*.’

They want to control you. They’re using the unfairness of life as a tool of control. Because abusers can and will use anything they can get their hands on to manipulate you and mess with your head. 

…I think everyone has run into a shitty teacher or a shitty parent or a shitty Person In Power who says 'life isn’t fair, ergo you shouldn’t protest when I hurt you’. And that’s why a lot of people have an allergic reaction to that phrase.

…it’s important to distinguish between ‘sometimes bad things happen to good people, they’re not in anyone’s control’ and ‘sometimes power differentials exist and people use them to hurt other people’. Because, like… there’s a difference between having to tell people “no, I don’t have a yoga and positive thinking deficiency, life just isn’t fair” and telling people “yes, you need to stay with your abuser, life just isn’t fair.” 

IDK. Sorry for the dash stretcher. Not sorry for putting in pictures of an Evil Crush Object, though. 

*(Sorry for making everyone who knows the plot of the movie read this. There are people who haven’t seen Labyrinth and in this case the context is important.)

*Jareth!Bowie: the face that launched a thousand kinks.     

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I would love it if you made that master post of all the places to post your art. Thank you so much you're amazing 😘

Hi there anon! Sorry for the delay (finals & holidays!), I finally got around to making this.

Places to Post Your Art Masterpost

Places to Sell Art

Hope that helped! To support @art-res please consider following my art account @astrikos or reblogging this post so more people can see it!  Thank you!!

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