So….Kayla and I are at it again, plotting things behind the scenes. But this time….it has nothing to do with our fics.

Well….not completely anyway. 

It’s something much BIGGER

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It was something that sorta just came to me one night, and I’ve been talking to Kayla for a little bit now about it, and….well, it went from an idea to crazy excitement and an actual planning session.

But, before we can actually plan more and set anything in stone, we need your help.

So, I don’t know about all of you, but even though I am one of the shyest people in the world…{may not seem like it on here, but I am}….you guys have become such a huge part of my life.

I know that I’ve said it before, but, it’s true. And I know that Kayla @one-shots-supernatural feels the same way. 

So, call me crazy, but the other day, for once in a very long time, I got a good nights sleep with no nightmares. Not one. 

I never thought that I would know what that felt like it.

But even though there wasn’t any nightmares, I still had a pretty interesting dream. And it had to do with all of you.

I dreamt that Kayla and I had started having these get togethers, pretty identical to the Supernatural Conventions. Obviously it wouldn’t be the same thing cause the guys wouldn’t be there, but….

It was us and a group of all of you, and we would just spend hours talking and laughing, about anything and everything. 

And as Kayla and I were talking more about it, it grew to this idea that actually peaked our interest. One where we would actually love to do something like this. But that’s where all of you come in. 

The thing is…….we can’t do something like this if none of you would be willing to go. Cause we would have to pick a place, rent out a hall, take time off work, etc.

So, what we want to know, is if we were to do something like this, how many of you would actually go?

We would obviously make it later either this year or sometime next year, give us all time to save up and plan it all out. But there’s no point in us planning something like this if no one is going to go.

So, how many of you would actually go if we set this up?

I’m just sitting here in my little corner trying to figure out why everyone is losing their shit over this cardboard cutout thing…and why people always lose their shit over the jokes/pranks J2M pull on each other. 

If I had a cardboard cutout of one of my bffs I would kick the shit out of it. I dare say they would be offended if I didn’t Chuck Norris the thing. If we didn’t make inappropriate jokes about each other and their significant others I would think they were cheating on me. That our love was fading. 

I guess my real question is…have I been friending wrong all this time? Should I be letting what people outside of our circle think dictate what we do and how we have fun? Should i really give a rats ass? Woe is me!! 


This amazing dance studio choreographed a awesome video using my Always Keep Fighting song. The final product is so incredible and I am honored that these sweet girls brought my song to life. Please check it out!!!!

Supernatural Family!

I love Supernatural! It is more than just a tv show for me. ❤ I have a mental illness and thanks to Jared I am not ashamed to say so. Jensen and Misha has helped me to be the goofy and clumpsy me that I am. Nobody else is more me then me. And nobody can push me down. Dont forget to always keep fighting!

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Yesterday, funny Jared and Stephen Norton from LoudenSwain in green room, VanCon. It was posted on Stephen’s snapchat (that I don’t know ). 😄😂😙 Credit : Twitter : brielle_55555
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