I was tagged by the lovely @spookygarroway to do this so thanks for tagging me !!

Height: I think I’m somewhere around 170 cm ?? i’m not 100% sure though

Hogwarts House: I’m a hufflepuff !!

Go-to SSBB character: probably sonic

Fictional character you’d date: i mean idk really .. i feel like i would date simon lewis bc he’s so sweet and supportive and pretty and i relate to him a lot of the time tbh i wish he was real so that i’d know him at least ugh

Favorite band or artist: i have so many omg prepare yourself. one direction, 5sos, the 1975, aurora, troye sivan, melanie martinez, seafret, the script, the fray, neon jungle, top, atl, alt-j, one republic, bastille, birdy, jaymes young, halsey, ed sheeran, little mix and so many more lol

When did I make this blog: i’ve had this blog since August 30th i think

How many blogs do I follow: 155 people and i wanna follow more people but idek where to start and most people don’t ever follow me back (bc lets be real this is a trash blog)

What do I post about: shadowhunters and sometimes teen wolf

Do you get asks on a regular basis: nope im a flop lmao

Aesthetic: literally just anything to do with stars and warm sweaters tbh

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tagged by the lovely @spookygarroway (thanks babe!)

Height: 5′4 (im little)

Hogwarts House: slytherclaw but i think mostly slytherin

Go-to SSBB character: (yall it took me ages to figure out what this meant but i figured it out… shoutout to my two brothers) BUT i usually like pit!!

Fictional character you’d date: ok ok ok this is rough but like my deam guy is a mix of all my fave males so bucky barnes, alex karev, bellamy blake, killian jones, alec lightwood, jay halstead but then we’ve got my ladies emma swan, izzy lightwood, and jo wilson

Favorite band or artist: right now im digging sabrina carpenter and shawn mendes

When did I make this blog: i’ve had tumblr for years but been multifandom since december of 2013

How many blogs do I follow: 300 ish? it used to be a lot less but i got yelled at for that 

What do I post about: ouat, the 100, gmw, shadowhunters, marvel, captain america, and a mix of a lot of other stuff

Do you get asks on a regular basis: no not really

Aesthetic: saturday nights around a campfire, laughing and making smores with my best friends. one of my fave nights during the summer was like this and i miss it more than anything….

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tagged by my fave @lucayapumpkin, thanks for tagging me love<3 (sorry for posting it a bit late but I was in LA for the weekend)

Height: I think I'm 5′7 or 5′9, I’m not sure.

Hogwarts House: I’m a mix of gryffindor and slytherin but I prefer slytherin!

Go-to SSBB character: either falco or sonic

Fictional character you’d date: there’s so many of them??? most shadowhunters characters (besides Jocelyn and alecs/izzys parents), lucas friar, maya hHart, peter parker, bucky barnes, steve rogers, natasha romanoff, scott mccall, lydia martin, kira yukimura, stiles stilinski, eggsy, simon alvarez, nina simonetti, gaston perrida, matteo balsano, etc.

Favorite band or artist: this changes all the time tbh, but my constant faves are Sabrina carpenter, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, 5sos, Ariana grande, MAX, Jacob Whitesides, Bea Miller, Troye Sivan, twenty one pilots and Alessia cara (there’s a couple others but I didn't want to make this any longer lol)

When did I make this blog: on Saturday it will be exactly four months since i made the blog.

How many blogs do I follow: 199 but I wanna follow more because almost everyone i follow are mutuals (which is honestly so lovely) so I see the same post like 20 times on my dash and i don’t want to unfollow them bc I’m very much in love with their blogs sooo…

What do I post about: girl meets world, the 100, teen wolf, shadowhunters, harry potter, brooklyn nine nine, parks and rec, marvel, dc, stranger things and a million other fandoms

Do you get asks on a regular basis: sadly no

Aesthetic: i have two. Sitting in my room during a storm or rainy/chilly weather, wearing a long sweater and leggings, reading a good book and drinking a hot chocolate. And the other one would be, going out with my best friends on a “road trip” and taking blankets so we can all lay down on the grass, watch the stars and talk about life/our problems.

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