John wakes up in the morning to hear Rosie giggling away, and then Sherlock’s replies in the distance. He stretches and throws on his dressing gown, leaving Sherlock’s room to join them.

He spies them- Sherlock sitting on the rug cross legged, Rosie in his lap. On the floor are pieces of Lego, and Sherlock is patiently showing Rosie how to build them up, guiding her little hand with his own, and then gently pushing down.

John watches as Sherlock tries to let her do it on her own. She furrows her brow in confusion and then hits the Lego, sending the pieces flying. “Uh oh,” she says, and Sherlock lets out such a wonderful laugh. John’s heart soars.

Uh oh?” Sherlock imitates. “Is that all you can say? You little rascal! Uh oh!” He scoops her up and half throws her up in the air with a mock growl, and she squeals with joy.

Who’d have thought it, John thinks, remembering that strange meeting from years ago. Me and the ‘madman’ Sherlock Holmes. We’ve made a family.

Sherlock has just settled Rosie back to playing with the Lego, when he spots John. “Oh! Good morn-”

But John is already over and cutting him off with a slow, still slightly sleepy kiss. When they break apart, Sherlock’s cheeks are flushed.

“Oh, a very good morning,” Sherlock confirms. God, John loves it when he plays coy. “What was that for?”

John shrugs with a smile, and bends down to help Rosie build. “No reason. Just- just like seeing you happy.”

Sherlock’s eyes sparkle. He stands and grins. “Well, that’s good, because we’re incredibly happy today, aren’t we sweetheart?” And when Rosie just babbles in response, Sherlock winks at John: “We’ll need double the kisses, then.”

“Ooh, is that right? What’s in it for me?”

Sherlock pretends to look affronted. “More kisses, of course. Oh, and a cup of tea.”

John pretends to consider it. “Go on, then, tea first.”

Sherlock pouts, but John knows he’s still only teasing. “Cheeky, don’t push your luck.”

He almost skips over to the kitchen, reaching up to get the tea bags. “Supervise her building, would you? I was planning to show her how to make Buckingham Palace, but that might be a bit ambitious for a beginner.”

John chuckles and kisses his daughter as Sherlock makes tea. He feels like the luckiest man in the world.

Hello from a new studyblr in town: inteqrals

I’m Lily and I’m the girl behind the new studyblr inteqrals (don’t be deceived, I actually really hate math). I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school who will be joining MIT’s class of 2021 next fall *squeals of joy*. I’ve been low-key participating in this community for a while now and since then it’s been such a huge inspiration for me in my high school career. Since I’m going into college, I decided to create this studyblr to document my experiences in my dream college, share and learn more study techniques, and also meet people who feel the same way as I do about learning. 

I will be double majoring in Chemistry and Bioengineering and I could not be more excited and terrified at the same time. 

Just a few things about me:

My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology, computer science, and engineering

I’m a huge nerd who loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Tolkien way too much and I’m a sucker for classics like David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Studyblr inspirations (thank you so much for all of the motivation the past years): @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyign @study-well @studyrelief @thearialligraphyproject @hermionegoals @journalsanctuary @studykouffee @eintsein @dotgrids @angelastudies @biochemsitry @peachsstudy @studenting @studylustre @cmpsbls @emmastudies @studiyng @intellectus @studykiwi @studyplants @academla @ambitiousandcaffeinated @milkteastudies @universi-tea @boardingschoolblr

That’s it! So come on by and we can obsess over nerdy stuff (i mean a rogue one discussion has to come sooner or later), cute stationary, or anything. I also follow back studyblrs so just reblog/like this post and i’ll follow back right away! XD

Swaying on Cloud 9 right now. Nothing’s gonna disrupt my squealing and joy cause 2017 is being a damn good year to us.

Negative nonnies, don’t even try and come at us with your fake shit, don’t really care for it. The evidence is pretty freaking clear in these pics. So byeee.😉

Conga line in 10 mins on the Lido Deck everyone. There’s cause for celebration today! 💃💃💃

Imagine this

Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and the Flash teamed up to dress Phantom up as Jack Frost for Halloween. They even had Jack’s stick ready. They then made Phantom use his ice powers enough to make the teen’s eyes blue to complete the look. Eventually Phantom got roped into going to random towns. There, Phantom would stay invisible while the other heroes (while in their own Halloween costumes) would go ask kids if they believed in Jack Frost. When the kids say yes, Phantom would drop his invisibility and fly in front of the kids. Which makes the kids squeal in pure joy. Phantom would create snowballs in order for everyone to have a snowball fight. To say the least, it was a good Halloween.

The second Fire Emblem Fates gay af commission from @kielart. I was gonna post it when she sent me the link but my phone was being a idiot so I just vibrated silently and squealed my joy at her insta. So here is my lovely f!MU Melusine and her lovely wife Reina. I really adore the sketchy-painty style kielart has going and would 10/10 recommend commissioning her when she’s open for them.

zac-baegans  asked:

How would the 2p Allies plus 2p Canada react to their s/o coming to a world meeting to give them their lunch that they left at home and a quick kiss?

I’m gonna combined your two asks (adding 2p Axis plus Romano and Prussia). Thank you for reading the rules on the character limit. I’m not real strict on the character limit; but my drabbles are another story. I have some give and take.


America: if he showed up Outwardly not embarrassed but on the inside Allen would be very embarrassed.

Canada: Very cool about the hole thing, Matt gives you a peck on the cheek and returns to the meeting.

China:Xiao would take the lunch and show you away whilst muttering an ‘I love you.’ He would then give a snarky comment to the rest of the people present.

England :Oliver would squeal with joy and try to have a quick conversation with you. Victor would have to kick the S/O out of the Meeting. mean old russian

France: Frank did not attend; nope not happening.

Russia: Victor would take the lunch, but their would be no kiss. Nope not in public. He would thank you though and send you on your way. You might get a slight scolding when he gets home. mean old russian


Germany: Overjoyed. Lutz would pull you into his lap and let you sit threw the meeting; no matter what Victor said. that mean old russian

Italy: Luciano would thank you and escort you out side to scold you about how dangerous these people are.

Japan: Kurro would not forget his lunch and would not allow you to show up to a meeting under any circumstances.

Prussia: GIllen would blush profusely and thank you. He would then walk you out side.

Romano: Flavio like Oliver but would leave with you when Victor told you to leave.

I love the Mean Old Russian.–Melody


‘Platonic’ cuddling… enough said :-)


  “Mom, can Luke please come over?” Michael requested, flashing his mother his famously endearing grin.

  She smiled and shook her head fondly. “As long as his parents are okay with it.”

  Michael let out a little squeal of joy and ran back up to his room, where Luke was waiting on Skype. “Did your parents say yes?”

  Luke nodded excitedly. “Yours?”


  Luke smiled widely, causing Michael’s heart to flutter. “Alright, I’ll get ready. See you!”

  “Wait!” Michael pouted, not wanting to say goodbye.

  Luke looked back up at Michael’s slightly grainy picture. “What’s up?”

  The older boy blushed a little. “S-Stay on the line..?”

  Luke smiled, butterflies rising in his stomach, and nodded. “Sure. Whatever you want, Mikey.”

  Michael smiled and blushed more, looking down. A few moments later a muffled shuffling sound came from his computer. He looked up and started giggling as he saw Luke trying to pull a hoodie on.

  “Stop laughing!” Luke’s voice was filled with fond amusement. “I can’t find where my head is supposed to go!”

  Michael giggled louder, causing Luke to pout inside of the hoodie. “In the hole, duh!” Luke huffed and finally managed to pull his head and arms through. “Uh, Lukey?”


  “It’s on backwards.”

  “OH MY GOD!”


  A half hour or so passed before Luke finally arrived at Michael’s. He ran a hand through his spiked hair nervously as he walked up, knocking on the door. He’d been best friends with Mikey since elementary school, but lately he’d been getting weird feelings around him he’d only had with girls before. Did he have a crush? Michael was awfully adorable…

  He pushed the thoughts out of his head as his best friend’s mom opened the door. “Oh, hi, Luke! Michael’s up in his room.”

  Michael was sprawled out on his bed, staring up at the ceiling and waiting impatiently for Luke to come. One of his favorite songs, 20 Dollar Nosebleed, played through his earphones as his mind drifted to Luke’s pretty blue eyes and his own closed.

  He squeaked in surprise as someone climbed on top of him, yanking his earphones out. His eyes flew open and he immediately blushed as he saw Luke hovering above him. “Hi, Mikey!”

  Michael giggled and pouted playfully, trying to shove the taller boy off but to no avail. “Hi, Lukey. Now move, you’re crushing me!”

  Luke scoffed as if he were offended and leaned back so Michael could sit up. “Wow, I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.”

  “Shut up, you dork.” Michael smiled and scrambled completely out from under Luke, causing the blonde to pout.

  “What do you wanna do?” Luke shifted so he was sitting with his legs crossed. Michael huffed a little at how Luke was still taller than him, even when he sat.

  “Can we order pizza?”

  Luke chuckled. “Ask your mom, not me.”

  Michael nodded and crawled off the bed, walking to the door and looking over his shoulder with a pout. “Come with me.”

  Luke sighed dramatically. “Whyyy?”

  “I don’t wanna go alone.”

  “But whyyy?”

  Michael pouted more, causing Luke’s insides to melt (in a good way). “Please?”

  Luke let out another dramatic sigh and hauled himself to his feet, trudging over. “Fine; c’mon.”

  Michael grinned widely (Luke’s stomach leaped at the action) and led the younger boy down the stairs. “Mom, can we order pizza?”

  Michael’s mother peeked out of the kitchen, her phone pressed to her ear. “Hold on, Liz- what? I’m not made of money, Michael.”

  The pink-haired boy’s eyes widened innocently; Luke recognized his best friend’s famous puppy eyes. “Please?”

  His mom sighed in resignation. “Fine, fine.” She made a waving gesture with her hands. “Now shoo.”

  Michael gave a little hop of excitement and raced back upstairs, Luke trailing behind him more slowly. “So what now?”

  Luke laughed quietly as he shut the door behind them (Michael’s mom trusted Luke). “I don’t know; it’s your house.”

  Michael huffed and flopped down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. “Why did you come to my house? I should’ve gone to yours.”

  Luke shrugged and sat down next to him, swallowing as his knee brushed Michael’s hip. “We could play X-Box.”

  Michael propped himself up on one elbow, eyes narrowing at Luke. “X-Box, you say?” Luke nodded, a fond smile creeping across his face. “Call of Duty?”

  “Only if you’re ready to get your ass handed to you.” 

  “Hey!” Michael sat all the way up, playfully shoving Luke’s shoulder. “It’s the other way around.”

  Luke smirked. “Challenge accepted.”


  A few hours had passed and both boys were filled up on pizza. Their COD match had ended up in a draw, and now they were watching a movie while sitting in front of the TV, Luke occasionally nibbling on his fifth piece of pizza.

  The blonde smiled as he sent Michael a sideways glance. The smaller boy was half-asleep, head resting on one of Luke’s broad shoulders. He sniffled and yawned softly, making Luke’s eyes soften with adoration. The taller boy bit his lip for a second before slinging an arm around his friend. Michael smiled and cuddled closer, causing Luke to let out a breath and relax a little. Holding Michael close was currently his favorite feeling in the world.

  By the time the movie had ended Michael was sound asleep, and so close to Luke he was nearly in his lap. Luke smiled for the millionth time that day and scooped the green-eyed boy up in his arms, standing up carefully and gently laying him down on his bed. He leaned over him and pulled the blankets up, tucking them in around the edges so Michael wouldn’t be cold. He withdrew slightly, preparing to get his sleeping bag, when Michael reached out, his small hand landing on the back of Luke’s neck and pulling him closer. Luke blushed.

  “S-Stay..? Don’t wanna sleep alone,” Michael mumbled, his hand moving from Luke’s neck to his shirt as he continued his efforts to get Luke in the same bed as him.

  Luke couldn’t help but coo quietly at the older boy’s cuteness and climbed into bed next to him. Pink hair brushed the underside of his jaw as Michael automatically snuggled into his chest, tucking his face into the base of Luke’s neck. The taller boy smiled, heart soaring as he wrapped his arms around his companion, pulling him closer.

  Michael let out another soft yawn, his small hands closing around Luke’s hoodie as he started to drift off again. Luke gently kissed his forehead, smiling wider as his soft hair tickled his lips, and rested his chin on the top of Michael’s head. The two both fell asleep with a content smile on their faces.

Royal Flush: Part 1

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 2014

Summary: After much convincing you agree to attend your friend Tony’s party, only to be rendered speechless by a new guest, the Prince of Wakanda. 

Authors Note: There will be a part 2… possibly a part 3, but this is only a small drabble. This was created as a personal gift to @imhereforbvcky seeing as I deprived her of her T’Challa loving fic with First Spark: An Aftershocks Prequel. If you do not already follow her, you should, she is not only a fabulous friend and support system, but a phenomenal writer, seriously though, go read I’ll Be Good or any of her writings (Masterlist). She’ll rip your heart out and make you squeal with joy all in one fell swoop. Anyway, my dear A, here is the T’Challa drabble you deserve. 


Originally posted by caps-bucky

I’m going to kill Tony, was the only thought going through your head as you appraise your appearance in the long mirror. Your longtime friend and employer was adamant about your attendance of his party tonight. He had spent weeks convincing you to come and this morning he had sent over a dress just for the occasion.

He cannot be serious! You tug at the tight fabric, the black silk clinging to your every curve as the bodice puts your breasts on display. You yank a little bit at the lower half, trying to close the elegant slit that ran all the way up your thigh. You would normally never wear anything so exposing, but you had to admit, you did look like a knock out.

You hear the car honk outside as you grab your dark red lipstick, carefully tracing your lips with it before placing it in your clutch. You fluff your hair once more, nodding at yourself in the mirror before walking out the front door to meet the car.

You arrive at Stark tower to a party in full swing, as you walk down the stairs from the elevator, you are acutely aware of the multiple eyes that track your movements. You immediately feel self-conscious of the skin tight dress putting your body on display until you see Tony pushing through the crowd to meet you at the bottom of the steps.

“Wow, you look even better than I’d hoped. That dress! Do I know how to pick ‘em or what?” “If by pick ‘em, you mean force me to squeeze my body in a skin tight dress and put myself on display, then yes Anthony, I suppose you can pick ‘em.” You roll your eyes at his smile as he wraps his arm around your waist, placing a light kiss to your temple as he leads you to the bar.

“Well maybe if we get some liquor past those red lips you might relax and realize what a smoke show you are!” Tony teases you, his hand guiding you forward towards his team.  The Avengers, of course! Walking, talking, perfect examples of human specimens, and here I am in all my awkward glory.

You catch the eye of none other than Mr. Patriotism himself, causing him to choke on his drink slightly as Tony leads you over to the group. “Captain, Falcon! You remember my friend Y/N, don’t you?”

Captain Rogers inclines his head to you stiffly, eyes staying locked on yours as he resists the urge to glance down at your flawless cleavage, propped up perfectly by your tight dress. “It’s great to see you again, Y/N. I hope you’ve been well?” You smile at the Captain, “Well enough, it’s good to see you too Cap. Sam,” You smile turning to the second man.

Sam was slightly less tactful then Steve, his eyes devouring your form, taking in every inch of your well-shaped curves. “Hey Y/N… You look… Wow, you look incredible.” You smile thanking him for his compliment.

“Like, real good! I mean seriously, why don’t you dress like this all the time instead of those cardigans you always got…” Steve nudges Sam hard in the ribs, reminding him of his constant habit of unfiltered comments.

You smiled, slightly annoyed at the comment, hiding your eye roll behind a laugh, “Because I dress professionally Sam… You know… Because I’m a professional.” You stress the word, reminding Sam of the tact he was lacking. Sam seemed to catch on, glancing away awkwardly, “A drink! We were getting you a drink!” Tony interrupts leaning in towards the bar and motioning to the bartender.

“Old Fashion, please.” You say quickly, as the bartender inclines his head to you. “Make that two.” A deep voice speaks behind you, a smooth accent painting his rich tone. “Prince T’Challa!” Tony exclaims, as you turn around, your eyes falling on the owner of the voice.

Your eyes flick up his tall form, noting the perfect tailoring of his dark suit. A silver tie knotted neatly under his throat. Your eyes finally fall on his face, noticing the thickness of his lips when he splits them in a dazzling smile as he inclines his head to Tony, acknowledging his host and shaking his hand.

You watch T’Challa, his moves smooth and controlled as he greets your friend, your stomach knots as his eyes flick to you. You smile nervously, aware of your blank thoughts as your eyes lock onto his. He moves towards you, your heart pounding in your chest, trying to think of something to say as he approaches.

He reaches past you, without a word, retrieving the two old fashions from the bar, delicately handing you your glass before clinking his own against it. “Impilo,” He smiles, raising his glass to his lips, his eyes never moving from yours. “Cheers,” you respond, mimicking his movement. You take a long sip, feeling the whiskey burning your throat, bringing thoughts back into your head.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N” You smile, raising your hand to the Prince, he takes it in his, but instead of shaking it, he leans his head down, and brushes his soft lips against your knuckles, making your stomach jump at the contact, as Steve and Sam raise their eyebrows beside you, not missing the intimacy of the introduction. “An absolute pleasure, Miss Y/L/N. You may call me T’Challa.”

You beam at his allowance of the familiarity of his first name, smiling graciously at him as he releases your hand, “Your highness, I promise the pleasure is all mine.” You smirk slightly, tossing your hair effortlessly as he grins at your response, your flirting clear in your tone. You suddenly feel Steve and Sam’s eyebrow raise now directed at you. “Really?” Sam sighs, as Steve nudges him in the ribs once more.

“Pepper!” Tony exclaims suddenly, “Prince T’Challa, I’ve been meaning for the two of you to meet, will you come with me?” he asks, making to direct T’Challa towards Pepper and some of the other executives of the company. “Excuse me,” T’Challa inclines his head slightly to you. Tony leads him away towards Pepper, his head turning back for his eyes to fall on you once more, your heart skipping when his smile flashes at you.

“What the hell was that!?” Sam quickly interrupts your gaze as you watch T’Challa walk away. “What do you mean?” You grin slightly as you raise your glass to your lips once more, “You’re kidding right? Or were you not present for that interaction of aggressive subtext.” Steve asks, bumping his elbow against yours, insistently.

“Oh god. If Cap was able to see the subtext then there’s no way you could have missed it. So Y/N,” Sam starts, smiling slightly at Steve, “Are you gonna go get some fondue with T’Challa.” “Oh god dammit, not this again! How do you even know about that!? What is it written in Shield’s training manual or something!?” Steve turns on Sam exasperatedly, as you flag down the bartender for another drink.

“Ok, but seriously Cap, how did you not know that fondue is just melted cheese.” Sam scoffs, taking a sip of his drink as the bartender delivers you a fresh one. You pick it up, sipping from it quickly, to dull the argument of the two men in front of you. “If you were there you would have asked too, for god sake there was all this subtext, just like there was just now.” Steve huffs back, his eyes falling to yours once more.

“Right. So… What was that about?” Sam insists, eyebrows raising towards you once more, following Steve and turning his attention to you again. You raise your drink to your lips, postponing your response, “I have absolutely no idea.” You smile slightly, your heart quickening as you think back through the interaction.

“Really?” Steve’s eyebrows rise so high that they threaten to meld with his hair. “Really.” You smile innocently, “But I definitely want it to happen again.” You smile, raising the glass to your lips to hide the coy smile breaking across your face. “You… uh… you what?” Steve stutters, clearly uncomfortable with your response.

“Oh calm down Cap, the girl is allowed a night on the town with a Prince, let her have a Cinderella story if she wants it.” Tony teases, returning to your group once more. Your eyes glance around the room, looking for where T’Challa had moved to. You quickly spot him, engrossed in conversation with a group of suited men, his charisma allowing him to charm the group with ease.

“I’m not saying that she isn’t allowed, I’m just saying that we don’t really know the guy, she shouldn’t get ahead of herself, I mean can we even trust him? Who is he really?” Steve sputters, defenses rising, “He’s a Prince Steve, I’m pretty sure that’s transparent enough. It’s kinda hard to be a royal serial killer. I agree with Tony, let the lady have her fun.” Sam interjects, arguing with Steve.

Their bickering and the heavy amount of whiskey suddenly make the room feel hot and constrictive. “Well!” You huff, turning back to the group of men before you, “As thrilling as it is to listen to the three of you debate what I can and cannot do, I feel the sudden need for a breath of fresh air.” You smile as they look bashfully at you, realizing their rudeness.

“Please excuse me boys” you smile, snapping a sarcastic salute towards them as you turn and saunter towards the empty balcony, your hips swaying seductively as you easily make your way through the crowd. You step out into the cool night air, closing your eyes as you inhale slowly, relishing in the feeling of the cold air filling your lungs.

You walk towards the edge of the balcony, resting your forearms on the railing as you lean forward, drink held loosely in your grasp as you gaze out over the city. You breathe deeply once more, your back bending slightly as you lean onto the railing, your hips pushing out behind you creating a striking silhouette as you press the cool glass to your lips.

You shiver at the burn of the whiskey as it conflicts with the cold air licking at your skin, hearing the balcony door open behind you, you to turn your head slightly causing your hair to fall forward over your shoulder. Assuming it to be one of the men you had recently walked away from, you hold your position, hoping that they would get the message of your disinterest in continuing the conversation.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you…” T’Challa’s voice causes your body to tense as you freeze, willing yourself not to jump at his presence, wishing your heart wasn’t beating so quickly in your chest. “Not at all,” You turn, smiling sweetly at him as he comes to stand beside you, leaning against the railing, looking out into the city.

“A lucky man, Mr. Stark…” T’Challa starts, his eyes examining the city as you look up at him. “He has a beautiful home, a lovely girlfriend,” he looks down to you smiling, “and enchanting friends.” “Thank… Thank you.” You blush at his compliment, your head spinning with his words.

Your gaze turns back to the city as you try to regain control of your emotions, slightly embarrassed by the effect that T’Challa has on you. “You know, Y/N,” Your heart skips at the sound of your name, his thick accent wrapping around every syllable before purposefully delivering it “Stark asked me if I’d be willing to stay for a few days, to help him with a new technology… Yet, I was not entirely sure I would.”

He looks at you, his attention focused intently on your face, your eyes remain focused on the illuminated landscape before you, listening intently to his words, secretly hoping that he will agree to Starks offer. “However,” he continues, “I must admit… after meeting you, I think I will accept his proposal.” Your heart skips a beat.

I don’t care if it makes me bitter, i don’t wanna see Eliza and Arizona scenes. I don’t enjoy them. I don’t squeal or find joy in them. 

You know what I want? Callie to come back. lol 

anonymous asked:

who are your favourite printable makers?

Here are a few of my favorites:

thearialligraphyproject (absolutely A+ fa-reaking gorgeous and unbelievable) 

emmastudies (very minimalistic and practical printables, especially the calendars)

eintstein (literally all aesthetics on point)

This is all I have since I don’t really use printables that much but these are the few that have really impressed me or made my heart squeal with joy 

Backlash Champion

Well, I did it. Not only was I turned on to a daddy kink with this one (thanks for that @ashleyvc88), but AJ deserves some celebratory smut. I will most likely be working on one for Dean tomorrow because it’s Dean and I love him.

So, here we are!! @queenreignsempire @imagineconfessionswwe @skrillexslays13 @imagines–assemble (I already got you tagged Ashley!)  Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader

Summary: AJ had become the new WWE World Champion! You decide to head back to the hotel where a sexy celebration ensues.


Originally posted by notrealtalk

“1-2-3!” The referee counted.

Backstage, you jumped to your feet, letting out a squeal of joy. AJ just won the WWE World Championship! Your boyfriend won!!! Naomi and Becky laughed as you jumped up and down in joy.

“Someone’s clearly gonna be getting it good tonight.” Naomi joked, earning a laugh from Becky.

“Oh my god, okay. I gotta go. I’ll see you guys Tuesday?” You said, smiling as you didn’t hear Naomi’s joke.

“Of course. Assuming you can still walk!” Becky replied, giant smile on her face.

You continued to smile as you shook your head.

“Get your heads out of the gutter, you nasties.” You smiled.

“Tell us we’re wrong.” Naomi said.

“I can’t.” You replied after a moment with a shrug.

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Merry Christmas

Birdy- White Winter Hymnal

“You’re pregnant?!” Rebekah screamed. “You’re pregnant!”

Squealing with joy, she brought me into a bone crushing hug, squeezing the utter life out of me.

“Shh!” I exclaimed. “We don’t need the entire house knowing.”

“How are you going to tell Elijah?” she asked excitedly.

“I- I don’t, I don’t know…” I replied, extremely flustered.

“How far along are you?” 

“About 19 weeks.”

“But you’re still so flat…” she gawked.  “So you know the gender?” 

“It’s a girl,” I informed as I smiled thoughtfully.

“Well, while you’re here pondering over the choices- I have to go meet Marcel in town. Have fun,” she replied sweetly, giving me another hug.

As Rebekah sped off, I thought over the numerous ways of how I could tell him. Then an idea bulb clicked.

While I gathered up my materials for the announcement, I couldn’t help but grin wildly at the thought of Elijah being the perfect father.

I took out an egg from the fridge, paint and brushes from Klaus’ cupboard, and a blank piece of paper along with a fountain pen and went to work. Using a thumbtack, I poked 2 holes into the top and bottom of the egg, draining out the yolk as much as I could before I rinsed the inside with isopropyl alcohol.

After that, I cut a small sliver of paper large enough to write text, and slipped it into the empty shell. Once everything was inside, the shell was painted a baby pink color to represent our daughter.

Finally, I got to work on the letter. I guess a few calligraphy lessons from Finn had finally come to use. Don’t get me wrong- Elijah was perfectly trained, if not- perfect at the art of calligraphy, but 30 minutes into teaching me and we were making out on the couch without a care in the world. Me of course, not learning anything.

I found a plain white box and placed paper shredding inside, gently nestling the egg, pregnancy test, and folding up the letter inside. The satisfying sound of snipping ribbon filled my ears as I tied a pristine knot and waited.

Rebekah came back at 5 o’clock with 2 bags of full groceries. Giving her a questionable look, she explained that the fridge had no good food besides ice cream and milk.

“And you can’t gain weight after you’ve just gotten in shape for the wedding,” she grinned.

We decided to prepare a dinner for me and Elijah- medium rare steak, with cous cous, asparagus, and fruit tart for dessert. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many times Rebekah cut herself on accident while cutting up the asparagus, using the excuse “I’m a little rusty” for her actual lack of skill in cuisine.

Dinner was done and set up perfectly timed as soon as Elijah came home.

“Rebekah cooking? I must be hallucinating Y/N,” he smirked.

Laughing, Rebekah gave me a wink and went back out, leaving me and Elijah to our own devices.

He kissed me on the cheek, guiding us to the dining room where the food was set up perfectly and not a speck of imperfection was in sight. Elijah of course looked immaculate in his white blouse and oxblood tie, while I was comfortable in my black jeans and grey sweater top.

“How was your day love?” he asked while eyeing me intently, hopefully enjoying the meal.

I choked on my water a little, then assuring him that nothing eventful had happened.

After making jokes about Klaus’ hair, teasing Rebekah’s culinary skills, and Elijah laughing so hard water came out of his nose (very un-Elijah like, right?) I decided that it was time.

Elijah gave me a puzzled look as I handed him the box, opening it warily.

“Another anniversary gift? Y/N, our wedding anniversary was last weekend. You shouldn’t have,” he chuckled deeply in the voice that I loved so dearly. Another quizzical look crossed his face as he held the egg and raised his eyebrow, confused as to why I got him an egg as our “anniversary” present.

“Open it,” I asked nervously.

Cracking it open, he read over the rolled up scroll.

“Excited to see you in 21 weeks. Love, your daughter.”

He widened his eyes in shock, looking at me then back at the note. Repeatedly.

“Are you- are you sure?” Giggling, I soaked in the feeling of what it was like to see the one and only Elijah Mikaelson- speechless.

“Would you care to check the bottom of the box?”

Throwing the shredded paper to the ground as quickly as possible, I reminded myself to pick them up later.

Elijah took out the test which marked 2 lines for positive, and immediately threw his arms around me, locking me in a tight hug. Pressing his lips against mine in a joyful embrace.

Lacing our fingers together, he rubbed over my stomach, both of us thinking about the future ahead of us.

“Merry Christmas love,” he murmured while resting his cheek on the top of my head.

“Merry Christmas Elijah…”

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There's a new article out where Melissa talks about Karamel and confirming their feelings for each other are very real and we'll definitely be getting lots of happy moments of them being a couple!! I'm so ready, bring it on! And msg to the haters, keep hating in your little corner while we squeal with joy :)