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Requested by anon: Hi! Can I request a Sam x Reader one shot where a demon kidnaps Sam and the Reader and basically accuses the Reader of messing around with Dean and being unfaithful to Sam? And the demon basically tortures her in front of him because it’s *what she deserves* but the demon was actually lying the whole time because the reader really does love Sam and ends cute?

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Violence, strong lenguage, a little angst and a little fluff

Word Count: 1131

A/N: Sorry for taking too much time to doo this, but I actually had to write it ike 3 times but anyways… Here is it. I actually like it, so let me know if you like it too. <3

“Let me out!” You screamed and kick the trunk’s door. Everything was dark and you were desperate to get out of there, you wanted to kill the fucking demon that just kidnapped you and then go back to Sam’s arms.

You felt the car slowing down until it finally stopped. Your arms were tied behind your back so you couldn’t actually defend yourself. The door opened and the sun light hit your eyes like it was fire.

The demon grabbed your arm and pulled you out. The demon was using some woman’s body as a meat suit, she was thin and in normal situations you could beat her down, but the strength that the demon possessing her, was giving her, was enormous and you couldn’t put any resistance.

“What the hell you want from me!” You screamed while she was pulling you inside an empty warehouse. “Just reveal the truth.” She threw you to the ground, making you hit your head, provoking you to lose all sense of orientation.

You couldn’t resist while she tied you to a chair and rip your blouse, revealing your anti-possession tattoo just below your shoulder. “Well, we need to get rid of these if we want to have fun.” She pulled out a dagger and without saying something else, she dug it into your flesh, making you scream in pain. “But before we continue…”

You could feel the demon penetrating your brain, your mind, and your memories. Images were passing in front of your eyes just like a movie, images of you and Sam, the moments you shared together, every kiss and even the first one you ever shared. “No, I don’t need this shit.” You heard her and she went deeper. “Yes!” Then images of Dean… You two laughing together and sharing very intimate moments. “I knew you were a bitch.” She left your mind and your head was pulsating, it was like a migraine but multiplied by ten. And then you passed out.

The pain was the thing that woke you up. The demon was piercing your skin all over again. She literally wanted to cut off a piece of your skin, your tattoo, so she could possess you. “Sam is going to found me, you bastard.” You hissed. “Oh honey, I’m counting on that… But let’s look again to that little mind of yours.”

The pain started all over again when she entered to your mind again. But somehow, she was picking just the memories of Dean and she was arranging them…

A thud noise interrupted your yelling, the door fell down and you saw your boyfriend entering the dark room. “Y/N?” Sam then looked at the demon next to you. “I’m going to kill you.” He threatened her. “Do you really want to waste your time with this unfaithful bitch?” Your skin burned at her touch, just where she had her down. “Sam!” You screamed and he pointed his gun again. “Get away from her!” “But I have to show you something first.”

Pain again, but now it was different because you saw Sam suffering too and then you understood, the demon was showing him your re-arranged memories with Dean. Once she finished, Sam looked at you from the ground, completely confused but you could see the pain in his eyes.

“She’s lying!” You shout. “How could I? Those were her memories.” The demon answered and then she burned your shoulder again. “Stop!” Sam screamed while he stood up. “Sam, please…” You begged, your lungs running out of air. “What? You don’t think she deserves this?” She took a step away from you, getting closer to Sam and then grabbed your knee, burning you through your jeans. “Stop!” He yelled again and shoot her in her hand. “She doesn’t even deserve that bullet… This is what she deserves.” She kicked the chair, making you fall and hit your head again.

“Sam…” The pain of the burns and the cuts was so intense you could barely talk. “She manipulated my memories… She…” “Shut up!” She kicked you again, breaking the chair in pieces. You glanced at Sam, tears coming down your face. You tried to move, but she kicked you one more time. “Sam, I love you!” “Lies!” You crawled, trying to stand. Sam was witnessing everything, he wasn’t moving, he was just watching how that demon was torturing you. “I love you!” That made him snap. He shot at the demon again, and he ran to her, stabbing her with an angel blade in the abdomen, killing her.

He dropped her to the ground and then got closer to you. “Sam…” You searched for words, but you couldn’t find any. Your body was heavy and some darkness was catching you, making you close your eyes and lose your sight of Sam, the man you truly loved.

Almost a day after of the incident you woke up. You were now in a warm bed, inside a cold room. It took you some seconds to realize you were in a hospital. “Y/N” You heard his worried voice and you turned your head to your right, where he was. “Sam…” He placed a hand on your cheek. “Don’t talk, Y/N, it’s alright.” “No…” You shook your head. “What happened… I…” You tried so bad to talk, but he didn’t let you. “I know, baby.” After hearing him calling you that way, a weight disappeared from your shoulders.

“The demon… She played with my memories, that’s why you saw…” “I know.” He repeated and leaned to kiss your forehead. “How did you…? I mean… It was pretty convincing…”

“Y/N…” He slowly said your name, in a sweet quiet voice. “I love you… And I know you love me.” You arched an eyebrow. “When I was seeing what the demon wanted me to see… It felt wrong. I don’t know how to explain it but I have to look back at my own memories and I just… It felt like it was impossible for you to lie to me. “He shook his head. "While I was seeing your fake memories, I saw my own and I felt all the love… Then I knew that she was playing with me… With us.”

He leaned again and gently pressed his lips against yours. “It made me realize how much I love you… How much you love me.”

You felt that too, it was something that was living inside your chest… Impossible to describe. Maybe that was the strongest type of love you’ve ever felt. Your heart, your soul, everything belonged to him. You belonged to Sam Winchester and he was yours.

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