Supernatural: The Trials of Grading Papers

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For @worsethanpixels who requested something to do with Professor!Cas AU in Destiel form…….. so yeah, I don’t normally write AUs nor do I ship Destiel, but I tried?????? Please please please let this work out… I wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s Christmas! 

I seriously hope this is what you wanted, sweetie, since I didn’t have an actual prompt to go off of. 

Please Enjoy!

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Pouring over yet another class’s essays on the effect of theology on current events, Castiel was sitting in his armchair late at night, eyes straining behind his glasses. Even though he was no longer a student, procrastination still followed him all the way through to his career as a university professor. 

The front door opened and Castiel did not look up from the papers in his lap.

“Hey, babe,” Dean Winchester smiled and he walked in to where the professor was seated and kissed his cheek, “I brought home some food. I hope you were in the mood for Chinese.”

“That’s fine, Dean,” Castiel answered him. 

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This title is the best way to describe this story. I still don’t know how I feel about it? But this is my Squealing Santa for @scarlet9000. I was, in fact, your Santa. I hope you enjoy. 

It started slowly. A prod here. A poke there. The first accident had occurred in the kitchen at the bunker, Dean cooking until Castiel had wandered in to find him. Rather, he appeared suddenly beside Dean, surprising him into almost dropping the salt he was using on the burger patties he was about to grill when he looked over, the angel just standing there as if nothing was amiss with his sudden presence. “Really, Cas? How many times have we gone over this? Use the damn door.” Dean jabbed a finger at the angel to emphasize his point, but Cas turned in time for the poke to be delivered to his side rather than his stomach. Castiel, Angel of the Lord, gasped and took an immediate, startled step away from Dean.

Both men stopped for a few short seconds then, confused and uncertain of what had just transpired. “Sam says he might have found something to do with the case.” Then poof. Cas was gone again.

To say the least, Dean was curious about the reaction. After all, growing up as an older brother, he was well aware of what Cas’ reaction should mean provided angels in vessels felt the same way typical humans did. For that moment, however, Dean chose to put those thoughts on the back burner. In the meantime, he had burgers to cook.

The next incident occurred rather purposefully. Cas was engrossed in a film he and Sam were watching, something boring and nerdy, Dean was sure. It afforded him an opportunity, nevertheless, and Dean sneaked his way behind the couch where they were sitting. He had found an angel feather in Baby’s trunk and he brushed it lightly over Cas’ ear. The reaction was immediate, and Cas was up and out of his seat and across the room before Dean had a chance to duck and cover or hide the feather.

All of them looked at one another in silence for a few seconds the way Dean and Cas had the last time this had occurred. “… What was that?”

“It looks to me like Cas is ticklish.” The smirk on Dean’s face grew bigger the more confused Cas seemed to become.

“Are you kidding me?” Moving to his feet, Sam approached Castiel, uncertain whether or not the angel would know enough to run. After all, Sam had seen the look on his brother’s face enough times to know he wasn’t done with this new information.

“What are you talking about?” Cas’ hands had gone to both of his ears, as if to rub the sensation away, but he lowered them indignantly. “Angels aren’t ticklish.” They couldn’t be…

“Why don’t we find out then?” Dean took only two steps before Castiel sidestepped both brothers and darted to the other side of the couch to put a physical barrier between the two.

“Dean. This isn’t amusing.”

“I think it is.” Smirk very firmly set in place, Dean stalked Castiel, herding him toward Sam who stayed back and out of the immediate line of sight until the larger Winchester was able to wrap both arms around Cas’ arms and torso from behind. When Cas didn’t immediately poof out of Sam’s arms, Dean took the opportunity to move closer. “Why don’t we test out that theory about angels not being ticklish?”

Before Cas had the opportunity to say a word, Dean put the quill end of the feather between his teeth and reached under Cas’ coat to knead his thumbs into the angel’s hips. A soft whine immediately fled, and Cas clearly began to hold his breath as if that would save him. Unfortunately, Sam adjusted his grip to free one hand and stole the angel feather from Dean. When it was clear Cas wasn’t going to be escaping even the one-armed grip, whether he was weakened by the tickling slowly creeping its way up his sides or not, Sam used the feather to brush softly over the angel’s ears and neck, both of which caused the angel to whimper through pursed lips.

The reaction surprised the brothers enough to stop, and Cas took a few quick breaths they weren’t sure he needed. Dean’s fingers found Cas’ ribs then, under his coat and suit jacket, and skittered his nails over them. Castiel immediately broke out into frantic, confused laughter and struggled hard enough that Sam had to wrap both arms around his torso again until a thought occurred to him. He readjusted his hold, dropping the angel feather. His hands were now positioned firmly over the angel’s ribs while Dean’s hand traveled downward to skitter over Cas’ stomach. Sam’s position would trap his fingers between Cas’ arms and sides. Fortunately, a bit of finger wriggling was enough to make Castiel laugh harder, his speech devolving into short phrases of Enochian that neither of the brothers could understand.

It was only when Castiel’s face had turned a brilliant shade of red that the brothers stopped and let the angel go so he could flop onto the couch. They hadn’t been certain exhausting an angel in this way would work. Learning experience or not, Dean’s eyes shifted over to Sam after a few seconds of watching their resident angel breathlessly glare at them. Sam was no fool. He quickly took off at a run, fully intending to lock himself into his room, any room, to keep away from Dean and his maniacal fingers. 

aochii9113  asked:

If you do pairing Head canons can I get some fluffy Akutagawa x Higuchi? And if not can I just get Akutagawa head canons?

My sweet child yes I do and this ship is in my top 4 pairings for Akubae. And I will also do Aku hcs (just in a different post)

Akutagawa x Higuchi

- You don’t understand how long it took this poor girl to get him interested in her.

- But i think i may have happened around the time of his short-lived recovery after he got his ass handed to him but Atsushi.

- She’d more or less forced her care and attention onto the stubborn brute.

- He’d snuck out of bed (Never thought he’d have to sneak around Higuchi ever, but life suprises you.) and was going to go outside for a walk, but was stopped when he spotted Higuchi in the kitchen….making him soup.

- Gin cooks, but she’s not really around often to do that. And seeing Higuchi cooking food for him with such devotion and concentration… he doesn’t know what it did, but it made him turn around and get right back to bed

- Higuchi noticed he was taking it easy on her, albeit slightly. He also hung around her more, and seemed hellbent on warding off other guys.

- It all culminated when Higuchi blocked Aku from the debri of yet another explosion and there was a peice of burning shrapnel heading straight for her and suddenly she was wrapped up in Rashoumon and holy shit Akutagawa was protecting her??????

- Higuchi: ???!?!??!???!??????

- He then yelled at her afterwards for risking her life and to ‘never do that ever again in your life’ and

- well Higuchi’s quite fluent in Akutagawa speak so she knew exactly what he meant.

- She decided to shut him up by kissing him right on the mouth and thus the beginning of this relationship.

- He is surprisingly doting on her, like the only one that could beat him is Chuuya and his s/o

- Cuddles are first, foremost, and always initiated by Higuchi (except for when there’s paperwork and Aku wants her to sit in his lap)

- Rashoumon is the best blanket fort, and used often as such.

- Akutagawa is actually the one to initate deep kisses and sloppy makeouts on a 10:2 ratio, he absolutely adores kissing her and she gets blushy and dizzy if he does it well he lives for that expression

- Akutagawa says ‘I love you’ first and Higuchi is a blubbering mess while repeating it back over and over as he gives her kisses all over her face and neck to console her

- Aku is the big spoon and he loves it


Soft Heart // Loud Touch

Summary: Where you (yes, you) have a bad dream the night before your first hunt and Sam comforts you.

Word Count: 1308

Warnings: reader!fic, tickling

A/N: This is my first ever reader!fic so I really hope it came out okay! I tried my best to accommodate as many spectrums as I possibly could for everyone’s enjoyment.

Merry Squealing Santa 2k16, Fanficsandfluff <3

Fanficsandfluff’s note: Honestly, this is so fucking good I have read it three times already. THANK YOU SO MUCH I FEEL BLESSED!!!!!

It’s different once the shotgun in your hands is pointed with intent. It’s different when the clean slate walls and yellow paper target are replaced with the stench of aged bodily fluids and a glitchy ghost, and it’s coming right at you. You, left to guard the lobby while Sam checked the hallway ahead. Your body is petrified, helplessly unable to pull the trigger, as the ghost is suddenly upon you. A violent shove to your chest hurls you into a wall-

Your body jerks awake, and the bouncing from old springs is disorienting. Your arm and face feel frigid compared to the rest of you sweltering under the duvet. The desire to stretch your aching body and curl up so small you vanish war within you. Hot tears prickle at your eyes and threaten to spill onto your cheeks. A warm hand palms your side. You flinch, blinking hard.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Sam’s voice is quiet and exhausted, croaking and sighing as he begins to wake.

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My, Dio’s, Lullaby

Sleep, my little Gio,
Let your dreams take wing;
One day when you’re big and strong,
You will be a king.

I’ve been exiled,
Left alone with no defense;
When I think of what
That brute did,
I get a little tense.

But I dream a dream so pretty;
That I don’t feel so depressed.
‘Cause it soothes my inner kitty,
And it helps me get some rest.

The sound of Jotaro’s dying gasp!
His daughter squealing in my grasp!
His friend’s mournful cry!
That’s my lullaby!

Now the past I’ve tried forgetting,
and my foes I could forgive,
Trouble is I know it’s petty,
But I hate to let them live.

So you found yourself somebody,
Who’d chase Jotaro up a tree;

Oh the battle may be bloody,
But that kinda works for me.

The melody of angry growls,
A counterpoint of painful howls,
A symphony of death, oh my!
That’s my lullaby!

Jojo is gone,
But Dio’s still around;
To love this little lad,
'Till he learns to be killer,
With a lust for being bad!

Sleep; ya little termite!
Uh- I mean precious little thing!

One day when you’re big and strong;

You will be a king!

The pounding of the drums of war;
The thrill of Gio’s mighty roar.

The joy of vengeance;


I can hear the cheering;

(Gio! What a guy!)

Payback time is nearing,
And then our flag will fly,
Against a blood-red sky!
That’s my lullaby!

Part 1// Part 2

JM: after this is over, do you want me to go somewhere?                               

JM: (thinking) maybe I can give him some time to get ready for our special night 

V: Oh yeah 

JM: *smiles to himself* where? 

V: There’s a special burger sale tonight, buy 2 get 1 free, could you go buy me some while I go shower? 

JM: (thinking) omg he’s so cute, he can’t even come up with a good excuse to tell me to leave so he can plan 

JM: Sure anything 

V:  Perfect *rubs hands together* I don’t have to wait in line and I can get myself ready for these burgers

JM: *squeals inside* I must act surprised when I get back!!


Source: 宗凛まんがとログ詰め
Artist: 背骨
Pairing: Sousuke/Rin

Scanlation: larabarq
Please do not repost on and outside of tumblr.
If you can, please visit the source and rate it + bookmark! :)

!!There’s actually a continuation for this!! - a morning scene where kid!SouRin reenacts what papa!Sousuke and mama!Rin was doing last night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) from the position down to the sex dialogue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I won’t be scanlating it though but you guys can check it out at the source link. It’s the one after this strip ^ 

& please excuse my crappy English once again.. I tried my best. m(._.)m


JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?