Birthday Cake

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Sitting in your own room in the oversized bunker, you lounged against your headboard, earbuds in as you listened along to your favorite music. It was always your favorite way to relax after a long hunt. Sam and Dean both understood that, giving you your space, respecting your wishes.

Usually you would spend your day like that. Dressed in your rattiest pair of sweatpants, along with a shirt that had seen too many washings you would sit there, listening to your music. Sometimes writing in your journal, other times just surfing the internet. Nothing crazy, just a way to get your mind off of the horrible things you had seen, the victim’s you couldn’t save.

It didn’t matter to you that today was your birthday. It just meant you were another year older, another year closer to getting gray hair and wrinkles. You had never been one for celebrating your birthdays, especially now that you were a hunter. You knew you should, since a hunter’s life was usually shortened, but you could never bring yourself to it. So instead, you sat there, staying to yourself, humming along to your favorite music.

So caught up in your music, you didn’t hear the soft knock on your door, or the two following it. With your eyes closed, you hummed along to your music, shrieking when you felt a large callused hand gently lay over your arm.

“Sorry Y/N!” Sam exclaimed as you yanked off your head phones, glaring up the man who stood there staring down at you. “I thought you heard me come in!”

“I was listening to my music, didn’t hear a thing.” You exclaimed, before noticing the fact that Sam was hiding something behind his back. “Sam, what are you up to?”

“Y/N, I know it’s your birthday, and you usually don’t celebrate it. But I thought, maybe, since we’re not on a hunt right now, you wouldn’t mind.” He told you, before showing you what was hiding behind his back. It was a homemade cake, that was easy to see. It was lopsided, the frosting not spread very well. In lumpy letters, it said happy birthday Y/N. It was probably the first birthday cake you had been given in years, and definitely the sweetest one.

“Sam, did you bake that?” You asked, staring up at the gentle giant as he stood there, unsure and awkward.

“I did. Dean’s busy making dinner, but I wanted to show you this now.”

Standing up, you took the cake from him, sitting it down on your nightstand before standing on your tiptoes and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you Sammy. I really appreciate the gesture.”

“So, I know it’s usually your day to stay in your room and listen to music, but I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something. At least until dinner’s ready?” He asked, and you nodded.

“I would like that a lot.” You told him, enjoying the big smile on his face. “Thanks for making my birthday special.”

As he grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall to his room, he glanced down at you, his spectacular eyes full of love. “It’s the least I could do. You deserve this, and so much more!”

Settling down on his bed as he grabbed his laptop, you realized you had left the cake behind. “Sam, what about the cake?”

“Leave it. At least it’s safe there from Dean. While he might say he doesn’t like cake, he’s been eyeing it all morning.” Sam told you, before pulling you tight against him.

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Me and my friend are having an argument

Long story short me and my friend are arguing over whether Cas or Crowley is better.*cough* Cas is better *cough* What’s your opinion? 


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Or Castiel? 

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