*stabs myself in the eye*

A conversation that *must* have happened at one point.
  • *archiving and cataloguing things together*
  • Nomura: "I wonder if Bular would allow me the finances to acquire more works here. To better maintain my guise, of course."
  • Strickler: "Hmm."
  • Nomura: "Because as it is, I *happened* to have my eye on a few new items to add to our collection of ren--"
  • Strickler: "I swear to you here and now, if you say renaissance era pottery, I will stab myself in the eye."
  • Nomura: "..."
  • Nomura: *turns back to the items they're cataloging*
  • Nomura: *selects a very lavish and historically important dagger*
  • Nomura: *hands it to him*
  • Nomura: "Renaissance era pottery."
  • Strickler: "..."
  • Nomura: "...Go on, get to it."

it’s finally 2017 and i just wanna say a huge thanks to all of you, old and new followers!! I’m gonna set a personal goal that i’m going to get myself together when it comes to art and actually start drawing all the ideas that i have and not just procastinate. And i’m gonna try to get myself toa  better shape too.
I won’t promise cause i don’t know what’s gonna happen but i’m still going to try and it’s about time.
And despite that i’ve already managed to stab myself in the eye and set a tree on fire, i think it’s gonna be a good year! At least i hope and i’m gonna do what i can to make it so! Happy new year!!

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REQUEST: Hey! :) Could you do a Stiles Stilinski one-shot where Stiles gets jealous when the reader says she’s going on a date and tries to stop her? Thank you!

(Y/N) was by her locker, putting some school books in, when someone yelled “BOOH” behind her. She jumped and turned around, knowing perfectly who she was going to face.

“Seriously Stiles? Stop doing this, what are you? 5?” (Y/N) said slightly annoyed because Stiles suceeded all the time at scaring her.
“Oh c'mon, it’s fun!” Stiles couldn’t stop laughing but (Y/N) was having none of it.
“You know what else is fun? Stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil.”
“Okay…Someone’s having a bad day?” Stiles now put a serious face on, wanted to know what was wrong with his best friend.

(Y/N) and Stiles known each other since they were 3, Stiles’ mom was (Y/N)’s mom closest friend and they were always hanging out at each other’s house, also because they live next to each other. (Y/N) was there at Stiles’ lowest moments and he did the same for her, they shared everything, spending their time gossiping and laughing so hard at each other’s stupid jokes. (Y/N) had feelings for Stiles for a long time but she always denied it because she knew he wasn’t loving her in that way, and she didn’t want to get hurt.

(Y/N) sighed loudly.
“I have nothing nice to wear for tonight.” She closed her locker and looked up at Stiles who was a bit confused.
“What’s tonight?”
“I’m going on a date.” She smiled widly, her eyes filled with excitment. Stiles’ smile disappeared and his eyes slightly widened.
“You what?”
(Y/N) ignored Stiles’ question when she saw Lydia walking in the hallway. She waved at her calling her name.
“Hey (Y/N)! Stiles! What’s up?” Lydia said as soon as she joined the two best friends.
“Can you do me a favor please? I really need to borrow you something cute for tonight.”
Lydia smiled and put her hands on (Y/N)’s shoulders.
“I already picked something for you tonight, I left it at your house this morning.”
She winked and (Y/N) hugged her, still very excited about her date whilst Stiles was frowning with annoyance.
“Thank you Lydia, you’re saving me!” Lydia smiled to (Y/N) and left to see Kira. Stiles started to speak again.
“(Y/N) you can’t go to your date tonight, it’s movie night at Scott’s place.”
“I know, but we have movie nights every friday nights, it’s not a big deal if I miss one friday. Plus, I’ve already told Scott I couldn’t make it and he is totally okay with it!”
Stiles was about to reply when the bell rang and (Y/N) left him by her locker to go to her class.
“Who’s that guy anyway?” Stiles yelled so (Y/N) could hear him on the other side of the hallway. She smiled but didn’t say anything and went to class with Lydia and Kira.


8:45 PM, (Y/N) was all dressed up, ready to go on her exciting date. When the bell rang, she got nervous all of a sudden and looked at herlsef in the mirror before opening the door. Her smile vanished when she saw who was standing in front of her. Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles? What are you doing here?”
“Who asked you on a date?” he said inviting himself in his best friend’s house. (Y/N) closed the door behind him.
“Seriously? Why do you care so much about who I’m dating?” (Y/N) was annoyed by Stiles’ behavior.
“Just tell me who he is. Do I know the guy?”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, you know him, it’s Scott.”
Stiles’ eyes widened in shock and his mouth fell.
“I’m kidding, idiot!” (Y/N) laughed at Stiles’ shocked face. “Sam asked me on a date, the guy in our biology class? Whatever, he is gonna be here in a minute, so we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?”
(Y/N) tried to push Stiles out of her house but he resisted.
“Stiles seriously, what’s wrong with you? Just go!” (Y/N) was getting mad at him, she was very looking forward to this date so she could have a good time and move on from her feelings for Stiles.
“(Y/N), you can’t go! I’m serious okay? What if the guy is a serial killer, huh? Or worse, a chimera?” he said dramatically.
“Stiles, you’re being ridiculous, Sam isn’t a chimera or anything evil, he is a nice guy, I’m sure you’ll like him actually.”
“Yeah, I doubt that.” Stiles murmured.
(Y/N) sighed and went upstairs to grab her handbag, Stiles followed her.
“(Y/N)! Please, don’t go out with him.”
“Why? Why won’t you let me have some fun? I need it okay? I need to take my mind off everything!” She said without even looking at him.
“We could stay here and watch a movie, just the two of us. This is what we used to do when you needed to take your mind off things.”
(Y/N) was about to say something when someone knocked at the door. Stiles stared at (Y/N) and almost ran downstairs to open the door. She yelled at him from upstairs.
“Stiles, don’t you dare!”
But it was too late, Stiles was already facing the guy, who looked confused to be greeted by someone else than (Y/N).
“Uhm..I’m here to pick (Y/N) up.. Is this the wrong adress?” Sam asked shyly.
“Sorry dude, (Y/N) can’t go out tonight, she is not feeling too well. Actually, it is very contagious so you should probably go now.”

Stiles closed the door, not even bothering to wait for an answer and turned around to see a very pissed-off (Y/N).
“Get the hell out of my house.” (Y/N) said, rushing down the stairs and towards Stiles.
“(Y/N) wait! Don’t be mad at me like this!”
“Are you kidding me? Stiles why would you ruin my date like this? You’re such an asshole.” She said grabbing his arm to make him leave the house.
“Because I’m the one who wants to take you on a date, alright?” he yelled.
(Y/N) froze and slowly took her hand off Stiles’ arm. She looked at him, her eyes was locked on his.
Was he kidding to calm the atmosphere or was he being honest?
“What did you say?” She asked him puzzled, waiting for him to laugh and tell her he was only joking.
“I want to be the guy who asks you on a date. I want to be the guy who holds your hand, I want to be more than just your best friend. Damn it (Y/N), I’m in love with you.”
“You are?” (Y/N) still couldn’t believe it.
“Yes, and I know you don’t feel the same way, that’s why I never said anything, but seeing you with others guys.. it’s killing me, and this stupid guy Sam or whatever was just going to take you away from me and I couldn’t let that happ-”
He didn’t have time to finish that (Y/N) put her lips on his. Stiles was shocked and surprised, wondering if he was dreaming or not, but when he realised that it was real, he gently kissed (Y/N) back.
(Y/N) pulled away and smiled at Stiles.

“I love you too, asshole.”
“Hey! I’m not an ass- Wait, you do?”
“Yes, and you’re the only guy I want to go on a date with.”


“I’m tired of you always getting in trouble”, you mumbled. Regulus was sitting in front of you, with bruises all over him and a few cuts on his face. You wet the towel again and carefully dabbed away the blood from his cheek.Regulus was quite. You had dragged him away from the fight and into a abandoned bathroom. “Do I need to remind you that you so-called friends aren’t good for you?”, you asked, your focus on getting him cleaned up. Regulus sighed.

“Do I need to remind you that I can take care of myself?”, he asked back. You stabbed dabbing his wounds and looked into his eyes.

“Believe me, if you continue to get in trouble you won’t have any other choice”, you said.Regulus closed his eyes for a short moment.

“I’m sorry Y/N. It’s just,, I guess I’m not used to have someone that cares for me”, he said and tucked a strand of hair in lace behind your ear. You tiled your head to rest in Regulus hand.

“Can you atleast try to not let those friends affect you so much? You are so much better then them”.


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Don't feel embarrassed about stabbing yourself. I've done the same. I also once stabbed myself in the eye with my own fingernail. That one hurt. -EC

Saaaame, but ty

i really do feel like brokeback mountain is something i should experience at some point but the idea of watching it sounds remarkably less enjoyable than stabbing myself in the eye really hard with a pointy stick

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I agree the dress isn't Belle. I think it be good in its own thing but not for there. (To be fair they have done a lot wrong in regards to the movie.) And it kinda says you can't wear super stylized dresses and kick ass.

Man, not even on its own, if I saw it in a store I’d be like “Who would wear this, and why?” Maybe in a different color but that yellow makes me want to stab myself in the eyes and I’ve always hated the wide neckline and cropped sleeve look. But maybe that’s just me.

I guess I’m just very visually oriented and have a lot of opinions about inconsequential things in movies like this