Remember in the Son of Batman comics when Damian lost a baby tooth during a fight with Maya? Well, since it’s canon that he’s still losing baby teeth, imagine the batbros helping Damian out with a loose tooth: 

Dick would be practically squealing with joy at how cute it is that his baby brother has a loose tooth, and he would try a bunch of complicated and creative strategies to get it out. Like eating ten apples in a row, attaching the end of a string to the batmobile, and shooting it with a nerf gun, none of which worked.  

Tim, after laughing for an hour at the fact that the demon spawn still has baby teeth, goes with the classic doorknob trick. Unfortunately, this kid has surprisingly strong teeth, and instead of the tooth coming out, when Tim shut the door it dragged Damian along with it until his face hit the wall. And even then, no success. 

Jason straight up punched him in the face before he even finished the sentence. That did the trick, and Damian wound up with $2000 under his pillow in the morning, courtesy of The Tooth Fairy aka Alfred. 

okay but can you imagine the hoods spending the day at the beach and baby hood is super excited bc she likes the beach and just saw moana and the movie had the ocean and so many pretty colours and she’s just super happy to be near the water

so you and calum get to the beach and baby hood is struggling to go to the water and doesn’t like having to wait while mama hood puts on sunscreen and baby hood is just chillin in her pink bathing suit and her tush is big and fat bc of her swim diaper and calum puts on her bucket hat to keep the sun off her face but it hides all her curls that she got from him

but FINALLY she’s able to go to the water and she’s waddling her way down the sand (making pit stops to play in it bc the walk is far from where their towels are to the water) and calum is slowly following her and is playing in the sand trying to make a sand castle only for baby hood to get up and continue her walk to the water and when she gets there she just stands at the edge and giggles when the water reaches her toes because it’s cold

it takes her a little bit but when she starts to walk into the water calum scoops her up and walks in himself stopping when he’s knees deep and dipping baby hood in, her squeals of joy echoing down the beach, and he swings her around and plops her in the water only to spring her back up again but once baby hood seems to be okay with the cold water he puts half of her body in and it’s only okay bc daddy is holding onto her and nothing bad happens around daddy

soon you follow and baby hood is squealing to be in your arms so when she’s transferred over calum dips into the water, his curls dripping wet and glistening in the summer sun, and he’s making bubbles under water to try and make baby hood laugh and she’s trying to grab them

But the day eventually comes to an end and you, calum and baby hood walked up to the pier and had a quick dinner at the local fish and chips stop and by the end baby hoods eyes are fluttering closed but she’s trying to stay awake because if she does maybe daddy will take her back to the water but eventually she passes out on calums chest and he’s looking like he couldn’t be better even thought he has a one year old drooling on his chest and there’s sand in his hair and there is about a hour and a half ride home but he’s here with his two favourite girls and life can’t seem to get any better for him

he softly deposits baby hood into her stroller and stands up, throwing his arms in the air and stretching his muscles, a loud yawn escaping from him “maybe it’s time for you to take a nap too?” you mumble, softly pulling baby hoods blanket up to her chest as she snoozes away and a soft chuckle comes from calum as he leans down and places a sweet kiss on your lips “nah I still got a few more hours with my two favourite girls”


Taylor, I do not even know where to begin. I could say that I’m devastated and heartbroken and absolutely destroyed inside, but it wouldn’t be enough. There is not one synonym for upset in the entire English vocabulary that could possibly describe how I feel right now. In May of 2015, you gave me one of the happiest days of my entire life by following my blog on Tumblr called fragile-little-flame. I can just remember how elated I was. I had spent months and months of believing luck and the world would never be on my side. And then it happened. You followed me. It was only a few months later that that elation came to a staggering halt when I sat down at my computer to log in one day and the words, “Your account has been terminated” were plastered across the screen. And just like that, my follow from you was gone. I cried. And I cried and I cried and I cried. I knew I would never be that lucky again. I made another Tumblr right away, but I never expected you to follow me ever again. I just liked seeing beautiful pictures and videos of you either way. I’m still not exactly sure to this day why that blog was deleted, but I told myself I was going to be as cautious as possible when it came to this new blog. And then just recently, on December 26th of 2016, something absolutely amazing happened. Out of nowhere, when I had not even been trying in the slightest for your attention, you followed my new blog, run-for-the-fences. I can practically envision myself running downstairs into the laundry room to tell my mother, who instantly started jumping up and down and squealing for joy with me. I was so happy. Well, guess what happened today Taylor? I sat down at my computer to login and my world came crashing down all over again. Tumblr deleted my blog. Taylor, I cannot stop crying. I don’t know what to do. My heart is back on the ground shattered in a million little pieces. I know the probability of you following me a third time is so, so slim, and I am not expecting anything to come of this whatsoever, but I can’t just say nothing. I can’t say whether or not my blog won’t get deleted for a third time, but this time I think I know what I have to do to keep my blog up and standing. If you ever read this Taylor, I’m sorry. I think it was because of audio I had reblogged or posted of you. I love you so much. @taylorswift

July 28th: Lance’s Birthday

11AM, July 28th, 1999 was special. It was the day Lance McClain was welcomed into the world. When he popped out, he was met with hugs, squeals and tears of joy by his family. The picture they have to remember that day is of Lance wrapped up in a blanket with sunglasses much too big for his face, titled “Fresh Out the Womb”.

July 28th, 2004 was just as special. Lance was now 5 and the most talkative member of the family and the most adored. He was always at the center of attention. “Ask and you shall receive, mijo,” his father said to him a couple of days before. When he blew his candles, the blue tricycle he mentioned rolled into view. He couldn’t stop saying thank you.

July 28th, 2008 was a day to remember. After touring NASA’s space center in Houston and other sights, they sang him Happy Birthday back at their hotel room. He’ll never forget how his eldest brother smushed his face into the cake and how he made the same wish twice that night: once on the candles and another on a comet he mistook for a shooting star yet wished on anyways.

  I wish for every day to be like today.

July 28th, 2016, was a birthday unlike any other. A melancholic wind blew throughout the city, scattering the missing posters Lance’s mom was still trying to put up. 3 cadets have been missing for a month. On the streets, under the flickering light of a broken lamppost, is the first time she allows herself to grieve. She shouts at the sky looking for answers, asking for when he will come back. 

I need my son. 

She can’t remember the last time she saw his smile.

July 28th. 2017. 11PM. Lance retires to his room after a day celebrating in the castle. His friends did all they could to make him feel loved and he did. He was thankful. That of all people he could have been stuck in space with, it was them. He wouldn’t have chosen anybody else to go to hell back and forth with, as they’ve already had. Bunch of times. Struggling externally just as much as they have internally. But always together. And they’ve always made it out alive one way or another.

There used to be days his homesickness overwhelmed him but not anymore. They were his home now.

Before Lance lays to rest, he pulls out a picture of his family and kisses it softly. “One more trip into hell and I promise I’ll be back soon.”

Behind Closed Door Pt. 1|  Jeff Atkins

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Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney love the username btw haha, this will have a part 2 but it is yet to be written, sorry for not posting for the past 2 days, my depression struck and I lost myself, but I’m back, thanks everyone who had been reading my other posts and following me! You are all angels and I hope to keep pleasing you with more, so without further ado I hope you enjoy and as always thank you for reading ♡ 

A beep sounded outside my house so I quickly grabbed my backpack running outside to Zach who was waiting for me in his car, I jump in and he smiled at me before driving off to school. Usually Jeff would pick me up but he had gone to school way earlier to practice for the baseball game after school today, and although I wanted to be there for him for encouragement, I just couldn’t force myself to wake up that early.

Zach and I arrived at school, I kissed his cheek thanking him and got out smiling when I saw my boyfriend waiting for me in front of the school with open arms, I instantly ran into them, latching myself onto him as I kissed his face whispering I love yous to him. He chuckled and securely held me in his strong arms as I showered him with love, I finally stopped kissing his face and softly cupped his face to kiss him deeply, Jeff kissed back and I gasped as his hand clenched my ass, I quickly pulled away and brought my legs down remembering we were in school.

However, Jeff wasn’t very happy with the loss of contact, “Baby” he whined but I just intertwined our fingers and pull him inside school to our lockers.

Jessica stood next to mine and gave me a quick hug before asking me how was my weekend while Jeff went to greet Justin and Alex, I opened my locker to get out the books I needed for first period and smiled at the pictures covering the inside of my locker, many of them were Jeff and I but there was a few with our group.

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Orange Skies and Blue Eyes

I haven’t posted in like forever but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to finish all my requests and will open requests again when I’m done doing so. 

Also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome 💚 I loved it and cried so much when I watched it. 

Can you do a one shot where Draco places his head in your lap? Kinda like when he did that with pansy but you know, cuter -Anonymous

“Leave me alone, Parkinson” Draco sighed, quickening his pace to get away from the dark haired girl. She had been acting extremely clingy today and seeing as Draco was already having such a stressful day, he couldn’t handle the way the pug faced slytherin’s obsession with him was an all-time high at the moment. Pansy was like an animal during mating season every once a month. There are times when her love for him was at a minimal and there are times (like now) where her hormones blast like fireworks waiting to burst.

“But Drakey….” Pansy whined, trying to make her face puppy dog like but ended up making Draco visibly disgusted “You promised to help me with Potions! We can watch the sunset too once we’re finished” Her hands had created a death grip on his bicep, disabling the boy from getting away. Draco mentally cursed at how he couldn’t just push her away. He was a Malfoy, he still had a reputation to keep.

“I don’t recall that” He squinted at her. The day couldn’t have gone worse for him. He had gotten detention from McGonagall because of his little banter with the Golden Trio during their Divination class and the fact that he had a tiring quidditch practice this morning. He looked up and prayed to any god there was up there to help him.

And just like that.

“Draco!” He turned his head to find his favorite pair of (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. You stood behind the awkward duo, holding back a laugh. You and Draco had been best friends since you were children. You fathers worked together in the ministry and were delighted you were both sorted in the same house.

“(Y/N)” He breathed, happily. Relief flowed through him as he stared at the smiling girl in front of him. You tried your best to hold back your laughter due to his obvious discomfort. Parkinson on the other hand looked at you with uttermost hatred. During the sorting in your first year, you were nervous as to where the hat would place you. Draco knew of your uneasiness and held your hand the whole time until your name was called. From then on, she swore to make your life at Hogwarts hell. That plan never went accordingly since you never visibly shown you were affected.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the damn place” You smiled, sweetly as Pansy scoffed not caring if Draco heard her. Your smile disappeared, feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten…” The blonde gave you a baffled look.

“It’s Sit under a tree with your Best Friend Day!” You hollered, raising your arms for extra emphasis.

“That’s not a thing” Parkinson exclaimed, exasperated.

Draco slowly understood what you were trying to do and decided to play along.

“Oh yes. Of course I haven’t, love.” He grinned, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at the clinging girl next to him before he spoke “Sorry, Parkinson. It seems my schedule’s booked. Maybe on the 30th of February?” Pansy smiled, squealing in joy as she hugged Draco one last time. “You promise?” She batted her eyelashes making you gag.

“Yeah, I promise” Draco said, sliding his hand from her grip and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled realizing how dim witted Parkinson was. Well, they say love makes you blind but you didn’t recall that it also disintegrated your intelligence.  Pansy stuck her tongue out at you as if to say ‘I won’. You shook your head and giggled under your breath.


You made many happy memories in Hogwarts with Draco. Your first casting of a patronus, first duel and even your first skinny dip –that’s a story for another time. You’ve done everything together well except snog of course. Friends don’t do that. You sat down on your favorite tree to sit on. It had the perfect view of the castle and had the perfect shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Draco sat next to you, sighing contently as he lent his head back against the tree. You looked at him with concern as he noticed how tired he looked. You knew he wouldn’t admit it but he does get tired of acting this way from time to time. It wasn’t easy having his kind of title; The Slytherin Prince.

“You should rest, Draco…” You insisted, gently nudging his shoulder with yours. He opened his eyes to look at you, his signature smirk evident as he noticed the concern in them. “You could my lap as a pillow” You suggested, smirking as well “It’ll calm you”

“I’m not a child (Y/N)” He scoffed, noticing your teasing manner.

“I never noticed” You whispered, giggling after “Please?”

He could never resist you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. You had a way of controlling the him that had no need for dominance or violence; physical or verbal. He’s always seen you as more than a friend and if you were someone else, he would have asked you to be his from the start but you were you. He was afraid of you. Afraid of what you truly feel and how much it would affect him. The girl with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. There are numerous girls with these colors but only you can bring out true beauty. God, he hated himself for sounding like a girl.

He shuffled rather messily to get into the right position. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he looked so happy to be able to rest his head on your lap. He enjoyed it, especially at the way you caress his blonde locks between your fingers.  You knew again that this was something he wouldn’t admit to anyone –well except you.

“I told you it’ll calm you….Drakey…” You teased, looking down at him to see he was cringing at the name. You laughed, continuing your hand movements on his hair. “Don’t ever call me that” He groaned, placing an arm over his eyes.

“You should tell her the way you feel, Draco. Who knows what she’ll do next” You spoke in a joking manner but he knew it was laced with concern. He knew of what Parkinson tries to do to you when he wasn’t around but you’ve assured him countess of times that you payed no attention to the pug-face herself.

“You think she’ll try to get me to marry her?” He joked, trying to make you smile again. It mildly worked as he saw you had given him a half-smile. You looked up at the sky above you as it started to turn yellow-orange. The sunset in Hogwarts was always so beautiful to look at. The blonde removed his arm to stare at you. As cliché as it sounds, he thought you were more beautiful than the sun, moon and stars.

“(Y/N)” You tore your gaze away from the sky to see a better view of blue. His eyes were an ocean that you drowned in countless of times. He sat up, surprising you as he held the back of your neck with his hand. Your heart was beating rapidly unsure if he was going to do what you thought he was. He leaned in, capturing your lips in his. For once in his life, he actually felt something when he kissed a girl.

“You’re more radiant than whatever the sunset could bring” He said once he pulled away. You returned to your original position; His head on our lap whilst you relaxed against the tree, fingers wrapped around his soft blonde hair.

“Rest, Draco, my love. I’ll see you in a bit”

Before watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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Watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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After watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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Monsta X: when you hug them and say "I'm so thankful to be with you"

Shownu:  is taken aback when you hug him at all, since he really wasn’t it expecting it. He’ll squeeze you tightly and smile to himself, asking you if everything is alright. When you respond and tell him that you’re thankful for him, he’ll burst into a grin and pull you into an even tighter hug. He’s not the best with being vocal about his emotions, but he won’t let go of you and shows you how much that meant to him.

Wonho:  he’s in such a hazy and pleasant state, that he won’t be able to respond for a couple minutes. He’d just hold you and let you shower him with affection, but he really can’t tell what it’s all for. He’ll pull back slightly and smile at you, in awe of how easily you take his breath away. “I’m more lucky and thankful to have you, love…I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I haven’t met you. Promise me, we’ll stay together forever, yeah?”

Minhyuk:  he’s gonna pick you up and spin you around until you’re both a dizzy and giggling mess on the couch. While never letting his eyes off yours, he’ll take your hands in his and search your face for something, as if he’s wondering if you’re being genuine and not just saying this out of nowhere. Will surprise you by suddenly pressing his lips against yours, and sighing when finally pulling away. “I love you. More than anything. I’m so blessed to have someone like you.”

Kihyun:  like Hyunwoo, he’d be confused at your sudden burst of affection, and pull away to ask if you’ve gotten yourself in trouble or ate his favorite snacks. He’ll laugh when you tell him off and that you were just trying to be romantic, and he’ll apologize in embarrassment while holding you tight. “I know, I’d be thankful to have me too. But I guess since I can’t clone myself, I’m glad it’s you who I get to share myself with.’

Hyungwon:  will wrap his tall limbs around yours without really needing a reason to, and doesn’t question why you’re suddenly being so cute. He’ll chuckle and rest his head on top of yours, rocking you both back and forth until you hit him with those words…and man he feels like he’s gonna burst in tears. Tries really hard not to fanboy in front of you bc his stomach is full of butterflies and he can do nothing besides kiss you and returning the affection.

Jooheon:  squeals of joy when you wrap your arms around his waist and bury your face in his shirt. Is gonna squeal even more when you tell him that you’re thankful for him, since he’s always felt like you were a miracle when you walked into his life so he should be the one thanking you. Cups your face in his hands before squishing them and kissing your lips, telling you that you never fail to make him happy and thankful.

I.M:  turns really serious all of the sudden, I think this would hit him pretty hard unlike some of the rest. He’ll hug you back and not pull away, but he’d still think about if he’s done something to make you act like this. Goes into a full speech about how you’ve changed his life, and that he’s always thinking of ways to be a better boyfriend, since he feels like he doesn’t deserve you. Good luck trying to not cry tbh.

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From Me To You

Prompt: Ummm… can I get some LAMP set right after accepting anxiety with the sides finding little presents from Virgil who’s trying to say thanks for caring enough to bring him back. The others decide to show him just how much they want him there.  @bubblycricket

Additional request: fluffy af please. If there happens to be a moment where Virgil thinks he’s in trouble for it and then is wholesomely surprised when it turns out hes not, who would complain? @irrelevantbutfabulous

Pairings: LAMP Polysides

Genres: Fluff, romance, comfort 

Warnings: None come to mind, let me know if any are needed, will add

Word Count: 2808 (It ran away with me, I’m sorry)

Author’s Note: I am sick as heck and decided to use my time stuck in bed to write this. Special thank you to @tinysidestrashcaptain for coming up with the gift for Logan. I was super stumped by that.  I apologize if this doesn’t fit the prompt exactly.  There’s something about ‘little presents’ that didn’t translate to me.

Logan found them first.  He woke up promptly at 7:00am, cleaned and dressed himself, and was down in the kitchen for his coffee at 7:15am.  Once he’d finished his first cup of coffee and was preparing the second (black with five teaspoons of sugar), he finally noticed some oddly shaped packages on the coffee table in the living room. 

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Batman Isn’t Real

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader // James Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Nat Romanov

Warning: Just cute fluff//silliness

As you step off the elevator you hear voices followed by a squeal of joy from your son, before sudden silence. You and Nat exchange a look as you come into the kitchen, a whispered voice coming from your husband hits your ears.

“Shoot that’s mom.” Followed by a baby giggle. “This was Sam’s idea.” Steve whispers.

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Okay yall binder question:

I taught this morning and then ran a workshop (on mental health in the classroom yeahhhhh) at a conference this afternoon and I’m only just getting home and I’m doing all the deep breathing stuff but are there any particular stretches or something that work well for post-binding all damn day (8.5 hours, I didn’t get home as early as I thought I would)?

Thank yall and so much love to you!!!

Seventeen (hip hop unit): surprising them at the airport

S.Coups:  he’s suspicious as soon as he sees his members giggling and throwing him knowing looks. Poor baby would be so confused until you suddenly jumped into his arms out of nowhere lol but he wouldn’t even need a second for him to know that it was in fact, you. He hugs you back so tightly, cradling your head against his chest, and ignores the teasing and whistles coming from his dongsaengs. “God, I missed you so much.”

Wonwoo:  he practically begged you not to come to the airport and catch him off guard, he just wanted it to be the both of you if he was going to greet you (lord knows he can’t help himself lmao) instead of having everyone witnessing him being all mushy. But ofc, you didn’t listen, and ran up to your shocked boyfriend as soon as you saw him. He’ll drop everything in his hands and catch you swiftly, pressing lil kisses on top of your head and mumbling, “You always do this, y/n, it’s not fair I’m gonna get you back ;(”

Mingyu:  squeals of joy and pure bliss bc wow!!!!! he finally gets to see your beautiful face again after 3 days!!!!!!!! Basically yall would almost be reenacting a scene from a movie when you run towards each other, arms flailing in every direction until he reaches you and picks you up. No matter who will be watching, he’s covering your face w/ kisses and making you giggle. “I know it’s only been a few days, but I missed my baby. I’m taking you w/ me next time, ok?”

Vernon:  an embarrassed and flushed lil fluff. Despite him talking about how much he missed you and how he won’t leave your side when he returns, the teasing is just too much and he can’t help but laugh when you’re the one squeezing him and telling him how much you missed seeing his face. He’d rather guide you to a quiet corner and properly greet you….aka geek about what he saw and what sorts of presents he bought you.

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Cat-Calling -- Final Fantasy XV Bros VS the Cat Cafe

(Hm… The tagging thing isn’t working. D: I hope you see this though…!)

I always get jealous of people who are able to go to places with alot of cats and dogs because I’m redonky allergic to pet dander. BUT JUST BECAUSE I CAN’T CUDDLE WITH CUTE ANIMALS DOESN’T MEAN THAT DUMB BOYS CAN’T DO SO.

So after doing some research (since there’s no such thing as a cat cafe here), here we go!

Noctis Lucis Caelum – 

  • Tries to be low-key chill about seeing the cats.
  • Squealing internally because ‘LOOK AT THESE CATS, IGNIS!’
  • At least inwardly he screams. Outwardly, he plays it off as if the coffee is the best part of it all.
  • Noctis hates coffee, but he doesn’t want to look like a nerd.
  • He is a nerd though because when cats come up to him, he’s got teary eyes and wants to smotherhug the cat.
  • Will feed the cats until they go into a food coma.
  • Demands that Ignis learns how to make cat shaped cookies instead of boring round ones.
  • Tries to adopt a cat named Ezio because it looks like its fur looks like it has an assassin hood on.
  • Gladio refuses to let Noctis and Prompto become cat dads just yet.

Prompto Argentum –

  • So not as low-key as Noctis.
  • Is probably screaming outside about how he gets to take pictures of all of the cats.
  • Gets in trouble of shouting too much and scaring the cats.
  • Takes pictures of all of them.
  • And promptly cries out in despair when he runs out of memory on his camera.
  • ‘Cats can eat cookies, right?’ he asks as he tries to give a fat white cat a cookie.
  • Ignis smacks the cookie out of his hand.
  • Lays on the floor and lets cats come to him.
  • Cats do come and try to eat his hair.
  • Or the cookie that he salvaged after Ignis knocked it out of his hands.

Ignis Scientia – 

  • Just minding his own business when suddenly – CATS.
  • Tries so hard not to scream at the cat hair all over his suit.
  • His eyes scream for him.
  • He thinks they’re cute, but he’s literally power-walking away from all of the cats.
  • Probably meows back at the cats for meowing at him.
  • Hope you’re ready for cat puns.
  • Because he’ll use them to where even the cats get pissed off at him.
  • ‘Coming here was a cat-astrophic mistake.
  • But the coffee is good.
  • He’ll suffer with the cat hair and that asshole tabby that keeps batting his glasses for a good cup of joe.

Gladiolus Amicitia – 

  • ‘I’m more of a dog person, actually.’
  • Noctis gasps and tries to cover up the cats’ ears. How dare he say that to them!
  • Has a field day seeing Ignis freak out about his suit.
  • ‘These cats ain’t so bad.’
  • Nearly throws a cat after it climbs into his lap and starts using his bare stomach as a scratching post.
  • But hey, battle scars to show off!
  • ‘I got into a fight with a coeurl with these wounds.’
  • Likes the tiny kittens more.
  • Can hold, like, two in his giant beefy hands, if he was allowed.
  • Ladies squeal with joy seeing a big beefy man being fluffy with the little floofs.

Ravus Nox Fleuret – 

  • Ravus the cat tsundere.
  • All he wants is the tea and the nice reading environment.
  • Instead, he gets cats trying to use him as a climbing wall.
  • He enjoys it by the way his lips press together and his eyes brighten.
  • ‘That’s a nice pussy you have there, Ravus.’ Damn right it is, he tells Gladiolus as he pets the cat on his lap.
  • Animals are attracted to people with good hearts, Prompto says. But Prompto’s surprised that the cats really like Ravus.
  • Gets really excited about a kitten with heterochromia as well.
  • But he’s super scared about hurting cats with his MT arm. Cats love being scratched with it though.
  • The boys leave, but they keep earing meowing for some weird reason.
  • Ravus shrugs, patting the little heterochromatic kitten he adopted that’s nuzzled in his pocket.
Mason - Morgan Rielly

Anonymous said: Morgan Reilly one where you have a son together from your teen years but you aren’t together and he didn’t know.

A/N: Thinking this might become a multi-part imagine, so I purposely left it open. Let me know if you think I should continue :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 3,422

Warnings: None

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It’s not what it looks like! (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader

Warnings: Nudity, cursing, and mentions of smut (Tony catches the reader and Peter in a compromising position and makes some assumptions…)

Request by @snowybeats: Can you do one about Peter Parker walking in on Y/N naked then Peter tripped on something and fell on Y/N the Tony walked in to see Peter is on his daughter Then tony ran to his lab to get is are Iron man suit and you can think of the rest, so please?

A/N: OMG me and my friend @avengemenugget were talking about a funny scenario just like this and now someone has gone and requested it! I’m so happy! I hope you all enjoy! Also I don’t mention in this if the reader is Tony’s biological father or adopted, I’ll leave that up to your interpretation. 

You stepped out of your shower and wrapped your hair up in a towel. One of the perks about spending your Summer in the Avengers tower was that you got your own bathroom as opposed to sharing one with your dorm-mates from boarding school. The other was that you got to hang out with the Avengers, and one very cute teen protege of your father that had caught your eye…And that you always caught staring lovingly at you. You looked around and noticed that you were without a towel. Oh well, you’d just have to walk naked into your room to find one. It’s not like there would be anyone in there… 

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Their Favorite Ship (jughead x reader)

Prompt: Hi ! Could I request a Jughead x (plus size)reader ? Maybe something like, they’re dating and are super cute and Betty and Veronica ship them super hard. Maybe just some cute moments of them together and/or with the others ? Thanks so much ! Xx 

 A/N: This is so cute! I hope you like it! Requests are welcome! 


Their favorite Ship (Jughead x Reader)

One of the things that attracted Jughead to you, was your fuck it attitude. (as well as your love of food but he’s refuses to believe it)

He first noticed you when you decided to wear a cute tight black dress with blue tights and your favorite combat boots.

The dress had shown off your curves and you strutted down the hall to find Cheryl and her little vixens standing in your way.

“What the hell are you even wearing?” She made a snide remark which you had replied with a “Screw off, Princess. You wish you could pull something like this off.” and walked past her.

Betty and Veronica had watched him stare at you every chance he got that day.

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Toast Of A Milestone

“I know m'a bit tipsy, but trust me, I swear. I know what I’m saying.”

The Café Habana Harry oh so dearly loves that’s filled with people erupted in laughter, making him look at you stood beside him as he told you awhile ago that he would make people laugh in here more than twice.

It’s his turn now to speak since ten years ago it was the both of you that spoke on your wedding yet he wanted to make it up to you up until now since he all he spoke were two sentences since he was too eager for the remaining night to come in your honeymoon.

“S'the last thing before everybody comes home — yes, that includes you Niall.”

Harry cleared his throat, taking a light sip from his drink before making you sit on the chair he asked for awhile ago, not wanting you to not go less than okay.

“Just so everybody would know, or if anyone else forgot since they’re too drunk, I’ve been married for ten years now.”

Cheers filled the room as you felt your cheeks heat up as he giggled knowing that he made you do yet with him following up his statement quickly.

“To, my love, and well my wife. Y/N Styles.”

He looked at you dearly with the look he uses when he’s adoring anything or anyone, a bright shade of green that surprises you every time.

“We have, uh, two kids. So far — so far,” he winked, a knowing look too being seen that everyone whistles and clapped that he was sure if his mother was there instead of being the one to take care of your children, she would’ve snatched his drink from him.

“So, yeah. For ten years, I got to wear this ring. S'the only one I never took off and the only one I wouldn’t.”

All the noise blocked out from Harry’s hearing as he felt his words shift in a new phase.

“M'saying this speech since there’s a lot of things I should’ve said. I’m only gonna say a few, then reserve the most of them between the two of us.”

He chuckled from the reactions, especially on the guys hinting their actions to who-knows-what but Harry simply smiled, his mind blanking at the thought of you since there really is a lot to say, but every time he opens his mouth, he can’t handle all of them.

“And well,” he trailed off, hesitantly biting his lip before shifting his weight from his foot to the other.

“Thought I was complete before with everything that I had, then it turns out I wasn’t.”

Harry’s admittedly nervous as it’s like when he was waiting for you to reach the other end of the aisle, his fingers brushing across his rings as a sign he really is.

“There’s this girl I know — the most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen. The most patient to be with me up to this day.”

There’s a knot in his throat even he knows for a fact that he shouldn’t. He thinks it’s his sentimentality taking him but it isn’t the case.

It’s the truth that’s making him like this. The absolute truth no one could be capable in denying.

“There’s this girl I know that makes me the happiest. The one who gets me grounded and the one who reminds me where I came from.”

There’s tears welling in his eyes. And if he’d be cocky, he’d say that it’s from the alcohol and not his own feelings that’s dragging him but he won’t say a lie tonight.

Not a single one because he knows it wouldn’t benefit a single one that’s present in this milestone.

He laughed, wiping his eyes that made a lot of people do too genuinely, including you who’s almost squealing from the pent up joy and everything.

“There’s this girl I know that reminds me everyday that the greatest — the greatest thing in life couldn’t be bought.”

He looked up at you as he smiled with tears of joy, all hollers and cheers being heard as he caught again the glint of his gold wedding band.

“And this girl I know, thankfully, became my wife.”

Harry cleared his throat, raising his glass as he’s excited to do this again and again, even if he’s given the chance not to.

“To the girl I know, love, here’s to every single day I would love you all over again.”