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appreciate musicians in musicals. so much unbelievable talent is on stage that it’s often easy to forget the performers playing the music their vocals accompany. appreciate the orchestra. appreciate wonderful trumpet players and flutes and trombones and clarinets and oboes and tubas and all the other wonderful instruments that are apart of our favorite musicals because they have 8 show weeks like everyone else yet their talent is quite often brushed away. appreciate musicians no matter if it’s their voice or their instrument being heard.

So, let's talk about Shipping wars...

I’ve been debating whether or not to bring this up, but I think it needs to be addressed.

Ship-bashing is bullying.

If you dislike a pairing, then just leave it alone and let those who do like it do their thing. Don’t try to shove your ship down their throat. You wouldn’t like it if someone hated on you for shipping your OTP, so why do it to others?

I only bring this up as I recently saw a post that was essentially bashing the Star Wars ship, Reylo.

Now I know there’s a lot of contraversy around this topic, and I’m not trying to start a war here. But here’s it in short. Whether you like the ship or not, there are some people who do. In bashing on it you’re isolating those people from the community and making them feel bad for a pairing they think would work. Now that’s a horrible feeling.

It’s happened to me, where a ship blew up all over tumblr, and it was constantly getting shoved in my face. It wasn’t something I personally agreed with, but did I flame the people who did like it? NO! That’s just not what you do. Golden rule everyone.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Don’t like a ship? Leave it alone and support your own ship. If you have a ship that’s different from the majority, I actually encourage you to stick with that. Remember, it’s your One True Pairing, not theirs.

If you made it this far congrats, and, may the force be with you, always!



*bouncing excitedly* I’ve thought of something to spread some positivity and joy in the Jacksepticeye community! :D

If you are comfortable doing this, post a happy picture of yourself with Septiceye Sam! Or a drawing of Sam if you don’t have one :) and of course you can write a message with it if you want to, maybe about how jack and the community make you smile ^-^

We could post our selfies with the tag #SmilesForJSE and of course the usual #jacksepticeye tag :)

Let’s spread positivity and happiness! ❤

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Excuse me, do you know if there's any way someone in South America can watch the first live?

Unfortunately, your options are limited to the following:

  1. Travel to Japan or a country that has a Live Viewing to watch the concert.
  2. Wait for the Blu-ray to come out.

This goes for any region that did not receive a Live Viewing ヽ(゚、。)ノ

Namedrop someone you love

@sanguinespire, @ellebeedarling, @comeheremybabypenguin, @humblydefiant and @bardofheartdive all tagged me (some of you as @ageofthegriffon) in this post: “auntiewitch:namedrop someone you love on this post……go

Guys. Guys. GUYS. YOU NEED TO TONE IT DOWN. I might seriously hurt myself from all the jumping around in my room like a kid gone crazy from all the glowing happiness. You know, knocking over chairs or running into wardrobes. That kinda stuff.

I wanna keep spreading the love, so in addition to all the lovely people who tagged me in this post, I wanna express my love for (alphabetically, and OMG I’m sweating, I dont wanna forget anybody):

@alenkotrash: you make gorgeous edits and I love my new Cassie avatar, dear!

@bagog: you are an awesome writer and I’M IN LOVE WITH BEN.

@beekeepercain: (gadreelssecondchance here) you are an amazing artist and writer, and though I’m not so active in the SPN fandom anymore, I will always remember Gadreel (do you still have the count???)

@cactuarkitty: you are an awesome gif-er, I love your gifs on my dash, so much?!

@dantes-wombat: do I need to tell you? *evil laugher* Sorry, but you *had* to be included in this post. You drew me into this entire tumblr mess!

@mixgoldenphoenix: (gadreelssecondchance here, I’m the total lurker, so you might not remember me) I used to love you for the Gadreel and Sabriel content, now I’m totally here for all the Zevran love! Funny how people can shift fandoms and independently shift to the same fandom?

@nightmarestudio606: thank you for welcoming me in the Mass Effect fandom and encouraging me to write!

@onequartercanadian: I love you for reblogging so much funny stuff that I genuinely enjoy!! Hope you are having a rad time in France??

@susurrusilous: your Shep is rad and I’m totally there for the political posts!

Can people just stop?

While watching videos on youtube this morning I glimpsed a title of a video that said the following; “Jacksepticeye backstabs Pewdiepie”…. Sorry what?? I haven’t watched or read anything about this and I don’t intend to because there is simply no need whatsoever to do it. I watched Seán’s video and that’s all you need. He didn’t backstab Felix. He could and perhaps should have been more showing of his support in his video but still, he wasn’t unsupportive. He came at this from a more objective perspective, that’s all. Maybe a bit too objective but he did try and clear things up and make it right afterwards so I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to try and create non existent conflicts. There is already so many other and bigger actual existing conflicts and issues in the world that we need to focus on right now.

We are all only human and we all make mistakes and do things we regret. Now I don’t think that he should regret nor feel bad about his video (“Let’s talk”) because I think it’s good to look at things from several different perspectives. To sort of keep an open mind and be open for discussion. And also to allow yourself and be willing to grow and learn as a person, like Seán himself said in his video.

Friends can disagree on things, disagreeing on something doesn’t make you a backstabber. Seán did defend Felix and made it clear that he is not anti Semitic and that he is indeed a good person. But he also made some other good points too, like for example that the joke Felix made went too far and that it wasn’t as well thought through as it should have been. And that making dark jokes like that can and most possibly will have consequences and that you will have to take care of and handle those, which is true. He also says in his video that this whole thing could have, and should have, been handled much better (both by Felix and the media).

What I think really matters, in the end, is that Felix knows that he supports him. Seán tweeted and said that he had had his mind opened by many of the comments on the video and that, in my opinion, just shows that it’s fully possible as well as allowed to change your mind about things. He also said that he had talked to Felix so I’m just hoping right now that things are good between the two of them. According to me that’s what’s important.


I just learned yesterday that Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon, was originally designed not by Ken Sugimori (he only finalized the design), but by a female graphic designer named Atsuko Nishida. 

Also after googling her, I found out that she’s also designed Sylveon–another favorite PKMN of mine. She’s also illustrated some very pretty Pokemon cards!!

Thank you Ms. Nishida! :-) May you get more credit and love for your contribution to the Pokemon franchise.


The blog that reblogged this wants you to know that whether you’re a minority, majority, LGBTQA+ or in anyway negatively affected by xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, or any sort of inequality, you are not alone, and they want you to know you can talk to them anytime.

if you don’t see how Lady Gaga sent a huge “fuck you” to the most overrated Cheeto in America, let me enlighten you
  • “God bless America” being the first words out of her mouth
  • Born This Way
  • telling every single person watching her performance that no matter who you are, your race, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, you’re perfect because god doesn’t make mistakes
  • pence sitting in the audience surrounded by people cheering her on
  • she literally used nothing but love and positivity to do this and even if you aren’t a fan, you should go watch her performance

please feel free to add to this

A Tarot Spread For When You’re Feeling Lost

A tarot spread for when you’re feeling lost, you’re not sure who you are and how you got to this point in your life. When it’s hard to live with yourself or love yourself, for when you’re feeling stagnant or exhausted. Let this spread help you grow and help you love, you deserve to love yourself because you are each a wondrous and divine body of stardust and magic. It’s time you see that.

The First Card: This expresses how you are feeling. Sometimes we get so caught up in life and in our problems that it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re feeling other than a sense of being lost. Before you can remove blockage from your life you need to know what it is. How am I feeling, are there inner issues I’m not aware of?

The Second Card and Third Card: Now that you have a better understanding of what you’re feeling it’s time to see what brought you here. We don’t always know how we got where we are in our life, it can pass by quickly and suddenly you look up and everything around you is a forest covered in dense fog. How did you get here?

The Fourth Card: You should have a better idea of how you are feeling and what brought you here. It is time to take look at how your feelings and energies are affecting the rest of your life. What are my energies/feeling affecting in my life? 

The Fifth Card: You should have a clear vision of the issue now, and the fog should start to fade to fade away. It is time to rise up, pull out your sword and stand strong. How can I confront this issue, how do I find the courage?

The Sixth Card: You have found a way to come this far in life and you should be so proud of yourself. You have stood up to yourself, your demons, your sorrows, whatever it is that’s hindering you and darkening your life. How do I let go, forgive and move on from this?

The Seventh and Eighth Card: You may not be feeling much better, while you’re ready to face the challenge having to reopen old wounds can be exhausting. Confronting yourself is a challenge, it’s time to take care of yourself and heal. What act of self-care can I do to help me heal, what is my first step on practicing self-care?

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖