#Cosplayer @miciaglo with an awesome #elsworld #renafairybreath. #cosplay @miciaglo - Goodmorning, fairy breath 🌌
I wanna come back at #sigurtà Park and take more pics, the location is awesome! Unluckily it closes at the best hour for shooting :( Ph: @andrea_anelli

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Ink and Blood (PLATONIC) [Darth Vader x Skywalker!Reader]

Summary: The reader is the third Skywalker triplet who has been raised by Padmé’s family–the prestigious Naberries. After a successful political career, she accidentally spills the secret identity of her mother to the one person she was not supposed to tell: Darth Vader.

Words: 7,000+

Warnings: Reader Fears Death, Death Threats, Death

When you were younger, your interest in politics was next to nonexistent. Perhaps that would’ve disappointed your late mother, but she wasn’t exactly around to tell you so. Oh, you sat still while the Imperial Senate was in session, but even when you actually tried to listen, your sketchbook always managed to distract you. Your cousin Ryoo would elbow you to make sure you were paying attention to which you’d respond by jabbing her with your pen. Nothing visible separated you from the other twenty, bored schoolmates.  

You hadn’t wanted to be a politician anyway. It disgusted you to even think of mixing with them. To you, average politicians were ordinary people who’d climbed a long ladder and pushed people off in the process before planting themselves on their own lies. After all, you already lived one lie, and you weren’t prepared to live anymore.  

The lie was quite beautiful. She took up half the pages of your sketchbook and slipped into your dreams. Her image hung on the walls of your home, and her name cast shadows over your grandparents’s faces. You heard from them that she had been compassionate and honest–unlike your average politcian. Your Aunt Sola had taken her place for appearances, but she never hid the truth. Padmé Amidala was your real mother. Your lie was pretending she wasn’t.  

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Looking? Found someone, you have! #tbt #yoda #yodacat #starwars #finforthewin

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Finished everything up the other day, took photos, and submitted my Ahsoka build to the Rebel Legion.

I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out, but the one thing is my headpiece doesn’t like staying on at all, and I have 0 movement head-wise, so eh :/ I’ll have to figure out a better way of keeping it on so I can move my head even slightly :P