‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Teaser? Bryan Fuller Previews Series Reboot Coming in 2016 — Series To Continue Or Feature Film?
Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller recently teased the fans with a small piece of information: Fuller hasn’t given up on resurrecting the show — he just needs to

Carter Matt posted that Bryan Fuller is actively trying to find Hanibal a new network home, and he is so confident he will find one that he decided to move forward with plans to write Season 4. When he finds a home, they can begin filming right away.” 


→ what?
← nothing… just noticed you don’t smile too much.
→ my once promising career in bioengineering is over. my boss is in a wheelchair for life. the explosion that put you in a coma also killed my fiancé. so this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go.

Went to Toys R Us to buy birthday gifts for the eldest. Spotted this bag of chocolates:

Thought maybe I’d find a candy with Hans on it. No such luck, of course. 

But wait.

Two stupid “fun facts” later, I found this.


Sansa felt curiously light-headed. I am free. She could feel eyes upon her. I must not smile, she reminded herself. The queen had warned her; no matter what she felt inside, the face she showed the world must look distraught.

Back in the safety of her own chambers, she hugged a pillow to her face to muffle a squeal of joy. Oh, gods be good, he did it, he put me aside in front of everyone. When a serving girl brought her supper, she almost kissed her. There was hot bread and fresh-churned butter, a thick beef soup, capon and carrots, and peaches in honey. Even the food tastes sweeter, she thought.

For @purplecelery


Dear The RED era,

Thank you for giving us these amazing memories over the last 2 years. You’ve made us squeal with excitement, cry with joy but most of all you’ve made us proud. You’ve let us see our Taylor change so much and we thank you for it. It’s been a tough one. It wasn’t easy. The Grammys 2013, Haylor, Rumors. But we’ve made it. You even gave us Sweeran (let’s hope era number 5 makes that come true)
Think about all the amazing things we have gained from this. New friends like Ed, Lorde and Karlie. And the reunite of Tabigail! You’ve brought us Keds and perfume, awards and an education centre, Sweeter Than Fiction…the list goes on.
So thank you RED era for these memories, you’ve been a good one. Let’s see if Taylor can reach another Pinnacle. And remember always burn RED

Torchwood -The Lost Files: The house of the Dead
  • Ianto:I’ve got to go!
  • Jack:Ianto, no! I never said it properly before.
  • Ianto:It doesn’t need saying.
  • Jack:Yes, it does. Ianto Jones, I love you.
  • Ianto:And I love you, too, Jack. Right then. Best get a move on. Goodbye, Jack!

I recently saw Glen Keane’s animated Short called Duet, and it’s so beautiful in every sense. The emotion in the movement is so crystal clear that my heart couldn’t stop squealing in joy, as cheesy as that sounds. God I just really really love Glen Keane. /lays down and weeps

So as some of you may know, hurcley has been working extremely hard on trying to get the Kree pet, with almost 4k kills. Seeing that she’s already done so many kills, I hope this little cartoon keeps her motivated to continue going for it; I know you will get it eventually <3

Today I shared this photo on Instagram and Facebook, the first time ever posting a progress pic on social media besides tumblr. Tumblr was always my safety net, I felt like I could post anything on here and always feel the love from you guys. Tumblr was the one spot where my IRL friends + family didn’t follow me. I was weirdly nervous to post about my weight loss on other social media platforms because I didn’t want people to be like “ok we get it.” or think that I was starving for validation via “likes”. I also didn’t want people to think I’m bragging or doing the whole “I’m so humble and #blessed to officially announce…” thing that feels so fake and obnoxious to me. But this morning when I stepped on the scale to see I had finally reached the 70 pound mark, I couldn’t help but squeal out in joy. Yes, I actually made a “eep!” noise! Part of me kinda knew that this photo would get a lot of attention if I posted it on FB, so I wanted to use that spotlight as an avenue to shed light on veganism and how drastically it can improve your life and the lives of the other beings we share this earth with. I hope I did ya’ll proud :) Thank you to the fitblr community for always being so encouraging and motivating throughout this journey. I just feel so overwhelmed with love and support and good vibes all around. I never want to be that girl who harps on the amount of “likes” on social media, but the photo currently has 364 likes on Facebook, which is like, unheard of for me. I didn’t even know 364 people even gave a shit about my life hahah. I just want to bottle up all this love and keep it forever. And the amount of people who reached out to me separately to 

Here is the caption on the photo:

Today I am celebrating 70 pounds lost since July 2014!!! 🎉 It’s exciting and emotional and liberating and crazy all at the same time. I switched to a vegan diet initially to lose weight, but as I’ve educated myself on the lifestyle, I’ve become more and more aware of how this is something bigger than myself. Now, I can say I am vegan for my health, the animals, our water, and our planet. I’ve also tried to change my view on exercise as an act of self love rather than a chore. I know that this would’ve been much harder without the love and support of my friends and family along the way, so thank you to everyone who has given me the motivation to keep going. If you want to learn more about my journey, check out my blog (cadypillar.tumblr.com) that I’ve been writing along the way. 💚🍃🌿🌱🍏🍐🌳🌍🐷🐮💦🌈🌅🌚


Finished this (and Mark’s Deadspace playthroughs) last night! Full-color Virtueplier~

Magpie wings, Alexandrite crystals, and lots of shiny gold bc I always manage to use the stuff ehehehe

((and iridescent hair to match his wings!))

He’s the Virtue of Kindness, and fun fact about Magpies - They’re believed to bring good news in Korea! unless the sources I found were completely wrong in which case I’m so sorry