“Tony killed Wanda’s parents”, my ass.  I can't believe that I am writing this post in 2017 but great, whatever...

Right, lately it has been a shot tons of posts of the Defense Squad hijacked with a very known, common sentences since the last three fucking years:

  • Tony killed Wanda’s parents.
  • Tony made the weapons that killed her parents so for that he deserves what she did to him.
  • Tony doesn’t have the right to attack Bucky if he didn’t let Wanda kill him because of her own revenge.
  • You can defend Tony’s reaction and condemn Wanda’s actions in Age of Ultron/CA:CW.

All of this is shit and I can’t believe that we are in fucking 2017 and y'all still don’t get it.

Tony didn’t fucking kill Wanda’s parents. He wasn’t responsible for their deaths. You know why? Because logic say so.

Let’s see this screenshot from Age Of Ultron. The Maximoff’s apartment was destroyed when a shell of a missile fell. A bomb, people, Tony wasn’t there.

Also, the common argument is that Wanda and Pietro were kids and didn’t know better but let’s see here:

Wanda and Pietro were part of protests against the Americans/The Corrupt Government/The Avengers/Wherever, the Marvel wikia and the tie-ins comics describe Sokovia as a war zone. If they’re had enough judgement to participle of those manifestations. That means that they fucking knew what fucking war is. So? Maybe? They could have rethought that the person responsible of making the fucking weapon? They have years to think “hey, maybe if our country is a war zone… maybe our parents were collateral damage.”

Zemo himself described Sokovia as doomed. Even if Tony hadn’t made the weapons, the people that fired them would have bought to another company.

So, let’s go with Tony and his parents.

The fact that you compare the Maximoffs, I tell this again, having fucking years to think that their parents were collateral damage, with Tony and the delivered and planned murder of his parents is laughable.

You’re gonna scream at me that Wanda and Pietro deal with their grieve in a different form? That’s not the point the point is, who was there? Who was in the death scene?

Let me show this again, the Maximoffs saw a bomb, a fucking non-thinking object and decided that the fucking name in it was the responsible for their parent’s dead.

Tony saw this:

And this:

Don’t believe me? Look at his expressions. This is not someone who had years to think “maybe they were collateral damage”. Is not Tony looking at an object, but a living and breathing person who is just next to him.

No, dearies. This was someone who had seconds to react at something horrible. That was a murder, I’m not talking about Bucky being innocent or not. It’s a about a canon fact that you’re trying to cover to excuse the things that Wanda Maximoff did in Age of Ultron. You’re inventing. I just present you the fact here.

So, please. Spare us of the stupidity of “Tony killed Wanda’s parents” posts and hijacking. Tony Stark was never close to her parents. Never touch them, never known them. He wasn’t the person behind heir deaths and you know it.

Bucky killed Howard and Maria Stark. It wasn’t his fault but he did it. He said it himself:. But I did it.

I am not blaming him. I’m not accusing him or saying that was right to harm him. I’m just stating facts and I put the screenshots for that. It’s canon. It happened.

Your “Tony killed Wanda’s parents” did not.

@lokasennahiddleston thank you for the screenshots and you can add what you want. @alethiaii @bitterfriends @thealextheshipper @queenyavengers

When the same people who complained about 2016 Ghostbusters because “it’s a classic and doesn’t need a remake why can’t Hollywood just leave the oldies alone come up with a new idea wahhhh!” are excited about Power Rangers because “nostalgia is fun!”

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I started watching Queen of the ring because of Kim Seul Gi. When I only read description of this web drama I knew what to expect. So called ugly girl treated poorly by guys because she doesn’t fit standards of korean beauty and treated even worse by male lead. I kept being like ,,Seriously? “ during whole episode and here comes this scene where she blames her mother for being similar looking to her. I can understand frustration but why do you say so mean things to your mother, girl? It happens in whole world but this Korean’s obsession about good look (read it as: V line, hudge eyes) is just too much for me. Dramas literally suggest that you will be treated like a crap if you’re not pretty enough. It says that you don’t deserve love if you’re not pretty so all you can do is to accept that you’re worse than others or you just need to do surgery(hey, nice way to promote plastic surgery btw). But on the other hand some cynical part of myself comes into prominence. What if Koreans are just not hypocrites and they say out loud how it really looks like in society? Beauty is the main way to draw someone to you and love you. It’s often the reason why opposite sex chooses prettier person over less pretty but kind-hearted and interesting person. Most of people are very shallow and they care too much about about good look than other important things in person. But we hide this true behind.. let’s call it ,,political correctness”. But here comes some exception. Look at Nan Hee’s father. He calls his wife pretty. He sees her as pretty because he loves his wife and he fully appreciates her. Nan Hee thinks there’s some secret behind it but that’s the real secret. She can’t believe that her father just loves her mother the way she is. Girl was rejected many times so it’s hard to understand that not everybody is a jerk like this handsome, arrogant guy that she met. (Oh, wait. Dad loves mom because of this ring.. No comment). To summarise things. This girl needs to work hard for her self esteem and stop blaming her mother. This poor woman looked so sad after hearing so mean things from her own daughter. I also don’t think that this dude deserves to be her love interest. He may be good looking but he’s awful person. I don’t thing that his change is going to make me root for him.

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Zodiac Standards
  • *Look at your 7th, Venus, and Mars.
  • Aries: Their significant other must be able to deal with their combative personality.
  • Taurus: Their significant other must be attractive (and 90% of the time have money, but this is isn't always considered).
  • Gemini: Their significant other must be witty, sarcastic, and intelligent.
  • Cancer: Their significant other must be caring and make them feel special.
  • Leo: Their significant other must have lots of time for them and make them feel special (x2).
  • Virgo: Their significant other must be logical and attractive.
  • Libra: Their significant other must be sweet and romantic.
  • Scorpio: Their significant other must be sexual and emotional / emotionally capable.
  • Sagittarius: Their significant other must be a daredevil / adventurer.
  • Capricorn: Their significant other must be a practical option for them, and must be attractive. (Least likely to date in highschool).
  • Aquarius: Their significant other must be political and observant. (Most likely to date a fellow manipulator).
  • Pisces: Their significant other must be creative and trustworthy.

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