I charged my ipod for the first time in probably 7 years and wow, this is a treasure trove of awkward middle school obsessions and prepubescent playlists about my crushes. This is awful and horrifying.

  • Ja'far:science says you're dead and gone forever reason says I'm talking to the air but something in my heart some secret hidden part illogically insists that you are there somewhere
  • Ja'far:perhaps it's not too late to change the course of fate cause after all I must be pretty great if you believed in me
  • me:don't do it
  • Ja'far:i know what you're wishing so with your permission I'd like to bring back your bride
  • Ja'far:and then twist my words let the people scorn me who cares if no one will ever mourn me? let them bury the side of the story they'll never learn let the truth be twisted let my life be twisted i'll be twisted it's my turn
  • me:*cries the pacific ocean*

Story time!

Friend: Have you seen Richter in a suit?

Me: Hmm…I don’t think so.

*starts searching on his phone for a pic*

Meanwhile, my other friend is handing me her water bottle because I’m eating a very sugary doughnut…

Me: Oh thanks, good timing because I’m…

*friends shows me the above pic of Joey*

Me: …thirsty.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vofWR5Mr1kg)

Starkid and Doctor Who OMG I’M SCREAMING

my life checkpoints:

  • go to (insert college name here) and major in communications, minor in theatre
  • do the disney college program in spring semester of sophomore year
  • after that, if it’s still even allowed, study abroad
  • when presented the opportunity, join StarKid in chicago
  • get discovered by talent scouts and shipped off to the National Theatre
  • fall in love with a coolass bro (opt. scottish/british accent)
  • that’s all i need for now

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