*squishes with love*

((Okay, I have to be up for work in four hours and I have got to get some sleep. I’ll be back around in a few hours as I’m able <3

In the meantime, drums!anon. First of all, you gave me an idea that’s fairly major plotwise. I’m vaguely considering making it a thing across all his verses. We’ll see. Also, I made you a tag on my thread page since you’re here now and again and I don’t know who you are to tag you properly <3 There’ve been rather a lot of greyfaces around here tonight actually, and anyone who wants to stick around, feel free to poke at me to set up a tag for you too. ))

All I really want is giggly sex with Calum because his laugh is so cute as it is and his smile is just the prettiest thing and just imagine him all rosy cheeks with sweat on his forehead and you’d feel the smile on his lips as he kissed you soft and thrust into you hard I forgot where I’m going with this

anonymous asked:

I like to think that the bear nickname is still alive and well since Phil picked the bear sticker of all to put on dans computer :3 so cute

I can’t believe bear is the nickname… Like, it’s so obviously squish and adorable and I love how Phil uses it and how Dan acknowledges it and accepts it because it’s probably commonly used between the two of them.