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Knk bi ara ss atmissin ya onu soruyom

Hii akskakska bişey değil o ya altındaki yorumlara bakarsan zaten dalgasına attığımızı anlarsın :dd

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Larries often say things like "why are you hating on something that makes us happy?" But at what cost does their happiness have? The cost of making Harry and Louis feeling uncomfortable? Having Liam and Niall be constantly belittled and referred to as the "captains of the ss larry." These people claim to be fans yet their "happiness" is literally something that is the most selfish thing ever. They shouldn't put so much importance on this fictional relationship and I'm worried about them.

YES I am 100% in agreement with all of this. They’re concerned about their own happiness and less concerned about how Louis and Harry feel about it. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to put the boys first. Shouldn’t that be what we do as fans?