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I noticed you are also a Star Trek fan. So I would ask you what do you think would happen if the TOS Enterprise crew meet HTTYD people? What are the reactions on both the side?

Alriiiiiiight! This is lots of fun! 

I imagine the scenario would be that the crew aboard the Enterprise would travel to Berk through some sort of interesting time-space adventure (as so often occurs with Kirk and company). This means that there is a high likelihood that these Starfleet folks would beam down to an area near Berk proper, and there first meet Stoick, Hiccup, Astrid, and the other Hairy Hooligans.

The TOS crew has the advantage; they would recognize the clothing of the Hairy Hooligans as that of stereotypical Vikings (even though Vikings never wore horns on their helmets, their appearance nevertheless would ring a bell to people like Kirk, Spock, and McCoy). This would pique their interests, but it would also give them some cultural background and understanding of the people they encounter. The people from Berk would not be able to reciprocate such knowledge and background, as the people from the Enterprise would be wholly unlike anyone they had ever met.

What might come most as a shock to the Enterprise crew is the presence of dragons on the island. This would be something they did not expect. Scotty and McCoy would stare at the dragons with wide, astonished eyes, barely able to believe what they have beheld. 

Even with this shocking sight of “mythical” beasts, the Enterprise crew would, naturally, act in diplomacy and politeness. They would probably want to keep the Prime Directive, and as is such, would try not to wave around their technology from the future; it wouldn’t be good if they accidentally altered the technological course of development for Berk’s civilization. Depending on the mission parameters, Kirk might want or need to speak to their leader, in which case Kirk and Stoick will meet.

Stoick will very likely be more wary of the Enterprise crew than the Enterprise crew are to him. He’d be wary for several reasons. First: Stoick has had extremely bad luck with strangers, especially strangers from faraway lands. He has had to not only battle neighboring tribes like the Berserkers and Outcasts, but he also witnessed the foreigner Drago murder every tribe chief in a meeting room twenty years prior. Stoick would not quickly forget this event. Second: Stoick would probably be a little weirded out by the obviously foreign garb and culture of these people. It’s enough to throw someone off balance. I’m not saying that Stoick would be suspicious out of his mind and immediately defensive toward Kirk, but that he would step toward this situation with a little more underlying caution.

And in fact I do think it would be out of character for Stoick to be too suspicious. He would be a genteel host, returning diplomacy with Kirk, such as the good Hooligan chief has done many times while interacting with leaders of other tribes. Stoick would certainly prefer peace and understanding with these strange visitors, and would wish to know why they were here and what their mission was. I suspect that the conversation between Kirk and Stoick would satisfy Stoick enough that he would welcome them to his village. And here, at this point, the Enterprise crew and the Dragon Academy members would start to intermingle.

Scotty would meld into the Hairy Hooligan culture the quickest. Berk was inspired off of a small Scottish island, and Scotty is rather proud of his heritage. He would rather enjoy intermingling with other Scottish individuals, even if they are Scottish individuals from thousands of years before him. But they still have things in common… like a love of drinking. I imagine we would often find Montgomery Scott in the Great Hall drinking with the other Vikings. In truth, Scotty’s intermingling is one key reason that the Hairy Hooligans trust and befriend the Enterprise crew. If Starfleet has someone as wonderful and relatable as Scotty aboard their crew, then Scotty’s friends must not be too bad.

I can imagine Gobber and Scotty getting along splendidly. I hope their cheerful conversations about drinks don’t fall down into a drinking contest. Uhura and Astrid would get along just fine. I can also imagine that Ruffnut and Tuffnut irritate Captain Kirk a lot… and that, while Kirk tries to hide it, his irritation obviously leaks through. Snotlout and McCoy would become mirror images of grumpiness; while they wouldn’t grump to each other, they would grump with each other, and through that fuel one another’s grumpiness. Of all the Enterprise individuals, Chekov would probably get along the best with most of the Dragon Academy individuals, being as they are all closer in age, and Chekov is usually not too sour of a personality. 

Sulu would have some enjoyable times with the youths, too, that said. Maybe his companionship with Chekov is what gets him interacting with the others. But he finds reasons to interact with them outside of Chekov. He and Fishlegs enjoy talking botany together. Everyone else finds them huge nerds, but these two enjoy the conversation. Then, at some point, Sulu would be curious enough to test the Vikings’ swords, much to the entertainment of Astrid (and a slightly flirting Ruffnut). I wouldn’t even put it past Sulu and Astrid to have a little playful duel. Snotlout might try to one-up Astrid and show off to the newcomer how good he is at fighting… and thoroughly embarrass himself in the process.

Hiccup would interact decently well with the other individuals. Supposing the Enterprise crew lets slip about some of their technologies and duties, then Hiccup would adore to learn about Scotty’s work as an engineer aboard the Enterprise. Hiccup is an inventor, after all, and Scotty’s engineering work would be right up Hiccup’s interest alley. Hiccup and Kirk have enough in common (for instance, these leaders make impulsive but intelligent choices evoked from emotional gumption) that they would get along fine. Kirk would respect Hiccup and Hiccup would respect Kirk, though I don’t imagine them becoming chums… there’s a bit too much of an age gap.

As for Spock? He would probably be the least social of the group at first, though he would adopt a Viking helmet to hide his ears, and would frequently mutter “Fascinating” around the dragons and humans.


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