I’m known for never having a proper relationship. I can easily get over my ‘flings’ without any regret or 'heartbreak’. But what people do not know is that I long to find that special somebody that I could hopefully fall deeply in love with. I want to be in love, to be loved and to feel every damn thing that comes with the whole package. I just want to FEEL. Is that too much to ask?
—  A Sagittarius confession (submitted by kimberlygordon)

If you know someone who has had a traumatic experience or anything like that, please, please please do not force them into doing something that reminds them of that traumatic event. Please do not force them to overcome that fear or anxiety by taking them somewhere or reminding them about the event. You have absolutely no idea what it feels like for that person. You don’t know what they’ve been through. Just don’t. If they want to overcome it, they’ll do it in their own pace and time. If you want to help, just support them and be there for them every step of the way.

I’m tired and on a vibe just roll with it :’D

Hotaru has the ability to heal the most serious of flesh wounds, so being unable to help her brother is something that troubles her.
I dunno I just really wanna work on sibling relationships :) I don’t do it nearly enough.


I don’t think any if you will care but he’s coming home for 10 days on the 12th which is also unfortunately the day I fucking start school but I’m still going to the airport to pick him up at like 10 pm with my sister and her boyfriend because I miss him a lot and its worth it


The creative process explained in a video.