Is it just me or would Crazy Cas and Demon Dean make a great couple?

No, but could you imagine,  Dean being all hot headed and evil with not a care in the world as he beats people up for no reason, but then Cas shows up with his big blue eyes and shoes that are a little too big for him, and gives Dean a packet of honey that he got from the bees himself, because “Dean you need to be sweet. like honey." 

And Dean just kinda melts a little bit and gets Cas his own bee farm which he stole from some random person in Mexico, and Cas cries when he sees it because there are so many bees, and he is soo happy, and Dean is waiting for a ‘Thank you’ kiss but it never comes, because Cas is too busy playing with the bees, so Dean settles for staring at his husband’s ass the whole time.

In the background you can see Sam shaking his head, cause honestly, his brothers are so weird.

Dean Winchester:Mistakes were made pt.3

A single tear ran down your cheek while Dean’s phone was in the corner of your eye.
Maybe she made a mistake.Maybe they hooked up before Dean and you reunited.
You decided not to say anything,wait until he comes clean or at least until he explains it.
What if he actually cheated on you.The first reason why you left him 3 years ago was because he was a cold hearted player.He had a lot of work with female hunters lately.I mean he doesn’t just give his phone number to anyone.
„Hey.“-Dean came in the room and kissed you on the cheek.
You just nodded.
„How was your day?“-he asks sitting across you with a laptop.
„Boring…“-you mumble.
„Damn it!“-he yells after he spilled beer on his phone.
„Maybe you should’ve put a protection on it or maybe if you had any respect for that phone you wouldn’t spill that drink in the first place!“-you yelled.
„What'a the big deal?I can just get another one.“
„Of course you can.“-you said leaving the room,crying.
„(Y/N)!“-Dean went after you.
You slammed the door of your bedroom.
„(Y/N)?“-he opend the door.
„Is this because we’re short on money?“-he ask sitting down on the bed next to you.
„Wow!Do you think I’m a gold digger?“
„No…Is it because the whole month I’ve been neglecting you?“
„Yes…“-you lied,but still he doesn’t pay much attention to you.
„Hey,I put my phone in the bag of rice,so I’ll be free from that demon for a day or two.“
„Okay.“-you started to kiss him.
„Okay….“-he picked you up and then laid you on the bed.
„Shit….What time is it.“-he asks getting off the bed.
„I got to see Samantha.“-he picked up the jacket and left.
Who’s Samantha,why is he seeing her.You got up and went towards the kitchen.
„Hey (Y/N).We need you undercover for tonight,you in?“-Sam asks handing over the beer.
„It’s in hotel with bunch of old rich dudes,so wear something thight,but Dean isn’t gonna be there,so say anything to him.“
„Oh,what a gentelman.Sure,Sam.“
After Dean came home,he checked his phone,which was fine and you were waiting for his reaction.
What if he hears that voicemail and never tells you or what if that Ellie really needs his help?What kind of a father is he going to be to your kid or kids?
You got dressed and left the house.As you were walking down you saw Dean cursing in his car,he heard the voicemail.
You wore black thight dress with gold round earings,red lipstick,red shoes,red coat and gold bracelet.
There you were,the hotel bar full of rich old people who were actually gods.
„Ma'am.What can I get you?“
„Red wine please.“-you said smiling.
„Hey.“-shy,blond haired guy came close to your seat.
„I know you don’t know me,but I am a hunter,too.And…I’m also gay,but my sister doesn’t know that and I don’t wanna ruin our mission,so please dance with me.“
„Wow…Thank you for not beating around the bush.“
„I’m Theo.I saw you outside with a Winchester so I thought you are a hun…“
The moment he said Winchester you got up,pulled him by his hand and danced with me.
„Put your hand on my lower back.“-you said to him.
Slow dance reminded you of time you danced with Dean first time you two met.
You got carried away.He reminded you of Dean.
„What the fuck are you doin’?!“-Dean punched Theo.
„Oh,shit!Theo are you okay?“-you said looking at his bloody nose
„Theo?So you know him.How long has this been going between you two?“
„Don’t talk to me,slut.“-he said walking out while everybody was staring.
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Matching Tattoos. (AU)

AU: were you and your soulmate have matching tattoos.

Summary: Sam and the Reader go to the same College, and find out they have the same Psychology class, and have “Study Dates”

Word Count: 1204

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is Kinda short, but I wrote it on the bus, and thought it could be a cute idea, hope you enjoy!

Feedback Is appreciated!

(I also included a picture of the tattoo that they both have, on their wrists)

“You want to go get coffee?” You questioned, your eyes darting towards your best friend, who was painting her toenails. “Yeah, Sure” she simply stated, continuing to focus on her toes. You got up off your bed, going to your closet to see what you wanted to wear for your outing. You threw on some random leggings, and an oversized sweater, and called it good. You walked back towards your bed, the room not being big. Your “roommate” sat on her bed, still painting her toes. “Damn, y/f/n, how long does it take?” You questioned, rolling your eyes. She looked at your about half a second, and then went back to painting her nails.

Walking into the small little coffee shop you had in your town, the smell overwhelmed your senses. Smiling to yourself, walking over to the counter. “I’m going to go find a seat, order me a coffee and something to eat.” She rambled, instantly going to find a seat. You walked over to the counter, and was greeted by a middle aged man, with blonde hair, and learning blue eyes. “I would like a small Mint green tea, a medium ice tea, and 3 bread bombs” you smiled, pulling out your debit card. After paying, you went and sat down with y/f/n, and seen her knee deep into her books. You laughed lightly, and pulled out your phone, and your books too, wanting to study.

A Café was the perfect place. Not to loud, not too quiet, either. You opened your Psychology book, and went directly to chapter 12, and started reading and filling out the questions on the worksheet. “Y/n” someone called, taking you away from your studies, and into the real word. You’d forgotten you had ordered food, and went up their to claim it. “Thanks” you smiled, as he handed you the bag of food, and the two Coffee’s. Once back at the table, you handed your friend her order, and you ate yours, going back to your studies.

“E-Excuse me” You turned your head towards the direction of the voice and smiled, trying to be polite. “Sorry to bother you, I just noticed that you were studying Psychology” he said, glancing down at your book. Quickly looking down at the book, then at him again, you tried to hurriedly finish your bit you had took em out of your Bread Bomb, to speak. “Yeah” you giggled, once you finally said something. The Stranger smiled too, extending his hand for you to shake. “Sam” he smiled, “Y/N” you said, smiling also. “Do you have Professor Blake?” He questioned, taking the seat beside you. “Uh Yeah” “I was wondering if you could help me with Worksheet 12? I never understood that concept” He asked, shyly. “Yeah, of course, just let me move-” you went to go move your things, and you realized that y/f/n assent their anymore. “You want to join me?” You questioned, feeling bad that you didn’t ask before.

“Of course” he smiled. As he sat down, he placed his coffee down, his sleeve riding up a bit as he did. “Cool tattoo” you smiled, pulling up your sleeve to show him yours. “Thanks. I don’t know how it got their, It just magically appeared one day, out of nowhere” she shrugged, pulling his sleeve down. “I’ve got the same one” you smiled, proudly showing off your tattoo. “Did yours just appear one day to?” He questioned, leaning towards you.

“I don’t know, it’s been their for as long as I can remember.” You shrugged. “Well, I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty rad tattoo” he chuckled, blushing a bit. You smiled, and continued to study with him

“Holy shit” you laughed, finally checking your phone to see what time it was. Sam’s eyes darted up to you, and he had a worried expression on his face. “It’s 8:30” you sighed, running your face. “Damn, we studied for what? 6 hours” he scoffed, not believing it. You set your pencil down, and started gathering your things,  want to go sleep in your dorm. “So” Sam said, getting his things also. “You don’t have to walk me home, I’m a big girl” you laughed, throwing your bag over your shoulder. He laughed slightly, still gathering his things. “Can I have a large Sweet tea” you asked,

Pulling out your wallet, paying for it and going back to the table were Sam was waiting.

“Wanna do this again?”  He questioned, messing with the arm straps of his bag. “Absolutely” you laughed, as you both walked out of the café together. You and Sam walked to your dorm, with was within walking distance. “So, this is my stop” you said, stopping, and blushing a little, while pulling a stray hair behind your ear. “So, I guess I’ll see you later?” He asked, looking at you for a second, then his eyes darted to the ground. “Yeah, here’s my number, text me”

You grabbed a pen out of your pocket of your backpack, and wrote your number on his hand. “Don’t forget” you winked, walking back inside.

“So, who is he” your roommate questioned, as soon as you walked into the room. Setting your bag down, you sighed. “His names Sam, he’s in my Psychology class.” You shrugged, like it was no big deal. “You better get with that, y/n, or I will” she winked, and went back to typing on her computer.

“Your blushing” your roommates called, as she exited the room, probably going to take a shower. You looked around, not believing it. You’d just meet Sam, you didn’t have any feelings towards him. Or, you didn’t think you had any feelings towards him. But honestly, y'all hit it off. You had so many things in common, one older sibling, mom died at a young age, loves to travel, it was so insane.

But, you knew you couldn’t fall for him, you swore off dating. “So, when are y’all hanging out again?” your roommate asked, getting into bed, you doing the same. “Friday, and he’s taking me to a party” you smiled.

What has this boy done to you?