Wow we got a ton of new Starkid info today.

- TCB many be doing a meetup in NYC during the Trail to Oregon run there, and possibly one (a meetup) in LA as well. They also want to do another live show.

- Starkid will be doing a panel at a convention at Columbia in Chicago in April and may also do a reading of AVP Christmas there.

- They will also be doing a thing (probably some sort of concert) at the planetarium in Chicago in June.

- There might be be concerts at G5 and Geekycon this summer and there may be more Starkids going to those that haaven’t been announced yet.

- Starkid will be doing another concert featuring over 20 members at the 100th Anniversary of the University of Michigan in October.

Someone messaged us about this. Looks like it’s the UofM Theatre’s 100th anniversary, and StarKid is a putting on a show on its behalf on October 8th!

“Featuring more than 20 of the original members, this special Starkid reunion will present songs and comedy sketches from their hugely popular shows—Starship, Me and My Dick, Twisted, and more—and some new material as well! Starkid Productions is donating the proceeds from this performance to the Theatre & Drama Department’s 100th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship.“

If you’re in that part of the world, have a good time!

Okay, so I was just thinking, Chris said a while back that after he was done with glee he wanted to do something more musically for his fans. Let’s also remember Darren still has an album he promised us and with the turn out he may decide to tour.And Darren always lived special musically inclined guests to join him.

I would honestly chew through my own femur to see a CrissColfer concert.