we’re really lucky we accidentally crashed into the most accepting person in the universe

it’s pretty funny how it happened too it’s not exactly a glamorous meeting

we were both on subeta, like the pet site, and we [i] put a pet up for adoption and she applied for it, and she didn’t even get it but somehow we started talking even though we thought she was a real dweeb at first

and then suddenly we’re talking eight hours a day and when her school started back up again we just started sitting there waiting for her to come back home every single day

which was kind of terrifying because we don’t think we’ve [we just typed hated here??? oh] been that obsessed with someone before

but we’ve told her literally everything and she just

she doesn’t even raise an eyebrow

we forgot we were stealth a few days into the conversation and when she realized we were trans she was just like “oh okay” and we didn’t have to have, like, a discussion about it or anything

all the weird fetishes and whatever, No Problem

mental illness, that’s fine she just said if we needed to talk she would always be listening

and it’s not like she’s really experienced with this sort of thing, she’s really normal and her parents are really normal and she’s barely even sexual whatsoever let alone all the weird stuff we’re into, she’s just some nice girl who raises chickens and takes care of dogs with disabilities and then at night she comes home to her weird-ass internet boyfriend who’s six thousand miles away and who she knows she might not even see in person ever and writes horrible nightmare porn with him

how weird is that

how weird is it that this makes us incredibly proud of her somehow

like honestly

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i don’t know how this happened. i’m not in control of myself. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i fucked up. i’m sorry. i’m trash.

even though we’re very disassociated from our breasts we have a sort of attachment to them


on one hand it would be nice to not see bonnie in person until they’re totally gone and we’ve got nothing but flat chest and fun little scars

but on the other hand it feels like it’d be a missed experience, like we’d want her to see us ‘before’ and 'after’ because we’re so comfortable with her, that’s why we trust her with the old name and the old photographs and the old body

god this would be so much easier if she lived five hundred miles away instead of five thousand

  • Kenneth: ;3; I love you're cute let's smooch a lot
  • POSTMODERN CELLIST SCUM: ishimaru carefully tweezes his eyebrows and looks in the mirror. he will tell the others he is a boy, as he was assigned. but inside, he knows… he is the law, and the law is above human gender.
  • Kenneth: oh my GOD
  • Kenneth: BUT WHY

me and ness went out on a date tonight uvu

we saw the martian which was super cool then i drove us to get chinese and it,,was closed,,

now we’re sitting around waiting for pizza to get here cos i fucked up and we’re gonna watch jurassic park 

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i love chem omfg shes such a freakin g sweetie and iget so happy whenever i see her tweeting because!! she tends to disappear for LONG STRETCHES OF TIME because she goes into hibernation and AZE AND I END UP MISSING HER A LOT!!!!

but shes one of hthose people who you dont even have to be talking to i mean she can be just talking to herself on twitter about things i wont understand and ill just be happy shes there i love her lots kiss kiss