*stage door

I didn’t post this earlier but this was the night of Ben’s 100th performance. As someone who had their own suicide attempt during senior year of high school and left the show hysterical but also feeling so good, i knew i had to thank ben ❤

(I know its hard to hear but this is what was said)
Me: “i know you don’t have a lot of time but i wanted to tell you thank you for playing this part. I wish i had this show when i was suicidal”
Ben: “thank you for saying that. I’m happy that i touched you. Thats the only reason we do it, thank you for coming. Thank you, that makes me feel really good. I appreciate it”

Tales from the stage door

Sorry for the long post! So, here they are - some of the pics I took of David at the stage door at The Wyndham’s Theatre after his 2. and 3. performance of Don Juan in Soho (which you should totally go watch!). Some are better than others, but they are all magnificent because, well - it’s David Tennant! You are welcome to reblog, share, save or whatever you want - just don’t repost, please :-)



Bonus, because I know some of you will appreciate it:


One day, I want to know what it’s like to stage door.

Not stage door.

Stage Door.

I want to encounter a fan that freaks out when they see me in modern day clothing. I want to hear stories about how MY story has inspired someone, helped someone, SAVED someone.

I want to be on the other side of that barrier. Someday, that will be me.


i had to make a post about this,, dear evan hansen is such an incredible and heart wrenching depiction of mental illness and family. ive been struggling hard with mental illness and this show honestly made me feel like there is a reason to keep going,, i talked to the cast and they were all so wonderful and encouraging and they hugged me. this show is so important

Have you ever thought about how much time David Duchovny probably spent with making sure that Gillian Anderson doesn’t fall…


Clearly it’s my lucky day. I got upgraded on my flight to business class, then my hotel room got upgraded for no apparent reason to a deluxe room, and then saw not only Catherine Russell on What the Butler Saw, but also Jemma Redgrave in the audience. What a time to be alive. (the only downside is that the stage door was absolute madness, not at all helped by the fact that Jemma and Catherine came out together, so I couldn’t get anywhere near but still…)