REGINA:  What?  Where am I?  What the hell kind of CURSE is this?  Why am I dressed like a high priced call-girl?  Am I crying?

JUDGE:  Ms. Mills, do you have representation?

REGINA:  What?  

JUDGE:  You’re being charged with the brutal murders of Killian Jones and Robin Locksley.  


JUDGE:  Do you have an attorney?

There’s a commotion from the back of the court room.  Emma Swan stumbles in with a briefcase and files in disarray under her arms.  She is wearing a teal colored business skirt suit, dark rimmed glasses and her hair up in a ponytale.

EMMA:  I’m here, I’m here,Your Honor.

JUDGE:  (pounds gavel)  ORDER!  ORDER IN THE COURT!!  And who might YOU be?

 I’m Emma Swan.  Council for the defense.  I’m Ms. Mills attorney.

REGINA:  (rolls her eyes skyward)  Oh, Jesus Christ.


Photo Cred: beegoddess, Lana Parrilla as Betty in “The Defenders“

Ele queria falar e as palavras não saiam, ele queria gritar mas não havia nele voz, então a escuridão tomou conta dos seu olhos, as vezes era tão difícil de ser ele, sua vontade de gritar aumentava, sentia seu coração parar, sentia a respiração fraca, as vozes em seu ouvido aumentaram, suas mão tremiam, sentia seus pulmões rasgarem com a falta de ar, já não sentia o chão, a sensação de estar caindo era cada vez maior, sentia o nó na garganta, chegou ao chão, viu um clarão, a cabeça latejava, seus olhos se abriram, havia uma multidão em volta, uma mulher chorava, ele a conhecia, mas naquele momento esqueceu seu nome, as palavras que ela diziam eram quase imperceptível, ela segurou sua mão, ela gritava para o céu, mas ele não conseguia ouvir, então ele tentou falar, e pela última vez, ninguém escutou. Tudo se apagou novamente.
—  Why?
"Dark Temptation Arises" - Chapter 3!  Newly Updated!

SUMMARY:  The story continues in the diner where Emma and Hook have a discussion.  Later at her office, Regina has a visitor.


Excerpt below:

Emma reached a finger out and invitingly brushed it against the side of Regina’s hand causing the woman to gasp at the touch and Robin’s eyes to narrow.

“Listen, you,” Robin seethed.  “I’ve had just about enough.”

The blonde rolled her eyes, while he blustered on, and mimicked Robin’s hysteria to Henry with her hand opening and closing to the movement of the man’s jabbering mouth and again Henry tried to stifle a laugh.

To get her attention, the former thief, propped his fists on the table, like some territorial gorilla, and leaned forward in an intimidating manner.  “I’m not afraid of you, Swan.  I have dealt with all manner of villainy,” this earned him a reproachful, outraged look from Regina, “so I know how to deal with the likes of you.”

Henry knew he was only thirteen but even he could see the stupidity in Robin’s bravado. He saw Regina shaking her head in disapproval and rolling her eyes at his ill-advised, brainless actions.  He expected Emma to be upset and angry, but she looked up at him like she wanted to laugh in his face.  If Robin thought he could frighten Emma, even in the least bit, he had another think coming.  

Emma leaned closer and with an evil chuckle said, “Don’t bet on it.”


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Dirty Street Rat - Teaser part ll

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-two,” Emma said without looking up. “You?”

“I hardly see the benefits of indulging that information to a dirty street rat,” Regina spat out the words and frowned when it got little to no reaction from Emma.

“Suit yourself, it’s not like I don’t know how to use Google,” Emma said as she leaned back in her chair and looked at Regina. “Rich, entitled woman like you, you’re probably the youngest mayor this town has ever seen,” Emma said with disdain.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, dear,” Regina smirked. “Did you write an essay for this internship?”

“I did.”

“I want to read it.”

Emma laughed, “Why? So you can use the contents of it to insult me some more?”

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anonymous asked:

I know people are worried about how dark swan will be handled, but I'm actually more worried about how the writers are going to write hook. They are known to write characters OOC. Just look at how they handled robin to make him look like a jerk. I'm scared about hook and I feel they won't stay true to his character. These are writers that fail in continuity.

Hmm. I think that’s definitely a valid concern, because at this point I wouldn’t put anything at all past these writers. 

I can’t speak for anyone else of course, but I guess I’m mostly worried about Emma because she’s the one whose character has been unfairly weakened and dumbed down lately (all in the name of making a certain mass murderer look good). I mean I can’t take Emma seriously when she’s doing nothing but trying to get a “happy ending” for the sociopath who literally ruined her life and her loved ones’ lives and never even apologized, let alone showed remorse. That just doesn’t seem like her. She used to stand up to Regina (the whole savior thing was about ending Regina’s happy ending by breaking the curse and restoring everyone else’s after Regina stole them) and now she just caters to her every whiny whim. Not to mention the scene where they made it seem like Emma was going to shoot someone at point-blank range in cold blood so Regina had another chance to spew her lies and hypocrisy.

Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent–but I can see why you’re concerned about Hook for sure. They’ve had him do some dumb things (pulling a gun on Ursula for example…I could see him getting frustrated in the moment, but that was really a stupid thing to do) but overall I think his character didn’t get screwed up too much this season–especially in the second half–because for several episodes, he was hardly even in the show. If, for example, they have him working closely with Regina to get Emma back (damn I really hope she just sticks with her stupid sister and boyfriend and that BS), that’ll probably ensure that his character gets weakened as well. Anyone who spends time with Regina has to become weak or stupid in order to have it believable that they’re willing to work with that murderous sociopath.