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Beauty Magic

I want to talk a little bit about beauty magic.

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To make a long, sad story short, I always hated looking in the mirror because I hated what I saw. I thought I was an ugly fuck and I’d avoid the mirror as much as I could to not see who was staring back at me. When I came upon witchcraft, overtime, I realized that I was neglecting myself of being who I am, beautiful. 

I really love incorporating magic into what can make me feel beautiful and empowered and the way I do so is by using music beauty magic to aid me while I take showers, put on makeup, get dressed, etc. It has helped me see that I am truly beautiful for who I am with flaws and all, and I would like to share with you that you too are just as beautiful as I. We are beautiful.

Lets take this one step at a time: 

Morning Slumps to Magic Mornings

For me, this is one of the hardest parts of my day. I look like hell; makeup smeared, hair in knots and messy, clothes twisted, goop in eyes, morning breath, I mean, mornings are just not my thing and I have truly felt disgusting while working my way up to getting ready. While thinking to myself how gross I am, it made me less ambitious and made me less willing to look past what I found ugly. So as I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and got ready for my day I already had in mind how ugly I am by focusing on the negative. Thoughts are SO powerful and what we think is what we will see.

Beauty Magic Tip One:
Make a playlist called “Beauty” or a title that makes you feel empowered/beautiful. Have your coffee, eat your breakfast, whatever your routine is. Make your playlist and only put in songs that make you feel beautiful, music that makes you feel sexy, and strong. When you are finished with your morning routine, brush your teeth, and when you are done turn on your playlist. Take a shower while you have that playlist going and think about how beautiful you are and how strong your are.


  • If you sing the songs as you shampoo/condition/wash your body you are washing that beauty all over you and having it soak into your pores and washing off any negativity that lingers. You don’t have to sing, only do if you are comfortable with it. 
  • If you are a witch who can’t be open with your magic this is a great way to do beauty magic since you are alone (well, assuming, haha) in the shower. The most you have to worry about is having someone ask you to turn down the music or tell you to stop singing in case you are too loud.
  • If you are a spoonie witch this is a great way to do powerful magic because all you need is your thoughts and a playlist for your tools (and your voice if you choose to sing).


  • Based off of experience (I take hot ass showers) your electronics can get ruined in warm and humid places overtime if you have them in the bathroom with you, if so, make sure that you keep the bathroom well ventilated. 
  • I hate to admit it but sometimes while I am showering and I get really into a song and I dance a bit (fuck can’t believe I admitted it but moving past, haha) just please be careful. There have been a couple times where I have almost fallen, haha.

Beauty Magic Tip Two: 
While you get ready for your day (doing your hair, getting dressed, putting on your makeup) have your Beauty playlist going on and think about how beautiful you are and sexy you are. This can aid in getting you energized for the day ahead. 


  • If you would like, while you get ready and listen to your encouraging music keep a rose quartz on/near you. This can add that little extra oompf. 
  • Again, a great way to incorporate magic if you are one who can’t be open with your craft. Who is going to tell you that you can’t listen to music and get ready at the same time? 
  • If you are a spoonie witch this is a great way to do powerful magic because all you need is your thoughts and a playlist for your tools (and your voice if you choose to sing). 


  • This is just me personally but I can’t sing and put on makeup, that ends in the result of stabbing myself in the eye, haha. Be careful dearie! 
  • Rose quartz is one of many crystals that can be used to add a little extra loving energy / beauty magic. If you feel connected to another crystal that makes you feel beautiful use it! 
  • If you are a spoonie witch don’t overwhelm yourself. Chronic pain can sometimes get the better where you can’t get ready like you want for your day, and that’s okay. All you need are your positive thoughts and have your playlist going, you are beautiful.

Afternoon Blues to Swingin’ Days

Afternoons are where I feel the most sluggish because its the middle of the day and I am still busy doing my shit (cleaning, working, so forth). Afternoons can feel as if they drag on because you are waiting for the work/school day to be over with so you can go home and chill the fuck out. 

Beauty Magic Tip Three:  
While your are working/in school and you have a moment to yourself just think about how gorgeous you are. Keep a positive attitude about yourself because words and thoughts are powerful. 


  • You can bring along with you a self love spell jar/sigil/crystals along with you to work/school and keep it tucked away in your purse/wallet/backpack where ever as long as it is on your personally. 
  • All you need for this are your thoughts and positive vibes. Great for spoonie witches. 


  • You can honestly do this whenever throughout the day since all you need are your thoughts. I just like doing this while in the middle of my day because it is a gentle reminder that I am beautiful no matter what I am doing.
  • Again, use any kind of crystal that resonates with you and beauty. 

Beauty Magic Tip Four: 
When the day is finally over and you are on your way home put on that playlist and sing your heart out. 


  • If you are underage and aren’t driving yourself and have to ride the bus or carpool with others but still want to listen to your playlist on your way home, plug in your headphones. You don’t have to sing, singing is just a bonus. Listen to the music, let yourself feel beautiful. 
  • If you are driving yourself home, (this is just me personally) but I crank up the music and sing my ass off bring in the loving vibes after a long day. 

Gloomy Evenings to Enchanting Nights

I love nighttime. For me, it’s the time to really get connected with my being. The stars shine down on our hearts showing us that glitter of beauty that we each carry. We are all apart of the universe, that beauty is always within us as long as we are willing to open our eyes and see the natural beauty that we hold.

Beauty Magic Tip Five: 
Nighttime shower, read Beauty Magic Tip One along with notes and bonus section. This method can be applied to night and morning showers. 

Beauty Magic Tip Six: 
Magical baths allow us to soak in the properties of whatever kind of magic we are doing. Fill your bath up with water, add bubbles if you would like, and before you get in put on your Beauty playlist. Instead of singing, just listen. Let the words soak into your pores as the water will do. 


  • You can add candles, herbs, essential oils, incenses, crystals around your bath that are related to beauty/loving energies. 
  • A great way for witches who can’t be open about their craft to do magic because you are taking a bath, you can say you just need to relax after a long day. 
  • Awesome for spoonie witches. You are soaking in the tub of your beauty and all you need is your thoughts and playlist going.  


  • If you are using essential oils/herbs make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t use anything that can be harmful for your body.
  • If you are using crystals make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t use any crystals that will dissolve in water, or can’t be near water, or that can make your water toxic in case accidents happen. 
  • It’s best that you don’t have your phone on your during this bath. Focus on yourself, on your beauty, and all the love you should be giving to yourself.
  • Personally, when I do this I don’t like to sing (and I love singing, haha). One, because it is nighttime and people in the house are asleep. Two, because I like to completely lose myself in the bath and relax. So keep the music low and peaceful so you can soak up all that beautiful energy.
  • Don’t have your electronic on the edge of the tub while your music is going. Personally, I use my phone (its an iPhone, all my music is there) and I don’t know about you but I am a clumsy fucker and I can’t afford losing that shit, haha. So keep your music going somewhere in ear shot (on the vanity or on a shelf in your bathroom, wherever water won’t damage your electronics.)

Beauty Magic Tip Seven:
I have acne issues and they bug the shit out of me but it doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful. So before I go to bed I wash my face (with lavender soap) and put on a special remedy I personally make to get rid of my acne. After your shower or before you go to bed, washing your face is a BIG helper to keep yourself beautiful. Keep a special towel that is specifically used for washing your face. Cleaning your face with some water and soap that is proper for your skin can do you wonders. While you wash your face think how powerful you are and how beautiful you are.


  • If you have acne and are curious about my remedy watch this video to see how I do it.
  • You can have your Beauty playlist going on as you wash your face, adding that that extra oompf of gorgeous to your magic. 
  • This is a great way to incorporate magic if you are one who can’t be open with your craft. If someone asks what you are doing all you have to say is that you are taking care of yourself, which, well you are!


  • If you are using the acne remedy of mine make sure that you are able to use it. It contains tea tree essential oil, not everyone can use that for their skin so please DO YOUR RESEARCH. I am not responsible for if something goes wrong because I am warning you now what works for me may not work for you, so test the waters and make sure you use ingredients that are safe for your skin.
  • While washing your face keep your electronics away from you if you are playing your Beauty playlist as you wash your face. This is just from personal experience but I am a messy fucker when it comes to washing my face. I wish I could be as graceful as those ladies on TV splashing water on my face with no effort, but yeah, this is real life and water gets EVERYWHERE. So, if you are like me, keep that in mind if you want your music playing. 
  • You don’t have to have music going, it’s optional. I just love music and incorporate it with anything magical I do. 
  • This can be overwhelming for spoonie witches (especially if you are one who has chronic pain in hands/wrists) because you are in motion washing your face so do what you can, if it is too painful to do then I recommend not doing this.

Beauty Magic Tip Eight: 
As you are laying in bed, right before you fall asleep say out loud, in your head, or whisper “I shine bright like my brothers and sisters of the night sky.” or “I am beautiful.” 


  • Sleep with a rose quartz crystal to have the beauty of yourself always be with you, even in your dreams. 


  • You can honestly say anything you’d like before you fall asleep, the two examples I provided are just ones that I say. Anything along the lines to you being beautiful will bring you beauty and charm. 
  • You don’t have to use rose quartz. If you connect to another crystal that provides you the same beautiful/loving energies use it!


I wanted to save these for the very end. 

  • Beauty magic isn’t so that others will see you and think “Holy fuck, they are SO beautiful. I MUST HAVE THEM.” It isn’t like that. This kind of magic is about you seeing yourself as beautiful. 
  • Regarding your playlist, you can have ANY music that makes YOU feel beautiful. If the song makes you feel strong, sexy, beautiful, charming, empowered, whatever go ahead and use it! 

This is just a taste of music from my personal Beauty Playlist to help you get an idea: 
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, Sugar Magnolia by Grateful Dead, She Is Beautiful by Andrew W.K., Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, Lovingest Woman In Town by Albert King, Humans by The Scene Aesthetic, My Little Girl by The Jeff Healey Band, Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding.

Like I said, you can use whatever kind of music you want as long as you feel beautiful. (Don’t be rude, please don’t give me any shit for my taste in music.)

So there we have it, a list of different ways you can incorporate beauty magic within your lives, and yes I know most of the tips have something to do with music but I am someone who incorporates music into everything I do magically. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you use these tips, let me know how it works for you and tell me what you added to make it your personal style.

Stay beautiful darlin’.

Much Love,
Adrianna 😘  

not to sound impulsive but every time y’all reblog george bush praise onto my dash i fight the urge of grabbing a knife and stabbing myself in both eyes so i never have to read such nonsense ever again in my life

A conversation that *must* have happened at one point.
  • *archiving and cataloguing things together*
  • Nomura: "I wonder if Bular would allow me the finances to acquire more works here. To better maintain my guise, of course."
  • Strickler: "Hmm."
  • Nomura: "Because as it is, I *happened* to have my eye on a few new items to add to our collection of ren--"
  • Strickler: "I swear to you here and now, if you say renaissance era pottery, I will stab myself in the eye."
  • Nomura: "..."
  • Nomura: *turns back to the items they're cataloging*
  • Nomura: *selects a very lavish and historically important dagger*
  • Nomura: *hands it to him*
  • Nomura: "Renaissance era pottery."
  • Strickler: "..."
  • Nomura: "...Go on, get to it."

Okay- hello. I really have been thinking about this one idea for a fic and I needed to try it.  (bonus: this was supposed to be a smut but it just turned fluffy, LMAO OH WELL. Maybe some other time. I am planning on writing my headcanon Gray A-Spectrum Juggie fic soon) (enjoy this flop) (ALSO PLEASE DONT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM W SWITCHING POVS LOL I KEPT SWITCHING FOR SOME REASON?? IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE IM TIRED AS FUCK BUT YEAH MY BAD.)

A knock abruptly woke Betty up from a little afternoon nap she had decided to take. She sat up in confusion and rubbed a hand over her eyes before settling them on Jughead who was giving her a cheesy smile from the other side of her window.

A smile spread across her face as she clambered off the bed and to the window, pulling it open without a second thought “Hey, Juggie.” Betty greeted, Jughead handed her a box quickly before swinging his leg up into the window, she backed up to give him some room to climb in. 

Her eyes lowered to the big box in her hand curiously, “I missed you.” was Jugheads simple greeting which made her heart flutter, as well as making her laugh. His beanie looked as if it was about to slide off of his head and his raven hair looked more unruly than usual.

“I saw you yesterday, Jug.” The cold from the box that seeped through the bottom bit at her hands, only making her more curious to take a peek. 

“Too long for my liking,” He sighed, taking the box from her hand and sitting on her bed, placing the box next to him “I got you your favorite!” Jughead announced, taking a hold of her wrist and tugging her gently towards him. This made her excited. My favorite? She thought.

With the other hand that was not holding onto Betty’s wrist, he lifted the lid of the box to reveal a vanilla ice cream cake with cute flower designs covering the top. 

Betty gasped and quickly ran out of the room leaving Jughead speechless. Had he done something wrong? He could have sworn ice cream cake was her favorite since they were kids…

Betty surprised Jughead when she appeared in the doorway with spoons, “How did you remember?” she asked softly, handing him a spoon before sitting on the bed across from him, the ice cream cake between them. 

Jughead had a bashful look on his face “I remember a lot of things, Bett’s.” He responded dipping the spoon into the cake and taking a huge bite to change the subject. At this, Betty just smirked and took her on spoonful, savoring the sweet dessert she hadn’t had in ages; without thinking she let out a satisfied moan and flopped onto her back. Jughead almost choked on the ton of ice cream in his mouth and his cheeks flushed at the noise, it sounded like she enjoyed food almost as much as he did.

“Thank you, Juggie.” Betty said while sitting up and getting more ice cream on her spoon. Her ocean green eye’s glanced up at him from under her lashes causing Jughead’s breath to catch, “N-no problem Betty.” he responded while distracting himself with putting the spoon down into the box.

She frowned at the clear nervousness he had, “I honestly need to keep saying ‘thank's’ to you,” She let out with a sigh. 

Jughead glanced up at her with confusion “Without you, I would probably be a bigger mess than I already am, and you just make me so extremely happy, Jug. I just don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to you-” she had to stop short because she felt that stupid lump that meant she was on the verge of crying enter her throat, “What I’m trying to say is, I’m just really thankful you are in my life.” 

Jughead felt his insides melt at her words and he quickly moved the ice cream cake box out of the way so he could scoot over to where she sat against the head board.He wrapped an arm around her waist and Betty rested her head on his shoulder “Hey, I’m more than thankful you are in my life as well, Betty.” He stated with a light kiss to her temple.

Betty looked up at him with a smile, she placed a kiss at the corner of his mouth before sliding down and nuzzling her head into his chest to get comfortable “I like you a lot Forsythe P. Jones.” She said with a giggle, raising up three fingers to add on to his name.

At the use of his full name he rolled his eyes and tickled her waist with his fingers receiving a loud squeak from her “Juggie stop!” Betty laughed breathlessly trying to pull away but he flipped her over so he was laying on top (also attempting not to crush her) giving himself the advantage. He stopped tickling her but she was pouting and crossing her arms like a child. 

He couldn’t help but think about the two time’s they have kissed when he glanced down at her soft pink lips that were pouted in false anger. Throwing caution to the wind Jughead lowered his lip’s down to meet her’s, that tasted strongly of ice cream cake (which he decided was his favorite now too.). He felt Betty gasp slightly but the kiss was soon returned and her arms uncrossed and went to Jughead’s shoulders. 

She was running her fingers into his hair. knocking his prized beanie off in the process but he didn’t notice. Their lips were gentle against each others, fitting perfectly and moving in sync. There was no ferociousness in this kiss, just softness. He had never imagined he would be kissing someone, these feelings were all new to him. This kiss felt like it held actual meaning compared to all the stories he heard from guys at school talking about ‘hook-ups’ and ‘make out sessions’ that apparently were the best, but he never saw the appeal. He never saw the appeal in kissing until Betty.

When Jughead pulled away Betty had a flustered look on her face, her lips were parted in awe at what just happened. He just grinned at her reaction and pecked her on the lips again, then the forehead, and then her nose.

“I like you a lot too Elizabeth Cooper.”

(lol I wanna stab myself wtf??? my eyes are burning, if there are spelling errors oH WELL BECAUSE NO ONE IS PROB GONNA TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS SHIT ANYWAYS)

I can already see how the Betty x Veronica x Archie love triangle is going to go.

The writers are going to screw over bughead because Archie realizes he has feelings for Betty and then when Veronica is like ‘fuck you bye’ and starts dating someone else Archie is going to get jealous and be like ??? but I thought we had something

And then I’m going to stab myself in the eye with my tv remote.