*stage door


soooo guess who went to the deh stage door yesterday and actually collapsed when she saw major league baseball was on for evan?? (it was me) here’s some blessed pics from it

Will Roland stage door experience

all i can think about is when i met Will at the stage door and told him that i was in love with his voice and i could just listen to him talk forever and he smiled really wide and thanked me and was just being adorable and then someone like 6 people down just yelled really loudly “ARE YOUR TEETH REAL” and Will had the most amused and incredulous look on his face and he looked at me and then at the person who asked the question and then back at me and then responded “Yes, i use them to sing.”

i love this man

heyyy so i woke up to seeing the pics of mlb at stage door having 400 notes?? soooo uhh thank you??? but anyway here’s the vid i took featuring my friend (who knows nothing about broadway) asking him for a high five and my other friend ( @benji-applebaumm ) and i in the middle of almost dying!