In no particular order 10 times Dean Winchester killed me (for various reasons).

Congrats to Jensen on his well-deserved PCA! This was too difficult to narrow down to 10 moments, there have been so many more that make me fall in love with Dean all over again whether it’s making me cry with laughter or just plain making me cry. The passion and dedication that Jensen has brought and continues to bring to his character and the show is astounding and I am so happy that he has gained this recognition.

Part One // Part Two


Hey guys - so I’m working on a longer fanvid about moc!Dean and just finished editing the “reverse crypt scene vs. crypt scene” section. Figured this was a good little bit to turn into a gifset too, so here ya go! 

I just love how much the two scenes were juxtaposed in the show right down to the angles, framing, movement & blocking. Have to applaud the SPN directors, editors and of course, the lovely and talented Jensen and Misha for this.