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Friends- Colton Parayko

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(He is a large baby bean with a CHILD people)

Ok so I don’t know how I feel about this one, so anon if you don’t like it let me know and I can do another one for you! Also check out one of my favorite Colton one’s Ran Here by @hockeywritingcollective if you haven’t already! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: LVOE your writings!! Can you possibly add on for Colton Parayko??? I love that man to death!! Can it be about being friends but both having feelings for each other but not wanting to ruin the friendship but decide to go for it???


              Having Colton as a best friend was a great thing.

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I couldn’t find a gif of Enzo on the lab table:/ ANd I’m sorry guys, my writing has been shit lately, just not feeling it lately :((

Your head felt heavy, your mouth dry. “Where am I?” You mumbled, eyes sliding open lazily. Bright lights hung over you, making you groan. After a couple seconds, you finally made sense of your surroundings. 

You were strapped down to a cold, hard table. “Hey? Hey!” Your voice was gruff, harsh sounding. You rolled your head to the side, seeing the outline of a figure. “Hey…hey.” You tried yelling. You were so thirsty. 

Your eyes finally adjusted to all the bright lights you you saw a man with black hair. He was tied up too, arms bound as he faced you. “Where am I?” 

“Shh. Talking will only make the thirst grow.” He said, eyes grazing over you. Suddenly there was a click and another body joined you in the room. 

“Well well, it’s about time. You were out for a bit.” The blonde man spoke as he stood above you, studying you. 

“Mr. Wes?” You said, dazed. 

“Subject 9254 seems awake, complicating her surroundings-” He took two fingers and opened your eye. “-Pupils dialed. Has been 7 hours since last feeding.” He stopped speaking into the tiny recorder. 

“Wes, what’s going on?” You licked your chaps lips. He was your biology teacher, he seemed nice. He helped you whenever you needed it, he even seemed as if he liked you. 

“Stop taking, Y/N.” He said gruffly as he grabbed a scalpel. “I’m just going to take piece of your eye out, it’s hurt… a lot. But lucky for you, you’ll heal.” 

“W-What? No…No!” You thrashed and screamed.

“Hey! Hey!” The man next to you said, struggling against his restraints. “Haven’t you Americans have any common courtesy? That’s no way to treat a lazy. Do me first… take my eye out.”

“Feeling brave?” Wes laughed. “Is this what you vampires do, you guys stick together? Like a pack.. huh.” He thought and turned around, grabbing his recorder. 

The man turned towards you and smiled. “I’m Enzo.”