‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Teaser? Bryan Fuller Previews Series Reboot Coming in 2016 — Series To Continue Or Feature Film?
Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller recently teased the fans with a small piece of information: Fuller hasn’t given up on resurrecting the show — he just needs to

Carter Matt posted that Bryan Fuller is actively trying to find Hanibal a new network home, and he is so confident he will find one that he decided to move forward with plans to write Season 4. When he finds a home, they can begin filming right away.” 


“Earth. Water. Fire. Air”

My pride, my joy. This piece has been abandoned in its sketch phase sine january. I never finished it because I lacked the skill to paint that much clothes without doing lineart and now I’m happy I left it alone.
I’m so happy over how it turned out and my younger self was squealing in joy to be able to draw four of my babies from my all time favourite show. Sort of sad that I never included Sokka in the sketch, but he’ll have to appear another time!

My art, so don’t repost anywhere without my permission, thank you.

Overwatch Roommates AU: Coexisting (1/3)

Modern Roommates Au inspired by this post By @madame-lacroix

Featuring Gabriel Reyes and Amelie Lacroix.  

Hints of Reaper76, mainly WidowTracer.

Part 2 ->
Read on Ao3

“Ah…Mama…si….si pero uno momento…ay Ame!”

Amelie barely had time to drop the stack of books in her hands to catch the phone that was hurled at her from across the room, she hissed as some of the said books landed on her foot but she caught it and promptly flipped her new roommate off as he laughed and smooched at her.

Phone in hand, she cleared her throat and put on her thickest accent in her sweetest voice,”Bonjour Madam Reyes~”

Gabriel rolled his eyes into the sun as his mother on the other end of the phone squealed with joy,”Mija! Mi corezon it’s so good to hear your voice again”

Pushing aside the pile of clothes she was supposed to put away from the small couch, she flopped into it, readjusting the cell phone from one side to the other, deeming it now as break time.

“Good to hear you too, I’ve missed you”

“Ame’ I heard what happened. I’m so sorry are you alright?”

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100 ways to say I LOVE YOU
※  86; You are important too.

word count: 1043
genre: all i suppose
a/n: i get carried away a little bit sorrynotsorry

Taking your 6 months little baby girl from her bed, you placed her on the floor where her toys where. She happily reached both her hands to the toys hanging above her, squealing in a joy when her little fingers finally catched the tiny lion. Watching her smiling face, she reminded you of your husband. She surely had your husbands features. Your husband, Jimin, was on a business trip. Well, that’s how he called it but it’s not a trip at all. Simply some a very important business. Before he left he told you he didn’t know how long it will last. Now, it was about a 4 months or so, you missed him and especially your little girl did.

You were paying with her when you heard your front door opening. Realising only you and Jimin had keys you stayed frozen on your steps but fastly recovered. Taking your baby into your arms, you briskly stood up and headed into the hallway. Turning the corridor, a beautiful sight greeted you.

He was just taking down his leather jacket, the jacket he always gave you when you were cold when you two were walking along the river. He was wearing a plain white shirt under it. It was a simple shirt but it hugged his torso so well that it looked like a new brand on him. Slowly walking to him, he turned around and stopped on his tracks. The moment he landed his eyes on you two, a angelic smile made its way on his face. Smiling back at him, he took you into a warm hug which you missed so much. The warm hug that greeted you every time he came back from work. The warm hug that you were waking up to every morning. You could feel a happy tears forming in your eyes and making its way out but before they could slip you buried your head in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent.

“Welcome home, honey.” You said kissing his lips. He kissed you immediately back, showing that both of you missed each other so much. You could feel a slight touch on your chin and you looked down at your daughter, smilling.

“Ohh, hello there,” he said, smiling and taking her into his arms. He gave her a million kisses over her face while she kept giggling. He had really big smile on his face. So big that you wondered it wouldn’t rip his face, he looked so happy. Her little hands found its way to him and she touched his cheeks and then mouth where he place another kisses.

“You have grown up, my little marshmallow. How have you been?” He questioned her as if she could answer but she can’t talk yet. She just kept giggling and he kept kissing her tiny hands.

“She can roll over by herself now.“ you said and stroked her back.

“Really?” He asked and turned to you. You nodded.

“Really?” He asked her this time with baby tone in his voice. He started hopping up and down with her making her squeal in joy. “You can?” He said smiling, lifting her up and bringing her down to him again. Lifting her again, she reached her hands down to him. He brought her down and she cupped his cheeks with both of her hands, snuggling to his face. He slightly kissed her nose and then brought her head into the crook of his neck. You didn’t even realize you started crying, quickly wiping the tears of, you heard him mumble something but it was muffled in your daughter’s skin.

“I’m sorry.” You heard him this time.

“I’m sorry for not being there with you, princess.” He sniffled and kissed her head, finding she fell asleep. “Come on, baby. Let’s take her into her cot.” You said, touching his arm slightly. He nodded before wiping the tears that made its way to his cheeks.

You watched as your husband put her down and kissed her goodnight. You leaned against the doorframe and smiled to yourself, how amazing husband you have.

He came to you and hugged you like there is no tomorrow. You felt something wet dripping into your collarbones, hearing him sniffle you realised he‘s crying again.

„What’s wrong?“ You questioned and rubbed his back in a soothing manner.

„I’m sorry that I can’t be here with you. With her. I want to see her growing up. I want to see her everyday and hold her, kiss her and cuddle with her and you. Like a real family.“ He sniffled again and tightened his grip on you. Stroking his hair, you kissed the crown of his head.

„Your work is important, honey.“ Your fingers still worked in his hair, slowly making your way between each of his strands, calming him down. Truly speeking you never saw him like this. So vulnerable, yet you knew this was a sign that he truly cared for both of you. And especially her. Not that you ever doubted it.

You are important too. You both are important.“

„Look at me.“ Placing both of your hands on each of his cheek, he slowly lifted his head and looked at you with watery and puffy eyes.

„You are here now,“ you wiped the tears from his cheak and kissed his nose, „that’s the most important fact right now. And whenever and wherever you are, always remember that we are here. We are always waiting for you. Okay?“ Kissing his nose again, he finally smiled slightly.

„I don’t know what would I do without you.“

„Let’s go to sleep, dummy.“ You kissed him, with him immediately kissing you back with a bigger force than you. His hands were at your hips, pressing you to him. Your hands tangled in his hair, slightly tugging at his hair he released a deep growl.

„I’ve been away for six months. You really expected I will just go to sleep?“ He smirked and squeezed your butt. You felt a blood rushing to your face, but welcomed it.

„Four months.“ You teased.

„But it felt like a six months.“ He whined like a little baby but didn’t waste anymore time and dragged you into your bedroom. Let’s the fun begin.

The girls tend to have opposite view points on bath time.

Lula hides when she thinks it might be bath time, I have to grab her and force her in.

Ellie… Squeals and dances with joy every time I grab a towel (whether it’s for her or not). If she wasn’t so short and had thumbs she’d jump in the bath and give herself one twice a day.

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What do the lovers think a when they carry their baby in a front facing sling. (imagine if the baby felt like an all powerful being....until they meet another father carrying their infant the same way)

Shu - He looks a little funny carrying such a small thing in front with a tall body like his. He seems to like it though, it is easier to carry the child that way.

Reiji - He wouldn’t do this, but if he were ever convinced to, he would look a bit awkward in it, shuffling to adjust the position often.

Ayato - He would rock this shit and just ask like he and the child are supermen, chuckling at his child’s squeals of joy.

Laito - He would enjoy it although it isn’t very fashionable. He would nuzzle the cute child in affectionate words and kisses.

Kanato - He won’t be caught dead in this, he would look way to small for such a large thing.

Subaru - He would wear it, feeling as if the child is safer in that than in his hands, although he really wants to carry the child on his shoulders. Eventually, when he feels more comfortable, he would stick with carrying the child himself.

Kino - Eh? Why? He prefers to run around with the child, touching it all. He wouldn’t wear it and grumble about it if he had to for some reason.

Chapter Five

“Do you hate yourself or something?” William asked Harry with a furrowed brow.

They were outside of Kensington watching George and Charlotte run around the grounds. George was currently yelling at his sister and playing a toddler’s version of tag, while Charlotte squealed with joy as she ran away from him. It was a nice change of pace, to watch his niece and nephew enjoy Kensington Palace’s grounds like he and William did as children. 

“No, I, yes I suppose I do.” Harry admitted. 

“Why’d she invite you anyways? Just to torture you?” William asked as he handed Harry over a beer that he had sitting on a patio table nearby.

“No, she just wants things back to normal with us. Which I understand but, I don’t know, I think it’s too soon.”

“Look, you’re welcome to join us at Amner on Friday instead of going to Juliet’s party. Beatrice and Dave, Pippa and James Matthews, James and Donna, and Zara and Mike are all coming over for dinner.” 

“As appealing as it sounds to spend my Friday night with a bunch of couples, I’ll pass.” Harry said and then took a swig of his beer.

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      As of late, she’d found few reasons to smile. Lips sunk to their corners, dimples hidden in a solemn face. That of it which was exposed. She wished only for the fire to be linked. The lords returned and all to be well once more. At least…for the time being. Such a cycle would continue itself; repetition that bore into the skulls of the people it wounded. Within her minds eye she could see it. The way the sun seemed blocked. Shielding itself from the eyes of those who knew this mantle would soon falter.

      Seemed no unkindled had felt themselves capable. Had attempted to fix that which was breaking. So darkness might indeed be that which all eyes stared into. A familiar sadness crept to her bosom, fingertips tracing against her hidden collar bone along with the feeling. Seemed within her best interest to dispose of these thoughts as the sound of encroaching footsteps drew her from the melancholy state. A welcomed distraction, she could not help but feel at least a bit of the weight alleviate itself.

      “I welcome thee. Doth thy have a name?”

Fan Fiction Writers Appreciation Day

Dear Fanfiction writers,

You are awesome!

You manage to send me off into my favourite universes, even when I don’t have time to game.

Each story brings a new perspective, a new insight for the world and its characters.

You make me appreciate things I haven’t even noticed before, thus even enhancing my gaming experience when I’ll go at it the next time. Heck, you even enhance my RL experience, when you write about things I never thought about!

Your make me squeal in joy, cry in sadness, blush in nsfw-ness.

From the bottom of my fangirl heart – thank you!
May your inspiration never cease!


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So I don’t have the word “Please” in this story I’m working on….but I have it in spanish does that count?


(WidowReaper roommate AU: also this is a long one because i think its cute)

Phone in hand, she cleared her throat and put on her thickest accent in her sweetest voice,”Bonjour Madam Reyes~” 

Gabriel rolled his eyes into the sun as his mother on the other end of the phone squealed with joy,”Mija! Mi corezon it’s so good to hear your voice again”

Pushing aside the pile of clothes she was supposed to put away from the small couch, she flopped into it, readjusting the cell phone from one side to the other, deeming it now as break time. 

“Good to hear you too, I’ve missed you” 

“Ame’ I heard what happened. I’m so sorry are you alright?” 

She paused a moment before responding,“I’m…doing much better now thank you” she smiled, purposely avoiding eye contact with Gabe, she didn’t need to see him to know he looked concerned.

“It all worked out in the end if you think about it, Gabby needed a roommate, my new job starts soon and it’s down the street from here” she laughed it off,”I’ll be fine it was for the best”

“Ay mija, you’re too strong. Visit me soon por favor. I’ll cook for you again”

Amelie grinned at the thought of her food, for free no less,”Oh trust me, it will be soon”

Company Conflict (Suga)

“I’m officially a trainee!” I ran in the boys’ house straight into Yoongi’s arms, squealing for joy.

“Congratulations!” They were all greeting with smiling faces (and a hint of confusion) and high-fives. Well, except for Yoongi.

“Since when were you auditioning for a company?” Yoongi asked, his arms wrapped around my waist, not even trying to hide his concern.

“Can’t we celebrate the occasion?” I piped up, my arms around his neck and my smile nervously trying to be as convincing as possible. He wasn’t smiling back.

He looked up suddenly to the rest of the members surrounding us in their noisy excitement. Once they saw the scary look on his face, they simmered down and shut up.

“Sorry, guys, we need to talk,” he said gravely, the festive air of the house officially dissipating as the boys all separated in different directions.

“Come on, Yoongi…”

He turned back down to face me, his expression serious. “You never told me you even wanted that.”

“I did tell you!” I defended quickly, dropping my arms to my sides and backing away from his.

“You simply told me that you love singing and songwriting. You didn’t tell me that you wanted to be an idol,” he remarked, sternly. “You didn’t even suggest the fact that you wanted to audition for an actual company!”

“Well, Yoongi, isn’t it a given that I dream of performing on a stage in front of thousands of people just like you?” I asked him, frustrated. “I want to be able to sing for people in different countries and hear fanchants for my own songs and be in a group that’s like my second family when my own friends and family are so far away…”

He shut his mouth and turned his head down to his tapping feet, both of his hands gripping onto his back pockets. “Keep going.”

I huffed out a deep breath and continued softly, “It gets lonely when you guys are gone with your busy schedules and all I have here is school. All I am is a student studying abroad, with barely any friends and barely any life here. And you’ve said it yourself. I’m talented, and I shouldn’t let that go to waste. So I decided to take the initiative and use it in an amazing opportunity that I was fortunate enough to grasp.

“I didn’t tell you about my auditions because I was scared that I would come empty handed. But I didn’t, so,” I paused, lifting my arms in a very unenthusiastic cheer in which he rose his head to watch, “…yay…”

He clenched and unclenched his teeth as if he was deep in thought. “I hope you know how demanding trainee life is going to be.”

“I know,” I responded, standing straighter like a soldier responding to her higher up. “I’m prepared for it.”

“It might even take years until you can debut. You might not be able to even return home.”

“I’m a patient person. And even if I didn’t tell you, I told my family back home ahead of time. I know that this can potentially change my life.”

“What about school? And working visas?”

“I’m currently consulting with company reps about the situation,” I assured him.

His next question came out faintly. “And what about our relationship?”


“When I first debuted,” Yoongi explained, staring into my eyes with the melancholy I always witnessed when he doubted himself, “and even years afterwards, I didn’t date because of my career. As an idol, it gets hard to balance your personal life with your work life because your work life becomes everything. With the both of us working this route, can you imagine how hard that will be?”

“Of course,” I murmured, feeling the pull of his energy sink my heart. “Of course I imagined it. I’ve imagined it countlessly before going out to try. It will be so hard to see you, I know that.”

I fell silent for a moment, suddenly afraid, but I tried to shake it away and reach for his hand instead. Shyly, I told him, “But every relationship needs to face obstacles. I can’t sacrifice a dream because I’m scared that it will change things, when that’s obviously guaranteed. I have to try. We both have to.”

I stepped towards him again and straightened out his sleeve with my free hand while grasping tightly onto his hand with my other. He watched me and took my other hand in his before looking back up and beginning to gaze.

“I think,” I said, with optimism gaining power in my voice, “that we should give it a chance and overcome this obstacle so that we can proudly tell it to go fuck itself.” I smiled brightly, watching a grin twitch on his face until it became a big, full lip-biting smile with his gums even bared and his eyes squinting closed.

“That language,” he noted, chuckling, tilting his head one way as he pulled me closer to him. “Remember to clean that filthy mouth on variety shows.”

I smiled even bigger as I asked him, “So, you approve?”

He scoffed. “You didn’t even need my approval before when you went out and got selected for a company!”

I pouted at him in defense while pinching at his nose. As he tried to swat my iron grip away, I asked him again, “Do you approve?”

“Yes!” His nasally voice sounded before I let go of his nose. I laughed uncontrollably in his arms as he scrunched it up and un-scrunched it from the pain.

After a while of standing there in each other’s arms (with me cackling over his red nose), he asked me one more question, “What company?”

I fell silent. “…Not yours.”

I yelped as he suddenly reached for my nose this time.


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I run a blog dedicated to fictional characters that are the representatives of Nordic countries, where people send in scenarios and headcanons which either make me squeal with pure joy or cry. There is no in between.

Wow I have no life.

It’s Okay, That’s Love!

•You came home one day tired and ready to be done with chores and projects and to just nap. Work today had been pretty busy.

•But as soon as they heard little squeals of joy at their arrival, a small smile lit up their face. 

•One by one pocket sized NCT all line up to see you; hugging your legs and excitedly jumping up and down at your feet. 

•It’s so cute because they’re like half the size of your calf 

 •And they’re greeting you, saying things like: 

•"Y/n’s finally home~“ ♪( ´▽`) 

•”You’re back!!“ (≧∇≦)

•”We missed you sooooo much!“ 

•And then you’re all off spending the rest of the day together! 

•You play Just Dance with Ten, Hansol, Jisung and Jaemin. 

•You role play with Jeno, Yuta and Taeil; they’re the courageous knights protecting their queen! 

•And you all play hide and seek. 

•You’re obviously the seeker because they can spot you a mile away since your so much bigger than them. (^_^;) 

•… Maybe hide and seek is a bad idea because they’re all so tiny and they’d hide into the smallest cracks that you can’t get into. 

How did Donghyuck and Doyoung get into the air vents?! (゚o゚;; 

•After that nightmare is over, little Taeyong, Johnny and Jaehyun helps you make dinner~ 

•After eating, you guys all have a movie night. It’s Mark’s turn to pick the movie so he picked the classic Shark Boy and Lava Girl on Netflix because make your dreams a reality like how Max did yo~ 

•By the end of the movie, everyone was asleep in the piles of pillows. You decided to leave them there to not wake them up. 

•You then go inside to get extra blankets so they don’t get cold since it was always cold out in the living room. 

•Sighing, you head back into your own room. 

•Sadly, the night isn’t over for you. You have a big project that needs to be finished… 

•Pocket sized NCT was so excited at your arrival that you couldn’t say no and pushed the project aside for the time being. 

•But it was worth it as long as your smol fam was happy and smiling. 

•You love to spoil them (´ε` ) 

•So then on, you spent the rest of the night researching, analyzing, designing, etc. for your project. 

•You were such a busy beetle, you didn’t realize that the sun was already starting to rise. 

•It wasn’t until Lil’ Kun came in to wake you up but was surprised to already see you awake. 

•Usually you like to sleep through your alarm so Kun likes to make sure you actually get up so you’re not late. 

•”Oh you’re up already?“ 

•Surprised you turn around, but smiled and nodded realizing it was smol adorable Kun. 

•”Mm-hm, I just wanted to finish up something real quick but I’ll get ready now.“ 

•And with that you start another day of hard work, with some help of coffee along the way. 

•Later on, you come back home really exhausted. 

•And confused(?) 

•You were greeted to a dark- and strangely- quiet living room. 


•You jumped when the tv came on. It was very sudden, and whenever it gets turned on, it starts with loud noises along with it’s brand appearing on the screen (・・;) 

•But then a video starts playing on the tv! 

•You were greeted with the faces of little NCT (*゚▽゚*) 

•”Y/n! You’ve been so kind and giving towards us-“ 

•”Like whenever there’s always something troubling us, you’re always there to talk it out with!“ 

•”And you always give up time to entertain us and keep us smiling and happy!“ 

•”You’re a real angel to us, ya know?“ 

•”And we’re so thankful for it all!“ 

•”But whenever it get’s too much for you let us know-“ 

•”Because we want to help and make you happy too!“ 

•”We love you y/n~“ 

• ”And we’re so greatful for everything you do for us…

•You felt overwhelmed with feelings and almost cried by how touched you were. 

•Then a small herd of NCT comes tumbling out one of the rooms towards you. 

•They all tackle you with hugs as you loses your balance and fall onto the couch. 

•You couldn’t help but cuddle into them, hearing their giggles. 

 •Yeah, life was hard. It’s okay to have bad days sometimes. But as long as you have them, you feel invincible!