I was walking on the sidewalk yesterday, looking for the entrance to the building where I was to get my blood work done. I looked up into the glass window and was like “Wow, she’s really pretty!”, and then I was like OMG that’s me.

I have been really hard on myself lately for how I look and feel in my body, so it was so nice and refreshing (not to mention surprising) to have a wonderful little moment like that where I ate myself up. :)

It is really upsetting what is going on in Pakistan, at least in Karachi. Young girls have been pressured into terrible beauty standards. I know a little girl, she was 10 when people kept going up to her telling her she was fat and needed to lose weight. What is wrong with you?? SHE’S TEN. That poor girl gave up eating and started dieting at TEN YEARS OF AGE. I never even thought about these things until I was around 15, and she got DEPRESSED over it, she would cry! So upsetting. My other little cousins, they are so into being modern, beautiful, and fashionable that they call out those who aren’t as fashionable or don’t have the same amount of makeup they have on. I don’t blame them, it’s society that turned them this way. The are so young, yet so caught up in only giving beauty importance. These little girl cousins of mine won’t talk to you if they don’t think you’re beautiful, literally it is so upsetting, but again, I don’t blame them. 

I blame the aunties, all they ever talk about to these young girls is wearing nice clothes, staying skinny, having tons of makeup on, anything that has to do with the concept of beautifying oneself. These aunties will only compliment a girl when she looks beautiful, they don’t care if she got A’s in school. nope, you look so pretty, that is all that matters. You aunties have damaged these young girls and have destroyed them, if you hear the words coming out of these young girls’ mouths, you all would be shocked! They straightforward come up to you and say “you aren’t prettier than me, I’m so beautiful.” Why? Society has made them so insecure that they feel the need to remind everyone about how pretty they are and are so selective of who they talk to. It’s just heartbreaking. 

Whenever I’m around these young cousins of mine, I feel so judged. They literally analyze you top to bottom and won’t give you even a hi if you don’t look good. My other cousins who are also in western countries who go to visit Pakistan feel the same way about the little girls in Pakistan. It’s scary and sad. 

Karachi has lost modesty, this is an islamic state yeah? Doesn’t seem so. Faith isn’t given as much importance as it should be given. I am judged in Pakistan for wearing the hijab and carrying out Islamic duties more than I am in USA. In USA people are a thousand times more respectful and supportive of my decisions, but in Pakistan, an Islamic country, get ready to hear complaints about being too religious and being constantly judged and ridiculed!

Aunties stop, being beautiful and modern isn’t going to make your girl happy. It is not that important. Stop telling the young ones to lose weight or to slap on more makeup, stop telling them to wear tighter clothes. Stop. You should encourage them to be inspiring, kind, successful, and full of faith in Allah. What are you doing to your precious gems? Look at your daughters, how savage they have become, their priorities are definitely not what they should be! It’s so extreme that the young girls approach guys in order to have the guys make the girls feel beautiful. They get so depressed if not in a relationship or not flirted on. Stop destroying these girls. Stop imposing such pressure upon them. Stop telling them that they only fit in if they are with the trend. Stop making them feel like they are only valuable if they look a certain way.

When I go to Pakistan, the aunties only talk about things like “when are you getting married?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” (THEY GET HAPPY IF THEY KNOW SOMEONE HAS A GF/BF INSTEAD OF ANGRY??? THEY ASK FOR DETAILS???) “You should get bla bla beauty treatment done” “Put on some skin whitening cream” “Lose more weight.” AUNTIES LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. 

The Bear approves of FEMININE women.

As long as they wear heels.

And don’t sob.

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YES ANOTHER PERSON WHO LIKES YEONHWA. I'm tired of this 'all other women are evil' trope tbh and Yeonhwa is amazing. I can't wait to see her take her future by its reins in the next episode. If she wants to become a God above the King, then she wants to be a queen, no? I'm excited to see where this one is going ^^

Indeed! I love Yeon Hwa. She is majestic, cunning, intelligent, prideful, and full of ambition. She has a sense of purpose and an agenda. She has tried to make the boys play her game and now Yeon Hwa decided to be like a god above the King and I can’t wait for it.

You know what makes me scoff? When fans say things like: “Our Wang So is totally acting like a man of his time and doing things that fit the context” but then turn around and call Yeon Hwa a bitch for acting like a princess of her time who was in charge of the domestic order of her brother’s house and did things that totally fit within the context too. 

And yes, I’m totally referring to the hairpin incident.

She was called a “bitch” and people said they wanted to “slap her” and quickly judged her actions without a second thought because apparently, anon, second thoughts are only spared to the misunderstood prince and not the “evil” ladies.

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Tobias used to be in my Pantheon of Hot Fictitious Men for quite some time, but honestly I’m not really into him anymore? He’s handsome, but I don’t feel the same fire for him like I do for my other crushes.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Gob Bluth has replaced him.

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Not necessarily as a ship but... Sora and Dennis as moles in mafia AU thnx.

(Fair warning I’ve never done anything mafia related before so if this sucks, that’s why)

For the AU Meme.

In a world where the city is run by the three large crime syndicates there is one unspoken rule, everyone leaves each other alone and there won’t be any problems. And it seems to keep the peace, as uneasy as it is.

Until the day a member of the Xyz mafia turns up dead, with all the makings of a Fusion hit. Then all hell breaks loose and the city becomes a war field.

Enter Shiunin Sora, skilled assassin, and Dennis Macfield, master actor and assassin for the Fusion syndicate, both with a single goal, to find out who is behind the hit.

Sora finds himself sent inside the local police force, Dennis finds himself deep in the bowls of the Xyz mob in the hopes of finding out what they know.

What they learn will change everything, provided they live long enough to tell anyone.

Your face is tanking

And now for today’s lesson in institutionalised misogyny.

Today’s news: Ghostbusters ‘tanks’, ‘stumbles’ with 53% drop in its second week.

Presumably that’s a bad performance compared to other action movies in their second week then?

Let’s check…

  • Captain America: Civil War: -59.5%
  • Dark Knight: -52%
  • Amazing Spider Man: -61%

Oh, and for an example of an actual ‘tanking’:

  • Batman vs Superman: -69%

Now, let’s examine all the reporting last week that Ghostbusters was going to struggle because of its first week multiplier against its budget…

Ghostbusters first weekend US figures: $46m
It had a $144m budget, so in its first week it made 32% of that.
Descriptions: ‘Lacklustre’, ‘problematic’, ‘will haunt Sony’

Star Trek Beyond first weekend US figures: $59.6m
It had a $189m budget, so in its first week it made 30% of its budget.
Reporting: ‘Dominates’, ‘wins big’

To be clear: there are articles describing both movies’ openings as ‘solid’. But there’s basically no one calling Beyond worrying or Ghostbusters a big win.

So. ‘Nuff said?


A few people have requested sauce for the data above. Honestly, this post was an off-the-cuff thing this morning done off the first page of Google. I’ve resisted actually providing said data because the % drop and $ profit figures are verifiable basically anywhere you like and the quotes are all over the place. I have not done a thorough corpus analysis of everything written on Ghostbusters and Beyond, nor do I plan to. However, because I’m so damn nice, here are the particular articles I happened to read for the Googley-challenged…

And, to be fair, on looking for my original sources just now, I also found this, so there is at least one article that’s circumspect about Beyond’s success.

I can’t find the article where I got the second week drops info, but I imagine the numbers came straight from here and here.

There were more articles all showing this basic trend, but honestly, no matter how many I list, if you don’t believe me you’re gonna have to go search for yourself anyway, and if you do believe me, well, you already believe me, so why bother?